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A Study on Wang Gen’s Theory on Honoring the Body

Kaidi Zhang
Wang Gen’s theory of honoring the body shows a profound significance and is worthwhile for us to explore. Its theoretical source is his view of investigating things in the south of Huai, which is quite different from Zhu Xi’s and Wang Yangming’s views and lays a foundation for the theory of honoring...
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Visualization Detection of Melamine in the Protein Feed

Shengbo Gao, Tingting Yao, Luoyun Zheng, Jiaying Xin
Methane-oxidizing bacteria is the branches of methyl oxidation bacteria, It is a kind of gram-negative bacteria, which can directly use methane as carbon and energy sources. Methanobactin (Mb) is a fluorescent peptide released by the Methane oxidizing bacteria. It consists of two serine, glycine, two...
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Study on the Stability of Carotenoid Pigments

Luoyun Zheng, Jiaying Xin, Tingting Yao, Zhengyang Wang, Shengbo Gao
The effect of light, heat, acids, oxidant and reducing agent on the stability of carotenoids from Rhodotorula were studied, The results showed that the carotenoids from Rhodotorula are sensitive to heat, light, acid and oxidant . The absorbance at 475nm of carotenoids was weakened with the raise of temperature....
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Correlation Between Genetic Factors and the Incidence of Ocular Hypertension Glaucoma / Normal Tension Glaucoma

Yali Feng, Zhe Cui, Wenshuang Xu
Objective To explore the correlation between genetic factors and incidence of primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) Method 1157 cases of patients with POAG composed by 297 NTG and 860 HTG were recruited. Genomic DNA from each case was genotyped for 13 loci of SNPs in 4 genes TMCO1, CDKN2B-AS1, ATOH7 and...
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Discussion of the Poetic of TangYin’s “Autumn Breeze and Fine Silk Fan”

Ran Wei, Lingling Xiao
Tang Yin has a poem of “Autumn Breeze and Fine Silk Fan”, it has always been understood by the academics that the author just used a literary quotation to express his own worry and sorrow of unrecognized talent. The literary quotation is the round silk fan has no use in autumn and discarded into the...
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Methanotrophs used in Fruit and Vegetable Preservation

Chunyu Li, Shengbo Gao, Jianxiong Zhang, Jiaying Xin
Methanotrophs are a group of microbes with methane as the sole carbon and energy source. Methane Monooxygenase (MMO) is the vital enzyme system in the metabolic process of methanotrophs. Under the action of molecular dioxygen, MMO can catalyze olefin epoxidation reaction. Fruits and vegetables can release...
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The British Society in the 1980s and the 1990s Reflected in the Poems of Carol Ann Duffy

Xiaohong Sheng
As the first Scottish and first woman to be appointed as Britain’s Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, by using the weapon of poetry, addresses a wide range of issues related to her people and her gender, including social, economic and gender oppressions confronted with by the working class of Britain. This...
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Application Value of Iodixanol in Detecting Aortic Dissection of Elderly Patients in Low Dose Scanning Scheme by Idose

Wenfu Yan, Wei Zhao
Objective To investigate the application value of combined application of reducing the radiation dose by iDose low-dose scan strategy and using iodixanol as contrast agents in elderly CTA detection to aortic dissection. Methods 36 cases of aortic dissection were enrolled. According to number table, they...
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The Reports on the Protection and Inheritance of Laifeng Di LongDeng

Xiang Ding, Zhenhua Guo
Due to the differences such as the geographical environment, national characteristics, material conditions, history and culture and so on, dragon-dancing performances present various sights and unique style of performance contents. Di LongDeng, which is popular in Ban Shajie Village, Da Yanban Village...
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Research on the Humor in Friends from the Perspective of Relevance Theory

Jie Wang
Once after the publication of Relevance: Communication and Cognition (1986) by Sperber and Wilson, Great attention and interests have been aroused in linguistic field. More and more linguists have paid great attention to the relevance theory. In Relevance Theory, cognitive hypothesis and ostensive-inferential...
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Analysis of the Inheritance and Development of Sichuan Ethnic Minorities’ Traditional Sports Culture

Zhongfan Zheng, Liangliang Sun
With the constant development and progress of China’s society, people nowadays are gradually paying more attention to the inheritance and development of traditional sports culture. This paper discusses the inheritance and development of Sichuan Ethnic minorities’ traditional sports culture from the inheritance...
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Interest Introduction of German Language and Literature in Classroom

Ling Wu
With the further development of German teaching in our country, German learners are increasing year by year, which include German majors , college or middle school students who plan to go to German-speaking countries to study and related people who use German at work as well as a large number of spontaneous...
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The Singapore English Press in The 1970s

Lingyi Huang
The English Press in Singapore has unique features in a country that functions under Authoritarian System. In the 1970s, the whole press (both English and Chinese) faced challenges and pressure from the control of the government. Tightening measures and laws were implemented, therefore the English press...
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Influence of Orthopaedic Drilling Parameters on Surface Roughness and Cutting Force of Bone Drilling Process

R. Izamshah, M.S Noorazizi, M.S Kasim, C.H Che Haron
In orthopaedic surgery internal fixation of bone fractures using immobilization screws and plate is common procedure. This surgical procedure involved drilling into bone and fixative components interaction. Many problems are encountered with the bone drilling process such as holes accuracy, drill wander...
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Investigation and Analysis of Gejia Wushu Culture

Zhenghong Li, Zhenhua Guo
From the perspective of the development of ethnic groups, the research pays special attention to the inheritance and protection of special small ethnic folk sports culture. Using the research methods, such as anthropological fieldwork, ethnic Literature, non structural interview method and so on, Gejia’s...
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The Study of Track and Field Athletes Ankle-joint Injury Reasons and Preventive Measures in Sport-specific Training

Yong Zheng
Objective: To observe and investigate the cause and the prevention measures of sport-specific training in track and field athletes ankle-joint injury, thus to provide a scientific basis for sports injury prevention and treatment. Methods: We randomly selected 200 track and field athletes in a school...
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Research on Linyi Tourism Brand Strategy Based on the Advantage of Cultural Resources

Yunli Shi
Comparative advantage and competitive advantage are two basic elements of regional culture and tourism core competitiveness. The requirements of seizing the opportunity and considering tourism industry as the pillar industry need us break through the traditional patterns based on the facts of Linyi City....
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Research on Business Evolution in Luoyi in Pre-Qin Period

Dandan Qi
The early period of Western Zhou Dynasty witnessed the germination of commerce in Luoyi. After the Emperor Ping moved the capital to Luoyi, the city, as the capital of Zhou Royal Family, it played a vital role in politics inCentral Plains and the role of business had been promoted greatly. By Warring...
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The Needham’s Puzzle—based on Explanation of the Imperial Examinations system, Human Capital Accumulation and Long-term Economic Growth

Hanyi Chen
This paper attempted a perspective of the imperial examination system in ancient China and human capital accumulation. A kind of new explanatory hypothesis of the Needham’s Puzzle was proposed then The different system of China and Europe resulted in the diverse path of human capital accumulation, which...
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On the Revolution and Trend of Modern Men’s Wear

Ying Ding
Costumes were the special fruit of the human, which was the crystal of human material civilization and embodied the connotation of spiritual civilization. Fashion clothes were a surface decoration which was usually considered to be the masks used to cover up the bodies or the facts. We can put the way...
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Introduction to the Integration of Modern Art Design and Traditional Humanistic Thought

Ning Zhang
Chinese traditional humanistic thought which is rich and bright, has a long history. It is the core content of traditional culture, people’s understanding and expression to the world, the nature and the society, and an important philosophy and methodology. Through the exploration of Chinese traditional...
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Application and Personalized Performance of Ecological Idea in Environmental Art Design

Wei Zhang
Social development and progress accelerate the growth in the living standard and stimulate people’s spiritual needs. Especially on the aspect of environmental art design, people tend to pay more and more attention to the guidance of ecological idea for promoting environmental protection. This text proceeds...
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Application and Adaptation of Traditional Elements in Environmental Art Design

Li Li
With the social progress and economic development, people begin to pursue design philosophy and cultural connotation. Although era is developing, traditional factors are still favored and thus they are added into environmental art design. Forming an ingenious combination with environmental design, traditional...
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Expression and Significance of CD123 and CD96 in Myelodysplastic Syndrome

Xuefang Zhang, Libo Jiang, Shuying Zhang, Heng Guo, Hong Zhou
Objective: To explore the relationship between the expression of CD123 and CD96 and prognosis in MDS. Methods: 89 MDS patients and 20 controls were enrolled. The patients were grouped by the risk. All participants was detected by bone marrow biopsy. Mononuclear cells were extracted , CD34+CD38-CD123+...
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Analysis of Ethics for Using Portable Intelligent Devices based on PLS Regression Model

Xuecai Bao, Jinghai Yin, Tangsheng Wang
With the development of wearable device, ethical issues widely attracted the attention of many people. The operating principles of technology and the basic definition of human well-being need to analyze the ethics issue for using portable intelligent devices. In this paper, the factors of impacting human...
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Typical Clothing Ensemble for the Textile Worker

Ruiliang Yang, Wen Sun
Objective: Typical clothing ensemble for the textile worker in the cotton textile workshop was investigated, which can be used to assess the real thermal condition in the cotton textile workshop. Methods: A yearlong survey of typical fabrics and clothing ensembles in four different cotton textile workshops...
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On the Transformation and Popularity of the Cheongsam in Modern Time

Ying Ding
For thousands of years, all the Chinese women dresses were made through the straight cutting in tailoring. The bosom, the shoulder, the waist and the buttocks of the clothes were all straight. The women’s line of beauty didn’t show completely at all. As far as the cheongsam, the characters were also...
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The Creation Manifestation of Tie-dyeing Craft in Modern Fashion Design

Yanli Hu
The tie-dyeing art has experienced a perfect evolution from the traditional craft to the modern application until today. The tie-dyeing art is full of resplendence and glamour due to both the aesthetic perception retaining of traditional craft and the creation and the blending of modern science. The...
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Study of Drypoint Transfer Value and Technical apply on Linen

Jiangbo Liao, Xiaoming Yang
Etching belong to an ancient creative art of Europe, it originated gold silversmith printing process in European. Copper plate has a certain strength, through the copperplate etching and release agent transfer printing plate making, printing on linen, you can get the printing design creative nature....
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The Role of Cheongsam Culture in Interpretation of the Inner Activities of Movie Characters

Shuxian Huang
This Cheongsam is a traditional clothing of China and is also known as national apparel, which meets the requirements of Chinese traditional aesthetics with deep national cultural heritage and unique status and charm. Cheongsam is widely used in movies, which shows the changes of the identity and status...
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On the Manifestation of the Pearl Embroidery Art in the Ready-made Clothes Design

Qionghua Deng
With the fast development of the clothing industry, the designers are pursuing the creation of the design, the breakthrough of the design and the unlimited imagination of the design, which were all embodied in the style of the clothes, the color of the clothes, the material of the clothes, the art and...
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Aesthetic Expression Of Chinese Elements In Modern Women's Clothing

Qinghui Peng
The Chinese elements in the field of modern women's clothing design has always been a kind of inspiration source the designer likes. Exploring and excavating Chinese elements of different aesthetic value can provide a new design direction for designers, and then create a new clothing styles and aesthetic...
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Study on the Reference Function of Harry Potter Phenomenon on Culture Industry Development in China

Yuehong Xu, Xiao Liang
The culture industry has a huge burst of energy and vitality, and its development scale as well as degree has become an important sign evaluating the competitiveness of a nation or an industry. This paper firstly elaborates the theoretical basis of Harry Potter phenomenon based on the definition of culture...
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Research On Female Domestic Cold Violence

Jie Liu, Jun Zhang
The gradual increase of female domestic cold violence can be attributed to three factors, i.e. historical, personal and social factors. And the destruction and harm of female domestic cold violence to harmonious and stable families should not be underestimated. Therefore, it ought to be prevented and...
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Research on Formalism and New Criticism of Dickens' Novels

Lina Wang
English novelist Charles Dickens never went from a few days to learn the poor boy to the world-famous generation writer, through the arduous process. He left a valuable human literary heritage. Dickens and his writings, has been one of the key concerns of the Anglo-American literary critics. This paper...
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Study on Energy Dissipation Law in the Process of Coal and Gas Outburst

Shugang Li, Ning Wang, Tianjun Zhang
Research from the angle of energy is one of the important way to explore the cause of coal and gas outburst for grasping the law of coal and gas outburst. In order to study energy dissipation law in the process of coal and gas outburst. Build the relationship between strain and stress of coal and rock...
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Expert System of Electric Pump Well Condition Diagnosis

Jia Zhang
In order to realize the intelligent diagnosis of the electric pump and the motor working condition during the operation period of the electric pump well, an expert system based on fault tree and rete algorithm is realized. Through the analysis on the fault characteristics of the electric pump well, established...
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Research on Characteristics of Real Estate Price Bubbles in China

Minyi Yu, Chunjie Ma
To illustrate the Chinese real estate market bubbles' situation and trends, analyze relevant characteristics and structural features, this research used qualitative and quantitative research methods, and focused on statistical analysis of housing prices in major cities and the whole country, like the...
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Research on the Impacts of BIM on Information Exchange between Stakeholders in Construction Project

Yingnan Yang, Yanfei Jiang
In order to analyze the impacts of BIM on information exchange between construction project stakeholders, this paper studied from three essential information exchange modes. At last, the simplified version of Shannon-Weaver model II was chosen as the analysis framework. The whole process of information...
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Research on Application of C4.5 Algorithm in Performance Analysis

Kai Lu, Mingrui Chen
C4.5 algorithm is one of the ten classic algorithms of data mining, it is a series of algorithms used in machine learning and data mining. This paper mainly studies the application of C4.5 algorithm to the analysis of performance data, to dig out the hidden relationship between various factors and test...
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The Key Technology and Algorithm Design for the Development of Intelligent Examination System

Kai Lu, Mingrui Chen
Traditional examination by the teacher to choose, group, organization, after the examination, and then by the examination papers to correct, determine the results. Therefore, many factors, such as the standardization degree, the difficulty degree and the rationality of the evaluation, are more easily...
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Experimental Research into the Influence of Different Athletic Loads on the Activities of Serum Enzyme of Non-Exercising Rats

Yanjie Jiang
Purpose: to discuss the biologic and chemical mechanism of the influence on the organisms’ health exerted by different athletic loads. Method: experimental method is adopted to observe the influence of different athletic loads for six weeks continuously on such indices as IgG, CK, LDH, GPT-ALT and so...
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Research into the Relationship of the Development between the Sports Industry Cluster and the Regional Economy

Zhaoyuan Huang
In this paper, the literature method is used to discuss the relationship between the formation of the sports industry cluster and the growth of the regional economy. According to the research, there are some problems existing in the development of the regional sports industry cluster of China, and relationship...
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Research Analysis on The Implementation of Mobile Wallet under E-commerce Platform

Yi Yang, Zhu Mei, Jingdong Liu, Xing Wang
With the rapid development of Internet technology, E-commerce is increasingly accepted by the people. E-commerce transactions via the Internet to achieve a convenient, with ubiquitous business features. But such business model by the trading range of restrictions, has the deficiency of movement flexibility....
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Survey of Application of Modern Information Technology in College Lab Management

Feng Yu, Wei Liu, Ming Cui, Chunyang Gao
In the process of the informatization construction of universities, IT managers have meet many challenges. The rapid development of modern IT technology makes the complicated work such as industrial design, production process, financial statement cold chain logistics and storage management simple and...