Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 10, Issue 3, October 2020
Research Article

1. Risk Analysis and Crisis Management of Novel Coronavirus COVID-19✩

Weixi Xu, Xuanhua Xu
Pages: 77 - 81
After the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia, all regions have responded to take measures. Emergency decision-making plays an important role, directly related to the safety of the people, and more deeply will affect the future of the country. In this paper, we try to use the wisdom of large groups...
Research Article

2. Research on Public Health Security Risk Management and Emergency Response Measures under Climate Change

Xing Kaicheng, Li Hongyu, Ma Guihong, Jing Yuanyuan, Yang Ming, Huang Dapeng
Pages: 82 - 90
Climate change, characterized by global warming, has a wider and deeper impact on society, economy and life. Climate change is an important cause of human health and the spread of infectious diseases. The explosiveness and uncertainty of the epidemic of infectious diseases pose a huge threat to human...
Research Article

3. Multi-hazard Awareness, Risk Perception and Fear to Earthquakes: The Case of High-school Students in Mexico City

Jaime Santos-Reyes
Pages: 91 - 96
A cross-sectional study was conducted in 2015 for the case of students at a high school in Mexico City; the sample size was N = 302. The aim of the study was to assess the level of hazard awareness, risk perception, and the negative emotion related to fear during earthquakes. Some of the main findings...
Research Article

4. Five Supplementary Therapies for COVID-19

Li-Yuan Liu
Pages: 97 - 100
The COVID-19 is characteristic of both damage of the respiratory system and the immune system or both similarities of SARS and AIDS. These features decide difficulty of specific treatment. The worldwide transmission and higher fatality rate call for new skills for prevention and treatment. Here, we recommend...
Research Article

5. Equity Financing Efficiency Measurement of Listed Companies in Strategic Emerging Industries based on DEA

Si-si Li, Mu Zhang
Pages: 101 - 112
Equity financing is an important part of corporate capital structure decision-making. The level of financing efficiency is of great significance to the survival and development of Listed Companies in strategic emerging industries. In order to measure the equity financing efficiency of Listed Companies...
Research Article

6. Anchor-based Goals and Personality Effects on Hazard Identification in Risk Assessment

Piers Fleming, Harry England
Pages: 113 - 118
Hazard identification is a crucial first step in risk assessment. There are many cases in which hazard identification is carried out by non-experts. One concern is that valid hazards are overlooked and so not considered for mitigation or prevention. This study examined whether a goal-setting anchor could...