Proceedings of the conference on current problems of our time: the relationship of man and society (CPT 2020)

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Cultural Policy and National Culture in the Arctic Region of Russia (On the Example of the Activities of Cultural Institutions of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia))

Nurgun Vyacheslavovich Afanasev, Lyudmila Stepanovna Efimova
The article analyzes and examines the current state of national culture on the example of the activities of cultural institutions in the Tompon, Oymyakon, Ust-May districts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) based on the results of the research work “Assessment, main trends in the natural and socio-economic...
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Europeanism in the Comprehension of F. Dostoevsky: The Antique Aspect

Anna Skoropadskaya
The article analyzes the understanding of Europeanism in F. Dostoevsky’s journalism. One of the central topics for the Russian writer - the contrast between Europe and Russia - is revealed by referring to the ancient tradition. Antiquity, which laid the foundations of European culture, becomes one of...
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Expressionist Motives in the Work of Yuri Mamleev

Ella Radaeva
This article discusses the elements of expressionist poetics in the works of Yuri Mamleev, a Russian writer of the 20th century. The author mainly considers the novel “Rogue bears” as well as several short stories from the 1960s and 1980s. The author of the article holds the idea that expressionism,...
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Functional Features of the Spirit of Fire Among the Altai Peoples of Siberia

Nurgun Vyacheslavovich Afanasev, Vasily Vasilievich Illarionov, Tuyara Vasilievna Illarionova, Olga Ksenofontovna Pavlova, Lyudmila Stepanovna Efimova
The article discusses the functional features of the symbol of fire. The authors analyze the main functions of the symbol of fire in the traditional culture of the Altai peoples. The spirit of fire among the Altai peoples is presented in a female anthropomorphic image, it is called “От эне” ‘Mother Fire’....
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Gaming Technologies in Facilitating Communication in Pre-School Age

Anton Penchev Stoykov
This article deals with the inclusion of gaming technologies in the kindergarten educational process to facilitate communication at this very sensitive in terms of its development age. Proposed is a gaming technology model creating conditions for improving the child’s social and communication skills...
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Hut as a Phenomenon of Russian Culture

Vladimir Nemtsev
Discusses socio-cultural phenomenon called Russian hut, describes how the buildings, the use of the hut and many of the features of operation in the harsh natural conditions. The author proposes a new concept of “housing and economic complex of the farmer”. It is a question of Russian cuisine, the life...
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Image Technologies for Formatting Relations Between Russian and Belarusian Youth in the Post-Soviet Space

Natalya V. Shalygina, Irina A. Snezhkova
The article is devoted to the consideration of new technologies for influencing the consciousness of Russian youth in the process of forming the image of both their country and other countries of the post-Soviet space. The most relevant example for considering the issue should be considered the situation...
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Implementation of Learning Model Aimed at Developing Social Competence of Third Age People

Innokenty A. Malanov, Evgenia V. Miroshnichenko, Natalia I. Shmonina
The article deals with the problem of development and implementation of the learning model aimed at developing social competence of the third age people. The problem of teaching people of the third age is relevant and is solved in the domestic and foreign studies from the standpoint of the formation...
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Is There a Viral Potential in “Suggestion” as a Quality of Theatrical Human Nature?

Maya Vilyevna Rakhimova
The purpose of this work lies in characterizing “suggestion” as a quality of theatrical nature of a human being with highlighting a viral potential of theatricality. The author believes that theatricality, as a tool for personal adaptation, is used by people everywhere. However, except some examples...
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Johan Heising’s Cultural Concept and Its Influence on the Modern Study of the «Musical Middle Ages»

Olga Zhuravleva, Natalia Alekseenko, Natalya Garipova, Olena Veselova
The article considers the cultural concept of the middle ages. J. Huizinga and its influence on modern music medieval studies. The main attention is paid to the problem of the nature of creative consciousness, the self-value of the culture of «joy, love, the «juicy maturity» of a full «human life», reflected...
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Life of Chernyshevsky’s Ideas in the Intertextual Field of the Novel by I. Bunin “The Life of Arseniev”

Tatiana M. Uzdeeva, Subar I. Inarkaeva, Tamusya Kh. Akhmadova, Inna B. Bachalova, Marina Kh.-M. Sadulaeva
The article discusses the novel by I. Bunin “The Life of Arseniev” from the point of view of its intertextuality. The article analyzes the presence of echoes of the novel “What to do?” by N.G. Chernyshevsky in the Bunin’s novel. The article analyzes the anti-nihilistic tendencies embodied in the fate...
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Morpho-Phonological Patterns of Recent Korean Neologisms

Ahn Sang-Cheol, Kyunney Egorova
This paper analyzes the morpho-phonological patterns of recent Korean neologisms used in SNS text messages. To this end, we use the data appearing in recent newspapers and online dictionaries showing the most recent usages since 2017. During the discussion, we categorize the data into several groups...
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Music in the Convergence Processes of Education

Natalya Mikhailovna Garipova, Olga Ivanovna Zhuravleva
The article highlights the urgent problems of modern education, causing a number of contradictions that appear both at the level of society and at the level of personality; the sources of these contradictions are analyzed, which consist in the hyperbolization of the role of thinking in the processes...
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Peculiarities of Work With Foreign Students: Problems and Ways to Solve Them

Tatiana Nikolaevna Shurukhina, Olga Nikolaevna Ivus, Alexander Nikitovich Belov, Natalia Viktorovna Repsh, Svetlana Anatolyevna Berseneva, Svetlana Ivanovna Maksimenko
The article covers some issues of international activity of Russian universities. The task of the study described in the article is to identify and describe the real range of problems in the work of teachers of the Primorskaya State Academy of Agriculture with foreign students, and to determine possible...
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Pedagogical Support of the Self-Development of Adolescents in Additional Education in the Framework of the Reflective-Value Approach

Irina Ivanova
The article is devoted to the problem of pedagogical support of the self-development of adolescents in additional education, implemented within the framework of the methodology of the reflective-value approach developed by the author in the framework of the scientific school of existential pedagogy under...
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Prehistory in the Interdisciplinary Discourse of A. Chechelnitsky: Implementation of Scientific Principles and Ethics

Irina Alekseevna Gataullina, Olga Mikhailovna Gilmutdinova, Natalia Mikhailovna Topal
The far Eastern version of the prehistory of mankind by astrophysicist A. Chechelnitsky is considered as a model of implementation of an interdisciplinary approach in the study of the past, which left no physical evidence. The contradictory evidence from ancient sources revealed by the scientist and...
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Sakha Language Terminography Overview

Egor Innokentevich Okoneshnikov, Aleksandra Spartakovna Akimova, Yuliya Mikhailovna Borisova, Marina Stepanovna Delannois
This article observes the formation and the making of the Yakut language terminology, in particular the selection and quality of dictionary glossary and their compositional (inventory and interprative) characteristics. The authors substantiate and analyze a new direction in Yakut linguistics called terminography....
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The Architectonics of the Culture of the City of Yakutsk at the Turn of the 20th and 21st Centuries

Iya Volodarovna Pokatilova
There are few works of culturological nature, despite the fact that there are many local history, historical, sociological, economic studies devoted to the history of the city of Yakutsk. One of the relevant methods of historical cultural studies at the beginning of the 21st century is the architectonic...
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The Innovative Potential of the Personality of a University Teacher as a Requirement of Time

Tatyana Yu. Artyukhova, Olga A. Kozyreva, Elena P. Fedorova, Elena V. Kirgizova, Oksana A. Benkova, Viktoriya B. Chupina
The introduction of innovations in any sphere of life without a specific person is impossible. The purpose of this article is to consider the innovative potential of a university teacher as a necessary condition for accepting the challenges of our time. The components of the individual’s innovative potential...
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The System of Supplementary Education as an Instrument of Developing Students’ Readiness for Creative Profession-Oriented Activity

A.I. Lisovskaya, L.P. Ovchinnikova
The author has developed a model of students’ readiness for creative activity in the system of supplementary education using her long-term experience in this area. In the absence of sound scientific principles of applying project technology in mass educational practice, she has conducted a thorough job...
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The Upcoming Duel in the Hero of our Time as a Key Episode of the Novel by M.Yu. Lermontov Two Fights

Vladimir Nemtsev
The article presents a wide range of ideas and topics reflecting the problems of the Lermontov novel, which embodied the independent trends that occupied Russian society in the second quarter of the XIX century. Here the next Russian timelessness is stated, very vividly and convincingly shown by Lermontov....
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Variability of Language Use in the Modern Linguistic Paradigm: Modeling of Discourse Intercultural Communication in the Context of Globalization

Zhibek K. Issayeva, Irina S. Karabulatova, Anastasia A. Popova, Natalia V. Dubinina, Abudusalamu Nijiati
Personality development, and accordingly, increasing professional competence occurs as the special activities become more complex, in the course of discourse different types of knowledge interact and a concept is formed as a combination of all types of special knowledge (from naive and ordinary ideas...
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Yakutia in Visual Sources of the 18-19th Centuries: A Brief Overview

Lena Borisovna Stepanova
The study of visual sources of the 18 - 19th centuries, outside of the dominant discourse of art criticism, it makes us think about the organized nature of the formation of illustrative materials in all areas of scientific disciplines, which went along with the process of forming large centers of historical...
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Aspects of Development of Accumulative Life Insurance and Investment Insurance in the Russian Federation at the Present Time

Lyusiena Evgenyevna Piunko
The market for accumulative and investment life insurance in Russia and its regions, including the far Eastern Federal district, is only developing, or rather reviving, after its disappearance due to the collapse of the USSR. Today, insurance companies are developing and implementing products in the...
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Commercialization of Exclusive Rights in the Digital Age in the Conditions of Globalization

Victoria S. Savina, Anna A. Avanesova, Tatyana A. Strutinskaya, Viktoriya V. Degtyareva
The article is devoted to the analysis of the process of commercialization of exclusive rights in the digitalized world’s economy. In digital technology, there is a unique opportunity to create copies of works, ensuring their absolute identity with the original. As soon as an object is converted to digital...
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The Historical Basis of the Property of Systematic Financial Law: Issues of Budget and Tax Federalism

Nataliya I. Zemlyanskaya, Mikhail N. Sadchikov
The article provides a historical analysis of the formation of fiscal and tax federalism of the modern Russian state, substantiates the relationship between tax revenues and public spending, which is a property of the consistency of financial law. An analysis of the formation of Russian statehood made...
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Development of Chinese-Russian Relations Within the SCO

Wu Ting
The SCO was created in 2001, at the moment, as one of the most successful global initiatives, in fact determines the foreign policy vector of development of not only a significant region of the planet, but also the world as a whole. A huge role in the success and effectiveness of the project belongs...
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Digital Security of “Smart Cities” as a Factor in the Sustainable Development of the Economy

Viktoria V. Borisova, Elena E. Panfilova, Hendra Raza
The purpose of the research conducted by the authors is to identify key problems in organizing the digital security of technology parks as prototypes of the “smart city” and points of innovative development of the economy. In the research the authors adhered to the hypothesis that the development in...
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Effective Management of Seized and Confiscated Assets as a Condition for Providing Victims with Access to Justice and Fairness of Procedures Used in Criminal Proceedings: International and Russian Experience

Kirill V. Kamchatov, Andrey A. Timoshenko, Ekaterina Yu. Kamchatova, Olga V. Buzu
The purpose of the research is to form a General idea of the management system in the framework of legal procedures for seized and confiscated assets for compensation for damage caused by an offense. The hypothesis of the research is that the national system of management of seized and confiscated assets...
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Evaluation of the Possibility of Performing the Complex of Works Based on the Models of Their Interaction

Oleg B. Anikin, VeraV. Vodyanova, Boris A. Anikin, Nikolay I. Zaichkin
The article proposes a mathematical model of the interaction of work performed in an organization at the same time and using common resources. The purpose of the study is the creation of tools with which the decision maker can qualitatively assess the physical ability to execute his orders. As a working...
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Features of Functioning Economic Metaphorical Terminology in Modern Advertising Discourse

Yulia Nikolaevna Ebzeeva, Liliya Faylasovna Sultanova, Karpis Sarkisovich Anumyan, Irina Sovetovna Karabulatova, Olga Vladimirovna Mamatelashvili
Introduction. Economics and linguistics are United by the dualism of human nature: word and action. Modern society clearly demonstrates the convergence of the spheres of Economics and linguistics, as civilization develops in a digital format. Object of research: terms-metaphors in the language of Economics....
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Forms and Methods of State Regulation of the Economy in the Context of the Implementation by the Russian Federation of Measures to Combat the Spread of New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)

Vladimir M. Redkous
The relevance of the work is due to the needs of improving state regulation in the economic sphere and its administrative and legal support, the applied forms and methods in the face of crisis phenomena caused by the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). The article provides an analysis of...
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Friedrich Nietzsche and Mikhail Bulgakov in the Context of the Philosophical Ideas of the Silver Age

Vladimir Ivanovich Nemtsev
We judge the past calmly and take it for granted. It was allowed to contemporaries to create history. We should only understand it. As a work of art. Against this background, it is psychologically clear why Nietzsche’s ideas, which are especially understandable not only to the German but also to the...
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Implementation of the State Program “Dalnevostochniy Hectare” and the Regional Aspect of “Yakutskiy Hectare” in the Territory of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia): The First Results (2016-2020)

Aleksandr Nikolaevich Yakovlev
This article analyzes the implementation of the state program “Yakutskiy hectare” and its regional counterpart “Yakutskiy hectare” on the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The state program “Dalnevostochniy hectare” is a state social initiative to provide a free land plot to a citizen of...
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Improving the Human Resource Management System in the Moscow Region Municipality

Olga N. Gromova, Gabdelakhat R. Latfullin, Kazi N. Rustamov, Galina M. Sundukova
The purpose of the article is to reveal the developed measures to improve the effectiveness of the human resource management system in the municipalities of the Moscow region (MO) using an innovative approach and the use of competency models. The article presents the results of research conducted on...
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Journalistic Metaphors as Attitudinal Markers of Sociopolitical Situation in Russia in Early 21st Century (Cognitive-Semantic Aspect)

Elena E. Kotsova, Tatyana A. Sidorova, Elvira N. Akimova, Nataliya E. Petrova, Konstantin V. Skvortsov, Irina S. Karabulatova
The relevance of the study is conditioned by the growing interest in the analysis of the formation of journalistic metaphors as attitudinal markers, means of cognitive and evocative-stylistic evaluation, which makes it possible to keep a close watch on the way the Russian mindset is changing. The main...
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Main Approaches and Concepts Management Today and in the Future

Gabdelakhat R. Latfullin, Valentina G. Smirnova, Olga N. Gromova, Nina V. Bobyleva
The purpose of the results of this research is to consider the modern methodological foundations of the theory and practice of managing socio-economic systems. Modern concrete approaches and management concepts are considered. The hypothesis of their research is based on the laws of Economics and management...
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Main Trends in the Development of Language Policy of Russia

Wu Ting
The article is devoted to the coverage of the essence and role of the language policy of Russia at the current stage of development. The author notes that world and domestic historical experience governs the decisive role of the linguistic factor in ensuring stable political development and a tangible...
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Motivation in Today’s Environment

Yulia Borisovna Nadtochiy
A motivation system existing in the organization is one of the most effective tools to ensure proper performance of work. The article describes the author’s position concerning modern views on staff motivation. The results of studies of the students’ motivation to attend classes in the educational organization,...
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New Management Technologies and Digital Business Transformation

Vladimir V. Godin, Andrey A. Dashkov, Alla V. Blinnikova, Anna E. Terekhova, Olga M. Danilina
The purpose of this article is to review and analyze the main roles of information technology in the company: auxiliary, restructuring, and digital transformation. The role of information technologies in a company is determined by their degree of influence on the strategy and business model. The restructuring...
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Pension Reform as a Continuation of Economic Policy Russian Federation

Sergey I. Zakhartsev, Igor Yu. Nikodimov, Elena A. Mironova, Igor A. Burmistrov, Tatyana N. Sinyukova
The article considers the peculiarities of legal regulation of the termination of activity of private pension funds. The author explores the possible legal options for the termination of the activities of private pension Fund. In detail and disclosed to the General procedure, especially the legal procedures...
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Problematic Issues of Goal Setting and Optimization in the Development of the Russian Transport Complex

Vladimir A. Persianov, Alexey M. Lyalin, Anna V. Kurbatova, Tatyana N. Eremina
The introductory part of the article shows that modern transport is one of the main conditions for successful solution of urgent social, economic and political problems, including national security of the country. The disintegration of the transport system during the years of market reforms has complicated...
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Problems of Applying the Mechanism of Public-Private Partnership

Olga E. Astafyeva, Natalia A. Moiseenko, Viktor M. Serov, Tatyana Yu. Shemyakina
The article is devoted to issues related to the problems that arise when implementing and evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects using the mechanism of Public-private partnership. The problem of using public-private partnership mechanisms in Russia is considered. The relevance of the chosen...
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Problems of Corporate Governance and Control Under Unstable Capital Risk in Modern Russia at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century

Vladimir B. Zotov, Fail M. Ibiatov, Sergey V. Kulikov, Olga V. Mamatelashvili, Nailia H. Bikmetova, Liliya F. Sultanova
The aim of the study is a comprehensive study of theoretical and methodological issues and the actual practice of managing corporate industrial structures, as well as the development of ways to improve the performance of their functioning in conditions of high economic risk in Russia at the beginning...
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Problems of the Automotive Business Ecosystem in the Context of a Pandemic

Alexei A. Stepanov, Victor S. Gorin, Olga A. Tettsoeva, Artem O. Merenkov
The main purpose of the study is to assess changes in the automotive business related to the development of the main directions of post-crisis development of the automotive business ecosystem, taking into account the internal restructuring of the management system and the mechanism of state support in...
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Public Interpretation of the Political and Legal Process in Modern Russia as a Challenge to Social Consensus

Alexander P. Fedorovskiy, Nikolay V. Petrov, Irina V. Petrova
The article reveals the effectiveness of the representation of the activism of power structures in the field of politics and law, the features of its social recipient at the theoretical and methodological level, and also establishes the relationship between the explicitness of the statist discourse and...
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Public-Private Partnership-Institute of Socially Oriented Economy and Democratic Management System

Viktoriya I. Tinyakova, Natalia I. Morozova, Valentina N. Tarasova, Oksana V. Konovalova
Today, the leading world powers define the construction of a social state as a priority direction for their development. Authorities are expanding their social and economic obligations that will be financed at the expense of means of budgets of various levels. However, the revenue part of the budget...
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Scientific and Methodological Support of Regional Mechanisms of Scenario Management of Higher Educational Institutions

Larissa E. Sikorskaya, Kadisha K. Shalginbayeva, Irina P. Savchuk, Svetlana D. Galiullina, Elvira F. Mukhamadieva, Nailia H. Bikmetova
When forming scenarios, universities should rely on methods of state, public and market regulation. In the scientific literature, there is no single point of view on the regulation of higher education institutions, which determines the relevance of the chosen work and the feasibility of forming regional...
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Smart Algorithms and Psychological Warfare: Russian and Latin American Studies

Olga S. Polunina, Igor V. Romanov, Victoria A. Matanis, Mikhail V. Gundarin, Maksim G. Chardymskiy
Since the process and then the notion of the psychological warfare has become the part of our life it is constantly changing, becoming more sophisticated. Radio and TV brought psychological warfare nearly in every house in the 20th century. Internet and social media contributed greatly to the cross-boarding...
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Study of Representations on Legal Standards in the Structure of Legal Consciousness of Students of Legal Faculties

Larisa Evgenievna Deryagina, Valery Borisovich Borovikov, Igor Borisovich Lebedev, Sergey Nikolaevich Tikhomirov, Tatyana Vyacheslavna Maltseva
The article presents research data on the dynamics of the changes in the structure of legal consciousness of law students in the process of higher legal education. The role of legal consciousness in the structure of human existence is shown. The structure, functions and levels of legal consciousness...
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The Choice of Content on Social Networks by Adolescents, Depending on Their Life Purposefulness

Tatyana Gavrilova, Oksana Markova, Tatyana Popova, Tatyana Slinkova, Faina Shvets, Natalya Skomorokhova
The results of a study of the interests of adolescents on the VKontakte social network and the degree to which their goals are expressed in life are presented using the “Goal in Life” scale of D.A. Leontyev’s questionnaire of meaningful life orientations and the author’s profile of interests. The study...
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The Gradients of Informatization of Modern Court Proceedings in the Context of the Tasks and Principles of Civil Proceedings in the Russian Federation

Lilia Vladimirovna Voitovich, Natalya Arkadevna Latysheva
The content of domestic court proceedings, which is a special area of legal activity, is aimed at ensuring the administration of justice. At present, its traditional components are being substantially adjusted in connection with the implementation of the tasks of informatization in the activities of...
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The Partnership Between Man and Earth

Uliana Alekseevna Vinokurova, Elvira Andreevna Alekseeva, Anastasia Danilovna Alekseeva, Augusta Petrovna Diakonova, Mariya Egorovna Osipova, Daria Nikolaevna Filippova
The article substantiates the turn to the earth-centric paradigm of man’s attitude towards nature as the partnership between Man and Earth, and the changes of conceptual apparatus for studying the Man-Nature inter-conjugation and co-evolution. It reveals the limits of concepts of “anthropocentrism”,...
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The Problem of “Sense - Meaning - Concept” in the Context of Modern Intercultural Communication as a Reflection of the Processes of Globalization and Migration

Yulia N. Ebzeeva, Irina S. Karabulatova, Elvira F. Mukhamadieva, Karpis S. Anumyan
The purpose of this study is to carry out linguistic and cultural analysis of understanding as a process and result of intercultural communication in the unity of its phenomenological and procedural components. The object of the research is communicative interaction in the modern information society...
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The Specifics of Rural School in Russia: Historical and Pedagogical Analysis

Yevgeniya Yeretnova, Elena Sartakova
The article proposes historical and pedagogical analysis of the leading provisions of the concept of the rural school development. The purpose of the study is to identify on the basis of historical and pedagogical analysis and to systematize the peculiarities of rural school as one of the leading factors...
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Traditions and Innovations of Educational Activity and Pedagogical Process (From the History of Public Education in Crimea)

Nataliia Vasilievna Kriukova, Elena Viktorovna Novikova, Victoriia Vladimirovna Mironenko, Elena Lvovna Zelinskaya, Gennadii Ivanovich Makarenko
The study reveals the concept of “innovation in education” and also justifies the need for innovative changes in modern education at the international, state and regional levels based on the above documents and legislative acts. A comprehensive analysis of printed and archival sources revealed the main...
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Upgrade the Socio-Economic System

Ekaterina Yu. Kamchatova, Andrey P. Garnov, Inga O. Protsenko, Gennady V. Zubakov
The work is devoted to the study of the dynamics of functioning of socio-economic systems (organizations, local communities and States) from the positions of open systems theory and behavioral Sciences. In the framework of a relatively independent research for the economic system proposed methodology...
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Building Artificial Neural Networks for NLP Analysis and Classification of Target Content

Aleksey Rogachev, Elena Melikhova, Gennady Atamanov
The problems of analyzing texts in natural language (NLP) using artificial intelligence (AI) methods are caused by the semantic and lexicological diversity of texts. This circumstance causes the appearance of various machine learning (ML) metrics for neural network analysis. The problem of AI analysis...
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The Mechanism for Implementing the Sector Model of Functional Zoning

Denis Denisov, Tatyana Zhuravleva, Mikhail Zhuravlev
The sector model of functional zoning was identified in 2016 on the basis of an analysis of the distribution of facilities in St. Petersburg, Samara (Russia) and refined on the basis of a sectoral administrative-territorial division scheme adopted in Minsk (Belarus) and Moscow (Russia) (2020). This study...
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The Results of Y-DNA and Mitochondrial Haplogroup Testing of an Ancient Burial of XII-XIV Centuries in Old Vladimir Patriarch’s Garden Site Near the Klyazma River

Sergey Z. Chernov, Larisa L. Chernyaeva, Natalia N. Goncharova, Danil A. Kabaev, Svetlana V. Ocheretina, Alexander S. Semenov
The work describes the results of the experiment on Y-DNA and mitochondrial haplogroup defining of an ancient burial in Vladimir Area. The obtained data help to define the Y-haplogroup and mitochondrial haplogroup according to genetic markers studied in the research. The paper outlines the experiment,...