Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2020
Research Article

1. Game Theoretic Strategies for Supplier Capability Assessment and Manufacturing Order Allocation

Cheng-Kuang Wu, Yu-Min Chuang
Pages: 121 - 129
An effective method is required to determine the amount and priority for the deployment of suppliers for multiple manufacturing processes, particularly when the available budget for each manufacturing process is limited. In this study, we propose an integrated approach for supplier assessment that consists...
Research Article

2. Influencing Factors of Equity Financing Efficiency of the Listed Companies in Strategic Emerging Industry Based on Baidu Index

Zhi-yuan Lü, Mu Zhang
Pages: 130 - 137
In order to further improve the equity financing efficiency of listed companies in strategic emerging industries, this paper selects relevant data of 208 listed companies in strategic emerging industries from 2014 to 2018, and calculates the changes in scale efficiency, pure technical efficiency and...
Research Article

3. Research on the Management Capability Measurement of GEM Listed Companies based on DEA Tobit Model

Feng Xia, Zhang Mu
Pages: 138 - 146
With the rise of the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM), more and more investors have begun to pay attention to it and begin to consider investing in related listed companies. Therefore, the healthy and stable development of the GEM is of great significance to investors. The management of the company is...
Research Article

4. Evaluation of Climate Change Risk Perception in Baoji City Based on AHP-Bayesian Network

Siwen Xue, Qi Zhou, Shuo lin Geng
Pages: 147 - 159
To analyze the gap between the Baoji population’s climate change risk perception and the scientifically measured intensity, danger degree, vulnerability, and exposure of climate change risk based on the basic elements of risk assessment, this paper combines analytic hierarchy process and the Bayesian...
Review Article

5. Risk Forecasting in the Light of Big Data

Roman Kernchen
Pages: 160 - 167
Life in modern society is increasingly connected by networks that link the world around us and create numerous exciting opportunities, new services and advantages for humanity. Yet concurrently, these underpinning networks have provided routes by which potentially dangerous and harmful incidents can...
Research Article

6. Investigation of the Risk Awareness of Wearing Masks by the Public during COVID-19 According to the Health Belief Questionnaires of Shanxi Province Residents

Hou Ruyi, Duan Tingyu, Sui Chunying, Wu Yibo, Wang Xiujun, Wang Yujie, Sun Yu
Pages: 168 - 175
When some parts of the world are still debating whether the public wearing masks will help prevent and control the COVID-19. We have used questionnaires to investigate the wearing of masks and its influencing factors among residents in 11 cities in Shanxi Province. The questionnaire was designed based...