Proceedings of the International Conference "Actual Issues of Mechanical Engineering" 2017 (AIME 2017)

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Traction network currents distribution under different power supply voltage

Valentin Ivanovich Sopov, Evgeniy Yrievich Abramov, Nikolay Ivanovich Schurov, Evelina Garrievna Langeman
Factors that generate power supply voltage and current distribution in traction networks are considered. Determination methods of the current distribution in the substation area for double power supply sections of a traction network for transport route are provided. A calculation method of currents in...
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Improving energy efficiency of urban electric transport system using autonomous energy sources

E.Y. Abramov, A.V. Kapustin, V.V. Ivanov, I.K. Alekseeva
This paper is devoted to the study of the energy characteristics of the traction power system of urban electric transport, the development of a methodology for evaluating currents distribution in traction networks and the development of progressive concepts of traction power supply systems. For the implementation...
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Improvement of thermal processing during product manufacture at small enterprises

Alexandr Alexandrovich Afanasiev, Anatoliy Alexeevich Pogonin
The work presents the results of comparative chemical and thermal processing analysis of components at one of the small enterprises of the Central Black Earth Region and one of the plants in France. The modern examination equipment allows carrying out the metallographic studies more accurately, developing...
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Technogenic sand as activator of cement hardening

Marina Sergeevna Ageeva, Alexey Nikolaevich Botsman, Larisa Nikolaevna Botsman, Alina Valentinovna Ishchenko, Anna Nikolaevna Krivenkova
One of the possible fields of application of wet magnetic separation waste of ferruginous quartzite was considered in the paper. For Belgorod and neighbouring regions, the problem of this waste utilization is quite acute. The most effective specific surface of the filler, by which the averaging of grains...
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Role Of Administrative Potential In Development Of Social And Economic Potential Of Rural Territory

K.Ch. Akberov, M.V. Rozhkova, B.V. Malozyomov
The paper proposes the social potential of rural areas. It gives the comparison of the quality of the population life of different countries through the criterion of expenditures and consumption of home economics. It also compares the rates of introduction of residential houses and improvement of housing...
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Analysis of Schemes of Control and Management of Glass Rod Drawing Process

L.B. Alekseeva
The transient processes, associated with the management process of drawing glass rods, are observed. To solve this problem, mathematical models are used; the zones, in which the glass rod (light guide) is formed, the actuator, including a motor, a transmission mechanism. These models allow us to determine...
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Ball under action of periodic point load

Gennady Valentinovich Alexeev, Borukh Evseevich Voronenko, Elena Igorevna Verboloz, Sergey Aleksandrovich Romanchikov, Alexander Alexandrovich Loza
Technological equipment in various industries uses an abrasive effect on the object being processed, and the continuity of the contact of the working organs with it is often disrupted. Sometimes such regime is maintained intentionally, that is, periodic contact of the treated object with the abrasive...
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Effective composite binders

Nataliya Ivanovna Alfimova, Anatoliy Mitrofanovich Gridchin, Evgeniy Sergeevich Glagolev, Ruslan Valerievich Lesovik, Olga Viktorovna Levchenko, Sevda Iunisovna Pirieva
Nowadays, many countries of the world are witnessing the tendency of refocusing the building materials industry upon the types of concrete, whose distinguishing characteristic is the reduced consumption of portland cement. The studies aimed to develop effective composite binders and expand the raw materials...
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Economical and Ecological Electric Heaters for Room Heating

A.I. Aliferov, V.A. Vdovin, D.S. Vlasov, A.S. Anshakov, A.E. Urbah
Comparative analysis of various electric heating elements used for room heating is presented. Advantages of flat plasma-sprayed electrical heaters in terms of energetic and thermal parameters are shown. Dependencies of specific surface power and temperature distribution through heater substrate width...
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Ejector fan installations used in mines of Russia

N I Alymenko, A A Kamenskikh, A V Nikolaev, A I Petrov
In the article, the options of mines aeration by means of ejector fan installation are examined, as well as the principle of this installation functioning and its potential are shown. Basing on the investigations conducted and the functioning results received, the possibility of application of the ejector...
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Energy efficient technologies of microclimate creation in animal husbandry

Leonid Andreev, Vladimir Yurkin
A number of issues arose due to the transfer of animal husbandry to the industrial basis. They are associated with high stocking density of animals in a limited space. They are primarily the high energy consumption for creation of optimal microclimate, the increase in the risk of spreading infections...
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Synthesis of control system of recuperation of braking energy to supply grid for Metropolitan

V. N. Anosov, V. M. Kaveshnikov, E. A. Livanova
The article is devoted to synthesis of an optimal regulator of the process of recovery of the braking energy of trains using an AC traction electric drive. The optimality criteria, mathematical description of the system of energy recovery, suitable for the maximum principle of L. S. Pontryagin application,...
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Design of Oil and Gas Industry Pipeline Systems Taking into Account Out-of-Roundness of Pipes and Change of Transportation Mode

Ramil Nazifovich Bakhtizin, Khasan Akhmetzievich Azmetov, Zukhra Khasanovna Pavlova, Oleg Anatolyevich Makarenko
Major requirement to the design of oil and gas industry pipeline systems is the provision of their safety under actual operating conditions taking into account the actual technical properties of the used items. Experience shows that the actual operating conditions of pipeline system objects are characterized...
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Registration of acoustic emission in composite material by fiber-optic sensors based on adaptive interferometer

O.V. Bashkov, V.I. Zaikov, H. Khon, A.A. Bryansky, I.O. Bashkov, R.V. Romashko
Paper presents the results of studying the features of recording acoustic emission waves recorded by fiber-optic sensors. Fiber-optic sensors are used as an elastic medium that receives acoustic emission waves. For this purpose, the optical fibers are embedded in the polymer composite material during...
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Influence of standard of demand for automobiles on production figures of oil-producing organisations' subdivisions

Vladimir Ioganesovich Bauer, Evgeniy Sergeevich Kozin, Aleksandr Alekseevich Mukhortov, Artyom Vladimirovich Bazanov
One of the ways of solving the problem of organising transport and technological service of oil-and-gas production processes is considered in the paper. The authors propose analysing the operation of the system of transport servicing of electric power generation management, when extracting oil and gas,...
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Providing special vehicles with spare parts in oil-and-gas sector

Vladimir Ioganesovich Bauer, Aleksandr Alekseevich Mukhortov, Evgeniy Sergeevich Kozin, Artyom Vladimirovich Bazanov
In the paper, the methodology of creating a rational system of providing special vehicles, operating in the oil-and-gas sector, with spare parts is presented. As a result of the study, the criteria of effectiveness of providing with spare parts were determined. The method of rational distribution of...
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Development of Control System of Hot Water Supply Solar Plant

Alexandr V. Belousov, Yury A. Koshlich, Vasily K. Stan
This article is devoted to the development of technical solutions and structures aimed at improving energy efficiency of solar plants in the regions with temperate continental climate through the adaptive control of coolant velocity. The main development stages of the adaptive control system and its...
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Sustainability of Belgorod Region Enterprises of Building Materials and Building Structures Industry under Sanctions

Irina Aleksandrovna Slabinskaya, Olga Borisovna Benderskaya
The paper features the analysis of sustainability of Belgorod Region enterprises dealing with production of construction materials and building structures exemplified by five largest and well-known enterprises of this industry: JSC Melstrom, JSC Stroymaterialy, OJSCÿPlant ZhBK-1, OJSC Belgorodasbestotsement...
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Effectiveness of functioning of arc steel furnaces under changes of voltages in arc discharges

R.A. Bikeev, V.E. Korovin, V.S. Cherednichenko, M.D. Rakina, V.A. Serikov
On the basis of a previously developed mathematical model of electromagnetic power transfer between phases, an investigation of effectiveness of the functioning of the arc steel furnace EAF-100 with coplanar construction of the secondary current lead in the modes of "short", "medium" and "long" arc discharges...
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Russia On World Research Front Of Industrial Scientific Direction

Viktor Blaginin, Anastasiya Smirnova, Olga Ergunova, Tatyana Khudyakova
The article is devoted to the analysis of one of the most popular sections of scientometrics - research fronts, in the direction of industrial science. There are quite a large number of serious studies in the field of industry which are highly cited, which confirms their relevance and necessity for the...
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Influence of operational factors on fail-safety and resource of LISB bypass device for spacecrafts

Zhesfina Mikhailovna Blednova, Nikolai Andreevich Makhutov, Nikolai Alexandrovich Protsenko
To ensure trouble-free operation and lifetime of lithium-ion storage batteries (LISB) for spacecrafts, it is advisable to use bypass devices (BD) with a power element of a thermal drive made of smart material with shape memory effect (SME). The authors presented experimental results of the effect of...
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Plasma-chemical modification of concrete processed by colorific metal salts

Diana Olegovna Bondarenko, Nadezda Ivanovna Bondarenko, Vasiliy Stepanovich Bessmertnyi, Nikolay Mikhailovich Burlakov
The most important task at the present stage of the formation of modern society is the intensive development of the national economy on the basis of the latest achievements of science and technology. The building materials industry in the Russian Federation is one of the most energy-intensive industries....
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Effective Composites Employing Fast-Hardening Gypsum Cement Binders for Additive Manufacturing

Natalia Vasilyevna Chernysheva, Valery Stanislavovich Lesovik, Evgeny Sergeyevich Glagolev, Aleksandr Anatolevich Volodchenko
Currently, development and implementation of new technologies has come to the fore in every field of industrial production. Interest to additive manufacturing grows in Russia and abroad, including application of such technologies in architecture and construction, allowing production of forms and structures...
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Modeling material flows as basic tool for enhancing company's efficiency during crisis

Olga Chudnova, Elena Lubchenko
The article reviews the problems, emerging while planning, managing and evaluating the efficiency of material flows of enterprises, identifies and justifies the necessity of using integrated platform of management on the basis of systems and process theories. Moreover, the article provides the conceptual...
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Modeling of managerial processes in the conditions of innovative economy

Zhanna Yuryevna Dankova, Elena Sergeevna Muzyleva
The article examines the trends in the development of business processes regulation in Russian companies. At the present stage of the formation of a market economy in Russia, in the conditions of large-scale structural reorganization of the country's economy as a whole, the description and regulation...
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Estimation of Solar Energy Potential under Conditions of Urban Development

Yuliia Daus, Igor Yudaev
A large number of regions are attractive for the application of renewable energy equipment, including those that are using the solar energy potential. But the volatile nature of the solar radiation flux requires specific forecasts and calculations of its intensity. Besides, installations under urban...
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Flowability and durability of cement containing technological additives during grinding process

Lyubov Dmitrievna Shahova, Elena Sergeevna Chernositova, Julia Vladimirovna Denisova
This paper considers the major factors influencing cement flowability and its conservation in humid environment with the presence of processing additives during grinding. It describes cement flowability quantitative measurement methods developed and introduced by the authors and implemented on the basis...
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Non-destructive Testing of Duralumin and Titanium Alloys

Sergey Dmitriev, Vladimir Malikov, Anatoly Sagalakov, Alexander Katasonov, Kirill Ekkerdt, Alexey Ishkov
The article presents the structure of a subminiaturized eddy-current transducer (EST) of a transformer type with the exciting, measuring and compensation windings, which is based on the pyramid-shaped core providing the localization of the magnetic field on the area of 0.0025 mmý. It also presents the...
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Experimental Study of Actual Operation of Plastic Tube Concrete Constructions

Alexandr Dolzhenko, Andrey Naumov, Andrey Shevchenko, Karina Kara
The paper presents practical aspects of experimental research and numerical modeling of stress-strain parameters of the proposed construction element - plastic tube concrete (PTC). The obtained experimental data indicating the loss of load-bearing capacity enabled one to perform finite element analysis...
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Effect of Swirling Gas Flow in Electrode Cavity on its Erosion

A.S. Anshakov, E.B. Butakov, A.E. Urbakh, P.V. Domarov, V.A. Faleev, V.S. Cherednichenko, V.R. Bower
Investigation results on specific erosion of copper tubular electrodes of the arc plasmatron for air heating are presented. The decisive influence of spatial stabilization of the arc discharge and current strength on the value of specific erosion is shown. The conditions of optimal erosion of electrodes...
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Assessment of Costs for Utilization of Amorphous Magnesite By-Products in Complex Production

Olga Domozhirova, Irina Alexandrovna Slabinskaya
The paper provides a brief summary of costs necessary to obtain nanosized magnesian powders when utilizing amorphous magnesite by-products. It also describes new methods accounting and allocation of common costs among products when processing and utilizing amorphous magnesite by-products in dynamic market...
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Heat transfer and modeling hollow cathode material structural state of vacuum plasmatron

O.S. Dutova, A.V. Shishkin, V.N. Shiremetov
The proposed mathematical models for the calculation of the temperature field and the process of nucleation and growth of a grain in the electrode material of a plasmatron allow conducting numerical simulation of various modes of operation of a hollow cathode and evaluating the change in the structure...
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Perspectives of application of aerated concrete for 3D building printing

Valery Lesovik, Evgeny Glagolev, Michail Elistratkin, Maksim Absimetov, Alina Ermolaeva
Adaptation of the technology for a 3D building printing system aimed at producing non-autoclaved aerated concrete allows solving a task of how to create wall structures with high thermal insulation properties without using other materials, and with the increase of molding devices' productivity due to...
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Study of Fast Relaxing Excitations Caused by Ultrashort Laser Pulses in Nanoscale Domain

A.V. Eremin, K.V. Trubitsyn, I.V. Kudinov, V.A. Kudinov, V.K. Tkachev, E.V. Stefanyuk
By using the heat balance equation and a modified Fourier law's formula considering the relaxation of heat flow and temperature gradient, a model of the local non-equilibrium process of plate heating with ultrashort laser pulses, modelled by heat flow of time-variable second-class boundary conditions,...
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Electrochemical regeneration of chromium-containing galvanic solutions

E.G. Filatova, D.V. Minaev, A.D. Chugunov
Spent galvanic solutions are highly aggressive and contain substances, suitable for reuse. Regeneration of these solutions represents both an environmental and economic issue of actual problem. The efficiency of electrochemical regeneration chromate electrolyte of anodic oxidation was monitored. The...
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Improvement of biological recultivation technology of disturbed solid of oil, gas and condensate field

E.V. Gaevaya, L.N. Skipin, E.V. Zakharova, A.A. Galyamov
The article considers development of the technology of recovering disturbed soils intended for nature protection purposes on the territory of Bovanenkovskiy oil, gas and condensate field of Yamal peninsula. In the course of operation, blend composition and consumption rates of seed material were selected,...
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Fractures modeling in system of engineering analysis

A.Yu. Babin, V.A. Gafarova, V.K. Berdin
Equipment used at the enterprises implementing oil and gas technologies is potentially hazardous and should be of high degree of reliability. Reliability of equipment reduces the number of defects appearing during the operation process. One of hazardous and unpredictable defects is fracture. If there...
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Development of method for determining bottom-hole pressure in production wells

Vladislav I. Galkin, Inna N. Ponomareva, Irina A. Chernykh
The paper is devoted to the effectiveness increase of monitoring the value of seam pressure when operating oil-producing wells. This problem is relevant for well operation when using subsurface measuring systems. In such cases, seam pressure is determined by recalculation of the dynamic level value,...
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Superconducting electrokinetic storage for energy saving and energy enhancement in local electric networks

Nikolai Ivanovich Smolentsev, M. F. Glmetdinov, Vachagan V. Sirekanyan, S.A. Kondrin, Alexander Mikhailovich Kazantsev, Yuriy Leonidovich Bondarev, Chetoshnikova Larisa Mihailovna
In this article the importance of using superconducting technologies in power industry together with SMART GRID, based on the analysis of program documents and scientific works, has been done, which will allow the maximum extent to solve its problems. The physical principles of contactless suspension...
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Estimation Method of Oil Displacement Efficiency Based on Standard Core Analysis

E.A. Gladkikh, G.P. Khizhniak, V.I. Galkin
The article is dedicated to the estimation of oil displacement efficiency. It is obligatory for the estimation of mineable reserves, feasibility study of oil recovery efficiency and control of the field development. The complexity of its laboratory determination is caused by the labor intensity and duration...
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Design of installation for preparation of food chitosan from crab shell containing raw material by electrophysical processing

Irina Glotova, Nadezhda Galochkina, Mikhail Yarovoy, Igor Maksimov, Vladimir Balabaev, Sergey Shakhov, Nadezhda Korolkova, Anna Kubasova
Traditional technologies of chitosan producing may negatively affect the main quality parameters of chitosan (molecular weight, the degree of deacetylation) due to hard alkali-acid treatment of raw materials. The authors propose an alternative technical approach. It involves the use of electrohydraulic...
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Vacuum freeze-drying of products of goats lactation through heat pump: model development and equipment

Irina Glotova, Sergey Shakhov, Vadim Pryanishnikov, Elena Kurchaeva, Natalia Erofeeva, Nadezhda Galochkina, Artem Shakhov, Aleksandr Vostroilov
The task of developing import-substituting technologies for processing and storage of products of goats lactation with relevant equipment should be solved by the following actual reasons: biochemical characteristics as the objects of food nanobiotechnology, the seasonal nature of production of these...
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Open-pit crawl dozers operating under northern climatic conditions

A.M. Ishkov, V.G. Zedgenizov, A.I. Morozova
Tough climatic conditions of the North impose special requirements for mining machines operating in that area. The article analyzes failures of Komatsu D-375A and Komatsu D-375A5 to assess the effects of operating conditions on reliability of their components and systems. Statistical analysis is used...
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Operating efficiency of BelAZ-7540 dump trucks under conditions of North

A.M. Ishkov, Dmitriy E. Makhno, Yuriy S. Bochkarev
Development of mineral fields requires use of various machines. In the North, truck operation goes hand in hand with failures. Statistical analysis identified the effect of ambient temperatures on operating efficiency of BelAZ-7540 dump trucks. It was established that the number of failures increases...
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Power performance single-phase rectifier depending on topology and control methods

Vladlen Ivanov, Nikolay Shchurov, Sergei Myatez, Andrei Kapustin, Irina Alekseeva
The article introduces simple regulations of simple method specifications, based on structural synthesis method, for controlled rectifiers of the single-phase alternating current development. It is proved that the structural synthesis method is useful in improvement of zone rectifiers' circuits and in...
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Ways of single-phase rectifiers energy efficiency improvement

Vladlen Ivanov, Ewgeniy Abramov, Sergei Myatez, Andrei Kapustin, Irina Alekseeva
This paper introduces prospects for further development of a single zone-phase rectifier, aimed to research and improve it. A new radial type circuit and its advantages are provided as well. Based on these studies, the ways of single-phase rectifiers power factor improvement are suggested. The ladder...
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Optimization of Stirling engine operation based on mathematical modeling

Aleksandr Makarovich Gaponenko, Aleksandra Aleksandrovna Kagramanova
The opportunity of application of Stirling engine with non-conventional and renewable sources of energy was considered in the paper. The advantage of such use was demonstrated. The expression for the thermal efficiency of the Stirling engine was obtained. It was shown that the work per cycle is proportional...
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Influence of different components on resistance of ships movement in ice

Valeriy Andreevich Zuev, Evgeniy Mikhailovich Gramuzov, Nadezhda Viktorovna Kalinina
The process of icebreaker interaction with the ice cover is described, the method of calculation of resistance during the motion of ships by continuous motion in smooth continuous ice is given. The semi-empirical method of calculating the ice resistance is divided into components and includes not only...
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Numerical investigation of isotropic beam crystallization process under nonuniform cooling

Tatiana Suhodoeva, Anna Kamenskikh, Maria Bartolomey
The study is directed to conclusion and approbation of the new defining relations that describe arousal and change of stress fields in isotropic material during crystallization, taking into account temperature strains and structural shrinkage. The statement of the crystallization problem and numerical...
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Advanced Axial Pumps for Oil Industry

Yakov Mikhajlovich Kashin, Alexander Valeryevich Samorodov, Bogaudin Khamidovich Gaitov, Vladislav Anatolievich Kim, Mikhail Sergeyevich Khristoforov
The authors conducted a review of a number of pumps for pumping oil and oil products of a traditional cylindrical (radial) construction. Their critical analysis is presented in the paper. In addition, the shortcomings and advantages of the pump are described. The designs of axial centrifugal pumps were...