Proceedings of the Twelfth Conference on Applied Linguistics (CONAPLIN 2019)

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The Strategy of Terminology Translation

Ade Mulyanah
The study aims to describe the strategy of terminology translation from English into Indonesian. This descriptive study used fifty data taken from the terminology used in recent billboards, notice, and signs in Indonesia. The results show that some strategies were employed in the translation of the data....
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English for University Graduate Employability: Students and Employers’ Voices

Akhyar Rido
Currently, English has taken a more significant role in all domains of life and is always associated with globalization and industrialization. In Indonesia, the growing importance of English has created new purposes and needs for learning English mainly by university students. This also calls for a shift...
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Students’ Problems in Writing Exposition Texts: Structure, Function, and Effectiveness

Anisia Kemala, Andoyo Sastromiharjo, Yeti Mulyati
Writing skill is one of the core competencies for students to succeed in academic. However, students often face many difficulties when conveying their ideas through writing. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to identify students’ problems in writing exposition texts based on three indicators; 1)...
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ESP Students’ Recount Text from SFL Perspective: Pedagogical Implication Based on Students’ Writing Analysis

Canda Putri Anggini, Eri Kurniawan
Many students are committing mistake in writing by showing some errors in written product. The existing approach to teach ESP writing applied by the teachers is still using traditional grammar. Systemic Functional Linguistics offer a new perspective in analysing students’ text which focuses on meaning...
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Students’ Reasoning and Fallacies in Indonesian EFL Classroom

Delpani Selpia, Sri Setyarini
This study is about 30 students’ ways of logic and reasoning in English language learning analyzed through HOTS-based questions in a private senior high school context in West Sumatera, Indonesia. All students were in the first grade who just began their first semester in the school. First, class observation...
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WhatsApp Grouping Class for Increasing Students’ English Ability

Dewi Surani, AR Chaerudin
This paper discusses the usage of WhatsApp grouping class for increasing students’ English ability. This study uses descriptive qualitative research methods, with primary data in the form of semi structured online interviews, participatory observation, documentation and test result. Purposive sampling...
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The Use of Colloquial Words in Improving Students’ Speaking Through Teacher’s Daily Assessment

Dhia Hasanah
Recently, there are many ways to get a new vocabulary and to learn English. One of the ways is watching YouTube. Watching Youtube has paid fully attention in students’ area. Imitating what favorite YouTubers say in their channel as colloquial words is very common to see in students’ daily conversation....
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An Analysis of Condolences Speech Act by Indonesian Adolescents

Diah Nurlianingsih, Ernie D. Ayu Imperiani
This study aims to identify strategies in condolence expressions and explain the effect of power and distance on the choice of condolences strategies used by 20 Indonesian adolescents at the age of 11 to 19 years old. The study was employed by using a qualitative descriptive method. In the form of discourse...
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Teachers’ Perspective Toward Literature Circle to Elevate EFL Students’ Reading Motivation

Dida Firman Hidayat, Bachrudin Musthafa
Previous literature in the EFL context has reported that lack of learning motivation may cause a decrease in students’ reading comprehension skills. Therefore, the literature circle is believed to be capable of elevating their motivation towards reading English texts. This article seeks to capture Indonesian...
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A Semiotic Analysis on LAY’s and EXO’s Selected Music Videos

Eka Margianti Sagimin, Ratna Sari
This study describes the semiotic signs and implied meanings of two music videos. The videos studied were “Goodbye Christmas” by Lay and “Universe” by EXO. The writer focused on the study of denotation, connotation, and myth in these videos by using Barthes’ theory. In this case, all scenes such as properties,...
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Visual Novel Game Subtitles and the Improvement of Vocabulary Comprehension Ability: Does It help L2?

Eny Kusumawati
The purpose of this study is to test the effect of subtitle features, include the selection of the right words to be used in the vocabulary in the visual novel games (VNG) on L2 English viewers’ retention and recall of texts, that used as the teaching material. Quasi experimental research played in this...
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The Effects of Topic Familiarity on Eleventh Graders’ Writing Performance

Erly Mulfias Yuli, Sisilia Setiawati Halimi
This study investigated the effects of topic familiarity on eleventh graders’ writing performance in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) context. The students were assigned to finish two writing tasks with topics that they were familiar with. One of these familiar topics had been experienced by the students,...
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Designing Bilingual Test Items: Teacher’s Strategies

Euis Yuyun, Yanty Wirza
The study is aimed at exploring teacher’s strategies in designing bilingual test items in science and mathematics. Through employing a qualitative approach and using an interview to collect the data, the study involves an elementary teacher in a private school that implements a bilingual program in the...
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Phonological Language of Minangkabau in Kenagarian Koto Alam, Kecamatan Pangkalan Koto Baru Kabupaten, Lima Puluh Kota

Fajar Marta, Isah Cahyani
This study aims to describe (1) vowel phoneme, diphthong, consonant, and semivowel (2) vowel distribution, diphthong, consonant, and semivowel, and (3) syllable patterns in Minangkabau Kenagarian Koto Alam. The dialect in question was chosen because it is quite different from the general Minangkabau...
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Students’ and Lecturer’s Perception of the Implementation of Direct Method in EFL Classroom: A Case Study in a Tertiary Level

Faris Al Hazmi, Nenden Sri Lengkanawati
Teaching English using Direct Method (DM), which only uses the target language and refrains from using the learners’ native one, does not always seem understandable for some students, especially those who are in the first year of study in a tertiary level context. Responding to such an issue, this study...
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Ecocriticism of Sinandong Batolurlah Kau Sinangin Melayu Culture in Tanjungbalai, North Sumatra

Fitra Audina, Tedi Permadi, Nuny Sulistiany Idris
Sinandong Batolurlah Kau Sinangin is a product of oral tradition in Tanjungbalai which serves as the medium for transmitting cultural values like poems, mantra, and others. This oral tradition is sung with affection, love, heartache, sorrow, etc. Sinandong is rich in didactic values that have not been...
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Teachers’ Strategies in Providing Scaffolding in English for Young Learners Classroom

Hanifia Arlinda
The high demand for English to be taught at the primary level in Indonesia fosters the needs of EYL teachers who are qualified in terms of teaching and mastering content knowledge. Language proficiency is considered as one of the factors which determine the quality of English teacher (Richards, 2015)....
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Sundanese Dialect in Sinar Resmi Traditional Village in Cisolok District, Sukabumi Regency (Phonological Perspective)

Husni Thamrin, Retty Isnendes
The main purpose of this study is to find out the similarities and differences in the form of speaking dialect intonation of Sinar Resmi traditional society of Sukabumi Regency which is spoken by parents and young people. This study was conducted qualitatively with identification and classification in...
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Word Formation Processes of Slang in KasKus

Iqbal Bagaskara Pratama, Ernie Diyahkusumaning Ayu Imperiani
The study aims to identify the types of word-formation processes of slang found in KasKus. It also determines the functions of the word-formation processes of the slang. The data are fully collected from by observing the post from eight categories, namely: Anime&Manga Heaven, Computer, Games,...
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Deixis Investigation of Motivational Speech in Jack Ma’s “Empowering Young African Entrepreneur in Nairobi” Speech

Ira Destiari Rahayu, Eri Kurniawan
This study aims to investigate the types of deictic expressions used by Jack Ma in one of his speeches in Nairobi and how these deictic expressions helped him in motivating his audience. Drawing on Fillmore’s (1997) category of deixis, this qualitative study found that three types of deixis were present...
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Indonesian EFL Teachers’ Perspective on Intercultural Communicative Competence

Teaching and learning English as a second/foreign language in this globalization era should be taught along with teaching culture. Culture underlies all language learners’ emotion, cognition, and their senses of who they are. The purpose of this study to analyze teachers’ views on intercultural communicative...
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Tense and Aspect Markers of Cirebon Javanese

Leny Saili Rahmah, Eri Kurniawan
This paper examines tense and aspects markers in the Javanese dialect of Cirebon. This language is included Western Malayo-Polynesian, Austronesian, spoken in West Java, Indonesia. Varieties of Javanese display a wide range of variation not only in lexicon and pronunciation but also in various aspects...
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What EFL Learners Say in Managing Their Speech During Academic Presentations

Lucky Rahayu Nurjamin, Asep Nurjamin, Rima Melati
Capturing the EFL students in managing their speaking phenomenon led the study to focus on scrutinizing the categories of fillers, as well as identifying the functions of each filler used in an academic presentation. This case study was conducted at one of educational universities in EFL settings with...
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Indonesian Language Acquisition by Children in Melayu Riau: A Study of Systematic Errors

Maya Indah Wahyuni, Dedi Sutedi
This study aims to determine the process of acquiring a second language for children, by describing the gains made by children in the linguistic, and complete stages of competence. This study used descriptive-analytical methods. Data obtained directly and indirectly. Children sampled were children who...
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Lecturer’s Perception of Using an Analytical Rubric for Assessing Summary Writing

Melvy Nancilia Putri
Assessment is truly essential in teaching writing skills. An analytical rubric is a common evaluation to find out the achievement of students’ writing skills. However, a kind of rubric which is adopted to score summary writing is different from the general writing skill rubric. This study aimed at finding...
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An Analysis of Non-Observance Maxims in Customs Protection

Muhammad Fadillah, Ernie D. A. Imperiani
The paper investigated non-observance of maxims among Indonesians and foreigners male and female passengers at Indonesian airport when the customs officers were checking the passengers. Specifically, it analyzed the types of non-observance of maxims along with the possible reasons as to why the passengers...
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The Use of Pair Work to Reduce Speaking Anxiety in an EFL Classroom

Mutiara Putri Aulia, Nenden Sri Lengkanawati, Rojab Siti Rodliyah
Anxiety in speaking is one of the common obstacles in learning English as a foreign language which leads students to neglect the opportunity to speak English in the classroom. To help students in reducing speaking anxiety, teachers need to find a suitable teaching strategy. Based on the issue, this study...
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Interactional Modifications for Comprehensible Input: A Case Study of Two EFL Teachers

Naila Karima, Didi Suherdi, Fazri Nur Yusuf
This study aims to investigate the use of interactional modifications proposed by Long (1983) by two English teachers and language learning opportunities obtained. The study found out the distribution and the form of interactional modification in two different levels of English proficiency, elementary...
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Teacher’s Corrective Feedback to Students’ Oral Production in EFL Classrooms

Nida Mujahidah Fathimah
Corrective feedback which requires the appropriate strategies in treating learner errors during the classroom interaction is known to have a greater impact on younger learners than to the older ones. Regarding this issue, this research paper investigated teachers’ strategies in providing corrective feedback...
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Students’ Problems in Personal Letter Writing: A Systemic Functional Linguistic Perspective

Raden Aulia Utami Hidayat, Eri Kurniawan
The 2013 English curriculum for high school demands students to write a personal letter in English to improve their writing ability. However, some students met some difficulties in writing a personal letter. This study investigated the students’ problems in writing a personal letter based on three metafunctions...
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An Inquiry Study on Teachers’ Beliefs and Knowledge of Critical Literacy Pedagogy in Indonesia Context

Raden Aulia Utami Hidayat
In Indonesia, alternative approaches to language and literature teaching that involve critical literacy tend to be regarded as something new. Teachers who want to apply critical literacy, mostly have limited knowledge or experience of what critical literacy is and how to apply it in their classrooms....
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Refusal Strategies Among Sundanese Students: An Analysis of Gender and Power Relation

Rahmatillah Solihah, Ernie D.A. Imperiani
This study aims to investigate the contribution of power relations to the realization of refusal strategies done by Sundanese male and female students. This study employs a descriptive qualitative approach. The data used in the present study were gathered from a Discourse Completion Test (DCT) that was...
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Interpersonal Meaning Analysis of Selected Song Lyrics from Queen’s Greatest Hits Album

Raynanda Sukma Medina, Safrina Noorman
This research aims to analyze five selected song lyrics from Queen’s Greatest Hits album, and it is to generate the meanings from the analysis results. The objectives of this study are to describe the types of interpersonal meaning by looking at the most dominant mood types and value of modality. The...
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Exploring EFL Students’ Gaming Experience in Acquiring Second Language Vocabulary

Resna Suci Nurfalah
How students acquire a second language (L2) has been varied due to the development of information and communications technology (ICT). Different digital technologies, especially video games, which are used to assist students in acquiring language have been examined by researchers. However, studies exploring...
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Students’ Identity Indicated by Genre Movement Used in Application Letters

Rizki Amalia, Eri Kurniawan, Ahmad Bukhori Muslim, Ali Makhrus
As a first document used to assess someone’s capacity, an application letter is required to be created in good genre moves to show someone’s positive identity. This study analyzed the genre moves of students’ application letters and investigated the students’ identity portrayed in their texts. Using...
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“It is Confusing to Use More than One Accent in the Class”: Exploring Teachers’ Perception Toward World Englishes in Listening Class

Siffa Annisa Fitri Ramadhani, Eri Kurniawan
The increasing number of non-native English speakers has caused an inevitable effect which is the emergence of English varieties. Accordingly, English does not belong to one specific country. Thus, the ownership of English belongs to those who speak it. However, teaching English in Indonesia has been...
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EFL Teachers’ Views on Learner Autonomy

Siti Nurfiqah
Indonesia is one of the Asian countries which has just little field regarding learner autonomy. Moreover, it is still doubted that if teachers generally accept the views about learner autonomy or even to what extent they understand about it. As a response, this study was conducted to investigate the...
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Outdoor Education: A Contextual English Learning Activity to Improve Writing Ability of Young Adolescents

Sri Setyarini, Iyen Nurlaelawati, Rahmat Agung Azmi Putra
This paper reports an implementation of Outdoor Education as a contextual learning activity to improve the writing ability of young adolescents. It aims at (1) investigating how Outdoor Education is implemented in teaching English to young adolescents to improve their writing ability; (2) identifying...
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It’s Helpful and Easier Now: Photographs to Scaffold the Writing Skill of Students with Limited English

Srihidayanti, Ahmad Bukhori Muslim
Despite its increasing importance in academic life, writing is still considered the hardest skill by most English Language Learners (ELLs). In addition to linguistic barriers, writing in English becomes more challenging for junior secondary school students in Indonesia due to limited language proficiency...
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Cross-Cultural Skype Conversation in Improving Students’ Speaking Production and Grammar

Suci Tresna Dewi Handayani
Generation Z students with millennial spirit 4.0 are always expected to increase their competitiveness globally. One of the elements to compete is the ability to speak English with good grammar. A tertiary school in Bandung adopts Cross-Cultural Skype Conversation (CCSC) to improve students’ English-speaking...
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Students’ Perspectives Toward News Voiceover Activity in Pronunciation Class

Suprayogi, Budi Eko Pranoto
This study aims at revealing students’ perspective toward the implementation of news voiceover activity in pronunciation class. This study employed qualitative descriptive method by selecting 40 tertiary students enrolling Pronunciation Course in English Education study program in a tertiary level in...
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A Conversation Analysis of Repair Strategies in Indonesian Elementary EFL Students

Tita Novitasari, Ernie D. A. Imperiani
This study investigated the types of repair strategies and techniques of repair initiation used by Indonesian elementary EFL students during the classroom interaction with their teacher. The participants were elementary EFL students at the beginner level. By using qualitative research, the study used...
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Classifying Speech Act of Gossip Using Verbal Response Modes in Selected Instagram Posts

Vina Nuzulul Fitria, Bachrudin Musthafa
This study aims to examine the speech act of gossip on selected Instagram posts and categorize the existing utterances based on the speech act classification by Searle (1969). The selected Instagram posts were selected by following a Verbal Response Modes (VRM) approach. A descriptive method was chosen...
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Text Complexity in English Textbooks for Junior High School: A Systemic Functional Perspective

Wida Mulyanti, Pipit Prihartanti Soeharto
This study investigates the progression of text complexity based on Systemic Functional Linguistics theory. Being largely qualitative, this study analyzed three consecutive textbooks (grade VII, VIII, and IX) issued by the Ministry of Education. The data were analyzed in terms of lexical density, lexical...
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Focusing on Code Switching: Educators’ Perceptions in Assessing Learners’ Foreign Language Proficiency

Wini Rustiyani
In Indonesia, educators usually apply more than one code in the EFL classroom as an alternative way to support language learning activities. This issue is known as code-switching. This research focused on investigating educators’ perceptions of assessing learners’ foreign language proficiency. Particularly,...
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Language and Social Class: The Differences Between Traditional Market and Mall

Yanty Wirza, Gentania Dewi Famela, Nurajijah, Nurul Nahdiyah Widiani
This study investigated some features of language use in two contexts: traditional markets and modern market, or more commonly known as malls. The data of language use and physical appearance as the class markers were gathered through observation and interviews with the traditional market and the mall...
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The Difference in Emoji Usage Between Genders

Yanty Wirza, Della Hanifah Nurbaeti, Hana Hanifah, Hasri Hanifah
This study investigated the use of emoji between male and female genders. Using mixed-method research, the study collected messages with emojis from 20 male and 20 female college students in one of the cities in Indonesia. The study also used brief interviews to learn the reasons and factors for using...
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Identifying Pedagogical Implications for Teaching Application Letter: Learning from an Expert Text

Yeni Latipah, Wawan Gunawan
Job application letter is a type of short functional text learnt by secondary school students. The ability to write a convincing and persuading job application letter is important for students to attain their intended job after graduating. Yet, the genre of an application letter is still less studied...
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Musical Sensitivity on Trained and Untrained Vocalist: A Study of English Phonological Awareness

Yune Andryani Pinem, Nur Makkie Perdana Kusuma, Antonius Gathut Bintarto Triprasetyo
Music and language acquiring spots may be different in the brain yet share the same sound production. Skills to acknowledge music is beneficial to produce musical arts while the ability to recognize phonology in English leads to not only native-like pronunciation but also word-class identification and...
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Have Your Texts Been Well-Structured? Mood Block Analysis

Yustika Nur Fajriah, Nurul Wahidah, Rahmat, Ruly
This research aims to analyze students’ recount texts by using mood block analysis. To achieve this purpose, a qualitative case study design was employed in this study. This study was conducted at one university in Indonesia. The data were collected from six students’ recount texts, selected from the...
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EFL Flipped-Classroom: Promoting HOTS in Speaking Skill

Zahratul Riza, Sri Setyarini
Flipped-classroom has been reported to be able to provide more exposure as well as more opportunity to develop students’ higher-order thinking skills both inside and outside the classroom. However, this pedagogical model is generally implemented at the university level instead of the secondary one. o...