Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering

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Risk Factors of Post-earthquake Fire for Constructions Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach

Hsiaomei LIN, Chingyuan LIN, Juicheng KO, Yushiang WU
Urban area is always gathering huge population and different kinds of activities. Once there is any disaster, it would be very possible to have unrecoverable damage. For the post-earthquake fire in constructions, it would caucus damage not only in civilians' lives but also property. Therefore, it becomes...
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Effect of the Particle Size Distribution of fly Ash on the Pore Structure of Low-temperature Concrete

Jun LIU, Xianzhong QIU, Yahui ZHANG
In order to explore the effect of the particle size distribution of fly ash on the pore structure of low-temperature concrete, the fly ash was prepared with different particle size distribution. Under low temperature condition, the porosity and pore size distribution of fly ash blended cement mortar...
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Performance and Application Analysis of Existing Energy-saving Glass

Nan ZHANG, Xiangyang JIANG, Ning LI, Jiankun YANG
It introduces the types, energy conservation principle and application scope of the existing energy-saving glass. Energy saving glass is analyzed from different angles, and concluded glass types which are suitable for energy saving renovation of existing buildings.
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Characteristics Planning Strategies of Southern Shaanxi Towns Based on Ecological and Humanistic Ideas

Dingqing ZHANG, Lin YANG, Yaping SUN, Wei GUO
Southern Shaanxi region has abundant featured resources. However, due to lack of guidance of characteristics planning theories and methods, small towns gradually lost their own characteristics in the rapid development. Based on the interpretation of the concept and constitution of town's characteristics,...
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Analysis of Tadao Ando Building Humanism

Haiyuan QIN, Huayan ZHAO, Xinyu CAO, Long CHEN, Yuanchun XIA
This paper discusses Tadao Aadao's design methods to space, fair-faced concrete and light in architectural design by analyzing his representative works, meanwhile appreciating the skillfully using of the spirit of humanism in his works.
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Analysis of Western Wooden Structure Technology's Influence on Yangzhou Wooden Architecture in Modern Times

Jianxin ZHANG, Yan LIU
This paper summarizes the differences between Chinese and Western wood construction technologies on the basis of reviewing the development of Chinese and Western wood construction technologies, and tentatively analyses some cases of the influence of Western traditional wood construction on Yangzhou modern...
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Peak Strain Calculation Equation of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Li ZHOU, Yisheng SU
Peak strain of concrete is an important mechanical parameter. Previous studies have found that the peak strain of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC) is significantly different with natural aggregate concrete (NAC). This paper collected peak strain test data of domestic and foreign scholars and derived...
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Expanded Perlite Insulation Settlement Monitoring Technology of Large LNG Storage Tank

Ning AN, Xiaodan SUN, Jian HE, Zeyu CHEN
Nowadays, the expanded perlite as the cryogenic insulation material is widely used in LNG storage tank. And the settlement of expanded perlite will affect the safe operation of the cryogenic system. On the basis of the large cryogenic LNG storage tank, a settlement monitoring method based on distributed...
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The Research on Present Status of Straw Ash as High Performance Concrete Admixture

Zhengjun WANG, Qinghui LAI, Kang HAO
With wide application of the high performance concrete in Engineering, the research and application of high performance concrete admixture are attaching more and more attention by researchers. Although researches are more mature on the aspects of fly ash, slag, silica fume and other non-biological materials,...
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Based on the Traditional Culture of Conservation and Renewal of the Space of Urban Fringe Area of Public Cultural Facilities Planning Study

Xuefeng ZHAO, Yan HUANG
This article updates from the protection of traditional culture and use of space angle, to explore the urban fringe community in the process of development of public cultural construction, how to reasonable use of the traditional culture space, to achieve the function of traditional cultural space culture...
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Study and Reform of the Regeneration of Traditional Folk House: A case in Zhongjie Street of Shenyang

Xuefeng ZHAO, Huasong XU
This paper combines the mobility protection and construction practices on traditional dwellings in Zhongjie Street, Shenyang to explore the regeneration design methods of traditional architecture, trying to discuss the regeneration design from the perspective of the fusion of old and new architecture...
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Community Public Facilities Planning and Study of Shenzhen Pingshan New District

Xuefeng ZHAO, Yangyang LIU
The paper based on the urban floating population represents a significant share of Shenzhen Pingshan new district as an example, analyze the economy, identity, cultural level, of present population. According to the development of Pingshan new district; divide present community into four types, include...
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Sustainable Urban Development in Post-event Period: Case study about coupling between event space and urban space

This research focused on correlation between Event Space and Urban Space to figure out how to stimulate spatial coupling between two of them. This is necessary for sustainable urban development in post-event period. Case study includes the 1984 Olympic City: Los Angeles and the 1996 Olympic City: Atlanta.
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Jiejie in Limited Spaces and Small Speaks for Magnificent: Research on the Architectural Philosophy and Practice of Xiaodong Lee

Ming GAO, Yunli GU
The architectural thoughts and practices of Li Xiaodong present his commensuration design philosophy of the Chinese and western as well as the ancient and modern architectures. His unique design methods including "reserving common points and removing difference, stressing on the field and interface,...
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Urban Color Characteristics of Cold City Harbin

Xu LU, Han QIN, Zhibin WANG, Si LIU
This paper uses quantitative analysis approach of urban color and the comparative study method, using China Color System National Technical Standards (GB/T15608-1995) and China Building Color Card as a basic tool for recording and analysis of urban color information. This paper researches on landscape...
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Experimental Study on the Influence of Fly Ash on Mechanical Properties and Shrinkage Performance of Concrete

Yongning CUI, Qingfu LI, Xiaoxia WU, Ying MA
Fly ash is a commonly used concrete admixture, which can improve its durability. In this paper, a series of experiments were made to study the influence of the amount of fly ash additive on the mechanical properties and shrinkage properties of concrete, which provides reference for the preparation of...
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Exploration of "Un-gated Community" Updating in the "Three Wire Industry"

Yunli GU, Ming GAO
Most of the original three wire factory settlements have been or are evolved into the city's old "open community" accumulated a lot of problems of governance. Three wire plant communities each has its own characteristics because of its location, the unit characteristics and its changes. The renewal way...
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Simulation of Construction Process Combining Steel Truss Integral Lifting with Concrete Pouring for SRC Conversion Layer Structure

Nianchun DENG, Jianhui WEI, Yu DENG
The steel reinforced concrete structure is widely used in the large space structure with its excellent mechanical properties, superior economic performance and outstanding comprehensive benefit. This type of structure is a combination of structure, section steel, steel bar, concrete and other components,...
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Nonstandardization Based on Standardization

Standardization has benefited the modern architecture as one part of industrialization technology. In the meantime it implies a restriction on individuality what is often highly praised by architects. We should look for a compromise between standardization and nonstandardization in architecture. This...
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Research on the Development of Modern Wood Structure Building in Cold Area

Jun ZHANG, Baoxin YANG
Based the present situation on the development of modern wood structure building at home and abroad, the problems including the technology lag, the single building form and the single application type of the modern wooden structure building are pointed out from the view of adaptation to climate, energy...
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Modeling Worst-case Earthquake Accelerograms for Buildings and Structures

Oleg Vartanovich MKRTYCHEV, Andrey Aleksandrovich RESHETOV
Input data necessary for synthesizing accelerograms are usually derived from seismic behavior of the construction site or from a statistical analysis of a set of recorded accelerograms which correspond to this particular construction site. As seismic performance of the site is independent of the structure...
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Chinese Construction Enterprises in the Stream

Xin JIA, Jie LIAO, Liangming HU
China's construction industry entered a new stage. For the construction enterprise that has been used for growing up in prosperity, there is undoubtedly full of challenges under the new normal. Construction industry profit has been low for a long time. Contract system prevailed. Competition among enterprises...
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Walter Gropius: The Fagus Factory

This article mainly embarks from the angle of Walter Gropius' architectural thought, through the analysis of his classic works, discussing his thoughts on the impact of architectural design.
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Hysteretic Behavior of HPC Column-foundation Joint Subjected to Cyclic Horizontal Loads under Constant Axial Compression

Sooyeon SEO, Seolki KIM, Sangku KIM, Sanghyun NOH, Jongwook LIM, Geoncheol LEE
This paper presents a test result to find the structural capacity of Hollow-Precast Concrete (HPC) column with Head-Splice Sleeve (HSS) for the connection of bars under horizontal cyclic load. Two Half scaled HPC column specimens were made with the consideration of construction process in site. The difference...
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Influence on Architectural Geometry by Emergent Design

This paper centers on the influence on architectural geometry by emergent design under the principle of emergence theory and the help of computer software, and how this will generate positive effects and what should also be concerned during such procedure.
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Fundamental Properties of Infilled Concrete for Hollow PC

Guncheol LEE, Sooyeon SEO, Jaeyup KIM, Gao SHAN, Jiwoong PARK, Kidon SHIN
The purpose of this study is to find the basic characteristics of HPC consolidating concrete. The results are presented as follows: In terms of compression strength, the strength of BS mixed with Alkaline Activator (AA) was stronger than that of general BS. It is judged that Shrinkage Reducing Agent...
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Determination of a Proper Function Representing Cyclic Strength Deterioration in Non-ductile Reinforced Concrete Columns

Changseok LEE, Sangwhan HAN, Hyeyoung KOH
Cyclic strength deterioration occurs in structural components when subjected cyclic loadings. In analytical models, cyclic strength deterioration starts when accumulated damage exceeds a certain threshold. Generally, there two types of equations measuring accumulated damage: (1) displacement-based equation...
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Cyclic Behavior Prediction of WUF-W Connections Using FEA

Changseok LEE, Namhun KIM, Taeo KIM, Sangwhan Han
The welded unreinforced flange-welded web (WUF-W) moment connection is one of seven prequalified connections for the special moment frames (SMF) specified in AISC 358-10. In this study, in order to predict cyclic behavior of WUF-W connections using nonlinear FEA, finite element studies for selection...
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The Influence of Heating-up and Rapid Cooling on an Axially Restrained Steel Column in Fire

Yunchun XIA, Zhengchao XU
Heating-up and rapid cooling by spray water had a large impact on the mechanics and deformation behavior for an axially restrained steel column. During heating, the axial force of the restrained steel columns increased in linearly. During rapid cooling, its axial force rapidly decreased until zero, and...
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Tensile Capacity of Head-splice Sleeve Connection after a Repeated Axial Stress for Precast Concrete Construction

Sooyeon SEO, Sangku KIM, Jieun LEE, Jaeyup KIM
This paper presents the tensile behaviors of Head-Splice Sleeve (HSS) connections after the experience of the low level of repeated axial stresses. HSS is a mechanical connection which was developed to be used for bar connection in precast concrete element. As a required structural capacity of HSS for...
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Analysis of Building Passive Design Strategies in Solar Decathlon China 2013

Feng SHI, Wei JIN, Tao ZHUANG, Weiwei ZHENG
Thermal environment regulation strategy is the key point to creating a comfortable building environment and important in building energy efficiency. This paper takes the zero-energy buildings in Solar Decathlon China (SDC2013) competition as examples, to analyze the thermal environment regulation strategies...
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The Effect of Composition on the Mechanical Properties of Alkali-activated Fly Ash-Portland Cement Binary System

Jun LIU, Jinyu FU, Runqing LIU, Yuanquan YANG
The effects of fly ash, lime, alkali activator and styrene-acrylic emulsion on the compressive strength and flexural strength of fly ash cement were studied in this paper. The results show that the addition of fly ash can improve the workability of mortar, but it will reduce the strength of the material....
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Finite Element Model on Circular Concrete-encased CFST Columns under Compression and Torsion

Xiaoyou CHEN, Qingxin REN
A three-dimensional (3D) finite element model (FEM) of circular concrete-encased CFST columns under axial compression and torsion was developed using the general finite element analysis (FEA) software ABAQUS. A total of 10 specimens with different axial load level and CFST ratio were tested to verify...
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Mechanical Properties of Steel Fiber Mixed Reactive Powder Concrete

Zhaopeng YANG, Lu LU
Steel fiber with high elastic modulus, have been added to the reactive powder concrete (RPC) in order to improve its mchanical properties. In this paper, it is studied the impact of the change in the steel fiber content on compressive strength and flexural strength of hybrid fiber reinforced PRC. The...
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Seismic Collapse Evaluation of Steel Intermediate Moment Frames

Sangwhan HAN, Taeo KIM
A reduced beam section with a bolted web connection (RBS-B) is permitted for use only in Intermediate Moment Frames (IMF). In order to investigate whether IMFs with RBS-B connections provide a satisfactory seismic performance, this study evaluates the seismic performance of 3-, 6- 9- and 20-story IMFs...
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Life-cycle Seismic Costs Estimation and Seismic Insurance Model for Simple RC Buildings in Western China

Jian ZHU, Junhai ZHAO, Jianmin JIN
The estimation of annual average earthquake losses in life long period for simple reinforced concrete (RC) frames based stochastic method models is the focus of the article. An innovative assembly-based vulnerability methodology is firstly adopted for seismic loss estimation, that damage of the structure...
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Construction Period Analysis of Composite Method Using Hollow-PC Column

Jaeyup KIM, Byeonghun PARK, Sooyeon SEO, Guncheol LEE
Recently, as the problems such as lack of construction personnel and reduction of construction duration due to the increasing labor cost and aging labor personnel, the researches on the PC method have been reactivated. However, the purpose of most of these researches is to develop and structurally interpret...
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Graft Copolymerization of Natural Rubber with Maleoyl Chitosan for Antibiosis

Yongzhen LI, Puwang LI, Mingzhe LV, Fan ZHANG
Elastomers are necessary materials in building materials. Mouldy materials will not only influence the surface view but also mechanical properties. In this paper, maleoyl chitosan (MCS) was selected as antimicrobial for improving natural rubber (NR) materials' antimicrobial properties together with mechanical...
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Cracking Down on Illegal Subdivided Units in Industrial Buildings: A policy Delphi study in Hong Kong

Yung YAU, Daniel Chiwing HO
The lack of land and housing supply has resulted in shortage of affordable housing in Hong Kong. Low-incomers, new immigrants and many others cannot afford high rents so they seek accommodations in the informal sector. This surging demand for informal housing is conducive to the proliferation of illegal...
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Elastic-plastic Time History Analysis on the Super-high Business-living Building in Hefei

Kewei DING, Chen LI
This project is a super high-rise office building in Hefei with 128.9 m height. Based on the theory of plastic hinges (beams and columns) and fiber model (walls), elastic-plastic time-history analysis is performed on the super-high business-living building in Hefei by MIDAS Building software under the...
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Using External Prestressing to Enhance the Safety Performance of Existing Public Buildings

Jianmin ZHOU, Yifei WANG, Pengfei QIN, Deqing QI
To use external prestressing to enhance the existing public buildings suffering from loss of reliability, this paper represents the static tests on 14 low strength concrete beams reinforced by external pre-stressed, and demonstrates an experiment on the mechanical performance of model beam, such as flexural...
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Study on Urban Ecological Landscape Design Methodology Based on the Interaction Philosophy

Dong CHU
The passive linear-thinking of the industrial society has been replaced by the interactive cross-thinking, resulted in the interaction design which is a new design method to observing the world. This design method is a synthesis of dynamic, virtualization, experience and emphasizes the intersectionality,...
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Study on the Relationship between Luban Culture and the Chinese Architectural Culture

Jianfeng XUN, Huichao QI, Yidan NIE, Dong YANG
Luban culture is the source of Chinese architectural culture, which leads to the development of Chinese architectural culture. How does Luban culture affects the Chinese architectural culture, and how can we promote urban culture at the present stage, all of these are worth deeply analyze. This paper...
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Experimental Study on Physical Properties of High Quality Recycled Concrete Aggregate

Jun DAI, Chuanjing LI, Wenping DU, Qiang YANG
The research beneficiated the concrete waste from two different sites to get the recycled concrete aggregates by the microwave-assisted mechanical beneficiation technology. Then, the author systematically studied the physical properties of recycled coarse aggregates and natural coarse aggregates from...
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Two-factor Analysis on Compressive Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Chunling YAN, Yongtao SHI
Recycled coarse aggregate (RCA) was obtained from waste samples of C30 in the laboratory through crushing, washing and screening and cube compressive strength test was conducted on RCA concrete under different conditions. The results show that the compressive strength of recycled aggregate concrete (RAC)...
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Wind Characteristics of High-rise Building with Partial Opening

Weibin YUAN, Kexing FAN, Zhao WANG
This paper discusses the wind pressure distributions on high-rice buildings with partial openings by means of wind tunnel tests and numerical simulations. The wind tunnel tests were carried out in the boundary layer wind tunnel over an urban terrain with a geometric scale. The numerical simulations used...
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The Investigation and Analysis of the Damage of Buildings in Coastal Towns and Villages by Typhoon

Linsheng HUO, Yinkun WANG, Gang LI, Hongnan LI
Typhoon can cause great destroy to the buildings of the towns and villages in the coastal areas. It is essential to investigate the damage and wind resistance performance of buildings in coast areas. This paper investigated some common characteristics of the houses destroyed by typhoon, including grey...
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Study on the Architecture Teaching Reform under the Sustainable Developmental Context

Yanqi CUI, Yingde CUI
Since the architect Paola Solerl put forward the idea of the Ecological Architecture in 1963. The theory and application of the sustainable building had been gradually developed in the world. In order to cultivate comprehensive architecture talents to meet the demand of the development of the sustainable...
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Development of Microbiological Vegetation on Facades of Thermally Insulated Houses Repairing a One Column Paper with MS-word for Windows

In connection with the increasing number of facades additionally equipped with contact thermally insulated system the number of cases in which facades are depreciated with microbiological vegetation has raised. The vegetation of microscopic algae, fungi and blue-green algae on the outer surface of perimeter...
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Research on Dispersive Discrimination Test Methods of Illite Clay Soils in Zhejiang

Shihua CHEN, Shuijin SHEN, Yaohui HE, Qinghong MA
Numerous studies indicate that dispersive clay minerals are mostly composed of montmorillonite, while the major mineral composition of dispersive clay is illite in Zhejiang Province. Based on the particularity of dispersive clay soil in this region, A series of experimental study and comparison and analysis...
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Determination of Pore Structure in Hardened Concrete by Mercury Intrusion and Vacuum Saturated Absorption

Yue LI, Hong LI, Wanguo DONG
Hardened concrete is a porous heterogeneous material. In this paper, pore structure of hardened concrete is determined by mercury intrusion and vacuum saturated absorption, the feasibility of these two methods is analyzed, and the linear correlation between the results detected by these two methods is...
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Experimental Study on Impermeability of Concrete Mixed with Limestone Powder

Junfang HUO, Shaoyu ZHANG, Jian WEI, Qi CUI, Hua PAN
Limestone powder as a concrete admixture was incorporated into the concrete, mechanical properties and impermeability of concrete were studied, and influence mechanism of concrete was analyzed. Experimental results showed workability of concrete was improved when appropriate proportion limestone powder...
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Characteristics and Mechanism of Salinized Triethanolamine as Cement Grinding Aids

Changsen ZHANG, Jianli ZHANG, Zhenzhe FENG, Baogui ZHU, Yang LI
Effects of salinized triethanolamine as cement grinding aids on particles characteristics and mechanical property of cement were studyed, and its reaction mechanism was analyzed by FT-IR, SEM and XRD. According to the results, when the amount of triethanolamine salinization(DGA) was 0.03%, the sieve...
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Research and Development of Micro Porous Concrete and Polystyrene Foam Plastics in Composite Wall Material

Wangzhi CAO, Fangjie SHAO, Hongzhen WANG, Yongheng YANG
This paper introduces the rapid hardening sulphoaluminate cement as cementitious materials, polypropylene short cut fiber as reinforcing material. Through the development of physical foaming cellular concrete and polystyrene foam plastic board, craft processes and product performance of non-load-bearing...
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The Design Strategy Analysis of A Green Healthy Residence

Qiliang YU, Binquan ZHANG
This paper takes Urumqi Xiucheng Estate as an example to analyze the health concept of architectural design based on the proposed green building design and corresponding technology, in order to promote the application of the concept of green healthy residential planning and design. The project was assessed...
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State-of-the-art Studies on the FRP-confined Concrete

Wenbin SUN, Ying LUO
The application of FRP in civil engineering has emerged as a popular method of column retrofitting and strengthening. Numerous experimental studies have proven that the confinement with FRP-wrap or tube encasement could enhance the strength, ductility and durability of concrete columns. The variation...
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Experiment Research on Manufactured Fine Aggregate about one Precast Beam with C55 Concrete on Guiyang-Chongqing Railway

Through benchmark concrete proportion to material composed of adaptability and efficiency test, add special preparation of concrete admixture, mechanism of different stone powder content of sand sand mechanism of C55 high performance concrete performance impact study. The test results show that the special...
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Application of Carbon Fiber Materials in Water Conservancy Project

Yongxia TAO, Yakun ZHANG
The types of carbon fiber materials used in the engineering field were summarized, and the main characteristics of carbon fiber material, high strength, high elastic modulus, small density and high specific strength were summarized. According to the excellent properties of carbon fiber material and the...
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Research on the Vehicle Loads and Their Effect on the Medium and Small Span Highway Girder Bridges

Yongjun NI, Jinzhu GU
The uniform loading pattern is specified in the General Code for Design of Highway Bridges and Culverts (JTG D60-2015) and its former version in China. In recent years, bridge safety accident due to the heavy commercial trucks occurred and reported occasionally. Whether the design loads specified in...
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The Key Problems and Solutions of the New Generation BRT in China

Zhong GUO, Xiao PENG
Over the last ten years, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has expanded faster than in any other region, with 3000km of BRT systems opened in 25 cities. The paper firstly introduced the features and models of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). Then it introduced the development of BRT in China, and summarizes the key problem...
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Analysis and Prediction of Soft Foundation Settlement for Expressway Based on BP Neural Network

Qi SHEN, Yang LI, Chunli PENG
This paper introduced the principle of BP neural network and established the model of foundation settlement prediction. To analyze the rules of soft foundation settlement, the BP neural network was used to fit and optimize the settlement data of one expressway project. And the one-dimensional consolidation...
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Light Pollution and BIM Application

Yingxia YU, Yali ZHU
This paper briefly introduced the BIM technology, the features and hazards of light pollution, combined the BIM technology with the light environment simulation analysis, and further expanded the BIM application, thus it can prevent and control light pollution effectively from the phase of the architecture...
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Heritage Corridor Narrative Space System Research Case on the Ancient Lancang-Mojiang Tea Horse Road

Hui LI, Pan LI, Min GAO, Guoyan LI, Wenwen TAN, Weijing WANG
The Lancang-Mojiang ancient Tea Horse Road is an important branch of the Puer Ancient Tea Horse Road. With the development of urbanization, the Tea Horse Road and its spatial have been changed dramatically, and the cultural heritage along the road faced the threat of gradually disappear. This article...
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Safety Assessment Research of Aqueduct in the Irrigation Area

Lei XU, Mingqi CHANG, Yanli FAN, Liguo LU, Jingchao GU
Due to natural conditions, work environment, maintenance management and other factors, in the course of the use, the aqueduct hydraulic structures may appear material aging, structural damage, performance and other situations, and bring hidden dangers to the safe operation. Aimed at the insufficient...
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Risk Assessment Model and Applied Research on Municipal PPP Projects

Liping WANG, Pu ZHANG, Pei ZHANG, Yawei ZHAO, Yuan MA
Since PPP (Public Private Partnership) project is playing an increasingly important role in the investment and construction of China's municipal works, considering features like wide evaluation range and multiple risk resources while conducting risk evaluation of PPP Project, this paper establishes risk...
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Research on the Transport Management System Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone

Linghong WEI
Transport as the forerunner of social economy and basic industry, Scientific and efficient management system to build modern comprehensive transport system and achieve the important guarantee for sustainable economic and social development. Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone is the first airport economy...
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Shaking Table Test of the Full-scaled Semi-rigid Composite Beam Frame

Mingji FANG, Dazhu HU, Ting LU, Yifan PAN, Wensheng XU
A shaking table test of a full-scaled semi-rigid composite beam frame has been carried out to study the dynamic characteristics and the failure mode, the aim of the research is to provide a theory basis for the design of the composite frames. The analysis was concentrated on the dynamic characteristics,...
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Research on the Calculation Method of Skeleton Curve of Variable Cross Sectional Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Laced Columns with Flat Lacing Tube

Zhijing OU, Shenfu CHEN, Jianmao LIN
Variable cross-sectional Concrete Filled Steel Tubular (CFST) laced column with flat lacing tube is a kind of emerging combination column; it has broad application prospects in high pier bridges and high-rise buildings. The finite element analysis method of CFST laced columns is built with universal...
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Shock Wave Pressure Analysis of Underground Structure Associated with Buried Natural-gas Pipeline Explosion

Zhongxin ZHOU, Jiannan ZHOU, Hualin FAN, Fengnian JIN, Yin XU
The full-bore rupture of a buried high-pressure natural-gas pipeline can lead to detonation waves that can pose a significant threat to underground structure in the vicinity of failure location. The dominant hazards are shock wave propagation through the soil around the underground structure from buried...
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Detection and Analysis on a Vibration Workshop of Large-scale Coal Preparation Plant

Qiuxi LI, Dahua LI, Dong CHEN, Chao SHEN, Yelong ZHAN
Based on detection of the Self-vibration and forced vibration the causes of resonant vibration on vibration are examined and analyzed, in order to improve the seismic capacity of coal preparation plant, the safety and normal use performance of coal preparation plant is guaranteed. The experimental result...
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Research on the Disaster-prevention System Adaptation Strategies for Urban High-rise Community

Lixin LI, Dan ZHU, Xingkai JIN
Due to the intensive construction of high-rise buildings, population concentration, in the face of disaster increasingly vulnerable, while the community as the city's most basic disaster prevention unit, community security largely affects the safety of the whole city. However, our country city existing...
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Research and Practice of Monitoring Measurement Security Technology of Portal Excavation for Mountain Tunnel

Shiyu WEI, Chuan LI, Jun JIANG, Chao LI, Pengfei LU
In the construction process of portal excavation for mountain tunnels, the improper risk management and control result in the instability of the front slope, deformation of the tunnel portal and subsidence of the roof. In order to carry out the purport of dynamic design and informationalized construction,...
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Evaluation of Urban Residence, Employment and Transportation Mode in Beijing

The relationship between urban landuse and urban transportation is the eternal topic of urban development. The integration development of urban landuse and urban transportation determines the comprehensive carrying capacity of a city. The spatial statistics and the questionnaire survey method are used...
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The Application of Factor Analysis in Construction Project Post-evaluation

Haiyan ZHANG
Project after the authenticity of the evaluation results to a large extent depends on the rationality of the evaluation method, this article in view of the construction project post-evaluation of current method is a systematic research, and put forward the factor analysis method used in the construction...
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Research on the Influence Factors of Post-grouting Bored Piles Load-bearing Capacity

Jianbin GAO, Yunxia LIU, Gaojie REN, Qingfu LI
Numerical model of post-grouting bored piles which are applied to specific engineering was built and analyzed, the result of numerical model was compared with the static test result of test piles on site, which confirmed the feasibility and rationality of the numerical model. By the numerical model,...
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Compressive Strength Prediction of Roller-compacted Concrete Using Nondestructive Tests through Artificial Intelligence

Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) is a type of concrete that has similar basic ingredients to conventional concrete but contains much less water and is known as non-slump concrete. Nondestructive testing (NDT) is a very good choice to evaluate the quality and strength of such concretes as RCC. These testes...
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A Research Analysis of the Non-use Value of the Industrial Heritage of the Middle East Railway

Jun ZHANG, Shanshan LIU
Use-value and non-use vale are the vital composition of the economical value of the industrial heritage. This paper acquired respectively the investigation data of Ang'ang Xi district, Yimianpo town and Hengdaohezi town by applying the Contingent Valuation Method (CVM) and combining the design and distribution...
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The Development of Calculation Software for Parallel Composite Isolated System Based on MATLAB

Shaokang LI, Xiuling CAO
The programming principle of calculation software for parallel composite isolated system and the superiority of the MATLAB over other advanced programming languages are expounded. Based on the above software, the seismic time-history results of an example of parallel composite isolated system are calculated....
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State Analysis of Underground Self-walking Excavator

Honghu WEI, Yan BAO, Hongwei MA
According to designed parameters of self walking excavator, including the radius difference between the head and end of a section, the length of a section of the excavator, and the radius and width of the designed construction circular curve. The relationship is established between above parameters and...
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Application of Stainless Steel Reinforcements in the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

Qiang JING, Xiang FANG
The use of stainless steel reinforcements (SSRs) is an effective measure to guarantee the durability of concrete structures in the marine environment. SSRs have been used overseas for many years, whereas the under-construction Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) is the first project using SSRs in the...
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Evaluation of Current Code Criteria Selecting Ground Motions for Dynamic Analysis: An accurate algorithm for selecting ground motions

Seongjin HA, Miyoung PARK, Sangwhan HAN
For estimating the seismic demand of buildings, most seismic design provisions permit conducting linear and nonlinear response history analysis. In order to obtain reliable results from response history analyses, a proper selection of input ground motions is required. In this study, an accurate algorithm...
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Noise Attenuation at an Urban Planning and Design Stage: A case study of Shenzhen international low-carbon eco-city

Lei YU, Dongchao XU, Chao WANG
Impact of traffic noise on buildings is becoming more and more serious in a big city. It is found that a suitable urban planning and design could reduce its impact. Shenzhen International Low Carbon Eco-city is a low-density place with a mixed land-use function only having one main road. It will be transformed...
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Earthquake Emergency Rescue Geography Support Platform and Application Cases

Yuan ZHANG, Kang LIU, Huajia CHEN, Linfeng ZHEN
The earthquake emergency succor is a system engineering with cross-sectoral, multi-disciplinarity and multi-domain, which needs a rapid emergency response capability. The earthquake emergency rescue geography support platform construction conception has been put forward based on the earthquake emergency...
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A Numerical Method of Failure Process of Geotechnical Materials

Yanqiong LIU, Jisheng ZHAO, Peixuan LIU, Hongsuai LIU
In this paper, the displacement discontinuity initiation conditions are deduced based on potential energy principle. The finite element discrete of weak form of governing equation is developed by combination of displacement discontinuity evolution conditions and discontinuity connection which material...
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An Approach to Determine the Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Road Concrete Using Optical Lever

Lingling GAO
The approach to determine the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of road concrete using optical lever system was introduced. CTE of 144 concrete specimens was determined with it. The coarse aggregate in these specimens contains 8 kinds of stones from 19 origins. Measured data was satisfactory verified...
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Study on Shenyang's Vacant Commodity Housing Based on the Non-equilibrium of Supply and Demand

Xijing QI, Xiaoqiang LI, Yuxin ZHOU
Since twentieth Century, the real estate in Shenyang has achieved rapid growth, with the issue of commodity housing vacancy. Considering the difference between China's current algorithm and international algorithm, as well as the market under the non-equilibrium of supply and demand, the international...
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The Flaw of the Traditional Plastic Potential Theory and the Correction in the Geotechnical Application

Siyi DU, Zhiling WANG, Penghui NIE, Hailin LIU
Given the basis that there is no perfect theoretical of the simple and practical geotechnical elastoplastic model which has been set up, triaxial compression test results cannot provide elastic-plastic analytical formula. This article embarks from the basic definition, according to the variation characteristics...
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Stability Analysis of Tailings Dam Based on Coupling Seepage and Stress

Lina ZHANG, Fengchen LI, Cide PENG
With the high development of the mine enterprise in China, the scale of the tailings' design is becoming bigger and bigger, the safety of the tailings becomes more and more important. As one of the most important parts, the tailings dams turn to be 'disaster zone' with frequent accidents. Therefore,...
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Experimental Research on the Bearing Properties of Service Bridge Pile in Loess Soil

Juan HU, Li SHENG, Minping HU
Influenced by the dead loads and the cyclic loads of upper structure of bridge over a long period of time, it will have important significance to study the settlement, bearing capacity and skin friction, relations between cyclic loading and the nature of the soil for reconstruction in service period...
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The Inspiration of Large-scale Settlement of Modern Suburban Areas in the Neighborhood Center in Suzhou and Chuzhou Industrial Park

Rongyu SUN, Jiayin GUO
The development of Neighborhood Center in overseas and domestic is illustrated in this article under the background of current situation of large-scale settlement of modern suburban areas. Here, the 9 neighborhood centers in Su and Chu industrial park were investigated and analyzed in the first place,...
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Emergency Repair of Xushui River Bridge in the Expressway around Zhengzhou

Jianlong ZHANG, Kun CHENG, Pinde YU, Qing LI
An safety accident of Xushui River bridge in the southwest expressway around Zhengzhou city occurred in July 2014. Due to the accumulation of building waste materials near the bridge, one of pier columns was broken up by accidental horizontal load. Key technology for emergency repair construction of...
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Research on New and Old Pavement Splicing Technology in Road Reconstruction and Expansion Projects

Mingli WU, Ming LI, Xudong ZHU, Yong LI
Based on the design proposal on the reconstruction of the Da Wei Jian Cai road section between the 107 National Highway and Songfeng Road in Hengyang, Analysis on mechanics response of the related pavement structure layer concerning the two different models established here through the Finite Element...
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Exploitation and Research on 3D Digital Modeling of Track Structure Based on VBA

Feng HAN, Feng KANG
The development of virtual simulation and BIM in railway industry has increasingly become a trend. The method of 3D digital modeling is important in design and construction, but the current study of track structure modeling is not accurate enough, and the species are not comprehensive. This thesis was...
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Study on the Penetrating Property of Silane Hydrophobic Impregnating Agent in Concrete

Hongyao SUN, Zongyang YUAN, Xuechuan WANG, Gaoxia SUN
That organosilicon hydrophobic impregnating agents such as silane are coated on the reinforced concrete surface is one of anticorrosion measures of reinforced concrete. The penetrating depth of organosilicon hydrophobic impregnating agents in concrete is an important parameter for the durability of reinforced...
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Numerical Simulation Study on Expansion of the Crack and Energy Variation Status in the Process of the Projectile Penetration of Concrete

Zhenfu CHEN, Zhongwen ZHOU, Yuanchu GAN, Qiuwan TAO
Based on the discrete element software PFC2D, building background grid model of concrete under simulated different projectile penetration rate, in the process of penetration of concrete target, the expansion of the crack damage, and compared with the cement mortar model. In crushing zone near the projectile...
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Study on Mechanical Properties and Fractal Characterization of Concrete under Impact Load

Zhenfu CHEN, Yiyan ZHONG, Yuanchu GAN, Qiuwan TAO
In order to research the mechanical properties of concrete under impact load, a splitting tensile test of concrete cubes was carried out under the impact load by using the drop test machine. A high-speed camera was used in test to record the crack development process of each specimen. According to box...
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Study on Longitudinal Stress of Urban Water Supply Network under the Action of Seismic Wave

Lijuan WANG, Xin LIU, Jiahui WANG, Ying WANG, Butao JIANG, Xiaoning LI
Based on the elastic foundation model and wave theory as well as fluid mechanics theory, considered of the influence of flow velocity in the pipe, vertical force of buried water supply pipeline are analyzed under the action of seismic wave. The bending moment and stress formula are derived, and the vertical...
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Study on Pressure Relief and Outburst Prevention Technology of Deep Coal Roadway Strip

Jianjun CAO
Based on the mechanism of composite energy and its energy scale, evolution and distribution law of stress and fracture field in surrounding rock of roadway in deep mining, the article puts forward regional outburst prevention measures of unloading pressure by pre excavation rock roadway and constructing...
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The Research of Kang Gully Mudflow's Formation Mechanism in Weinan

Weilong GUO, Yuxiang CHENG, Dawei ZHANG, Lan LI
There are many gullies in loess area, if enough incompact soil accumulates in the gully, it will cause mudflow when encountering heavy rains. Kang gully located in transition of loess tableland and terrace of Weihe River in Weinan, has a larger longitudinal grade, intense erosion of ground water, and...
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Analysis on the Development of Geohazards in Linwei District of Weinan City

Dawei ZHANG, Yuxiang CHENG, Lan LI, Weilong GUO
The study area is located in the east of Guanzhong Basin, and the tectonic system is special, which is controlled by the faults in the area. Under the action of the intense neotectonic uplift movement and the strong erosion of surface water, there are many geological disasters in this area. Through the...