Proceedings of the International Conference on Policies and Economics Measures for Agricultural Development (AgroDevEco 2020)

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Assessment Issues of Sustainability of Rural Area Development Under Digitalization Conditions

A.V. Agibalov, L.A. Zaporozhtseva, Yu.V. Tkacheva, T.V. Sabetova, R.O. Tolstolutckii
Sustainable development of rural areas in the current economic conditions is attracting close attention not only in Russia but throughout the world. At the same time, the problem of choosing indicators and the mechanism for assessing the dynamics of sustainable development of rural territories at each...
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Increase of the Competitiveness of Agricultural Production in Global Market (Example of Beekeeping Industry)

O.Yu. Antsiferova, S.V. Kolupayev
Innovative development of agro-industrial complex assumes effective use of scientific and technical potential, integration of science, education and production, technological modernization of economy on the basis of innovative technologies. The solution of this complex task demands creation of appropriate...
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Key Directions and Problems of Efficiency Assessment for State Support of Agriculture

N.V. Shishkina, T.V. Sabetova, G.A. Apyrbaev
The paper substantiates the need for the formation of a set of measures of state support for agriculture. The concepts of “state regulation”, “state support”, “state assistance” and their goals are considered. The authors highlighted the main parameters of financial support in accordance with the State...
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Forecasting of Parameters of Human Capital Development in Agriculture in Voronezh Oblast

E.V. Avdeev, K.S. Ternovykh, A. Agibalov, V. Kurennaya
The purpose of the research was to forecast the parameters of human capital development in agriculture in Voronezh Oblast. In line with this objective the authors developed a long-term forecast of the total and rural population, and used the methods of economic and mathematical modeling to substantiate...
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Automation of Real-Time Managerial Accounting in Agricultural Enterprises During Sowing and Harvesting Seasons

E.E. Golova, M.N. Gapon, I.V. Baranova
All areas of the agricultural sector, including the processing industry in the field of crop production, are currently being actively automated. Financial accounting as a provider of data for managerial decision-making plays an important role in the activities of all agricultural enterprises, that is...
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Features of Regulatory Control and Accounting of Labor Remuneration in Budgetary Healthcare Institutions (Through the Example of Omsk Region)

E.E. Golova, I.V. Baranova, Yu.G. Balandaeva
Nowadays the issues of labor costs are the most relevant in Russia. In the context of the spread of coronavirus infection, this issue became even more significant in healthcare. Even before the pandemic, our country was actively improving the legal framework in the field of healthcare as the basis for...
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Mechanism for Human Capital Replenishment in Agricultural Sector of Rural Economy

E.N. Belkina, M.V. Zaytseva, V.V. Kurennaya, A.T. Aydinova
Modern economy constantly faces new challenges of evolution. The most acute economic transformations are reflected in socially significant sectors of economy, where human participates most not only in obtaining results of activities, but also in the reproduction of resources for future development. The...
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Agribusiness Financing Issues: Assessment Features

T.G. Bondarenko, A.I. Bolvachev, O.L. Shemetkova
The article studies difficulties and features of providing loans to agro-industrial enterprises. For all subjects of the market sector, in order to carry out a financial and economic analysis of their activities, there is a special accounting procedure. The authors identified stages of monitoring and...
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Key Directions of Efficiency Improvement of Russian Taxation System

L.V. Bryantseva, I.V. Orobinskaya, M.V. Pyltsina
The article discusses the tasks of improving the Russian taxation system, the main directions of improving its efficiency, as well as the main problems of the domestic tax system that require solution in the search for an effective taxation model. In the current Russian reality, the need to improve the...
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Systematic Approach to the Formation of Cluster Structures and Enterprises in Agro-Industrial Complex of the Voronezh Region

A.G. Bukhovets, M.V. Gorelova, L.A. Shishkina
The work is devoted to the analysis of cluster structures and enterprises in the agro-industrial sector of the Voronezh region from the point of system analysis view. In the framework of the systematic approach, the formed cluster structures have rank distributions corresponding to the hyperbolic Zipf’s...
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Current State and Development Trends in Agricultural Land Use in the Central Chernozem Region

N.I. Bukhtoiarov, S.N. Volkov, G.N. Nikonova
The paper considers the situation with the use of lands in the Central Chernozem Region (CChR) developed over the years of reforms. The data is provided on the availability of agricultural lands in the CChR, as well as the place and role of the CChR in the production of agricultural products in Russia....
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Assessment of Competitiveness of Agricultural Products in the Global Market: Regional Aspect

O.G. Charykova, E.V. Salnikova, A.O. Pashuta, I.I. Chernysheva
The paper addresses the issues of improving the methodological tools for assessing competitiveness and analyzing the export orientation of agricultural markets. The relevance of the study is determined by the new course of Russian agricultural policy aimed at increasing exports and strengthening competitive...
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Modern State of Land Resources and Analysis of the Level of Ruralization within the Steppe Regions in the Asian Part of Russia

A.A. Chibilyov, D.S. Meleshkin, D.V. Grigorevsky
Landscapes of the steppe zone in Asian part of Russia have undergone a large-scale agricultural development, experienced a negative effect due to agrarian-economical activity for last 2 centuries. The Virgin Land Campaign, aftermaths of which formed a complex of problems having the national character,...
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Improvement of Government Support System of Sheep Breeding in Zabaikalsky Krai

E.B. Dondokova, L.A. Ishina, V.A. Vershinina
The experience of global and domestic agricultural production, its successful development, and the food security of a state are determined by agricultural policy, methods of state regulation, and effective state support. The study of foreign experience shows that many countries around the world have...
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Research of Vacuum Honey Drying Processes

V.A. Ermolaev, I.A. Kechkin, A.I. Romanenko, V.V. Tarakanova, I.A. Glebova
The article is devoted to the effective mode selection for vacuum honey drying. There were studied an impact of the drying layer thickness and heat flux density on the efficiency of vacuum honey dehydration. Experiments on vacuum drying of honey were carried out at a heat flux density from 2 to 10 kW/m2....
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Revisiting the Issue of Theories of Integration Processes

E. Falkovich
The article analyzes the essence and contents of the practice of integration, its general methodological principles, summarizes the existing theoretical concepts of international economic integration. The developed foreign theories of integration as a basis for the research rely on the formation of integrated...
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Alternative Employment of the Rural Population: Areas of Incentives and Ways of Improvement

O.A. Fedotova, S.V. Spakhov, V.E. Yushkova, O.Yu. Ageeva
Employment of the rural population is one of the crucial problems of the national economy. Under the current conditions, in rural areas, employment is affected by a number of complex and controversial factors – the total number of economically active people, security of village-based enterprises, land,...
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Algorithm of Competition Intensity Assessment for a Local Market

I.Yu. Fedulova, T.V. Sabetova, N.M. Shevtsova, E.V. Zakshevskaya
Competitiveness improvement is currently one of the urgent problems of the development of Russian economy sector. Methods and procedures for the qualitative assessment of competitiveness of agro-industrial companies are becoming especially important. The competition level is crucial for the development...
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Priority Areas of Interaction Between Agribusiness and State

Z.V. Gavrilova, M.E. Otinova, Yu.V. Narolina, A.O. Pashuta
The article discusses the theoretical and practical aspects of the interaction of the state and the agricultural business. It is shown that the intensification of cooperation of the state with the agrarian business contributes to the transformation of the agrarian structure, modernization of the agro-industrial...
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Market Research of the Egg Food Market

G.M. Maslova, I.M. Glinkina, N.A. Kashirina, N.V. Bailova
In Russia, the demand for egg products is traditionally determined by the needs of the population, since eggs are included in the consumer basket. The article presents research on the dynamics of the Russian egg market, explores the volumes of eggs produced, and the share of imported products. The dynamics...
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Application of Digital Management Technologies in the Agricultural Insurance Sector

O.P. Zaitseva, D.R. Baetova, L.N. Goncharenko
The need to use agricultural insurance as a risk management method for agricultural producers is objective. The increasing role of digital technology and the Internet has led to the development of digitalization processes in the agricultural insurance sector. This article discusses features of digitalization...
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Scientific and Technological Development of Agrarian Sphere of Agricultural Industry as a Condition of Sustainable Development of Rural Areas

N.Z. Goncharova, S.E. Terentyev, E.S. Vorobeva, O.B. Tarasova
The article provides a retrospective analysis of the state and development of rural areas in Smolensk region identifies trends and evaluates the results of the regional administration of rural policies. The necessity for successful scientific and technological advancement of agricultural production for...
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Standard Configuration Adaptation in Relation to Wages Calculation in Agro-Industrial Complex Companies

A.A. Butyugina, S.N. Nikulina, E.E. Gorbunova
An agricultural company cannot do without the use of the automated systems and innovations in the field of information technology. These systems automate accounting or maintenance of various processes, thereby increasing productivity growth and reducing the number of errors. Currently, the market offers...
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Problems of Formation Conditions for the Development of the System of Agricultural Consumer Cooperatives in Russia

D.S. Gorshkova, T.N. Kutaeva, V.A. Makarychev, A.P. Mansurov
The article deals with the problems of forming a system of agricultural consumer cooperatives in the Russian Federation. Currently, the situation is characterized by slow development of cooperative forms of management. The study identified the main reasons that negatively affect the development of agricultural...
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Rating of the Central Federal District by Key Parameters of Economic Development

A.Yu. Gusev
The purpose of the study is a comparative assessment of the current level of development of agriculture in regions on the basis of the proposed rating, focused on a number of key indicators, such as the number of animals, production volumes, crop yields (animal productivity), etc. In the process of the...
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Role of Cooperative Development in Resolving Economic Issues of Agricultural Industry in Azerbaijan

M.J. Huseynov, E.A. Salahov
The article analyzes the theoretical issues of cooperation in agriculture and the creation of cooperative movement as a form of its organization. Inelastic demand and elastic supply are considered one of the reasons for the “productivity paradox” in this field of activities, since they are considered...
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Factor Analysis of Social Aspects of Consumer Choice of Organic Products

A.A. Lezhebokov, E.E. Nesmeyanov, V.A. Ivashova, G.A. Narozhnaya, M.V. Ponomarenko
The article presents the results of research of social aspects of consumer choice of organic products. The issues of safe and proper nutrition are gaining importance in all regions of the world. The territories of the North Caucasus of Russia due to their natural and climatic peculiarities are represented...
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Sustainable Development of Educational Organizations in a Rural Region: Socio-Cultural Determinants

L.L. Redko, M.G. Kuleshin, V.N. Goncharov, O.Yu. Kolosova, V.A. Ivashova
The article outlines theoretical approaches to the determination of the socio-cultural determinants of the sustainable development of educational organizations in the rural region. On the example of a successful agrarian region of Russia (Stavropol Krai) we conducted a study of opinions in the regional...
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Socio-Economic Well-Being of Young People as a Sustainable Rural Development Indicator

V.N. Goncharov, A.A. Volkov, O.Yu. Kolosova, L.A. Tronina, V.A. Ivashova
The article presents the results of the study of the factors of socio-psychological well-being of young people and their role in the sustainable development of rural territories of the South of Russia. The integrated research strategy is implemented using an example of a sample group of 343 respondents:...
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Methodological Foundations of Managerial Accounting Policy

I.V. Kalugina, O.N. Tarasenko, A.Yu. Bunina, T.N. Pavluchenko
This paper presents methodological aspects of forming a set of information for development of a managerial accounting policy. It considers the main managerial issues and provides concrete content for the system of managerial accounting in the part of application of the managerial accounting policy. Elements...
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Effectiveness of Food Security Measures for the Population of Perm Region

T.I. Bukhtiyarova, D.G. Demyanov, Y.S. Nemykina, V.P. Cherdantsev
The food security system is determined by the efficiency of the agricultural sector and should use the best world practices in the use of tools and techniques for managing it. The complexity of the highlighted problem requires the use of a system of indicators that coordinate strategic tasks for the...
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Process of Digital Transformation of Agrarian Economy

A.D. Fedorov, O.V. Kondratieva, O.V. Slinko
The information on the state and trends of digitalization of agriculture is provided determining areas in the process of digital transformation of the economy (including agriculture) are shown. Areas of application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in agriculture, the economic effect of its implementation...
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Improvement of Internal Audit System in the Institutions of the Public Sector in Russia

N.N. Kosteva, M.K. Kopytina, T.N. Pavliuchenko, E.Y. Bunina, I. Shamrina
The subject of the study is the problem of organizing internal control in budgetary institutions. The article discusses the theoretical issues of the formation of the system for internal financial control carried out by budgetary organizations of our country. The relevance of assessing the effectiveness...
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Assessment of Economic Efficiency of Production and Sale of Raw Milk by Dairy Farms Within an Agroholding

V.V. Krupitsyn, L.V. Vostroilov, L.A. Zaporozhtseva, E.I. Ruzhkov
The article presents the assessment with the justification of the economic efficiency of the dairy farms in the conditions of an agricultural holding, which has a technologically interconnected mechanism connecting the production, processing, and sale of raw milk and dairy products. A model of structural...
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Experience of Investment and Innovative Development of Regional Livestock Production

K.S. Ternovykh, O.I. Kucherenko, E.V. Popkova, E.V. Korobkov
The aim of the article is to assess the investment and innovation development of regional livestock production. In Voronezh region, livestock breeding is characterized by the intensive growth and dynamic development. During the period under study, milk production in farms of all categories increased...
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Improving of Human Capital Monitoring in Rural Areas

E.S. Kusmagambetova, S.M. Kusmagambetov, Yu.V. Narolina, Z.V. Gavrilova
Currently there is a need to study issues related to the organization of human assets monitoring within rural municipalities. It is proposed to develop an effective rural human asset monitoring system starting from the formation of an integrated system of indicators (quantitative and qualitative). A...
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Hunting Farming as Innovative Direction of Integrated Development of Rural Areas

K. Laricheva, N. Lapteva, A. Petrova, M. Osipova
The article substantiates the need for integrated development of rural territories. This article substantiates the need for integrated development of rural territories. The possibility of developing rural areas through special methods of farming based on the joint use of agricultural and non-agricultural...
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Current State and Development Trends of Agrarian Labor Market

N.P. Larionova
Agroindustrial complex is a key sector of economy providing food security of the region and the country. One of the factors worsening food security is constant and increasing personnel shortage. The article studies the issues of developing federal and regional labor market. The methodology of the research...
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Formation of Effective Mechanism for Financial Recovery of Agricultural Organization

A.L. Lavlinskaya, O.M. Aleshchenko, Ye.B. Panina, I.V. Kuznetsova
The article gives recommendations on the formation of an effective mechanism for financial recovery of agricultural organizations. It is proposed to interpret financial recovery as a system of goals, principles, financial methods and financial instruments for the development and implementation of a set...
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Competitiveness of Early Potato Production in Two-Crop Culture

A. Levshin, O. Ivashova, I. Gasparyan, Sh. Gasparyan, N. Deniskina
The improvement of the competitiveness of agricultural products and ensuring food security of the country are the most important tasks of agriculture. All the changes due to the introduction of new cultivation technologies or improvement of old ones should be justified and expedient. Increasing potato...
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Economic Assessment of Production and Forecasting the Yield of Oilseed Cole Crops in the Non-Chernozem Zone of Russia

V.S. Konkina, E.I. Lupova, D.V. Vinogradov
The article presents evaluation of the oilseed market, spring camelina, in particular. For this, research experiments were carried out on the basis of educational research and innovation center “Agrotechnopark” at Ryazan State Agrotechnological University. The research was carried out in accordance with...
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Assessment of the Property Complex in the Management of an Integrated Agro-Industrial Enterprise

N. Lytneva, N. Kidanova, S. Banin, A. Plyakina
The current state of the agro-industrial complex is characterized by a difficult economic situation, which is caused by the instability of relations at the international level, the introduction of economic sanctions on food imports, and the retaliatory embargo of the Russian state on a number of exported...
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Role and Features of the Development of Small Enterprises in the Agricultural Sector of Stavropol Territory

N.N. Skorohod, J.S. Volvak
The article discusses the main indicators of small enterprises in agriculture in the Russian Federation and the Stavropol territory. The importance of small business development is emphasized. We analyzed the state program of the Stavropol territory “Development of agriculture”, which provides a set...
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Methodology of Formation of Economic Relations in Agro-Industrial Complex

Z.P. Medelyaeva, L.D. Pankratova, N.P. Shilova, S.M. Lyashko, I.A. Malikov
The activity of the agro-industrial complex is determined both by the available resources (land, labor, fixed and current assets), the technologies used, the scientific and technical potential, and the existing production and economic relations in the system, which is the agro-industrial complex. Production...
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Substantiation of Orchard Establishing Projects With Various Planting Patterns

Z.P. Medelyaeva, R.G. Nozdracheva, N.V. Ershova, S.A. Gorlanov
Many regions of the Russian Federation have laid a course for developing horticulture and nursery gardening. In many respects, this became possible due to the increased support of agricultural producers from the state in the form of subsidies at the stage of establishing of orchards and nurseries. Subsidies...
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Production of Organic Products in Russia at the Modern Stage and on a Short-Term Horizon: (In the Context of Voronezh Oblast)

Z.P. Medelyaeva, S.I. Korzhov, V.B. Malitskaya, N.P. Shilova
The possibility of producing organic products in the regions of Russia is determined, on the one hand, by the demand created by domestic and foreign consumers, and on the other hand, by the availability of land suitable for the production of these products, compensation payments allotted in the specific...
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The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Competitiveness of Small and Medium Agro-Industrial Enterprises

V.I. Medennikov
The work studies the way to assess the effectiveness of the digital transformation of the economy and, as a result, its impact on the competitiveness of small and medium agro-industrial enterprises as they can’t accomplish a large-scale digital transformation in a short time. The research shows that...
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Modelling of Diversified Development of Rural Areas

I. Merenkova, A. Agibalov, S. Zakupnev, S. Vorobyev
The need for diversification as an effective tool for the rural area development is reasoned and it is substantiated that the transition from the sector-specific structure of the rural economy to the multi-sectoral economy involves the development of new activities, more rational use of the available...
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Controlling in the System of Budgeting in an Organization

S.N. Nikulina
In this paper, a coordinating function of controlling is analyzed, the area of budget controlling is established, its definition is provided, as are its types. Objectives of current budget controlling are defined. The goal and specific objectives of strategic budget controlling are presented. Budget...
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Rural Territories Differentiation According to the Level and Conditions of Human Capital Formation

V.G. Zakshevskii, I.I. Novikova, I.N. Merenkova, E.A. Parkhomov
The ambiguity of the concept “human capital” determines a great deal of approaches aiming at its measurement. The lack of a comprehensive assessment of the rural human capital development associated with its differentiation is currently extremely acute and considerable difficult. Firstly, existing methods...
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Analytical Procedures for Evaluating the Raw Material Component of Sugar Production

R.V. Nuzhdin, I.N. Maslova, N.V. Kondrashova, Ye.B. Panina
Traditional analytical tools are worked out in sufficient detail at a theoretical level and are methodologically formalized. However, the indicators used in practice do not have systemic unity and only fragmentarily take into account the features of economic activity. For the development of effective...
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Improving Mechanism for Providing Services to Rural Population

D. Kleimenov, A. Orekhov, Yu. Tkacheva, A. Agibalov
According to the UN, more than 74 % of the Russian population lives in rural areas. Despite the growth of urbanization on a global scale, reducing the number of rural localities, rural territories make up a significant share in the spatial structure of Russia. With the growth of globalization, it is...
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Priorities for the Innovative Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex: Problems and Mechanism of Achievement

M.E. Otinova, O.G. Charykova, E.A. Popova, M.S. Nesterov
Relevance of this research is determined by significance of innovation processes for ensuring high competitiveness of Russian agricultural enterprises, improvement of food governance and achievement of high standards of living of the Russian population. The paper considers theoretical and applied questions...
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Objectification of Losses in Accounting of Agricultural Organizations

E.P. Polikarpova, I.E. Mizikovskiy
Currently available industry recommendations and scientific developments in the field of studying losses as an object of accounting from the point of view of the characteristics of agriculture are limited to the consideration of losses from the death of animals. The article clarifies the definition of...
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Development of Methodological Foundations for Stating the Cost of Agricultural Products

E.P. Polikarpova, I.E. Mizikovskiy
The key task of managing the production of a modern economic entity is to minimize the labor product cost. Its value, in turn, is determined by choosing the method of cost accounting and calculating the labor product cost, depending on characteristics of the production process. The current methodological...
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Strategic Parameters for the Development of Potato Growing in the Regional Agro-Industial Complex

D. Popov, K. Ternovykh, A. Markova, N. Leonova, A. Masik
The article substantiates the need of creation a potato cluster in the Voronezh region for sustainable development of the potato industry. The strategic parameters of the development of the potato industry in the region are determined in a multivariate performance. The results of applying the economic-mathematical...
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Digital Transformation of Economy: The Need for Integrated Introduction of Availability Rate of Telecommunication Services Within the Sustainable Development of Rural Territories

N.V. Proskura, A. Shamin, D.V. Proskura, N.V. Denisova
In the course of the research, scientific works of both domestic and foreign researchers on the issue of sustainable development of rural areas, in terms of the possibility of using telecommunications technologies in agricultural production, as well as official statistics and documents were systematized....
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Development of Information Model of National Economy Turnover Using Big Data Technology

V.V. Pshenichnikov
The article substantiates the concept of an information model of the payment turnover of the country’s economy using big data technology. The information model is designed to reflect the economic situation of payment entities, industries, regions, and the country as a whole on the basis of cash transactions...
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The Activities of the State Labour Inspectorate in the Kurgan Region

N.V. Roznina, M.V. Karpova, E.S. Sokolova, S.G. Dunicheva, A.V. Schulgina
The work describes the legislative acts in the sphere of labour which form the basis for the activities of the State Labour Inspectorate (SLI) in the Kurgan region. The article also describes the performance of SLI in the region between 2015 and 2019. We consider the number of inspections carried out...
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Human Resource Development Level and Its Interconnection with Regional Economic Situation

N.V. Shishkina, T.V. Sabetova, I.N. Lyubavskiy
In this paper, we consider the components that characterize the essence of human potential and a system of indicators reflecting the influence of the level of its development on the state and effectiveness of the socio-economic system of the region. Based on the analysis of empirical data for the Voronezh...
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Impact of Investment Activity on the Value of Agricultural Business

D.Yu. Samygin, N.G. Baryshnikov, A.V. Ilyasova, Yu.V. Karmyshova
The problem of increasing investment activity of agricultural business is raised, which is difficult to solve only at the expense of mechanisms of budget and credit support. It was revealed that against the background of the growth of borrowed capital, private investments in agriculture are declining....
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Improving the Mechanism of State Support of Agricultural Producers

A. Shamin, O. Frolova, V. Makarychev, I. Mitina, A. Mitin
The purpose of this paper is to define and propose the mechanism of state support of agricultural producers as an element of subsystem of agricultural development in modern conditions of digital transformation of agricultural and industrial industry. The research was based on the works of both domestic...
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Organizational Basis of the Formation and Activity of Beekeeping Associations in Russia

T.A. Skvortsova, N.G. Shatveryan, O.V. Alimova
The article deals with organizational and legal aspects of the formation and activity of the beekeeping associations in Russia. It has been found that beekeeping products are mainly produced by small farms. In order to improve their economic stability and assist them in the organization of bee products...
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Resource Potential for Sustainable Development of Agricultural Enterprises

E.V. Sokolova, T.I. Zakharova
The paper is devoted to comprehensive study of the resource potential of agricultural enterprises as one of the factors for sustainable development of the region. Systemic changes in modern society require new approaches to understanding the concept of ‘resource potential’. Informatization of society...
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State Financing of Environmental Investment Projects

L. Sotnikova, E. Bichyova
The article considers the state financing features of investments. The changes trends in the volume of investments in fixed assets aimed at environmental protection and rational natural resources use, as well as the structure of sources of their financing for 2010–2019 are revealed. The authors assess...
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Governmental Regulation and Support of Agro-Industrial Complex: Situation, Problems, Prospects

A.B. Efimov, V.V. Stashevskiy
The purpose of the study is to analyze the current state, problems, and prospects of the governmental regulation of the agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation. The study revealed the need and importance of state support for agricultural producers in the current economic conditions. The Russian...
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Automation of Environmental and Economic Systems Research Using Data Mining

A.E. Kharitonova, A.V. Tikhonova, M.V. Kagirova, A.M. Kozhemyakina
The subject of the study is environmental and economic systems. The authors specified the concept of environmental and economic systems as the natural environment under the influence of human economic and social activities, including mutual influence, as well as the consequences resulting from it. The...
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Agrarian Structure Transformation and Rural Development in Russia: a Scientific Review

A.A. Tiutiunikov, V.F. Pechenevsky, I.I. Chernysheva, G.V. Zakshevskii
The regional rural development model of Russia, which is the agrarian structure transformation result, is in conflict with the real interests of a significant part of the rural population and rural producers. There is a predominance of two opposite farms classes: large integrated industrial-type enterprises,...
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Efficiency of Use of Innovations in Agriculture

O. Dudareva, T. Ivashinina, O. Ageeva, I. Mikhailov
The article discusses the importance and necessity of innovative development of agricultural production, gives a theoretical assessment of innovation, identifies certain proposals for improving the innovation-oriented development of agricultural enterprises. The development of economic entities in accordance...
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Cluster Model of Inter-Subject Interactions in Agro-Food Complex

L.O. Makarevich, A.V. Ulez’ko, V.V. Reimer
Agro-industrial integration is a classic case of vertical integration associated with ensuring the interaction of economic entities operating at different stages of the formation of the final product values in the agri-food complex. It is proposed to consider sets of incentive causes, constraints and...
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Trends in Technical and Technological Development of Agriculture in Russia

N.N. Kononova, A.V. Ulez’ko
As a result of the radical economic reforms of the end of the last century and the transformation of the structure of the agrarian sector in Russia, the level of technical and technological development of the country’s agriculture has fallen dramatically. Overcoming the crisis in the development of agricultural...
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Specific Features in Management of Agro-Food System Development

Yu.N. Kovalenko, A.V. Ulez’ko
Management of the development of socio-economic systems should be reasonably considered as control of the processes of their changes. The management of the processes of quantitative and qualitative changes has a pronounced adaptive orientation, while the objects of various adaptation adjustments are...
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Assessment of Consumer Property Quality of Enriched Bakery Products Using Classification Methods

N.M. Derkanosova, O.A. Vasilenko, I.N. Ponomareva, M.A. Kalina, G.V. Shurshikova
The enrichment of food products with new raw ingredients, as a rule, faces the problem of changing their traditional characteristics. Accordingly, it is difficult to assume the attitude of consumers to these food products and to predict the success of their introduction to the consumer market. For an...
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Integrated Development of Rural Areas of Limited Potential for Social And Economic Growth

V.N. Plaksin, T.V. Sabetova, A.G. Volkova, P.V. Plaksina
The subject of the study is the problem of the integrated development of rural areas of limited potential for socio-economic growth. The purpose of the work was the formation of a pool of risks arising from the uneven development of rural areas. The article systematizes the problem of managing the development...
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Parameter Optimization of Effective Development of Egg Producing Poultry Farm

E. Vorontsova, A. Pashuta, R. Podkolzin, T. Chastukhina
Nowadays, the strategic task for poultry farming in Russia is the expanded reproduction and intensive development of the industry based on its import substitution. A significant role in increasing production volumes of poultry products belongs to specialized poultry enterprises, taking into account the...
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The Analysis of Meat Market Situation and Reproduction Process in Terms of Food Security

V.V. Vrublevskaya, A.I. Mamaeva
The reproduction process in agriculture is closely associated with the agro-food market and the country’s food security. The determination of the reproduction process type allows establishing recommendations for stimulating the core drivers of the agro-food market and increasing the level of food security....
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Potential of Labor Resource Reproduction in Rural Areas

E.A. Yugov
The authors note that in most scientific studies of the problems related to labor resources that each region has its own specifics, and therefore the recommendations applicable in one of them cannot be fully implemented in the other. Since the reproduction of labor resources is closely related to demographic...
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Digital Platforms in the Sphere of Land Reclamation in Russia

I.F. Yurchenko, M.A. Bandurin, In.P. Bandurina
In the age of the digital economy, every industry needs new infrastructure – an industry digital platform that can be used as a digital twin of an industry. According to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, the use of specialised information platforms within the national agricultural industry increases...
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Prospects of Agricultural Land Use in Krasnodar Territory in Respect to Territorial Features

G.N. Barsukova, K.A. Yurchenko, D.K. Derevenets
The main problems of agricultural land use in the region are identified is the removal of plots from circulation, the spread of wind and water erosion, and the reduction of areas of particularly valuable productive lands. For example, the types of the placement of grape-suitable lands and lands with...
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Protection and Rational Use of Land Resources When Using Local Natural Fertilizers of Sapropel

N.A. Yurina, D.A. Yurin, N.L. Machneva, B.Sh. Tsipinova
The rational use of land has an important role in increasing the profitability of crop production in the Russian Federation, including the Republic of Adygea. The soil has indisputable functions that are significant for the country’s food security. The main tasks of specialists in various fields of agriculture...
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Advanced Developments in Aquaponics

N.A. Yurina, D.A. Yurin, E.A. Maksim, D.V. Osepchuk, T.A. Ustjuzhaninova
The article presents the results of experiments to improve the method of aquaponics grown on a pontoon plant. The aquaponic installation can be optimized as follows: when using the protective net, it is possible to minimize the eating of plants by birds and their death from insolation, it is necessary...
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Key Directions of National Social Policy in the Russian Federation: Creation of efficient governmental social policy and its implementation

E.V. Zakshevskaya, T.V. Sabetova, A.S. Chernykh, M.V. Zagvozkin
The issues of the social policy formation and its budget support are always relevant in a civilized society, since it ensures the interaction of all spheres of society in solving social problems. The purpose of this study is to identify factors affecting the formation of the social policy of the Russian...
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Self-Sustainment as a Basic Component of Food Independence and Security of a Country

E.V. Zakshevskaya, T.V. Zakshevskaya, A.A. Tiutiunikov
A country’s food security is associated with the problem of protecting its national interests, which includes meeting the demand of the population for high-quality food products and ensuring socio-economic stability in general. Therefore, the government at the federal and regional levels must create...
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Investment Potential Formation for the Development of Agricultural Enterprises at the Regional Level

A.V. Belokopitov, E.E. Matveeva, N.V. Moskaleva
The economic reforms in the Russian Federation of the 1990s led to a significant reduction in government intervention in capital market and this primarily affected investment activity of agro-industrial complex. Agricultural sphere of economy was in a critical situation. Due to insufficient attraction...
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Formation Tools of Financial Strategy for the Development of Agricultural Organizations

L. Zaporozhtseva, Yu. Tkacheva, V. Malitskaya, L. Shishkina, D. Popov
Despite the large number of tools available in the literature for strategic management of enterprises, changes in business conditions and success criteria create a need for highly specialized point methods and methods. The article discusses the developed matrix of financial strategy for the development...
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Accounting of Overhead Costs at the Agricultural Enterprise Applying ABC Method

Y.I. Zdorovets, O.V. Goncharenko, T.I. Nasedkina, A.I. Chernych
The subject of the research is current approaches to expenditure records of organizing and managing of an agricultural enterprise production. The goal of research is to improve the overhead costs allocation of an agricultural enterprise taking into account an integrated approach to enterprise cost management....
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Justification of Promising Areas of Development and State Support of Agricultural Industry Using the Cobb-Douglas Model

D.I. Zhilyakov, V.G. Zaretskaya
The agricultural industry of many countries is traditionally supported by government in order to ensure food security and maintain good public health. According to the authors of the article, state support is often provided without a formal statistical assessment of the consequences of such investments,...
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Complex and Commission Expertise on Illegal Actions in the Public Sector

S.A. Zvyagin, I.E. Strygina, E.P. Maltsev, T.N. Fomenko
The paper considers certain organizational and methodological aspects of the production of complex and commission accounting examinations on illegal economic actions in the budget sphere. The authors’ methodology for the work of an expert accountant in organizing and conducting complex and commission...