Proceedings of the International Conference "Actual Issues of Mechanical Engineering" 2017 (AIME 2017)

Research of Refuse Derived Fuel Use with Pyrolysis Furnace

Pavel Trubaev, Nikolay Shein, Natalya Kornilova, Oleg Verevkin
Corresponding author
Pavel Alexeevich Trubaev
RDF; pyrolysis boiler; wood fuel; moulded cakes; efficiency.
The study analyses methods of energy recovery of solid waste. A conclusion is reached that the most effective method for small-scale units is incineration in a pyrolysis furnace. Instrument measurements were used for evaluation of pyrolysis furnace incineration efficiency for cylindrical briquettes of pressed refuse wood in comparison to whole wooden pieces. Thermotechnical indicators of boiler efficiency and environmental indicators for incineration of different types of briquetted waste were determined; maximum ground level concentration values of harmful substances were calculated. Instrumental measurement of carbon monoxide, methane, phenol, benzene, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde and hydrogen chloride content in stack gases was performed. The results led to a conclusion that incineration of briquetted refuse wood in pyrolysis furnaces is characterized by higher heat efficiency and lower emissions in comparison to direct burning of the refuse
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