Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Digitalization of Education: History, Trends and Prospects” (DETP 2020)

Digitalization of Education: Diversity of Views

N.V. Konopleva, N.V. Aleksandrovich
Corresponding Author
N.V. Konopleva
Available Online 13 May 2020.
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digital education, digital learning, virtual world, educational process, creative component, contextual education
The article regards the viewpoints of authoritative experts (university rectors, teachers and psychologists) concerning digital education. The analysis shows that digital resources give education unprecedented opportunities and open up new horizons. However, at the present stage, there is not even a clear definition of what “digital education” is, since Russian teaching theory also includes an upbringing component into educational process. Without this component, education will become just learning with an unknown result. Live creative communication is a necessary part of the personality development but it is precisely excluded in a dialogue with a machine. The article offers a fragment of the lesson-quest, in which you can use either virtual reality tools or, at least, a smartphone. The lesson is devoted to expanding knowledge about the work and personality of W. Shakespeare: it creates the image of the city of London in the XVI century and involves various types of activities, including creative ones. The necessary information was available on specialized websites of museums or galleries. Special attention was paid to the fact that the language of the articles should be clear, the articles were interesting in content and would have such details that are little known even to the most erudite students. Students are supposed to apply their analyzing, comparing and generalizing abilities making the quest.
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