Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering

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Analysis and Research on Risks of Dam-break Flood of Arch Dam

Xiaohang WANG, Shichen ZHANG, Kefa ZHOU, Cunyuan QIU, Xiaowei YANG
As the important non-engineering measure of safety management of reservoir dam, risk analysis on dam-break flood is of great importance in improving the level of safety management of dam in our country. It studies techniques of risk analysis on dam-break flood, i.e., dam-break mode of arch dam and calculation...
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Research on Performance Evaluation of Urban Public Transport Based on DEA Competing Cross Efficiency

Long CHEN, Rong YU
Performance evaluation of urban public transportation enterprises is one of the important measures to promote the priority development of urban public transport, and also is the key basis for the government to fund the city public transportation companies. Traditional DEA cross efficiency evaluation...
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Influencing Factors and Evaluation Criteria of Pile Foundation Settlement in Karst Area

Anbing HU, Shanglin QIN, Hongming LUO
In karst area, lots of piles through several caves and then supporting in a cave roof, thus forming more complex pile-soil-cave interaction. Research on the pile foundation settlement in beaded karst region, has strong theoretical and engineering significance to further improve the design theory of the...
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Research on the Small Span Bridge Reconstruction and Expansion Technology

Rishuang SUN, Xufei JIAO, Lei WANG
The research was performed on the background of reconstruction and expansion project of Shandong 1# expressway, contrastive analyzed the changing status of Highway Engineering Technique Standard in regard to the bridge load revision adjustment, particularly computational analyzed the technical requirement...
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Experimental Study of the Filling Effect of MICP Microbial Grouting in Silt

Zhaoyang XU, Tingchun BAI, Yishan PANG, Feng ZHOU, Jianzhang HUANG
MICP (Microbial Induced Carbonate Precipitation) technology was used for silt biological grouting to improve soil. First, the changes of calcium carbonate precipitation volume with different concentrations of Ca/urea reaction solution or in different inducing environments (such as culture, filtrate and...
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Study on Ecological Management Method of Rural River

Aichen JIA, Yanping FAN, Jinjuan FAN, Jianwei DONG
In order to solve the problem of river water pollution and river bank collapse in rural areas, in this paper, the ecological management project of Heidingzi River in Changchun City is taken as an example to study the design of river structure and the optimization of ecological revetment. In the process...
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Experimental Study of Seismic Reduced Performance of Series Isolation System

Zhongtie WU
In order to study the seismic reduced performances(SRP)of series isolation systems (SIS) under multi-dimensional seismic excitation(MDSE), a series of shaking table tests had been conducted for the SIS model. The two groups of seismic waves, including the near fault ground motion and far fault ground...
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Bending Analysis of Curved Orthotropic Plate and Its Application in Curved Bridges on Slope

Shuchen HU, Zhenjia WANG, Dalin HU
Based on the Kirchhoff's thin plate hypothesis and static equilibrium of element, the governing differential equations of curved orthotropic plate in polar coordinates which is subjected to normal and tangential surface load are derived. According to the governing differential equations and boundary...
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Finite-Element Analysis on Seismic Behavior of Hexagonal-Hole Variable Cross-Section Honeycomb Beam Portal Rigid Frame

Feng XU, Lei TONG, Qinggang LI
In order to analyze the seismic performance of the hexagonal-hole variable cross-section honeycomb beam portal frame, the finite element analysis software ABAQUS is used to analyze the seismic behavior of the portal frame with the same span, same beam-to-column distance, hole number, opening ratio is...
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Influence of Bearing Stratum on the Deformation of Geosynthetic Reinforced and Piled Embankments

Di WU, Zhuangzhuang PU, Dan LI
Geosynthetic reinforced and piled embankments are new type of embankments construction on soft soil foundation in recent years. Until now, the researches on this embankment structure have been carried out from theoretical analysis, numerical analysis, model tests, field tests, et al. However, in practical...
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Research on the Whole Process Cost Management of University Capital Construction Based on BIM

Fei DU
With the rapid development of China's construction industry, labor, materials, machinery and other costs continue to rise, the cost of huge energy resources are no longer meet the strategic requirements of sustainable development. The construction of information infrastructure management model is to...
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Scaled Model Tests on the Influence of Reinforcement Spacing on the Deformation of Reinforced Retaining Wall

Di WU, Jianjian WU, Qian LI
Reinforced earth retaining wall is a kind of retaining wall which can bear lateral pressure of soil, which is made up of fill, stressed geosynthetics and retaining blocks. It can enhance the strength and stability of soil with the interaction between the reinforced material and the soil by arranging...
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Freak Waves Generated by Modulation Instability Under Different Initial Conditions

Jian DING, Keren QI, Di WU, Yayi LIU, Junwei SU
Modulation Instability, also called B-F Instability, is widely recognized as the key reason of nonlinear Freak Wave generation. However, the majority of current researches concentrated only on the Most Unstable Condition (MUC for short). In this paper, systematic study covering various occurrence conditions...
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Mechanical Properties of Laminated Natural Bridge Bearings under Damper and Thermal Condition

Yi ZHENG, Jinqing JIA, Yannian ZHANG, Xiaojun SHEN, Fei GAO
The present study was conducted to obtain a better understanding of the variation rule of compressive mechanical properties of laminated natural bridge bearings under damper and thermal aging condition. A total of 5 specimens were processed in a high-damp and temperature chamber, and one specimen was...
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Test and Research on Dynamic Characteristics of A Mega-frame Model Structure under Ambient Vibration

Sasa HE, Zhiwu YU
The dynamic characteristics of a mega-frame model structure under ambient vibration was tested and analyzed. The article compared two methods of modal parameter identification: the Ibrahim Time Domain Technique (ITD) in time domain, and the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) in frequency domain. Then verified...
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The Research of Design Method of Building Structure Based on BIM

Yuan XIN
This paper discusses the building design process based on BIM platform, and analyzes the seismic analysis and design method of the structure based on BIM platform; Compared with the conventional structural design method and the design method based on BIM, the advantages of the BIM design method are analyzed,...
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Structural Dynamic Characteristics Test for a Three-story Building in Beijing

Jiemei MA, Xiandong KANG, Ting YAN, Ying LIU
Ambient dynamic test is applied to a 3-story building in Beijing and system identification is adopted to obtain the natural dynamic characteristics. The amplitudes of time histories recorded by different seismometers are compared. They increase with the floor number and two horizontal amplitudes are...
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Research on Seismic Performance of Spatial Beam to Column Connection with T-Stubs

Xin BU, Qian GU, Xinwu WANG
This paper studies the seismic performance of spatial semi-rigid beam-column connections with T-stubs. The middle column connection of steel frame as the research objects and there is one spatial T-stub connection specimen and one plane T-stub connection specimen. Spatial quasi-static tests and finite...
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Evaluation of Current Code Criteria Selecting Ground Motions for Dynamic Analysis: Assessment of structural responses

Seongjin HA, Taeo KIM, Sangwhan HAN
Current seismic design provisions such as ASCE 7-10 provide criteria for selecting ground motions for conducting response history analysis. This study is the sequel of a companion paper (I - An accurate algorithm for selecting ground motions) for assessment of the ASCE 7-10 criteria. The results show...
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Time-dependent Yield Moment Model for Deteriorated Steel Connections

Bin HU, Ricky WK CHAN
Steel structural connections are integral parts in steel structures. They are widely used in building frames to join different structural members together as well as to support gravitational load, shear load and bending moment and to transmit them to the adjacent structural components. However, gradual...
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Structural Behaviors of High Temperature Steel Frame Rapidly Cooled by Spray Water

Yunchun XIA, Zhengchao XU
During rapid cooling by spray water in fire fighting, the deformation of high temperature structural steel was different, it was mainly influenced by water and the steel structure itself temperature. Its bearing capacity was controlled by lower beam flange, and the joint bearing capacity was controlled...
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Designing and Analyzing Base Isolation of Frame Structure

Jian FU
Nearly thirty years since the base-isolated structure in structural testing and actual earthquake that exhibit excellent shock resistance, it has aroused wide attention from domestic and international academic circles and engineering circles. The base isolation technique has become a new kind of anti-seismic...
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Numerical Simulation Research on Rigid-flexible Piles

Xiude CAI, Wenzhao CHEN
The rigid long piles and flexible short piles which under the free state has carried out system test, firstly it has carried on the pile body completeness inspection before test, then to carry out the free state of rigid pile and flexible pile and composite foundation static load test of pile type respectively....
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Comparison on Mechanics Performance of Concrete Column Frame Structure with Prefabricated Cage System

Kewei DING, Weijie ZHANG
According to the requirements of the project in this paper, the frame structure with reinforced concrete columns and prefabricated cage system concrete columns are designed. Then the Pushover finite element simulation analysis is carried out under the action of one-way increasing load. After that, the...
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Finite Element Analysis of the Bending Performance Influencing Factors of GFRP Reinforced Concrete Beams

Abuobieda Alamin Ahmed ALMANSOOR, Jianwei TU
Glass fiber reinforced polymers (GFRP) bars are non corrosion materials, their tensile modulus relatively are lower compared to steel reinforcement. A total of three beam specimens (GB1~GB3) were simulated under four-point bending. The main parameter's studies were the amount of GFRP reinforcement ratio,...
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Analysis of SSI Effect on Damping Effect of Mild Steel Damper

Peizhen LI, Hao LI
The thesis takes a ten-story frame structure with three span as research object to study the effect of Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI) on the damping effect of mild steel damper. The equivalent linearization model is adopted as the constitutive model of soil. A material damping input method available...
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Study on the Failure Mechanism of Frame Structure under the Diluted Debris Flow Impact

Peizhen LI, Shanhua YANG, Xilin LU
A three-dimensional reinforced concrete frame structure under diluted debris flow impact was established using explicit dynamic analysis finite element software LS-DYNA. The dynamic damage distribution and stress redistribution process of the structure under the impact were calculated and analyzed. The...
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Research on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beam Bridge Based on Non- probability Theory

Xuyong CHEN, Lu LUO, Tengteng SONG
The non-probabilistic reliability theory is introduced to assess bridges which are in active service. A model of simply supported girder bridge is built based on this theory. Theoretical method and failure point optimization method based on the finite element software are used respectively for computation...
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Research on Power Grid Enterprise Financial Information Construction Based on Cloud Computing

Wenrui GAO, Peng ZHANG
The article put forward concrete construction programs for power grid enterprises encountered in the financial management by analyzing the feasibility of fusing integration cloud computing and power grid enterprises financial management. The scheme is about requirements analysis and a series of specific...
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Phase Change Energy Storage with Composite Plates Optimized Structure for Maximizing Energy Storage Potentials

Chengqiang YAO, Xiangfei KONG, Chengying QI, Minchao FAN, Hua YANG, Xin XU
The vacuum absorption method was used to fabricate the phase change material particle (PCMP) in a vacuum heating roller box, and then PCMPs were pressed to form the composite phase change energy storage plate (CPCESP) through a mould. Tests about the thermal conductivity and the heat storage and release...
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The Reliability Analysis of RC Beams after High Temperature Based on the Layered Method

Xindong ZHAO, Tao BAI, Yunlei SU, Yijie DING
This paper calculated the reduction factors with layered method for beam sections' intensity after fire condition. With these factors, it built up a resistance model of reinforced concrete construction members. By analyzing the statistical parameters of resistance in statistics, and considering the random...
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Pushover Analysis of the Concrete Cassette Structure of Multi-story Long-span Industrial Buildings

Xianhui FENG, Kejian MA, Qi CAI, Ben CHEN
Pushover analysis, a computing method that combines nonlinear procedure with response spectrum and graph method, is an important technique for performance-based seismic design. In this paper, the fundamental principles and method of pushover analysis are introduced and then SAP2000 is used to execute...
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Analysis of Concrete-encased CFST Stub Columns under Axial Compression after Exposure to Fire

Minghao YU, Debin REN, Wendong DUN, Qingxin REN
This paper presents the behavior of concrete-encased CFST stub columns under axial compression after exposure to fire from both experiment and numerical analysis. ABAQUS is used to develop a finite element analysis (FEA) model to investigate the performance of the composite columns after exposure to...
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Seismic Performance for Steel Frames with Different Layouts of Knee Brace

Feng XU, Xiaozhao WANG, Yao WANG
The different layouts of knee braces will affect the mechanical performance of the structure to some extent. Nevertheless, an extensive review of related literature indicates that the effect of different layouts of knee brace in steel frame structure is not considered. Typical models of multi-storey...
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Study on Stress Intensity Factor of Two Dimensional Unilateral Crack Based on Finite Element Method

The relationship between stress, displacement of the crack tip and stress intensity factor is mainly discussed. Calculating K1 of type I crack by finite element software ABAQUS. The effects of different crack forms and the corresponding stress intensity factors on the mesh size are compared. Research...
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The Wind Characteristics of Tall Cylinder Buildings with Vertical-Grooves

Weibin YUAN, Hao CHEN, Zhao WANG
The Reynolds number of flow field around circular cylinders is usually high under strong wind for most full-scale tall buildings, which is difficult to achieve in most wind tunnel tests. To explore the wind characteristics of tall cylindrical buildings with vertical-equidirectional grooves from subcritical...
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Field Test and Numerical Study of a Two-Span Simply-Supported Bridge Strengthened with FRP Sheets

Fei WANG, Weiping LI, Junying ZENG
The application of FRP as a strengthening material in bridges have been widely accepted in recent years. To demonstrate the effectiveness of FRP sheets in concrete bridge decks with no transverse reinforcement, a two-span simply supported reinforced concrete slab with no transverse steel reinforcement...
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Review of Nondestructive Testing Technology for Compaction Quality of Soil

Zhengjun WANG, Xinxin LI
Compaction index is the key to ensure quality, the compaction degree detection has a lot of kinds of methods, and some of these methods are time-consuming, some operations are very complex, some precision are not enough, so we urgently need a fast and nondestructive method to measure the compaction of...
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Using ABAQUS Finite Element Analysis to Investigate the Influence of FRP Types and Reinforcement Ratio on Flexural Capacity of Beams Reinforced with FRP Rod

Aboubieda Alamin Ahmed Almansoor, Jianwei TU
GFRP bars are non corrosion materials, their tensile modulus relatively are lower compared with steel reinforcement. A total of six beam specimens (BG1~BG3 and BC1~BC3) were simulated to failure by concrete crushed under four-point bending. The main parameters studies were FRP reinforcement's types (GFRP...
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Study on Damage Probability of High Voltage Electrical Equipment under Different Seismic Intensity

Rushan LIU, Mingpan XIONG, Rongxing SHU
Damages of transformer, potential transformer, current transformer, circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, arrester and other kinds of high voltage electrical equipments in substation under different seismic intensities have been summarized based on the damage data of electrical power system during Wenchuan...
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Comparison of Basal Reinforced and Unreinforced Embankments on Soft Ground by Centrifuge Model Tests

Di WU, Qian LI, Dan LI
In recent years, the basal reinforcement technology, particularly with geogrid, had been widely used in soft soil treatment to stabilize embankment slopes in China. In this paper, two centrifugal model tests were performed to compare the reinforced and unreinforced embankments as well to investigate...
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Deflection Test of Post-tensioned Unbonded PC Beam

Jun XU, Ruige LI, Yingying ZHAO, Yada XU, Chaoqun WENG
A PC beam was made and different prestressing force was inflicted to the beam to research the relationship between the prestressing force and the short-term stiffness of the full-PC beam and the partial-PC beam. Under all levels of prestressing force, a concentrated force is exerted at third point. At...