Proceedings of the 2nd Annual International Conference on Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (AICMSTE 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Rahmah Johar, Rohaida Binti Mohd Saat, Cathy Wissehr, Vibol Sao, Sajid Ali Yousuf Zai
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the THE 2ND ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MATHEMATICS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION during 18-19 SEPTEMBER 2023 in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and...
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Students’ Ability in Solving TIMSS Problems through Realistic Mathematics Education

Asmaul Husna, Mailizar Mailizar, Elizar Elizar, Erni Maidiyah, Suryawati, Michelle Rivera Lacia
The abstract should summarize the contents of the paper in short terms, i.e. 150-250 words The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) is an international-based assessment used to assess students’ mathematical skills. Previous TIMSS results showed the Indonesian students’ mathematics...
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The Concept of Game Theory in Determining the Competition Strategy for Gojek and Grab Online Transportation Services

Nurhasanah, Ridho Purnama Gustifa, Nany Salwa, Amiruddin Hasan
In 2021, Gojek and Grab emerged as the leading and most widely embraced online transportation service providers. Their shared commitment to meeting customer needs fueled intense competition, prompting both companies to enhance their respective advantages. A crucial aspect of gaining a competitive edge...
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The Validity of Ethnomathematics-Augmented Reality Instructional Materials on Scale and Proportion

Arina Raisa, Cut Khairunnisak, Rahmah Johar, Yulinar Safitri
Mathematics is a human activity. Therefore, the learning process should start in a context close to the students, such as a culture-based mathematics context, commonly referred to as ethnomathematics. Furthermore, technology-based (e.g., augmented reality) media plays a pivotal role in assisting students...
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Beliefs about the Nature of Mathematics and Its Effects on Teaching and Assessment of Learning

Mutia Fariha, Rahmah Johar, Rini Oktavia, Mailizar Mailizar
Mathematics teacher beliefs are one of the mental models that are important for teachers to have in teaching mathematics. Three important aspects of mathematics teacher beliefs are beliefs about the nature of mathematics (BNM), beliefs about the teaching of mathematics (BTM), and beliefs about assessment...
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Validity of Website-Based Statistical Learning Tools with an Islamic Context to Improve Student Mathematical Communication

Rahmah Johar, Mariana Syahfitri, Suhartati, Sajid Ali Yousuf Zai, M. Ikhsan, Zahratul Idami, Ulya Rohaizati
The development of increasingly sophisticated technology makes students very skilled in using technology. These skills in using technology need to be accompanied by the development of Islamic character. In addition, in learning, students are also required to be able to communicate their ideas to others...
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Implementation of Realistic Mathematics Education to Support Independent Curriculum

Tuti Zubaidah, Suhartati Suhartati, Cut Khairunnisak, Khairul Umam, Cut Nadia Rachmi
The Independent Curriculum (Kurikulum Merdeka) provides opportunities for educators to create quality learning based on students’ needs and learning environment. One teaching approach relevant to support the Independent Curriculum is realistic mathematics education (RME). This study aimed to describe...
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Students’ Response to the Integration of Islamic Context in PISA-Oriented Social Arithmetic

M. Hasbi, Suhartati, Yuhasriati, R. M. Bambang, Dwi Fadhiliani, Nur Akmalia, M. Z. Mardiah
Programme for International Student Assessment PISA) raises mathematics questions regarding contextual issues in real life. One potential context is the integration of Islam, also known as the Islamic context. The aim of this study was to determine students’ responses to the integration of Islamic context...
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The Validity of PjBL Tools with a Biodiversity Conservation Context to Improve Students’ Numeracy Skills

Sri Intan Lina, Erni Maidiyah, Rahmah Johar, Yulinar Safitri
Numeracy skills have a fundamental role in mathematics learning to build and develop student competencies, especially in 21st century learning. Mathematics learning tools by integrating real-life contexts need to be improved in order to help students in deepening mathematical understanding and involving...
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Unleashing Creativity in Year 8 Students: An Open-Ended Approach to Statistics Education

Riska Fadilla, Anwar, Ellianti, Elizar Elizar
This research aims to assess the level of creative thinking of Class 8 students when exposed to an open-ended statistical approach. Using a quantitative descriptive approach, this research was conducted on grade 8 students at a state junior high school in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, consisting of four classes....
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Mathematical Representation Abilities and Self-Confidence through Application of Discovery Learning Model with Geogebra-assisted

Dwy Lestari, Usman Usman, Said Munzir
The research aims to determine the increase in mathematics representation abilities and self-confidence of senior high school students, with an emphasis on implementation of the discovery learning model with Geogebra-assisted. This research is quantitative research with a true experimental design method...
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Validity Study: The Development of Mathematics E-Module for Remedial Learning

Nurul Magfirah, Cut Morina Zubainur, Mailizar
Remedial learning is a learning activity needed by students to help achieve the expected mastery. Remedial learning can be carried out independently by students through interactive learning resources, these learning resources are modules. The use of electronic modules (e-Module) is very suitable to be...
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Developing E-Learning Based Remedial Videos to Overcome Learning Loss in Trigonometry

Mailizar Mailizar, Mifta Gebrina Cahya, Mukhlis Hidayat
Mathematics learning in Indonesia is worrying because it results in learning problems called learning loss. To overcome such problem remedial learning is necessary. The current situation shows the remedial teaching implemented by teachers still uses the conventional method. Therefore e-learning based...
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Implementation of Problem-Based Learning based on Islamic Context on Set at Year 7 Students

Khairul Umam, A. K. Warul Walidin, Muhammad Duskri
Mathematics is closely related with daily life, including religious life. Islam explicitly makes mathematics a scientific discipline that is widely used to solve various problems in lives. The aim of this research is to assist students in achieving learning objectives by problem-based learning models...
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Students’ Mathematical Literacy Ability on Social Arithmetic Integrated with Islamic Contexts

Ellianti, Dewi Annisa, Bintang Zaura, Erni Maidiyah, Suryawati, Putri Cunda Resti, Nisa Sidratun
Integrating Islamic context into mathematics problems provides a training stimulus for mathematical literacy through religion-based knowledge. This study aims to determine mathematical literacy ability and student responses to social arithmetic integrated with Islamic context. The study has a descriptive...
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Validity of Digital Learning Devices through Realistic Mathematics Education for Teaching Integer Number at Junior High School

Suhartati, Syifa Balqis, Cut Morina Zubainur, Rahmah Johar, Ulya Rohaizati
Technology has an important role in learning mathematics to build and develop student competencies needed in the 21st-century students. However, digital learning tools especially related to problem solving on integers are still limited. The aim of this research is to develop digital learning tools with...
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Analysis of Students’ Difficulties in Solving Function Composition Problems

Erni Maidiyah, Maya Shopiani Hasibuan, Mailizar Mailizar, Fahlida Harnita
Many students experience difficulty in solving function composition problems. The aims of this study were (1) to find out the difficulties experienced by students in solving function composition problems, and (2) to find out why students experienced difficulties in solving function composition problems....
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Validity of an Augmented Reality Wall-Magazine Project with Stunting Context on Data Display

Cut Morina Zubainur, Maulita Syafira, Cut Khairunnisak, Muhammad Nazar, Yulinar Safitri
The impact of stunting remains a significant concern, with various efforts made to address it. However, current attempts to minimize the impact of stunting through classroom learning are limited. This study proposes the implementation of a wall-magazine as a learning project. The project was incorporated...
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Android-Based Digital Module Development using Kodular to Teach Geometry at University

Yessi Kartika, Rahmi Hayati, Husnidar, Rahmi Wahyuni, Asrul Karim, Fachrurrazi
The purpose of this study is to produce digital modules on android-based geometry courses using Kodular that are valid and can be used in the learning process. The research method used is Research and Development (R&D) which uses the ADDIE model consisting of steps of analysis, design, development,...
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Project-Based Learning: Butterfly Diversity Survey in Sekolah Alam Indonesia

Agus Pambudi Dharma, Ahmad Rizky Mudzakir, Meitiyani
Project-based learning (PjBL) is a form of student-centered teaching that works well in science learning activities with specific characteristics. Sekolah Alam Indonesia Mampang chose the theme of E.M.P.A.N.G restoration by observing butterfly diversity as the main project in its curriculum to provide...
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Examining People’s Perceptions of Elephants in the Context of Human-Elephant Conflict in Aceh Selatan, Aceh, Indonesia

Cut Nurmaliah, Gina Yulia Putri, Abdullah Abdullah, Dewi Andayani, Aries Munandar, Samsul Muarrif
Elephants are animals with wide home ranges, so they need routes to move from one home range to another. The increase in population has reduced the home range for elephants, especially in Sumatra. This causes negative interactions between elephants and humans. Therefore, it is necessary to understand...
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Implementing STEM Projects to Improve Students’ Learning Outcomes and Motivation on Environmental Change and Preservation Topic

Salwa Afniola, Wiwit Artika, Hafnati Rahmatan, Cut Nurmaliah, Abdullah, Afandi
STEM is a scientific discipline applied in learning to improve students’ 4C abilities. This study aimed to determine the effect of implementing STEM projects on students’ learning outcomes and motivation in environmental change and preservation. This quasi-experimental study used a non-equivalent control...
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Assessing Genetics Learning Media Effectiveness: Students Perspectives

Iffa Ichwani Putri, Adi Rahmat, Riandi
Research evaluates the effectiveness of learning media in the field of genetics, a discipline marked by rapid technological advancements and the need for interactive digital media in education. Employing a descriptive and quantitative research design, the study uses questionnaires and interviews to collect...
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Use of Interactive Learning Modules to Improve Student Learning Achievement and Self-Regulated Learning

Phonna Adilla, Andi Ulfa Tenri Pada, Nazar Muhammad, Muhammad Ali Sarong, Wiwit Artika
Interactive learning modules are modules developed as multimedia that combine two or more media types, including text, audio, images, animations, and videos which are designed to help students independently achieve their learning goals. This study aims to determine the difference in improving learning...
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Exploring Challenges in Understanding Abstract Biological Concepts: A Visual Literacy Perspective

Irfan Andi Gafur, Yustina, Evi Suryawati, Hadriana
This research aims to identify the difficulties that students encounter in comprehending abstract biological concepts. Through a literature review, 37 relevant articles were selected from 1225 articles in the PoP database (2020-2023). The findings indicate that abstract biology topics, such as the circulatory...
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Dental Health Education on Domiciliary Dental Care (DDC): A Systematic Review

Reca, Hizir Sofyan, Poppy Andriany, Marthoenis
The availability of domiciliary dental care (DDC) is one of the efforts to reach dental care to communities with problems visiting dental clinics. This systematic review describes the progression of DDC, including the user profile of the DDC program, its advantages and disadvantages, and the education...
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The Effect of the Video-Assisted Learning Cycle 7E Model to Improve Science Literacy in Atomic Core Materials and Radioactivity

Nurulwati, Zaihariani, Zainuddin, Elisa, Susanna, Mawarni Saputri
The primary objective of this study is to assess the impact of the video-assisted learning cycle 7E model on scientific literacy skills concerning atomic nuclei and radioactivity. The research design employed a non-equivalent approach using quasi-experimental methodology. The study focused on senior...
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Utilization of the Kahoot Application to Minimize Academic Dishonesty Students in Physics Examinations

Ahmad Farhan, Fitria Herliana, Fathia Salsabila, Mawarni Putri, Zainuddin, Nurulwati
This study aims to investigate the utilization of the Kahoot application to minimize academic dishonesty during physics examinations. The research was a Quasi-Experimental approach, employing a one-shot case study design. The study’s sample involves 23 eleventh grade students from one senior high school,...
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Development of STEM-based Physics Worksheet with PIRPOSAL Engineering Design Process Model to Improve Creative Thinking Skills

Muhammad Syukri, Qory Oktaria, Elmi Mahzum, Ngadimin, Fitria Herliana, Wiwit Artika, Vibol Sao, Mawarni Saputri
Creative thinking is the most important part of 21st century education in Indonesia. In learning physics, the creative thinking skills of students in Indonesia are low. The purpose of this study was to determine the improvement of creative thinking skills on fluency indicators based on the results of...
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Development of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) Worksheet based on Blended Learning to Enhance Students’ Critical Thinking

Elmi Mahzumi, Fitria Herliana, Evendi, Melvina, Rafita Nanda Sari, Elisa, Ngadimin, Abdul Halim
This study aims to develop a Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) worksheet based on blended learning, which is appropriate for enhancing students’ critical thinking skills. The study follows the Research and Development (R&D) approach, utilizing the ADDIE phases: Analysis, Design, Development,...
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The Influence of Self Efficacy on Understanding of Physics Materials at Senior High School

Sakhkhara Lana Rizki, Agus Wahyuni, Susanna, Susilawati Susilawati, Nurulwati, Musdar
This investigation delves into the prevalent phenomenon of diminished self-efficacy observed among students within the context of their educational trajectory. This decrement in self-efficacy frequently manifests alongside a hesitancy to actively participate in classroom activities. The aim of this study...
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An Innovative STEM-Based Worksheet to Enhance Scientific Literacy at Senior High School

Putri Nurul Alfiza, Susilawati Susilawati, Muhammad Syukri, Syahrul Ridha, Saminan, Mohd Faudzi Umar, Abdul Hamid
The students are willing to engage in science, they are required to have scientific literacy. However, Indonesian students still score far behind other countries. So this study aims to improve students’ scientific literacy skills by applying STEM-based student worksheets in Physics learning. The sample...
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Effect of Learning Organic Chemistry through Blended Learning on Environmental Awareness among Pre-Service Chemistry Teachers

Sulastri, Muhammad Nazar, Syahrial, Habibati, Teuku Aldiansyah
To increase the environmental awareness of pre-service chemistry teachers (PSCTs), Organic chemistry learning has been carried out using the Organic Chemistry Learning Module loaded with the character of caring for the environment through blended learning (BL). This study was conducted to investigate...
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Improving Problem-Solving Skills in Colloid System Topic Using Problem-Based Learning Model

Latifah Hanum, Ratu Fazlia Inda Rahmayani, Sri Winarni, Habibati, Nazzatul Izzati
Problem-solving skills in the chemistry learning process are one of the abilities that must be mastered by students. This research aims to analyze problem-solving skills, learning outcomes, describe student activities and student responses. This research is qualitative descriptive research. The subjects...
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Implementation of Concurrent Education Model in the Teacher Professional Program

Fahrul Radhi, Mukhlis Yunus, Amiruddin, Ruslan, Mice Putri Afriyani, Riyan Maulana
Professional staff or in another word called teachers and vice versa which is proven by achieving a teacher educator certificate must take part in a certification program, namely the Teacher Professional Education Program (PPG). The background and objectives on this study was the policy of using the...