Proceedings of the 2nd Annual Conference on Social Science and Humanities (ANCOSH 2020)

Business-Map Learning Media

Application-Based Business Planning Media

Udik Yudiono
Corresponding Author
Udik Yudiono
Available Online 14 April 2021.
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learning media, business-map, entrepreneurship
The Entrepreneurship Program at Vocational High School has fully received the attention of the Government. Teachers of Creative Products and Entrepreneurship (PKK) are required to be able to develop creative, adaptive and practice-based learning media so that students have sufficient learning experience to foster self-confidence and competence. The purpose of this research is to develop a business-map learning media using the iMindMap application. The product specifications from this study were business-map media tools including lesson plans and learning scenarios, student worksheets in the form of a business-map. This development uses the Borg and Gall approach with the stages of research and information collecting, planning, developing preliminary forms of product, expert validation. Based on the validation of material experts on the presentation of material, lesson plans, and worksheets as well as validation of learning technology experts on business-map media, it is in the range of 80-100% assessment which is generally good and suitable for use without revision. The results showed the importance of maximizing student competence in entrepreneurship, especially in making a business plan using a business-map because through the business map that has been made, students will learn to design a complex and real business.
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