Proceedings of the 9th China-Russia Symposium "Coal in the 21st Century: Mining, Intelligent Equipment and Environment Protection" (COAL 2018)

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Height Prediction of Water Flowing Fractured Zone and Thickness Effect of Long Wall Caving in Thick Loose Seam with Weak Cementation

Yao Lu, Changxiang Wang, Wenbo Wang, Chuanping Sun, Buchu Zhang
Based on the transfer rock beam theory and the mining overburden movement theory, the height prediction methods of collapse zone and fracture zone under different lithologic conditions are deduced according to the characteristics of rock mass dilatation and rock strata combined motion. Furthermore, the...
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Time-frequency Characteristics of Micro-seismic Signals Before and after Rock Burst

Xinxin Wang, Shijian Yu, Dawei Yin
In this paper, the time-frequency characteristics of micro-seismic signals before and after the rock burst occurred in the 1300 working face of a coal mine in eastern China were analyzed. The results show that before rock burst occurrence, the amplitude was small with gentle vibration fluctuations. And...
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Study on the Water Inrush of the Underplate in the Mining Process of Kuting Coal Mine

XingLin Wen, RuMeng Wang, Yao Wang
Based on mining in working face floor karst collapse column, the damage of surrounding rock and the water inrush of GeTing coal floor of concealed karst collapse column as the research object, using numerical simulation software FLAC3D for mining stress field and plastic failure zones in the process...
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Evolution Characteristics of Rock Burst Danger Mining in Syncline Environment

Shitan Gu, Bangyou Jiang, Ruifeng Huang, Zhimin Xiao
Based on the theory of Winkler beam on elastic foundation, mechanical model of syncline genesis was established and deflections, bending moment and strain energy were deduced. Meanwhile, stress and energy conditions mining in syncline structure were analyzed from the point of formation mechanism of syncline...
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Experimental Research on the Effect of Initial Temperature Coupled with Ignition Energy on the Gas-air Mixture Explosive Limits

Yansong Zhang, Xiangbao Meng, Bo Liu, Wenzhou Du, Jie Zhang
In order to study the effect of different initial conditions on gas explosive limits, the gas explosive limits have been measured under different initial temperatures(50~200℃)coupled with different ignition energies(50~800J). Besides, it has been obtained that the change rules of the upper and lower...
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A New Bumping Danger Warning Method Based on the Growth Trend of Drilling Cutting Quantity

Zhongcheng Qin, Tan Li, Guangbo Chen, Bin Cao, Yuteng Liu
The method of drilling bits is a common method to predict the rockburst. This method establishes a quantitative relationship between the drilling cutting quantity and the stress in coal body. But in the process of mining, the common early warning indicator often has some disadvantages such as limitation...
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Progress in Research of Characterization Methods for Pore and Fissure Structures in Coal

Gang Wang, Junnan Shen, Xiangjie Qin, Dongyang Han
The pore and fissure of coal directly affect the occurrence and seepage of gas. Therefore, it coal seam methane should be developed for utilization and gas control. In this study, characterization methods for coal fractures are introduced on the basis of extensive literature research. They are usually...
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Application and Development on Coal Mine Backfill Mining Technologies in China

Xinguo Zhang, Jinxiao Liu, Feifan Li, Gaoshang Wang, Wenqiang Zuo
The rapid development of backfill mining technologies were reviewed in Chinese coal mines from the 2002 to 2012 in Chinese coal mines. Some field engineering applications were introduced, the main data was collected from 27 typical backfill mining working face, including geology survey, mining setting,...
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The Injectability of the Advanced Inhibiting Coal Seam and the Effect of Inhibitor Injection

Yansong Zhang, Qingxin Xie, Xiangbao Meng, Bo Liu
In order to study the injectability of the advanced inhibiting coal seam and the effect of inhibitor injection, taking the 3 upper coal seam in Nantun mine as an example, on the basis of the fact that this coal seam can be injected, the experiment of pressurized water absorption for coal in 9 different...
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Impact Hazard Assessment of Mine Roadway Excavation in Fault and Karst Erosion Area

Zenghui Zhao, Xiaojie Gao, Qing Ma
The evaluation method of impact hazard during the recovery of the working face is mature, but the evaluation indexes or factors considered by these methods are difficult to apply to the risk analysis of roadway excavation in the areas with faults and karst. Therefore, the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation...
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Laboratory Study on the Propagation of Horizontal Edge Cracks in Rock-like Material

Baoliang Zhang, Baotang Shen, Shaojie Chen, Xizhen Sun
Rock fracture propagation is a major hazard for mining and tunnel excavation in fractured rock masses or coal seams. This paper describes a study of investigating the mechanisms and pathways of rock fracture under uniaxial compression. A rock-like material which consists of model gypsum, water and diatomaceous...
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Energy Mechanism of Rock Burst in the Rock-Coal Combined Body

Shaojie Chen, Dawei Yin, Ning Jiang, Zhen Zhang, DongMei Huang
Rock burst hazards during deep mining are a dynamic phenomenon of the sudden release of elastic energy aggregated in the roof rock-coal combined body. In this paper, the occurrence mechanism of rock burst for roof rock-coal combined body was studied through energy dissipation theory. And the elastic...
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A Research on the Methods for Prediction of the Slope Stability of Open-pit Mine

Xiwen Feng, Yue Guo, Junyong Li
In order to improve the slope stability of open-pit mine, this paper proposed four prediction methods BP (Back Propagation)Neural Network, Naive Bayes Classifier, Decision Tree and Support Vector Machine for predicting the classification of slope stability of open-pit mine.Firstly, the sample data of...
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Development of Water Flowing Fractured Zone Caused by Fully Mechanized Top Coal Caving in Xin’an Coal Mine

Changxiang Wang, Ning Jiang, Yao Lu, Buchu Zhang, Wenbo Wang, Chuanping Sun
Taking Xin’an coal mine as an example, through empirical formula, regional analogy, theory analysis and analog simulation experiment, predicted the high of water flowing fractured zone under the condition of fully mechanized top coal caving, used monitoring system to measure the height of water flowing...
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Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Tunnel Advance Support on Surrounding Rock Stability

Zhitao Ma, Xinpeng Wang, Yachao Yang, Yongqiang Cui
The purpose of this paper is to study the effect of advance support on the stability of tunnel surrounding rock using the numerical analysis. For this, three different cases, such as without support, pipe shed grouting support, and advance small pipe grouting support were calculated and analyzed. The...
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Numerical Simulation of Building Foundation Stability above Old Longwall Goaf

Ning Jiang, Shaojie Chen, Dawei Yin, Xikun Chang, Weijia Guo
In orderto analyze and evaluate the residual deformation of longwall goaf and its effect on new buildings, the stability of building foundation above the old longwall goaf was studied using the FLAC3D software. According to the results of probability integral method, the mechanical parameters of the...
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Numerical Study on the Mechanism of Water Inrush by Floor Damage and Fault Activation during Longwall Mining

Peisen Zhang, Wei Yan, Wenquan Zhang, Hao Wang
This study evaluated the damage and fracture patterns in mine floors and the fault activation caused by longwall mining, as well as the associated effects on mine water inrush. Numerical simulations were used for this evaluation. The results indicated that higher water pressures in confined aquifers...
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Relationships between Field, Experimental Strengths or Their Ratios and Excavating Depths of Rock Masses in Datun Coal Mining Area

Chuanxiao Liu, Yongjie Yang, Depeng Ma, Maotong Li, Baihui Xue
By experimental results for mudstone under the seventh coal seam and sand mudstone of the eighth coal seam in Datun mining area, their uniaxial compression strengths have no relationship with mining depth. Field compression strengths of these strata are not only no more than their experimental strengths,...
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Research on Reasonable Lag Time of Gob-side Entry Driving in Deep Mine Based on On-line Monitoring of Lateral Stress and Deformation of Working Face

Luyi Xing, Yongjie Yang, Jiakun Lv, Haiyu Ji, Yandong Zhang
The determination of reasonable lag time is the key to make the gob-side entry driving away from the violent mining of the working face. In this paper, the geological and mining conditions of the No.7432 Working Face in Kongzhuang Coal Mine is taken as the research background. Using an independently...
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Research on Surrounding Rock Control Technology of Roadway Excavated in Residual Coal Pillar

Donghai Jiang, Tongxu Wang, Mingguang Zhang, Yuanjie Wang
In order to research surrounding rock control technology of roadway excavated in residual coal pillar, this article took excavation roadway in coal pillar that was between the two parallel empty roadways as the research background , used field investigation, theoretical analysis and calculation, similar...
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Extension of Water Flowing Fractured Zone during Coal Seams Mining in No.1 Mine of Tashendian Area

Qinghai Li, Tongbin Zhao, Zhen Li, Jingkai Li
In coal seams mining in No. 1 mine of Tashendian area, three methods of theoretical analysis, UDEC numerical simulation, and physical simulation test were used in this research to analyze the extension height of water flowing fractured zone and the height of waterproof coal (rock) pillar. By calculation,...
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Study on the Method of Prevention and Control of Dynamic Disasters in Isolated Island Face

Jian Hao, Jun Chen, Yongkui Shi
In order to study the safe mining method of isolated island coal face, the stratum movement and stress condition of the island's working area are analyzed theoretically, and the criterion of safe mining in isolated island coal face was put forward. The paper holds that rational mining parameters can...
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Steam Gasification of Bituminous Coals with CaO Additives

S.S. Azikhanov, E.K. Nepomnyashchikh, A.R. Bogomolov
The results of experimental studies on steam oxygen-free gasification of carbonized coal in a dense layer with addition of calcium oxide. The effect of the amount of added calcium oxide on the process rate and composition of produced gas was determined. The possibility of adjusting the hydrogen/carbon...
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Analysis of Studies of the Rock Pressure Manifestations During the Development of the New Kuzbass Seams

Nikolai Bedarev, Oleg Lyubimov, Nikolai Kovalev, Natalya Grigoryeva
Based on the analysis of studies in domestic and abroad practice it is defined that the accumulated experience is a subject to significant adjustment in conditions of new Kuzbass coal deposits (Erunakovskoe, Kazankovskoe and others.). There is a comparison between the obtained measurements of the manifestation...
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Application of the Numerical Method for the Purposes of the Coal Pillars Failure Zones Estimation with Respect to Excessive Deformation

Inna Ermakova, Natalya Pirieva
The methodology for calculating the dimensions of failure zones in coal pillars is proposed. The suggested approach is based on the finite element method, taking into consideration excessive deformation of coal seam, and compressive strength of coal. The estimation algorithm is suggested for the failure...
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Directional Hydraulic Fracturing Application for Reduction of Rock Heaving Intensity in the Development Opening under Conditions of S.M. Kirov Mine

Vladimir Klishin, Gleb Opruk, Alexander Ponizov
The article reveals the application experience of directional hydraulic fracturing to reduce rock heaving intensity in the development opening of the following longwall face. The authors developed a scheme of roof weakening at longwall exit from the installation chamber. It also helps prevent rock heaving...
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Research of the Breakdown Rock Mass Parameters Under Conditions of the Transportless Mining System

Valery Kolesnikov, Vctor Martyanov, Eugene Makridin, Alexander Katsubin
Intensive mining in the Kuzbass region (Russia) and high environmental impact imply the development of both energy saving and environmental saving technologies. One of the directions is the decrease in the use of heavy vehicles via the non-transport flat seams mining. At the same time to increase the...
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Defining the Excavated Layer’s Height for Coal Extraction by Backhoes

Oleg Litvin, Maxim Tyulenev, Sergey Zhironkin, Sergey Markov
Currently, large machine building companies produce hydraulic excavators serially with a wide range of operating parameters (bucket capacity, digging radius, digging depth and height). Hydraulic excavators have found wide application in quarries all over the world (USA, France, England, Japan, Australia,...
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The Theory of Control of Stressed States of a Block Rock Massif with Regard to the Hierarchy of its Movements

A.N. Solovitskiy, V.V. Pershin
It is established that taking into account the development of geodynamic and technogenic processes in the development of the Kuzbass subsoil is an actual and multifaceted problem. Its solution is impossible without the creation of new models of deformations of blocks of the earth's crust. These processes...
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Increase of the Frame Support Yield Load by Full Filling of Behind-Anchoring Space with Grout Material

Viktor Tatsienko, Alexander Liskovets, Maxim Sablin
The article presents brief description and results of laboratory and in-situ tests of frame support with backfilling of behind-anchoring space with grout. Characteristics of mining and geological conditions on the site of inclined conveyor shaft of Sychevskiy-I mine-section, A.D. Ruban Mine (JSC SUEK-Kuzbass)...
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Reliability Analysis for Bolt-shotcrete Support System in Underground Tunnels

Guangchao Zhang, Chuanwe Zang, Zhijie Wen, Bangyou Jiang, Feng Wang
Reliability analysis of bolt-shotcrete support system is essential for the stability control of the underground tunnels. This paper presented a new analytical method for the reliability analysis of bolt-shotcrete support system. Considering the difference of the stiffness of each support unit, the bolt-shotcrete...
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Simulation Research on Hydraulic Support Based Virtual Prototyping

Yuekan Zhang, Jingzhen Cao, Lanyue Jiang, Peikun Liu, Xiahui Gui, Junru Yang
To overcome limitations of current designs of hydraulic supports based on conventional physical prototype, we propose a virtual prototyping based design mode for hydraulic supports. In this study, a 3D numerical model of hydraulic support was established by numerical simulations and stress distributions...
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Simulation of Direct Torque Control for Five-Phase PMSM and Comparison of Optimized Vector Tables

Gang Zhao, Haiying Liu, Fangyi Zhang, Hongliang Zhao, Yikun Yuan, Yongchang Jiang
In this paper a simulation of direct torque control for five-phase PM motor has been designed. The modeling of Five-phase PMSM is based on three-phase PMSM..The prototyping platform system uses Matlab/Simulink. A graphical programming interface with hardware-in-loop design process for testing the algorithms...
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Effect of Surface Defects and Internal Pressure on Fatigue Life of Coiled Tubing

Bing Liu, Tao Li, Liping Xu, Baokun Han, Huitao Zhuang, Shulin Li
In the Complex service environment, the surface of coiled tubing has different degrees of defects, which can easily lead to the stress concentration on the surface of coiled tubing and cause premature fatigue failure of the tubing. In order to estimate the fatigue life of coiled tubing more accurately,...
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Research on D Section Steel Tube Filled with Concrete Used for High Stress Roadway Support in Deep Mines

Qinghai Li, Limin Liu, Jing-kai Li, Zhen Li
In view of large deformation of return air roadway in No. 10 coal mine, this paper puts forward a new support of D section steel tube filled with concrete. In this paper, method of numerical simulation has been used to analyze the effect of this support. Based on compression simulation of circular ring,...
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Features of Reactive Power Compensation in Electrical Networks of Coal Open Pit Mines

Roman Belyaevsky, Vladimir Efremenko, Fedor Nepsha
This paper discuss the features of reactive power compensation in electrical networks of coal open-cast minings. The authors calculated the value of the reactive power consumed by the network elements. It is established that synchronous motors are able to compensate about 40% of the total reactive power...
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Modeling and Calculation of Cyclic Fatigue Life of Surface Plastic Strain Hardened Parts of Mining Machines Based on the Mechanics of Technological Inheritance

Valeriy Yu. Blumenstein, Ostanin Oleg A.
The study reviews the developed model of deformations accumulation and depletion of the metal plasticity reserve at the cyclic fatigue life stage. Such model is based on the ideas relating to the index of stress state scheme and consistent in terms of physics. It is shown that the type and numerical...
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Development of a Drilling Tool for Making non-Circular Cross-sections of Blastholes at Open-cast Operations

Gennady Buyalich, Viktor Tatsienko, Mikhail Khusnutdinov, Polina Podkur
In mining minerals by open-cast method, the environment is exposed to a powerful man-made impact, a significant part of which is associated with mass explosions during rock crushing. In preparation of rocks for excavation by blasting, a significant amount of dust and gases is emitted into the atmosphere;...
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The Detection of Defects in Rolling Bearings Based on the Analysis of Vibroacoustic Signal

Boris Gerike, Andrey Mokrushev
In article the approach to identification of defects roller bearings used in the various parts and components of mining machinery and equipment based on the wavelet transform of the vibro-acoustic signals generated by the various defects arising in the supporting elements of power transmission, transforming...
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Study of the Rational Number of Cutters in the Cutting Lines of Cutting Drum of Geokhod

Aleksei A. Khoreshok, Vladimir V. Aksenov, Kirill A. Ananiev, Aleksander N. Ermakov
a feature of the Geokhod with cutting drum leads to inequality of the cutter feed speed to face. For this reason, the number of cutters cannot be the same in all cutting lines and will increase as the distance of cutting line from the center of geokhod to the periphery. The variability of possible schemes...
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Influence of Form and Orientation of Single Abrasive Grits on Their Strength Characteristics

Vladimir Lyukshin, Dmitry Shatko, Pavel Strelnikov, Larisa Shutko
The article is devoted to the research of strength properties of single abrasive grits of various shapes. The existing methods for determining the strength of abrasive materials are analyzed. Data are presented on the pattern of stresses arising in abrasive grits under various schemes of applying loads...
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The Ultimate Rotating Resistance of the Belt Conveyors Rollers

Alexander Zakharov, Boris Gerike, Dmitriy Shiryamov
belt conveyors are widely used in various transport systems. The major cost for their operation consists, most often, of the means for rollers maintenance especially when belt conveyors are in the dusty explosive environment, for example, in mining industry. To prevent or reduce probability of fires,...
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Sliding Mode Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based on Super-Twisting Algorithm

Yi Zhang, Zhenxuan Wen, Qingliang Zeng, Shitong Zhang, Huizhi Sun
In this paper, the second order sliding mode control law was designed based on the super-twisting algorithm and the switching function sign(s) was replaced by the saturation function sat(s) for the torque and flux controller in the permanent magnet synchronous motor double closed loop control system....
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A Study on the Activation of Carbide Slag Cementitious Materials

Mingyue Wu, Xiangming Hu, Qian Zhang, Weimin Cheng, Lin Xin, Yanyun Zhao
This research used orthogonal testing methods to study the effect of stimulator content on the properties of carbide slag (CS) cementitious materials. Range and variance analyses reveal that different stimulators do not significantly affect the consistencies and setting times of these cementitious materials,...
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Study on Temperature Effect of Concrete Mechanical Properties

Maotong Li, Chuanxiao Liu, Huaqing Yang, Yuanchao Zhou, Jiashu Liang
Taking Plain Concrete column and Reinforced Concrete column for research objects, the uniaxial compression experiments were carried out to fix baking time, change temperature and fix temperature, change baking time. Numerical simulation was performed using FLAC3D software and all experimental data were...
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Study on the Influence of Magnification of Rock SEM on Fractal Dimension

Sen Li, Houli Fu, Zhe Qin, Lunan Sun
Fractal dimension is widely used in the quantitative description of nonlinear systems and irregular properties. It is of great significance on the mechanism of rock mechanics. This can provide guidance for the management of goafs in rock mines. In this paper, firstly, multiple sets of rock fracture surface...
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A Summary of Research on the Durability of Cemented Paste Backfill in Mines

Hao Li, Yin Liu, Kai Wang, Yalan Guo, Boqiang Cui, Ruyu Yan
From the point of view of sustainable development, the durability of mine cemented paste backfill(CPB) structure has become more and more important. This paper mainly introduces the research status of the durability of CPB from the aspects of impermeability, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance....
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Effect of Desulfurization Gypsum and Quicklime on Performance of Fly Ash Filling Paste

Yin Liu, Boqiang Cui, Changxiang Wang, Yao Lu, Ning Jiang, Zhanxin Liu
In order to reduce the filling cost and improve the coefficient of utilization of fly ash in coal mine filling paste, the influence of desulfurization gypsum and quicklime on the setting time and uniaxial compressive strength (UCS) of filling paste with large quantity of fly ash were studied using the...
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Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Granite at Different Damage Degrees

Maotong Li, Chuanxiao Liu, Huaqing Yang, Yuanchao Zhou, Jiashu Liang
Rock mechanics servo testing machine was used to test the uniaxial compression of granites with different degrees of damage. Based on the experimental results of stress-strain curves, the influence of different damage degrees on the mechanical properties of granite was analyzed. The results show that...
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Study on the Correlation Between Meso-Structure Fractal Characteristics and Macroscopic Parameters of Two Typical Rocks

Dongmei Huang, Xikun Chang, Yunliang Tan, Yanchun Yin
The meso-structure characteristics of rock affect the macroscopic mechanical behaviors such as its fracture form. In this paper, through the uniaxial compression test and electron microscope scanning(SEM) test of two typical rocks of sandstone and limestone, the fractal characteristics of meso-structure...
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Numerical Simulation and Optimization for Double Pore Gas Drainage in Low-Permeability Fissured Coal Based on Lattice Boltzmann Method

Ming Gao, Bin Fang, Zhijie Wen, Tao Yang, Xiaotong Li, Yujun Zuo
In order to simulate gas drainage in low-permeability fissured coal considering double pores arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically, a dynamic model which can use a large pressure gradient is constructed based on Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM). Different two pores drainage messures are studied respectively,...
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Research on Dust Concentration Changing Regularities in Coal Releasing Operation of Fully Mechanized Caving Faces and Dust Reduction Technology

Lirong Wu, Weimin Cheng, Gang Zhou
Getting the changing law of dust concentration in fully mechanized coal caving face and taking specific measures can ensure the safety and health of workers. The dust migration rule of coal releasing process under different conditions was simulated by the software of FLUENT. The simulated result matches...
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Monitoring on Ground Movement of Geological Tectonic Region Based on InSAR Time Series Analysis

Shenwen Yu, Weiping Shi, Leyin Hu, Yougui Feng, Zhurong Xing
In long-term slow ground deformation monitoring, conventional InSAR technology is affected by factors of temporal decoherence, spatial decoherence and atmospheric effects. In order to overcome these limitations, this paper uses two InSAR time series analysis of permanent scatters and small baseline subset...
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Study on Ecological Environment Monitoring in Mining area based on Remote Sensing Information extraction

Weiping Shi, Shengwen Yu, Hong Hu, Lei Yu
The large-scale exploitation and utilization of mineral resources not only brings great economic benefits to mankind, but also produce a series of geological disasters and environmental damages. Traditional monitoring methods require a large number of samples to be collected in the field and take a long...
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Rare Metals in Kuzbass Ash and Slag Wastes: Prospects of Extraction

Cherkasova Tatyana, Cherkasova Elizaveta, Tikhomirova Anastasia, Bobrovnikova Alyona
Kuznetsk coal basin is one of the largest and most promising basins of the Russian Federation. Deposits of Kuzbass coal are complex ore-coal deposits, containing industrial concentrations of goal, platinum, rare metals in coals, waste coal and bottom ash waste, the extraction of which creates products...
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Some Issues of Controlling Mass Transfer in a Coal Array with Low-pressure Watering

Ivan Elkin
The results of researches of mass transfer in a coal array and its conditions are described in the article. The influence of various physical processes on mass transfer is considered. An essential factor determining the direction of mass transfer in the coal array is the distribution of capillaries by...
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The Study of Natural Gas Hydrates Decomposition Conditions in Order to Determine Their Possible Influence on Gasodynamic Processes

Tatyana Kim, Valery Dyrdyn, Vyacheslav Smirnov
The conditions of natural gas hydrates formation were studied experimentally. The composition of natural gas was determined chromatographically. The equilibrium points of the natural gas hydrate on the P-T diagram are determined. It was found that the point of natural gas hydrate formation is always...
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Investment Risks Reduction of Developing Coal Deposits on the Basis of Quantitative Assessment Method of the Geological Information Confidence

Аleksandr Kopytov, Tamara Rogova, Sergey Shaklein
Approaches to the assessment of mining risk, which is the risk of subsequent disconfirmation of the quantity and conditions of the coal reserves existence, are given and summarized in the paper. It is shown that the methods of its assessment are developing in the way of quantitative methods application....
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Processing of Lignites into Effective Sorbents for Solving Environmental Problems and Improving the Quality of Life

Alexey Kozlov, Zykov Igor, Dudnikova Yuliya, Tsvetkov Vyacheslav, Fedorova Nataliya, Zinfer Ismagilov
The paper shows the possibility of processing of lignites of Kuzbass (Tisulskoye coalfield) into effective carbon sorbents. The sorbents are obtained at the different ratio of KOH/coal – 0.25g/g; 0.5g/g; 1g/g; 2g/g. The correlation of the porous structure and sorption activity of carbon sorbents with...
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Conditions of Leaks Formation in Load-bearing Structures of Underground Buildings

Elena Kulikova
Formation of leaks and “fistulas” in concrete lining of underground structures is associated with the local density of concrete, which is characterized by its water resistance. Capes and intermittent streams of groundwater negatively changes the resistance of individual sections of the concrete lining...
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The Use of By-product Coal as Fuel on Boiler Plants of Small and Medium Power

Murko Vasily Ivanovich, Hyamyalyainen Veniamin Anatolievich, Baranova Marina Petrovna
A significant environmental problem for the coal regions of Russia is the presence of large volumes of fine-dispersed coal sludges formed during the operation of coal mines and coal-preparation plants. In addition to direct environmental damage, storage of these sludges in sedimentation tanks, hydro-dumps...
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Development of Efficient Technologies for Abatement of Nitrogen and Sulfur Oxides in Flues Gases of Coal Combustion

Vasily Murko, Veniamin Khyamyalyaynen, Ekaterina Mikhaylova, Nadezhda Shikina, Zinfe Ismagilov
Results of development of technologies for purification of coal-fired power plants from nitrogen and sulfur oxides in the frame of Russian-Chinese Project No. 14.583.21.0004 are presented.
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Open Pits Automobile Transport Impact on the Environment and Labor Safety

Portola Vyacheslav, Bobrovnikova Alyona, Murko Elena
The automobile transport as one of significant sources of the increased danger to environment and employees of coal mines is considered in this article. The data of volumes of emissions from the automobile transport of the coal industry in the form of gaseous and solid pollutants into the atmosphere...
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Diagnostics of the 3D Shape of a Rock Failure Zone by Electrical Measurements on the Earth’s Surface

Dmitry Sirota, Vadim Ivanov
In a number of previously published papers by D. Sirota and V. Ivanov, it is theoretically and experimentally shown that the electrical measurements on the earth's surface can determine the approximate size and depth of the hearth of a man-made earthquake and a rock bursts in coal seams at depths of...
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Environmental Consequences of Coal Mine Elimination

Tatyana Tyuleneva
Mines have an impact on all components of the environment during and after coal mining. Process of restructuring coal industry and elimination of unprofitable mines changes anthropogenic impact on the environment. Structural and technological change in the geological massif is terminated, but other types...
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Selection of Functions of the First Degree for Forecasting the Aggregate Bituminous Coal Size Characteristics

Vladimir Udovitsky, Vladimir Kandinsky
The study considers sixteen functions of the first degree that were used for the analytical presentation of the aggregate size characteristics by "plus" of the Kuznetsk basin coal in the size range from 0 to 300 mm. The computational experiment was carried out for 500 aggregate coal size characteristics....
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The Evaluation of Negative Anthropogenic Factors Subjection on Bolts Stability and Surrounding Massif Deformations

Alexey A. Renev, Sergey S. Tsibaev, Stepan I. Kalinin
Herein there are the results of a tool and visual assessment of condition of excavations, border massif of rocks and anchor support elements influenced by flooding and further drainage, seismic and shock waves dynamic loading and high temperature short-pulse. The extent and term of the mine being under...