Proceedings of the Twelfth Conference on Applied Linguistics (CONAPLIN 2019)

The Twelfth Conference on Applied Linguistics (CONAPLIN 12) is annually held by The Language Center of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, English Education Department of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, and the Indonesian Applied Linguistics Association. With the theme of “Applied Linguistics and Industrial Revolution 4.0: Reviewing Policy, Expanding Research, Enriching Practices”, CONAPLIN 12 serves as a vehicle for language teachers, researchers, practitioners, students, or even policy makers to contribute and share their research and insights on the issue and draw conclusions for future practice and studies. Held on 1-2 October 2019, the Conference has been a platform to disseminate and discuss research findings in the area of applied linguistics and language pedagogy. It is our expectation that the Conference will contribute to the development of applied linguistics and language pedagogy as a distinct body of knowledge. Also it is our hope that the Conference will open up future research on applied linguistics and at the same time allowing all participants expanding their network.

We would like extend our gratitude to reviewers for their time and efforts in reviewing the papers. We would also thank to advisory board members for providing their supports, and the organizing committee members, individuals who have strong commitment, diligence, hard work, and passion to organize this event. Finally, we hope that the Conference has brought fruitful and productive sessions allowing participants to expand the knowledge, build and broaden their networks and positively contribute to the field of applied linguistics. We hope that future conferences will stimulate more contributions to the field of applied linguistics and education.

The Editors
Yanty Wirza, Ph.D.
Wawan Gunawan, Ph.D.
Eri Kurniawan, Ph.D.
Nuria Haristiani, Ph.D.
Ari Arifin Danuwijaya, M.Ed.