Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANRes 2019)

Greetings respectfully, with the accompaniment of prayer, may God give us mercy and affection.

Currently, the International Conference of Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resources (IC-FANRes) has entered the fifth series. The age of the FANRes International Network has been four years since 46 Universities declared joint agreement on 31 August 2015 at the University of Jember, Indonesia. Until 2019 the membership of FANRes has reached 60 Universities, and related institutions spread throughout the world.

So far, FANRes is still consistent in organizing the annual International Conference and Executive Meeting. Our commitment is to explore, gather experts, and also disseminate as well as to develop the results of research in the field of food, agriculture, and natural resources to support world food security. Thinking about and strengthening the link between natural resources and agriculture that can improve the quality and food security of the world's population, which is also the ideal and agreement of the world, as stated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The results of the executive meeting previously agreed on the development of academic exchange cooperation among members and the publication of an International Journal on Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources. Hopefully, the implementation of FANRes Conference from year to year will increasingly demonstrate its quality by facilitating its output to be published in reputable publishers such as Atlantis Press.

Allow me to express my most profound appreciation to Rector of the Khairun University (UNKHAIR), Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, and the leaders in the UNKHAIR environment. Thank you for the support of the mayor's city of Ternate and Tidore city, also greetings to the Sultan of Ternate and Tidore for their blessing and support. Great thanks to the participants, the organizing committee, invited speakers, reviewers, and editor of the paper, both of which will be published in the proceedings of the conference output and the international journal FANRes. Welcome to the next productive conference of 6th IC-FANRes in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Prof. Dr. Yuli Witono, S.TP., MP.
Professor in Food & Agriculture Product Technology
Department of Agricultural Product Technology
Faculty of Agricultural Technology
University of Jember, Indonesia, and
President of FANRes International Network