Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response

Volume 11, Issue 2, June 2021
Research Article

1. Food Security Risks of Countries along the Belt and Road in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Chao Zhang, Yanzhao Yang, Zhiming Feng, Tingting Lang, Xiufen Wang, Ying Liu
Pages: 45 - 56
The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered concerns about the global food crisis, thus identification of food security risks constitutes an important basis for responding to the influence of the pandemic. In this study, the influence path of the pandemic on food security was analyzed first. Then, the risk nodes...
Research Article

2. The Response of South Western Railway to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ross Liddell
Pages: 57 - 66
Pandemic crisis management is not something that South Western Railway (SWR) has had to contend with previously. As a result of the introduction of a crisis management approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, the business has been able to continue operating and to continue safely serving the needs of its customers....
Research Article

3. Infection Waves in Pandemics and Risk Prediction: Physical Diffusion Theory and Data Comparisons

Romney B. Duffey
Pages: 67 - 74
We predict the magnitude and estimate the uncertainties of the spread, growth and maximum expected long-term infection rates that affect emergency policies and plans. For the COVID-19 and 1918 viral pandemics, large second or successive peaks, waves or plateaux of increased infections occur long after...
Research Article

4. Multi-Scale Climate Change and Its Influencing Factors in Northern Shaanxi during 1960–2020

Si Wen Xue, Zhou Qi
Pages: 75 - 85
Based on the observed data of precipitation and air temperature in Northern Shaanxi during 1960–2020, the characteristics of precipitation and air temperature at multiple time scales in Northern Shaanxi were analyzed by using CEEMDAN (Adaptive Complete Set Empirical Model) and back propagation neural...

6. Risk Perception Biases and the Resilience of Ethics for Complying with COVID-19-Pandemic-Related Safety Measures

Bako Rajaonah, Enrico Zio
Pages: 87 - 90
This perspective paper presents factors that bias COVID-19-related risk judgments and risk decisions, such as cognitive biases, affect heuristics, mental models of risk and trust. The goal is to gain knowledge about the difficulty of risk communication in inducing attitudinal and behavioral changes regarding...