Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ANCOSH 2020)

Students’ Creativity in Project Based Learning

Siti Munawaroh, Imam Sukwatus Suja’i, Dian Septi Nur Afifah, Ika Mariana Putri
Corresponding Author
Siti Munawaroh
Available Online 14 April 2021.
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creativity, project base learning
Students interaction with computer is needed to sharpen student skills. However, there are still students who use computer to play games, not for learning. This causes student has not reached the competence that expected. For that, teacher needs to apply project-based learning to assist students learning in order to acquire knowledge and skills that strong and effective. This research aims to determine creative thinking in project based learning in creative product and entrepreneurship subject. This research type is descriptive qualitative research. The subjects in this research were student of IX grade in vocational high school 1 Boyolangu who was determined by purposive sampling. Data collection techniques used includes observation, interview, and documentation. The instrument is researcher himself, the observation sheet and observation guide. Data analysis technique includes interview transcript result, analysis, and triangulation. The result showed that students with high creativity think fluently, able to design project smoothly, have unique ideas, able to solve the problem well. The ability to think flexibly, able to complete project quickly. Original thinking skills able to carry out project and present them attractively. Further, project based learning can be used an alternative to improve students creative thinking.
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