Proceedings of the 2014 2nd International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Humanities and Management

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Research on the Main Research Topic Teaching Model for Environment Art Design Major

Ding Liwei
The cultivating objectives of the Environment Art Design Major are the application competence of social practice and designing ability for environment design. The expert teaching models are confronting with the new challenges for many years and the original teaching model cannot suit for the requirements...
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Students' Mental Health Education Situation and Ways of implementation

Liu Xiuyan
The University should establish a mental health curriculum guide as the main channel for the school-based counseling center positions. Moreover, students are work force for the main routine psychological education and college students' psychological community mental health education is to supplement...
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The Carrier Study of College Students’ Ideological and Political Education in 4G Context

Wang Zhanxia
Under mobile media environment, college students’ ideological and political education is currently facing the opportunities and challenges. The use of 4G technologies has been popular among college students, and 4G technologies have begun promoted. With a wireless network escalating the university campus,...
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Analysis of Business English Professional with the Combination of Training Mode

Li Xuejing, Liu Yunman
The Business English majors are starting to exist as an independent discipline, it develops business English training model to meet the requirements of social development that is very important. Based on the needs, the analysis of business English talent Xingtai research and training objectives for the...
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Implicit Ideological and Political Education Pattern of Higher Learning Institution Analysis

HE Yixia
Implicit ideological and political education refers conscious use of the hidden curriculum theory in the process, focusing on the development and utilization of resources implicit ideological and political education, through more subtle forms, making the educator unconsciously get some kind of thoughts...
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Technical Characteristics and Strength Training of Sports Dancing

Zhang Qin
The thesis analyzed the internal mechanism of technique formation of all kinds of dance action in sports dance, and its movement technical features mainly presented in five aspects: First, the control technology to maintain the correct posture; Second, fast and rhythmic bouncing technique of the body...
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The Impact of Health Education or Health of the Victims of the Earthquake in Disaster Area

Liu Wei, Shi Benhui, Jiang Lanping, Tangs Xiaolin
Earthquakes, floods, mudslides, wars and other major traumatic events can have on people's physical and mental health caused serious damage, leading to muscle tension, loss of appetite, mental panic, mood disorders, behavioral disorders and other stress reactions, and young people are in the physical...
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The Study of the Piano Teaching Micro-Video Course Design

Chen Lina
Miniature video courses are digital learning resources appearing in the background of the rapid development of network technology and the deep reform of basic education. This paper discusses the characteristics of micro-video courses systematically, and from the need of the piano teaching, it also proposes...
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Study on Application-oriented Talent Training Model of Public Security Colleges in Transition Period

Gao Na
The ministry of education vice-minister Lu Xin said in the end of March 2014, how to solve the structural contradiction of employment in China is the core of education reform. The breach of the education reform is the modern vocational education system, and training of talents is technical skilled talents....
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Framework on Problem-based Learning in the Practical Thinking of Histology and Embryology Teaching

Liu Hui
Problem-based teaching method is one prevailing new mode for medical education in our country. Though received wide recognition and widely used in medical college, there are some problems. During the teaching for histology and embryology by applying the problem-based teaching method, some improvement...
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Influence of College Students' Mental Health Education on Ideological and Political Education

Zhao Li
At present, in educational practice of Chinese universities mental health education and ideological and political education, there are still many deficiencies and gaps, making the development direction of attention and study of contemporary college students' psychological health education and ideological...
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A Study of Empathy Strategy in College English Teaching from the Adaptation Perspective

Su Fuxing
In recent years, with time’s change and development, social demand for quality professionals is also increasing. Especially put forward higher request for students' English scores. In order to enhance the overall quality of English class teaching, teachers not only need deep understanding of relevant...
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Viewpoints on the Development of Private Higher Dance Education

Li Chen
Along with the scientific development and social progress, the function of artistic education is becoming increasingly important, and music and dance major have received unprecedented development during the process of the implementation of quality-oriented education, thus proposing new requirement for...
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Research on the Necessity and Approaches of College Counselors Professional Development

Lin Huang
The college counselors are the backbone of student work and the organizers, perpetrators and mentors of ideological and political education and management, therefore, their professional development is important for the comprehensive development of the school. According to the author many years of study...
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The Integration of Funding Aid, wisdom aid and Ability Aid: Poor Funding of College Students in Transition

Wang Ning
The problem of poor students in universities is an important problem facing the development process of popularization of higher education; the poor management of Health-funded universities has been an important part of university student work. Currently, the University of Poor Students has the new features...
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To Build Career Education without borders: from the perspective of the convergence of high school and university

Wang Ning
Career Education should be a systematic education process around a person's life career development. Secondary education is called "the crossroads of life and career," the university level is a critical moment for most people change from school to professional people, career education in these two important...
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MOOCs and College English Teaching

Lu Manli
MOOCs(Massive Open Online Courses) have got much attention at home and abroad in the past two years. They grew out of the convergence of distance education and the power of the Internet. With the arrival of the cyclone MOOCs, more and more colleges and universities began to explore domestic reform of...
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Modern IT Application of Research in Physical Education

Ni Zhuo
With the development of information, technology in the teaching process in college sports has been a certain application. By analyzing the significance of IT for the college physical education, we should emphasize the importance of IT in the teaching process of college sports. Analysis of College PE...
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Improve "national training plan" quality of primary and secondary school English teacher training Approaches

Wang Lijun
Improving the quality of teachers directly affects the quality of teaching, namely the quality of talents. The basic purpose of education is to nurture talent, so the teacher quality will have a very important role. National training program is a national key project to upgrade the quality of teachers,...
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Study on the Teaching Ability of Music Teachers in Colleges and Universities

Fang Yong
Music teachers in colleges and universities play a great role in training the students with the quality of aesthetic education, and their teaching ability can influence the implementation of aesthetic education. The teaching ability of a music teacher comprises of the professional ethics, professional...
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Study on teaching quality of music teachers in colleges under quality education background

Wang Na
Aesthetic education is the important component of the character building education, but music education is an important means to implement character building education, train more university students with quality of aesthetic education today when could be recommending character building education in...
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Discussion on Emotional Design of Preschool Children’s Furniture

Liu Weiguo
For physiological and psychological characteristics of pre-school children, this paper analyzes furniture design based on the need of pre-school children’s furniture design, highlighting the design’s emotion, safety, artistic, fun, functionality and furniture diversification to explore the new way of...
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Research on the Coordination Nature between Community Culture Construction and Universities Music Education

Zhang Junping
Community culture is an important part of our traditional culture, and it is the culture atmosphere of existence, development and practice for college music education activities. On the basis of years of study and practice, this paper analyzes the docking role of community cultural development and music...
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Research on P.E. at school based on complexity theory of visual threshold

Fei Lu Yun
School physical education and the conventional methods and form has been hard to master many complex problems facing the modern school physical education. School physical education is mainly based on the complexity science is different from the previous "linear" and "reductionism" way of thinking, "to...
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Study on Factors of University in Innovation Collaboration

Xia Fan, Yi Li
Based on the contingency factors of the formation of organization relationship, this paper studies a wealth of literature at home and abroad and classifies the motives of university's collaboration with industry. From the organizational aspect, through meta-analysis, it studies systematically the factors...
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Electrical Engineering and Electronics Teaching Aiming for Excellence Engineer Program

Wang Hao, Fu Qincui
Electrical Engineering and Electronics is an important basic course for the non-electrical specialties of science and tech-nology disciplines. It plays an important role in cultivating students’ engineering practice ability. In order to accompany the implementation of Excellence Engi-neer Program and...
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Internet Technologies as Pedagogical Condition for Forming Foreign Language Skills of Content Teachers (at Technical University)

Inga V. Slesarenko, Irina K. Zabrodina
The paper addresses the issue of commu-nicative competence developing using Internet technologies as an important as-pect of professional competence for co-operative learning of technical university content teachers. The discussed algorithm is based on five pedagogical conditions for forming foreign...
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Pedagogical conditions of the development of sociocultural skills of students training for theory and practice of translation by means of modern Internet-technologies

Irina K. Zabrodina, Maria O. Abdrashitova
The aim of the paper is to reveal peda-gogical conditions of the development of sociocultural skills via modern Internet-technologies (ICT). The methods of co-operative learning and problem solving tasks by means of Internet technologies have been employed in the process of foreign language learning...
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A bibliometric analysis of science and technology publication output of University of Electronic and Technology of China in Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-E), 2003-2012

Wen Yang
The main focal point of this paper lies on the appraisal of rising science and technology (S&T) output in University of Electric science and Technology of China (UESTC) with the help of bibliometric indicators. The present study is a bibliometric assessment of S&T output of UESTC, Which describes the...
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The Relationship between Metatext and College Students’ Writing Quality

Li Chang
Metatext, as a recurrent topic, has long been well studied and shown to be a prom-inent feature of various types of academic discourse. But very few studies have paid attention to the empirical work about the effects of metatext on English writing skills of Chinese college students. This paper aims to...
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Study of the Relationship between Tutors and Master Graduates Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Han Shanling, Li Zhiyong, Tang Xiaodong
In order to understand the changing rela-tionship between tutors and master gra-duates, the changing relationship and the causes of conflict is studied through ques-tionnaires and interviews and other analysis means. The feedback informa-tion of the questionnaire is analyzed by using the analytic hierarchy...
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The Safety Education in Football Teaching

Liu Ganjun, Gao Ying
Football constantly has a great popularity among students, so, the development of campus football game grows vigorously. But dangerousness still cannot be avoided in football exercise, so injury accident often occurs in football class, therefore, it necessary to carry out safety education in school football...
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The application of football game in the football teaching

Liu Ganjun, Huang Jian
For a long time, the school’s football teaching has had it with basic knowledge, basic technology, basic skills and monotonous technical teaching method, so, it is easy to make students feel bored and lose interest and confidence in football learning. In football teaching, taking the football game as...
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A Feasibility Study of Bilingual Teachers Training

Liang Shuang
English-Chinese bilingual teaching has been developing rapidly, the bottleneck of current bilingual teaching in primary and middle schools is not enough qualified teachers in nearly a decade in China. Level and the quality of the bilingual education of primary and secondary schools are mainly depends...
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Research on the teaching value and teaching strategy of leisure sports

Chao Feng
Leisure sports because of its outstanding expression of modern psychology to leisure forms, participants can enjoy the expression of emotion in leisure sports relaxation, freely, so popular, especially with the pace of reform and opening up in China, has been rapid development in China, especially in...
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The role of sports games in young children integrated training

Dong Li-feng
Children sensory integration training needs for training through a variety of ways the senses of children, there are flexible in the training mode, and sports games in its category and set also has the same advantages. The two of organic integration easier implementation of sensory integration training....
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Training entrepreneurship to adapt to local economic development

Cui Yubo
The difference between entrepreneurship education and traditional education is the ability of students entrepreneurship. It shows essential demand of knowledge, quality, ability for talents. University is the main force of higher education, talents are the last "step" to export . The society takes focus...
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College English Teaching Constructed with Multi-intelligence Module

Liu Wei
College English teaching supported by multi-intelligences theory lays basis for the integration of teaching means and teaching content, which reflects college English curriculum reform adapted to the new concept proposed by the development of the times. In order to promote the integration of educational...
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The new framework American science education in mathematics curriculum construction of Higher Vocational Colleges enlightenment

Wang Yu, Wang Donglin
The new framework USA K-12 science education practice,put forward the concept of cross three dimensions of the concept and the core idea of the subject. The new framework for more attention to the use of knowledge, and learning through teaching, promote teaching by learning. Students with the core thought,...
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Problems and Prospect Research of the Digital Medical Development

Cao Zhi, Wang Guanglei
By building a unified standard residents Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), health information platform of interactive, two-way referral for hospitals and rural communities, remote diagnosis, remote education and health counseling and other systems, digital health improves...
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Influence Research of Urban Poverty in Transition Period Market Process

Yan Yanyang, Liu Pengfei
Poverty is the key issue to be discovered in economy, sociology, anthropology and etc. In china, with the increasing developments in economy and the process of marketing, the poverty in urban has become more and more obviously. However, there are rare references concerns about the relationships between...
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The Current Analysis of Protection Path of Farmers' Rights and Causes

Yang Xinjie
The problem of Chinese peasant in society is a very important issue in the process of China's legal system; the farmer is very worthy subject of rights concern. The author believes that China has the right to protect their farmers in three main ways: private relief, public relief and gray channels, which...
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Under the Brand Based on the Relationship between the Fracture and Adjourned Perspective Pehchaolin Brand Recovery

Wang Yi, Mi Lizhong
This paper is mainly based on the relationship between the fractures and adjourned the brand perspective, it chooses classic domestics Pehchaolin skin care brand for study. On the basis of the relevant theoretical literature review on the use of empirical analysis methods for the recovery of Pehchaolin...
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Construction of Public Security Warning Mechanism Based on Internet Public Opinion Analysis

Tang XiaoSong
Public security is one of the most important needs of human social life, so thepublic security early warning mechanism based on network public opinions is trying toexplore the public security early warning in the network technology development.With the progress of Internet technology, the network of...
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Research on Collaborative Innovation of Government, Industry, Enterprise and College of Service Outsourcing Talents

Qiao Zhe, Fu Junwei
This paper reflects the government, industry, enterprise and college jointly collaborative innovation of long term mechanism of mutual benefit and win-win. It has the spirit of the guiding ideology, development of enterprises and supporting the construction of professional service industry innovation...
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Construction of Human Resources Management Practice Teaching System based on Applied Talents Training

Meng Jianfeng
Along with the society’s stronger demand for practices of students of human resources management (HRM), the construction of practice teaching system shall be the key channel for the cultivation of practice talents, especially in local universities and institutions. Combining with the practice of HRM...
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Reproduction Worship Consciousness in Northern Shaanxi Marriage Customs - A Case Study of Yulin

Zang Xiaoyan
Reproductive worship is produced in the ancient cultural beliefs in the Loess Plateau and the original eco conscious life has been retained and inherited in the Northern Shaanxi Loess Plateau. In modern society, marriage customs are getting new and simple, however, in modern northern Shaanxi marriage...
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Study on Social Collaborative Governance Mechanism

Liu Haitian
The so-called social collaborative governance mode, means in the context of high governance capacity and low social development degree, the government plays a leading role in social governance. In this paper, based on China’s social governance status, we study the collaborative relationship between government...
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The research of the tourism consumer protection

Zhang Nianping
With the rapid growth of the tourism consumption, tourism disputes are increasing and diversification. The case of infringement on the rights of the tourism consumers frequently occur. Tourism consumer protection problem is particularly prominent. Therefore, it has the vital significance to reveal the...
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Construction of Green Information Retrieval System Based on Cloud Computing

Zhang Yan
The development of information technology has greatly improved people’s working efficiency, but also brings about environment pollution and resource consumption. The information retrieval functions also work in this way. Cloud computing technology can effectively reduce energy consumption, decrease environmental...