Proceedings of the 2014 2nd International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Humanities and Management

Study on principles of English translation

Sun Xiuli
Corresponding Author
Sun Xiuli
Available Online December 2014.
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English translation; science and technology; Business English
With the rapid development of economic globalization and China's reform and opening up, the importance of business English translation in international economic exchanges become increasingly prominent. Business English is a special purpose English, so other forms of business English translation and translation of literary translation has many differences, so there are significant limitations in using the traditional translation theory to guide business English translation. From the functional point of view, learn teleological function theory contained, Communicative Translation Theory and Functional Equivalence Business English translation functionality, combined with a large number of business English translation instance, from the lexical, syntactic and discourse level analysis system to make the characteristics of business English, meanwhile, according to the characteristics functional Theory to give the guidance of business English translation, and proposed some specific business English translation principles, strategies and techniques.
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