Proceedings of the Annual International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (AICOSH 2022)

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Rama Kertamukti, Yanti Dwi Astuti, Mohammad Johan Nasrul Huda, Tariq Yazid, Hwe Wai Weng, Nisrina Muthahari
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the Annual International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (AICOSH) 2022 during 15–17 September 2022 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the AICOSH 2022 Reviewers and approved...
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Typology of Conflict and Violence in Yogyakarta, Indonesia 2017–2022

Mochamad Sodik, Muryanti, Agus Saputro, Tri Muryani, Qorir Yunia Sari
Yogyakarta is a city that is synonymous with peace; as the slogan Yogyakarta is comfortable, and almost no conflicts or violence appear. In the past five years, there have been nearly 35 violent incidents in Yogyakarta. This paper wants to describe the typology of conflicts and violence that occurred...
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Legalistic Humanism Between Conflict and Actualization of Humanity Concept in the History of War and Conflict

Andry Wibowo
Humanism is understood as a system of relations between humans. The conception of the four precepts in Pancasila places a very strategic human position. The highest value after the Divine Value of all social, economic, legal, political, defense, cultural and even scientific life orders is man himself....
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Digital Media and War: Social Media as a Propaganda Tool for the Russia-Ukraine Conflict in the Post-truth Era

Yanti Dwi Astuti, Rahmah Attaymini, Maya Sandra Rosita Dewi
Social media has become an information battleground over the Russia and Ukraine wars by manipulating it into disinformation and bias. The conflict that should have subsided, instead made things worse by spreading disinformation. Russia and Ukraine both use social media to bring each other down as well...
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The Impact of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Indonesian Political Economy

Fithriya, Permata, Napsiah, Hikmalisa
Early in February 2022, the Russian fighter fleet appeared on the Ukrainian border more specifically, in Belarus and the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine erupted once more. Given that these two nations are important producers and exporters of a variety of commodities, the impact of the Russia-...
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Storynomics Tourism Strategy in Building Tourism Communications on Ex-War Sites in Yogyakarta

Rama Kertamukti, Khalifa Zia Nashira K
The challenge with building a tourist town in Kulonprogo is that the majority of the local community’s capacity to organize to engage in growing tourism in their region is limited. This ability stems from the local community’s skepticism in their capacity to construct tourist attractions. This mistrust...
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Uncover the Digital Movement of Opinion War in #PercumaLaporPolisi on Instagram

Maya Sandra Rosita Dewi, Yanti Dwi Astuti, Rahmah Attaymini
The hashtag #PercumaLaporPolisi on social media is a form of Digital Movement Opinion as an expression of the accumulation of public disappointment. The series of disappointments and anger at the police have made internet users build solidarity and fight each other using the hashtag #PercumaLaporPolisi...
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Conveying Celestial Preneurs Movement Empowerment as Economic Conflict Resolution

Diah Ajeng Purwani
The rise of unhealthy price wars, the collapse of various companies, the growth of new businesses in the pandemic era, and the increase in alms activities among the community are the basis for this research. This study aims to see the benefits of the celestialpreneurs movement in reducing economic conflicts...
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Postfeminism and Digital Conflict: Women’s Freedom and Power in Social Media

M. Ali Sofyan, Rr. Wuri Arenggoasih
The long journey of the concept and movement of feminism has arrived at postfeminism. With this concept, women’s freedom does not start with the power of men. Since the beginning, women have become independent subjects without contact with men. However, the fact of the digital era, patriarchal power...
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Toward a Working Model of Peace Journalism in Reporting Interfaith Communication

Camelia Catharina Pasandaran
Having six official religions and numerous ethnic-based religions, Indonesia is prone to interfaith conflicts. There have been several interfaith conflicts recorded, but many left unnoticed. This leads to the importance of promoting interfaith communication, in which mass media inevitably play a major...
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Cyberspace: A Space for Conflicts

Cyberspace is a duplication of real life in the form of a virtual space, where social interactions can occur like a ‘real’ world. Cyberspace is needed in everyday life in the era of information technology, but this space that is open, free and less authorized may contribute to a new arena of conflicts...
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Recognition of Cultural Identity Post Ethnic Conflict in South Lampung

Napsiah, Darmiyati, Marfuah Sri Sanityastuti, Yunda Afida, Sri Purnami
Recognition of the identity of cultural values is an effort to re-adapt coexistence after inter-tribal conflicts. This study aims to explain the conflict management of residents who have experienced inter-ethnic conflict. By using descriptive qualitative methods and interviewing the two conflicting tribes...
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Profiling Community Vulnerabilities Flood Disasters: An Indicator-Based Vulnerability Assessment for Banjar District, South Borneo

Astri Hanjarwati, Sulistyaningsih
This study aims to determine the profile of the vulnerability of the people of Banjar Regency to flood disasters. Banjar Regency was chosen because its area has a high risk of flooding. The method used in this study is a survey research method, with a total of 100 households as respondents. How to collect...
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Revealing Religious Fanaticism in Rural Communities

(Covid-19 Vaccination in the Eye of Religious Leaders and the Government)

Dzikron Abdillah, Lukman Nusa
Religious cult is something that often happens in rural communities, and frequently this cult affects people’s behavior in various lines of life, one of which is the Covid-19 vaccination. This cult occurs for several reasons, the most common being that religious figures are considered sacred figures...
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Critical Perspective Analysis in the Implementation of “Rubber Article” ITE Law Phenomenon in the Context of Spreading the Ferdy Sambo Case

Mochammad Helmy Fikri, Rakan Yuris Fatah Magister, Aloysius Mario Threciano Rozari
Policy functions as a structural framework that has a role to maintain the form or process of communication in the community and aims to direct the community to stay focused on positive social communication, while regulation is a means of facilitating and avoiding the structural communication system...
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Cons of Narrative Radicalism Through Information Literature for Women’s Group in Tasikmalaya

Chotijah Fanaqi, Leadya Raturahmi
This research is motivated by the indications of high radicalism in Tasikmalaya. This study aims to analyze the counter-narrative of radicalism through an information literacy approach among women in Tasikmalaya. This study uses an explanatory qualitative method with data collection techniques in the...
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Identity Politics of the Muslim Minority in Pagayaman Village (Strategies on Maintaining Harmonious Life in Bali)

Achmad Zainal Arifin
This paper discusses how the Pegayaman Muslim community struggles to gain legitimacy from the majority of Balinese Hindus for their existence. Efforts to adopt various Balinese traditions and cultures, including combining elements of Balinese tradition and culture with Islamic identity in naming and...
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From Struggle to Resilience: Understanding the Communication Orientations of Refugee Communities in Indonesia on Instagram

Durrotul Mas’udah, Ahmad Syafii
This research highlights the communication orientations of refugee communities in Indonesia, by looking at the messages in the Instagram posts of @vorindonesia and @helpforrefugees. Hence, a qualitative textual content analysis is employed to study the captions of the Instagram posts of @vorindonesia...
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Modern vs Traditional: Examining Cultural Commodification of Javanese Wedding Ritual in Pacitan, Central Java

Luthfi Ayu Paramitha, Fatma Dian Pratiwi
This study examines the cultural commodification of the Temu Panggih, a part of procession in Javanese traditional wedding in Pacitan Regency. Temu Panggih is one of the traditional ritual that has the meaning which is to meet (between the bride and the groom). We assume that Cultural commodification...
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True Self, Identity, and Peace Maker: Meaning of Reog Ponorogo

Candra Indraswari
The purpose of this study was to explore the meaning of the Reog Ponorogo. A qualitative method was chosen in this study with case study approach. This study involved one man which were the head man of Bedrug Village Ponorogo as the informant. The result of this study indicated that there were some meanings...
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Domestic Violence Crisis to Women’s Health Amid Covid-19 Pandemic: A Comparative Studies

Zulhazmi Yusof, Noraini Ismail, Rahmawati Mohd Yusoff, Alizah Ali, Wan Amir Azlan Wan Haniff, Siti Farrah Shahwir
Domestic violence occurs to people of all ages in nearly every country, especially during stay home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Women who experience domestic violence may experience short and long-term physical, emotional, and sexual health issues and a higher risk of developing various mental diseases....
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Parental Burnout and Self-Compassion of Mothers with Elementary-Aged Children During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Awa Fauzia Malchan, Raden Rachmy Diana
The Covid-19 pandemic situation has changed many aspects of people’s daily lives. Conditions that are not ideal make the practice of parenting more challenging, especially for parents with elementary-aged children. Hence, parents have a greater risk of experiencing parental burnout. One of the inhibiting...
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City Branding Strategy of Yogyakarta Tourism Office in Maintaining Destination Image Amid the Rise of Klitih News

Alya Dwi Salsabila, Yani Tri Wijayanti, Winda Nurmalita, Aji Wisa Karma
The strategy in managing an area was called a city branding strategy. The city branding strategy was an effort to form or develop the unique identity and characteristics of an area. The Yogyakarta Special Region Tourism Office was considered capable and had adequate capabilities in making city branding...
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Narrating Distrust and Resistance to the Inconsistency of COVID-19 Policies in Indonesia

Ambar Sari Dewi, B. J. Sujibto, Bono Setyo
This article discusses facts and typologies of resistance of Indonesian citizens regarding governmental policies on COVID-19. Government policies on handling COVID-19 which have been confusing, lacking proper socialization, and ineffectively-delivered communication have resulted in distrust leading to...
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Gendered Communication Pattern in Host-Refugees Setting in Pekanbaru City, Indonesia

Wulandari Happy, Abdul Muati Ahmad, Jusang Bolong
This research is a part of a study that focuses on the communication between refugees and hosts in Pekanbaru city, Indonesia. ‘Refugee’ is a status to refer to people who are forced to leave their home countries because of war, violence, conflict, or persecution to survive in neighboring countries or...
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Psychological Well-Being of Farmers and Factors that Affect It

Azizah Octavia Dewi, Mayreyna Nurwardani
This is descriptive qualitative field research using a phenomenological approach. This study aims to describe the psychological well-being of farmers in Sido Dadi and what factors influence it. There are 4 informants with the criteria of a farmer, married, and have worked for more than 1 year. Sampling...
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Politics, Media, and Sports in Indonesia

Meistra Budiasa
Sports related to the state and media in Indonesia have experienced significant development. The process is inseparable from the context of power, especially in modern Indonesia, since the era of Soekarno, Suharto, Reformasi and Digitalization of media where sports are close to the state and government...
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Empathy in Virtual Organization: Lesson Learned from Indonesia Covid-19 Pandemic

Nurus Sa’adah, Sulistianingsih, Diah Susanti
The crisis of oxygen availability that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic created a sense of empathy for a group of communities and the general public who are interconnected with technological sophistication. The development of technology that is growing [1] and without limits, brings every individual...
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Communication Management of Central Java Province in Realizing Public Information Disclosure Through E-Government in the Digital Era

Aji Wisa Karma, Yani Tri Wijayanti, Alya Dwi Salsabila
The use of digital media through e-Government is the right way for government agencies to answer challenges, especially in terms of providing easy access to information to the public. The Central Java Provincial Government has received the award five times in a row as the most informative government...
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Happiness in the Perpetrators of a Minimalist Lifestyle

Mohammad Yusron Abadi, Lisnawati
Happiness is an important aspect of every individual's life. Therefore, each individual has their efforts to achieve happiness. This study aims to determine the description of happiness in the perpetrators of a minimalist lifestyle. The criteria for informants were selected based on three conditions:...
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Digital Communication Management Planning, Activities and Evaluation Resolution of the Conflict Between Russia and Ukraine

Saktisyahputra, Retno Ekasari, Yuli Evitha, Endang Susanti, Jhulianfika Irrianda
Social media and digital media on the internet are the gateways to open digital communication. Why can it be said so? This is because most of the population from all over the world is now connected to the internet – Indonesia even in many studies always ranks one to five as the country with the highest...