Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Informatics

1068 authors
Zhao, Hongmei
An Improved Positioning Algorithm Based on PSO and PLS
Zhao, Ji-chun
Research on personalized recommendation system on Item-based collaborative filtering algorithm
Zhao, Jianmin
Organization Modeling of Maintenance Information Based on Event Driven
Zhao, Junjuan
Detection of Sangeang Api Volcanic Ash Cloud Based on VBICA-SVM method
Zhao, Junjuan
Blind Source Separation for Remote Sensing Images based on the Improved ICA Algorithm
Zhao, Lingli
A Kind Index Structure based on VGI information Combined Query
Zhao, Man
Molten Image Crack Denoising Algorithm Based on the Detection of Connected Domain Area
Zhao, Meiying
Transient Aeroelastic Responses of Folding Wing in Morphing Motion
Zhao, Ming
Reliability Analysis for Main Engine Control of CFM56-3 Engine
Zhao, Ning
The Research on Obstacle Crossing Ability of Tracked Wheel Vehicle
Zhao, Qingfeng
Study of the key problem of geo-information integration and sharing platform
Zhao, Rong
Problems Existing in Measurement of Liquid Flash Point and Upswing Measures of Experiment Process
Zhao, Rui
AutoCAD2010 based automatic dimensioning of size and tolerance
Zhao, Ruijuan
Parameter Design of ISAR Real-time Imaging System
Zhao, Tian-peng
Remote Transmission and Control Research of Visual Signal for Detecting Robot
Zhao, Wei
Visualization of Storm Surge based on GIS
Zhao, Weifeng
Nonlinear error scalar matrix improved affine projection sign algorithm
Zhao, Xin
Simulation on Trajectory for the Increasing Quality of Cable Throwing in the Air
Zhao, Yanpeng
Research and Application of data provenance based on PROV
Zhao, Yanshuai
Security Classification-Based Access of Power Information System
Zhao, Yong-ping
Molten Image Crack Denoising Algorithm Based on the Detection of Connected Domain Area
Zhao, Yuan
Research on the detection technology of structure intensity parameters of Rigid Optional Site
Zhao, Zhibin
Sic MOSFET Modeling and Simulation for Pspice
Zhao, Zhiqiang
Research on Chi-square Distribution-based Firing Accuracy Data Analysis
Zheng, Hongtao
Configuration Discussions of the Chemically Recuperated Gas Turbine Powering a Ship
Zheng, Huijiang
The Research on STL Parallel Topological Reconstruction Method Based on OpenMP
Zheng, Huijiang
The Research on Surface Restructure Method of Discrete Data Based on Multi-cores Environment
Zheng, Shengfei
The Design of Autokinetic Laser Gun Fire Device
Zheng, Wensan
Nonlinear error scalar matrix improved affine projection sign algorithm
Zheng, Xiaoxi
IEEE 802.11i WLAN Security Protocol Based On Genetic Software Engineering Model
Zheng, Xing
Design and Implementation of UAV Flight Simulation Based on Matlab/Simulink
Zheng, Xiyang
Response Analysis of thin-walled Structure under Non-uniform temperature field and Acoustic Loads
Zheng, Yaning
An Host Anomaly Detection Algorithm Based on Bayesian Tree
Zheng, Yong
The Eye Control Password Keyboard Based on Gaze Tracking
Zhong, Bocheng
Short-term Prediction of Building Energy Consumption Based on GALM Neural Network
Zhou, Congling
Study on the bulk grain auto-loading system based on the machine vision technology
Zhou, Congling
A high precision collaborative vision measurement of gear chamfering profile
Zhou, Feikun
Investigation of Topologies and Control Strategies of Fuel Cell Vehicles
Zhou, Guoqiang
Finite Element Analysis of External Gear Pump Based on ANSYS Workbench
Zhou, Lei
Improved K-means Clustering Color Segmentation for Road Perception
Zhou, Miao
A composite current detection control strategies of Active Power Filter
Zhou, Mingle
Design and Implementation of Micro-environment Intelligent Monitoring System in Computer Room based on Internet of Things Technology
Zhou, Shuo
Fuzzy Optimization Research of Product Design Improvement Based on C #
Zhou, Shuo
Research on the performance models of several urban types of SUV automobiles based on analytic hierarchy process
Zhou, Weiyuan
Research on Mechanical Product Design System Based on C-K Theory
Zhou, Xiao
Design of equipment training simulation system based on virtual reality technology
Zhou, Xiao
Research on the simulation evaluation platform for the Ordnance soldier’s professional skill appraisal
Zhou, Xuesong
Software Design for Dynamic Reactive Compensation System
Zhou, Xuyang
Research on Software Behavior Evaluation Method Based on System Calls
Zhou, Yanli
Elderly Residential Space Design and Analysis: A Review
Zhou, Yinghua
Intrusion Detection Approach Based on Clustering and Statistical Model for Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhu, Hong
The Simulation and Research of T Source Inverter Based on Matlab/Simulink and Modified SVPWM Control without Sector Judgment
Zhu, Hongyuan
Research on Association and Search Services of Massive Geospatial Information Based on Cloud Computing
Zhu, Jisheng
The Application of Three-stage Command and Control Organizational Design Method in Emergency Communications Support
Zhu, Qiaoli
Design of a New Multi-band Compatible Microcosmic Fractal Dipole Antenna Used in Mobile Communication
Zhu, Qing
Research on Dynamic Virtual Fitting Method based on Kinect and Unity3D
Zhu, Xiafei
Sic MOSFET Modeling and Simulation for Pspice
Zhu, Yaoxuan
A Review on Measurement of Gun Barrel Pointing
Zhu, Yi
An Improved Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm and Its Application
Zhu, Ying
Research on MOA Online Monitoring Technology
Zhu, Yunbo
An improved EMD method and its application in the characteristic of the gear crack fault analysis
Zhu, Zhongtao
Research on the simulation evaluation platform for the Ordnance soldier’s professional skill appraisal
Zhuang, Jiayuan
Heading Control of an AUV Based on Mamdani Fuzzy Inference
Zhuo, Liyuan
Head Pose-Based Conditional Regression Forest for Facial Feature Detection
Zou, Ling
Research on the double slanted cantilevers of a micro structure based on Materials Mechanics
Zou, Shu-liang
The Shear Forming Mechanism Research of Matrix Arrangement Cement Lining Steel
Zou, Shuilong
An Agricultural Information Recommendation Model Based on Collaborative Filtering
Zu, Bo
Research on MOA Online Monitoring Technology