Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 11, Issue 1, April 2021
Research Article

1. Reconstruction: Key to Social Responsibility Risk Assessment for Tourism Investment Projects†

Chen Lv, Xiaoyan Li
Pages: 1 - 9
The strategy of investing large-scale tourism projects abroad has become one of the most important strategies for China to help developing countries to improve their people’s livelihood, provide assistance and practice China’s international responsibility. The proposal and implementation of the Belt...
Research Article

2. Planning the Protection and Digital Construction of Mount Tai Stone Inscriptions

Liang Mingying, Cheng Xuening
Pages: 10 - 15
After thousands of years of exposure to the elements, the Mount Tai stone inscriptions have been damaged to varying degrees. As immovable cultural relics, they are inseparable from their surrounding environment, and therefore continue to face numerous risks and safety hazards. Several spatial information...
Research Article

3. Analysis of Long-term Care Insurance Demand of Megalopolis in China under the Background of Aging of Population—Take Shanghai as an Example†

Guo Jing, Xiaojun Pan, Chengyi Pu
Pages: 16 - 25
The development of Long-term Care Insurance (LTCI), which matches that people get old before becoming rich lag behind. The mega-urban agglomeration formed in the metropolitan area under the process of urbanization intensifies the demand for insurance driven by long-term care needs. This paper constructs...
Research Article

4. A Comparative Analysis of Climate Change Risk Response Perception Paths between Northern and Southern Shaanxi

Siwen Xue, Zhou Qi
Pages: 26 - 35
The public’s awareness of climate change risks is the basis for their choice of adaptation action. A good understanding of the key factors that affect the public’s perception of climate change risk is critical to climate change risk management. In this paper, a path model was constructed to analyze the...
Research Article

5. Research on Information Channel of Climate Change Risk Perception of Shaanxi People

Si Wen Xue, Qi Zhou
Pages: 36 - 44
We take Shaanxi Province as the research area, aiming at exploring the information channel or path of climate change risk perception of Shaanxi people. It is desirable for us to carry out information channel or path classification of climate change risk perception based on survey data involving 5493...