Proceedings of the 2024 International Conference on Applied Economics, Management Science and Social Development (AEMSS 2024)

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T. Ramayah, Pui Mun Lee, Edward H. K. Ng
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the 2024 International Conference on Applied Economics, Management Science and Social Development (AEMSS 2024) during March 22-24, 2024 in Luoyang, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committees...
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Research on Digital Management of the Entire Planning, Investment, and Construction Process

Mengjia Liu, Pei Liu
As the socioeconomic landscape shifts toward a digital economy, communication firms must raise the degree of engineering project management digitalization in order to increase their overall competitiveness. This article highlights the need to support the digitization of the entire engineering project...
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Research on Inventory Decisions in Dual-Channel Supply Chain Considering Supply Disruption Risk

Yiyun Wang
With the rapid development of internet technology, the coverage of supply chain networks is expanding, and supply disruption issues are gradually becoming apparent, with increasingly severe consequences. Meanwhile, dual-channel supply chain model, as core modes of enterprise development, hold significant...
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Research on Pricing Decisions in Closed-Loop Supply Chains Considering Corporate Social Responsibility and Retailer Recycling

Xueya Luo
In the current business landscape, the closed-loop supply chain development model is increasingly favored by enterprises. This trend is driven by its potential to optimize costs and align with principles of green development and active corporate social responsibility. In this context, this chapter assumes...
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Consider the level of the retailer’s sales effort research on pledge rate decision-making

Jiasen Xu
In the market competition environment of oversupply, this paper considers the impact of retailers’ sales effort level on the market demand, and studies the relationship between the pledge rate decision and the expected income of financial institutions under the mode of dynamic inventory pledge financing....
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Application of Process Modeling in Contract Management Work of Power Enterprises

Shu Wu
This article mainly explores the application of C# software for modeling the contract drafting stage of power enterprises. Through a user-friendly operating interface, the content that needs to be edited in the contract text is imported into the corresponding part of the contract text template. Editable...
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The convergence of population aging: Evidence from OECD countries

Wenwen Kang, Haixia Pu, Ying Guo
This study applied the convergence framework to probe the trend in population aging in 38 OECD countries from 1990 to 2020. Also, several social-economic variables were collected as the control factors of population aging convergence. Our results showed that the EPR (share of 65 years and over) gap between...
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“Cherry” posture glow -AR technology to help farmers

Xinyue Lv, Yiting Li, Xiaowen Guo, Mandi Guo, Xiangying Li, Wanting Wang
In the context of “Internet +” widely used in the direct marketing of crop origin, for the elderly who are not around and out of touch with The Times, it is difficult to flexibly use smart phones and the Internet to make high-quality cherries difficult to enter the national market. This paper builds...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of Environmental Characteristics on the Psychological Contract Breach among Knowledge Workers in High-Tech Enterprises

Qinwen Zhang
This study embarks on a comprehensive investigation into the factors influencing the breach of psychological contracts among knowledge workers within the high-technology sector. Utilizing a robust regression analysis, the research examines the impact of four critical independent variables: Performance...
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Analysis of Financial Reporting Quality in Medical Market

Lanqing Wang
With the rapid development of the medical industry, the transparency and accuracy of financial reports are crucial for the governance structure and market operations of medical institutions. This study aims to evaluate the quality of financial reporting in the medical market and reveal its impact on...
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Discussion on Strengthening Integrated Construction of Low Voltage Electricity Safety Management

Liu Yang, Jiajun Zhao, Runan Song, Penghe Zhang, Zhongqiang Wu
With the development of society, the low voltage electricity consumption environment is becoming increasingly complex. Related electrical safety issues are also increasing day by day. In order to improve the safety management level of low voltage electricity consumption, this article analyzes the background...
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The method of achieving grid stability through price demand response under the uncertainty of renewable energy electricity

Xia Pan
This study explores the integration of renewable electricity, characterized by its intermittent nature, into the electricity system. Within the framework of a price-based demand response mechanism, a three-tier Stackelberg game model involving the grid, electricity retailers, and end-users was established....
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Research on the influence of Executives’ Academic Background on Corporate Social Responsibility Performance-the Mediating Effect of Corporate R & D Investment

Mengrong Zhang
In recent years, the performance of corporate social responsibility has attracted more and more attention from all walks of life. By using stata software, this paper analyzes the score of corporate social responsibility report, studies the relationship between the academic background of senior management...
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Research on Financing Strategies for Small and Medium-Sized Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers under the Guarantee of Agricultural Cooperatives

Ding Wang
Agricultural cooperatives’ guarantees are a crucial method to tackle the financial challenges faced by agribusinesses. This paper constructed a secondary supply chain for capital-constrained small and medium-sized agricultural machinery manufacturers and agricultural cooperatives. We created a Stackelberg...
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Consider the manufacturer’s green production strategies when retailers introduce private label

Jiafeng Qian
As consumers become more eco-conscious, manufacturers are investing in green production. Yet, the launch of retailer’s private label threatens their market. This raises questions, such as how manufacturers should modify their brand’s green level in response, and whether retailers should outsource production...
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Decision optimisation study of two-stage hybrid electricity market under renewable energy quota policy

Qingsong Mao
Encouraging renewable electricity in market transactions is vital for its development and reducing reliance on traditional thermal electricity. Yet, the impact of uncertainty in renewable electricity production on markets, especially in a two-stage market setup, remains insufficiently explored. The renewable...
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Research on the economic sustainability of affordable rental housing——Based on autoregressive integrated moving average and real option valuation model

Pengchao Wang, Xianghua Wu
Affordable rental housing constitutes a crucial element of China’s housing security system. However, its construction imposes significant financial pressure on local governments. In the new phase of development, it is imperative to strike a balance between the needs of people’s livelihood and the government’s...
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The Risk Challenges and Countermeasures of Commercial Banks under Digital Transformation

Yuhua Tan, Xinyuan Han, Yifei Zhao
Starting from the analysis of the connotation and development trend of digital transformation, this article analyzes the inherent logic and current development status of digital transformation in commercial banks, and analyzes the difficulties faced by commercial banks during transformation from macro...
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Study of the upstream and downstream industries of traditional coal energy and new hydrogen energy to envisage the further sustainable energy development pathways in China

Yichun Luo
The energy structure of Chian is in urgent need of transformation and reform. New energy is a necessary path for sustainable development. Hydrogen as a new energy, clean energy and renewable energy in recent years has received more attention. However, traditional coal energy still occupies the main energy...
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Emotional Reactions and Kansei Cognition of Weibo Users Towards ChatGPT

Genlong Zhou, Fei Qiao
Focusing on the individual level, this study selects text data from individuals on the Weibo platform since the release of ChatGPT 4.0 as the research sample. It employs the Gephi network analysis tool and sentiment analysis methods, aiming to explore individuals’ kansei cognition of ChatGPT and their...
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Research on the Application of Unbalanced Quotation in Landscape Project Management

Zhenlong Ma
Landscape projects are mostly fixed unit price contracts with list price. In the bidding process, unbalanced offer often occurs. Imbalanced quotation refers to the premise of not affecting the total quotation of the project, by adjusting the internal quotation of each project, in order to achieve neither...
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Construction of Sustainable Management Evaluation Index System for Extra Large Power Grid Enterprises

Hanxiong Xiao, Yufei Ren, Haiyun Song, Xinxin Feng
To establish a sustainable management evaluation index system for large-scale power grid enterprises with “four dimensions, 15 first level indicators, and 48 second level indicators” for the evaluation system in dynamic evaluation and feedback, and transform it into an evaluation system suitable for...
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The Impact of Host Emotional Expression on Consumer Preference for Self-improvement products in E-commerce Live Streaming

Min Hou, Lingyue Jiang
The way hosts express emotions in live streaming not only impacts how online consumers perceive e-commerce products but also influences their impression of the hosts, ultimately affecting consumer behavior. This study aims to explore how emotional expression by e-commerce hosts influences consumer preference...
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Dilemma and Reflection on the High-quality Development of Rural Education in China

Mingshuang Cheng, Yonghui Liu
Education plays an important fundamental and leading role in the construction of new socialist countryside. With the gradual deepening of Chinese-style modernization and the construction of new socialist countryside, the lag of high-quality development of rural education has gradually become prominent...
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Governance and Autonomy: The Conflict and Coordination between the Governance Structure of the American Government and Universities

Jiaming Sun
The relationship between the governance structure of government and universities, namely the relationship between government and university education, is not only the core issue of the public governance of higher education, but also an important content of the construction of modern university system...
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Research on Economic Strategies for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Post Epidemic Era

Bochao Han
In this paper, we analyzed the economic policies mainly adopted in the post pandemic era, and based on the characteristics of small and medium-sized enterprises before and after the pandemic, we proposed the multi-dimension analysis economic strategies based on system dynamics analysis could have been...
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Investigating the Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment on the Relationship between Leadership Styles and Turnover Intention: A Conceptual Framework for a Chinese Capital Management Firm

Ziting Yin, Noraini Rusbadrol
This study investigates the affect of transformational and servant leadership styles on organizational commitment and turnover intentions within the capital management firm in Guangxi, China. Through a comprehensive literature review, the paper constructs a theoretical framework that elucidates the mediating...
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The impact of digital economy development on the quality of urban innovation: Empirical evidence from 256 cities in China

Yu Zhang, Taoxing Zhu, Haiyan Guo
The digital economy enabling urban innovation has become essential for the country to implement the innovation-driven development strategy. This study uses panel data from 256 Chinese cities spanning the period from 2011 to 2021 to examine the influence of the digital economy on the quality of urban...
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A historical review of the key technologies for enterprise brand impact assessment

Guang Chen, Rui Liu, Ruixin Chen, Chengcheng Fu
Relying on complex network technology, natural language processing technology, value evaluation and distributed computing technology and other related technologies, large enterprises to evaluate their own brand influence, which can enhance brand value for the enterprise, expand the brand international...
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Data Factor Market System Based on Data Component and Social Division of Labor

Yiyang Zhou
As a new production factor, data has become the core engine for the deepening development of the digital economy, but the current industrial scale of the data market has always failed to meet people's expectations. This paper mainly analyses the problems existing in the current data market, studies...
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New Software Upgrade Configuration Management Mode Based on UNECE R156

Wenxia Ji, Haijun Wang, Yuwei Su
Based on the requirements of UN/WP.29 UNECE R156 regulations, requirements and technical requirements for the construction of a full lifecycle management system for software upgrade activities in enterprises are proposed, and configuration management is a very important point. To assist and guide enterprises...
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Influencing factors of social entrepreneurship opportunity identification in Ethnic Regions

Hao Wang, Xiaohan Zhang
The social entrepreneurship market and demand in China's ethnic regions are strong, but the reality is that the number of entrepreneurs is limited, and the overall effect of entrepreneurial project quality is mediocre. According to the survey, 67% of the respondents said the lack of quality projects...
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FDI, Spatial Effects and Green Total Factor Productivity in the Context of the Digital Economy: A Case Study of 281 Prefecture-Level Cities in China

Jiatong Yu, Jing Shen, Yang Zhang
The manufacturing sector's sustained openness post high-end and digital transformation is a key driver for regional green development in the digital economy era. Using Data Envelopment Analysis and GML index, we examined the green total factor productivity in 281 Chinese prefecture-level cities...
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Analysis on the effect of industrial structure upgrading on the level of double cycle development

Zhengming Wang, Hongling Liang
The new development pattern of double cycle is the strategic axis of China's economic development, and it is of great significance to clarify the impact mechanism of industrial structure upgrading on the double cycle in constructing the new development pattern. In this paper, the provincial level...
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Digital Economy, Farmers’ Entrepreneurship and the Increase of Farmers’Income: Empirical Analysis Based on China Family Panel Studies (CFPS)

Haibo Chen, Chunli Yang
This paper systematically combed the relationship between digital economy, farmer entrepreneurship and the increase of farmers’income. Based on the systematic analysis of the mechanism of the impact of digital economy on farmers’ income increase, this paper empirically analyzed the impact of digital...
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Research on the measurement and influencing factors of the integration of China's industrial chain and innovation chain

Lili Yang, Yue Bian
The integrated development of the industrial chain and the innovation chain is the key to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and building the new development paradigm, This paper constructs a regional industrial-innovation chain integration index system from three dimensions:...
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Stock Market Spillover of China under Belt and Road Initiative: Evidence from 68 Countries

Junbo Huang
This paper examines the spillover effects of China’s equity market in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), utilizing 68 MSCI country indices and an E-GARCH-X model. The study specifically addresses non-synchronous trading times, an aspect often overlooked in current research. Contrary to...
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Impact of Nuclear Wastewater Discharge on Consumption in Japan (based on HKTVMALL data)

Chaowen Luo
Nuclear wastewater discharge has been a controversial and focused topic since the Japanese government officially decided to discharge nuclear wastewater into the sea in 2021, especially in the agenda of environmental protection, food safety, and global consumer concerns, triggering extensive discussions...
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Strategic Financial Management: The Symbiosis of Accounting and Decision-Making in the Digital Age

Jiani Chen
This scholarly paper delves into the pivotal role that accounting plays in the realm of strategic financial management. A comprehensive exploration is conducted to unravel the intricate interplay between accounting practices and the multifaceted processes involved in making strategic financial decisions...
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Analysis of innovative measures to strengthen organized scientific research in institutions of higher learning

Ziwen Wang
Scientific research needs to mobilize multiple resources in an organized way and tackle key scientific problems in a guided way. At present, there exist a few deficiencies for most institutions of higher learning in such aspects as the coordination of various forces, integration of effective resources,...
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Analysis and Research on LDA Model Focusing on Smart Logistics

Zhenyu Zhao, Yuyuan Feng, Feiyang Zhang
The rapid development of mobile Internet, so that a large number of logistics facilities to achieve interoperability, "smart logistics" concept is increasingly mentioned. The concept of "smart logistics" has been mentioned more and more. The development of smart logistics, combining...
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Older Adults’ Reemployment: A Call for Flexible Retirement System in China

Yikun Feng
This paper aims to provide an effective solution to address China’s escalating population and labor force aging. Following an analysis of the background of the employment rate among older adults in China, this paper employs a qualitative research method using semi-structured interviews to understand...
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Research on Rural Living Waste Management Issues under the Perspective of Rural Revitalization Strategy--Taking Xing'anmeng of Inner Mongolia as an Example

Jingjing Li
The report of the 19th Party Congress proposes the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. The report of the 19th CPC National Congress puts forward the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization, which clearly puts forward the agriculture and rural areas as the leader, and takes...
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Navigating the Digital Future: Strategies for Corporate Digital Transformation

Zhiyang Wang
This article embarks on an in-depth exploration of the multifaceted process of digital transformation within the corporate sector. In an era where technological advancements are not just rapid but exponentially accelerating, businesses across various industries find themselves at a critical juncture....
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Machine learning-driven factor fitting model for stock data and its future trend prediction

Binghui Wang
Stock data factor model fitting and forecasting has been a hot topic in fintech and quantitative investment research. As a representative technology of artificial intelligence, machine learning can greatly improve the effect of forecasting research in economics and management. This paper aims to analyze...
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Research on the Path of Enterprise Human Resources Informatization

Yi Sun
Under the rapid development of China's society, we use information technology to process relevant information, and complete the statistical work of information, so it is necessary to build a scientific and systematic management system, so that human resources and social security information can...
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An Analysis of Negotiation Strategies in Investment Negotiations

Hanzhang Wang
The objective of this paper is to investigate the crucial function of efficacious communication tactics in investment negotiations, examining essential facets like transparency, opacity, adaptability to the audience, attentive listening, and cultural awareness. The conversation highlights how these components...
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The Influence and Optimization Strategy of Accounting Informatization on Enterprise Financial Management

Chengcheng Zhou
With the rapid development of information technology, accounting informatization has become an important part of enterprise financial management. Through the research and analysis of the relevant literature, this paper discusses the influence of accounting informatization on the financial management...
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Strategic Human Resource Management: Catalyzing Organizational Behavior and Performance

Jincheng Yu
This in-depth article offers a holistic review of the integral role Human Resource Management (HRM) plays in influencing and molding organizational behavior and performance. It delves into the various facets of HRM, including effective talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies, and critically...
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Research on the impact of mixed ownership on operating efficiency of SOEs -based on labor production effect

Landi Yang
Mixed ownership of state-owned businesses is a crucial component of economic system reform since it enhances the operational effectiveness of these businesses. This study examines the impact of mixed ownership of state-owned firms on operating benefits, using labor productivity as the pivotal point....
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Research on the Effectiveness of Talent Introduction and Countermeasures in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Chen Jiang
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are an important part of the modern national economy with a broad socio-economic base. With the development of today's economy, small and medium-sized enterprises are also facing more intense competition. This paper collects literature and data for the talent...
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The application of risk-based inspection on the management of coal chemical device pressure equipment management

Chang Liu, Qingmin Liu, Xiaobo Wang, Xin Cheng, Chenyang Du
China has the world's largest coal chemical industry and is the country with the most coal chemical devices and equipment. Through years of experience in equipment management, risk-based inspection is applied to the management of coal chemical equipment to form a set of C-RBI technology, which has...
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Innovative Approaches to Architectural Design Supervision

Shiqian Li
This article investigates the transformative integration of digital technologies and advanced management practices in architectural design supervision. Emphasizing the importance of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and the application of drones and photogrammetry,...
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Integrative Approaches in Global Corporate Governance: Strategic Management, Sustainability Reporting, and Effective Management

Haoying Li
This comprehensive paper delves into the intricate dynamics between global corporate governance, strategic management, and sustainability reporting. In today's globalized business environment, the criticality of implementing effective governance practices that seamlessly align with strategic management...
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Integrating ESG Principles in Green Supply Chain Management: Challenges and Opportunities

Han Yang
This paper conducts a thorough exploration of the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in green supply chain management, focusing on the synergies and conflicts between ESG objectives and sustainable logistics. It evaluates the strategies businesses use to align their...
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Research on Cross-Border Co-Brand Marketing Strategy of Coffee Enterprises

Shengling Wu
With the increasing demand of consumers for personalization and diversification, coffee enterprises begin to seek cross-border marketing strategies to attract more young people to join the consumer team. As a leading coffee chain brand in China, Luckin Coffee has been exploring diversified brand marketing...
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Analysis of Ways to Realize Effective Allocation of Human Resource Recruitment under Network Background

Xinyi Li
In recent years, online recruitment has become a mainstream recruitment method because of its low cost, wide coverage and other advantages. However, there are many problems in the effective allocation of human resources in online recruitment, such as unreasonable application of online recruitment in...
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The Impact of Internal Management Capability of Manufacturing Enterprises on Enterprise Transformation and Upgrading - Based on the Perspective of Government Subsidies

Haoyuan Jiang, Xinyu Hou
With the progress and development of the times, as well as the arrival of a new round of industrial change and technological revolution, enterprise transformation and upgrading have become requirements for the survival of enterprises. As an internal factor, the internal management capability of manufacturing...
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Analysis of the Role of Business Negotiation in Realizing Supply Chain Management Information Sharing

Shan Yin
With the development of big data technology, information management in the supply chain has become a crucial part of the supply chain. Information sharing becomes a vital part of information management in the supply chain, which can help each node enterprise make immediate and accurate decisions and...
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Study on the Development Status of China’s Major Vehicle Enterprises from 2020 to 2022 Based on Financial Statement Analysis

Hao Chen, Yushan Guo, Junnan He
At present, the development of China’s vehicle enterprises is in the key stage of transformation and upgrading, the market competition situation is fierce, despite the impact of the epidemic and a variety of factors, the development of China’s vehicle industry in the past three years still maintains...
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The Impact of Work from Home on Employee Organizational Commitment

In the Post-pandemic Era

Wuhao Sun
The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed work dynamics, making ‘work from home’ a fundamental mode of employment. Simultaneously, the pandemic-induced economic downturn has triggered a wave of employee resignations. Recognizing the pivotal role of organizational commitment, leveraging it becomes imperative...
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Research on Coupling and Coordination of Carbon Emissions-Economic Growth-Urban Physical Environment Three-Dimensional System

Yuchen Yan
Smart cities and low-carbon buildings have gradually entered the public’s field of vision. Realizing carbon peaking and carbon neutrality is a significant strategic choice taken by the nation to concentrate on dealing with pressing issues of resource and environmental restrictions, and is a fundamental...
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The Role of Branding in Modern Marketing: Building and Sustaining Customer Loyalty

Meng Yuan
In today’s era of relentless digital transformation, the landscape of product offerings has changed dramatically. Most products have become so similar that differentiation often boils down to minute nuances. As the margin between products narrows, the emphasis on branding has escalated, making it a pivotal...
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Empirical Analysis of the Influence of competition on the profitability of Commercial Banks

Liang Han
China’s interest rate liberalization reform largely intensified competition. In order to maintain profitability, many banks starts to develop other businesses. However, there has been no research on whether competition is the primary factor that influences the profitability of commercial banks and whether...
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Research on the impact of digital transformation on enterprise innovation

Shan Zhang
This paper selects A-share listed companies in China as a sample to explore the impact of digital transformation on enterprise innovation. And the time span of data is from 2016 to 2020. Empirical research shows that the innovation level of enterprises can be improved by digital transformation. Meanwhile,...
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Investment strategy analysis based on three-factor stock selection model

—Take the CSI 500 Index constituent stocks as an example

Junhao Liang
With the continuous development of quantitative investment concepts, multi-factor stock selection models, as an important part of it, have stable performance in different market environments. This article optimizes the three-factor stock selection model, taking the CSI 500 Index constituent stocks as...
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An Analysis of Service Marketing Optimization Strategies for J Training Enterprises in Hangzhou, China

Chenwei Miao, Moqian Wang, Ke Liu, Yuyan Bao, Xinran Ding, Lihe Liu, Zhenyao Deng
With the arrival of the 5G era, all kinds of new media are booming, which greatly enriches the brand promotion mode and provides more opportunities for the marketing and promotion of education and training institutions. At the same time, consumers pay more attention to the service quality of the product...
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Analysis of cooperative efficiency and influencing factors based on dea-tobit method

Junhao Guan, Ying Huang
The improvement of people’s quality of life is the core of national economic development. As the key to improve the rural economy, farmers’ professional cooperatives can provide help for the overall revitalization of the rural economy. However, due to the influence of various factors, farmers’ professional...
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Research on the Innovation Model of Lingnan Jade Carving Talent Cultivation Based on the Studio System

Hui Li, Qiuwan Zhang
With the development of jade carving industry, the inheritance of traditional handicrafts has been gradually included in the education system of colleges and universities. This study explores the problems existing by exploring the model of training talents in Lingnan jade carving, including teacher-apprentice...
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Analysis on Canon’s current international strategies

Zhanbo Fan
In this report, we present an analysis of Canon’s domestic and international operations in 2023. We explore the motivations behind Canon’s expansion overseas and emphasize the significance of its international operations. However, implementing international operations entails numerous risks, with foreign...
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Business Negotiation Strategy and Method Analysis Based on Game Theory

Nishan Huang
Business negotiation refers to the process in which different business subjects negotiate on specific business items to pursue common business interests and reach common business goals. Business negotiation is widely used in society, and both sides will encounter various risks and uncertainties in the...
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A Study on the Influence of the Content Correlation of Inter-cut Creative Advertising in Net Plays on Consumers’ Purchase Intention

Zhuman Li
Inter-cut creative advertising in net plays can enhance the product dissemination effects through vivid narrating of product stories and product image shaping. This study aims to research the influence of the content correlation of inter-cut creative advertising in net plays on consumers’ purchase intention....
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Research on a decision-making method for aging transformation alternatives in old communities based on large-scale group decision-making

Likun Zhao, Mengqian An
With serious aging, the aging transformation of older communities is important. To meet the needs of a larger number of residents, large-scale group decision-making (LSGDM) can be used to find the most appropriate transformation alternative. This paper aims to construct an LSGDM model based on trust...
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Your Barbie Dressing House: Clothify

Hao Zheng, Yuhui Peng, Xing Lu
For those who are always unsure whether the clothes will truly fit them when shopping online, Clothify provides a very specific and intuitive virtual fitting room service to help them ensure they will buy the correct cloth before completing the online payment. Clothify is an extension of an online shopping...
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Impacts of Different Environmental Policies on Green Economy

Ruixian Zhang
Energy conservation, carbon emission reduction, and finally the development of a green economy have become the universal aims of humanity in the current period of escalating global warming. Many nations have enacted carbon emissions trading or carbon tax laws to minimize carbon emissions, and they are...
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Analysis of the corporate entrepreneurship and innovation of Lenovo

Ziyi Yang
The current global business environment demands that corporations whether they are large or small should have the capability to forecast the trend of development and respond to the changes of external. These variations could be opportunities or challenges for them. Corporate entrepreneurship is considered...