Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources (FANRes 2019)

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A Review of Challenge and Prospect of No-Tillage Practice to Sustain Spices Cropping Systems in North Maluku

Lily Ishak, Sarni, Erwin Ladjinga, Ramli Hadun
No-tillage or zero-tillage has been adopted for years by local farmers to sustain islands-based tropical spices cropping systems across the North Maluku region. Various studies in other parts of the world have proven a remarkable effect of this practice on soil health indicated by the enhancement of...
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The Change in Growth Phase of Luja Plants (Peristrhophe bivalvis Merrill) Due to Differences in Light Intensities and Stem Cuttings

Rima Melati, Nurul Aini, Helda Sabban
The change in every phase of plant growth can be seen from the growth of plant organ every week. Cutting materials used can influence the growth phase in different light environmental conditions. The research aimed to find out light intensities and part of stem cuttings influencing the change in growth...
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Response of SS Multipurpose Liquid Fertilizer to Growth and Production of Petsai Plants (Brassica chinensis L.)

Sofyan Samad, Shubzan A. Mahmud, Hasbullah, Farida Maricar
Chinese cabbage plants were ones of the horticultural plants that have high economic value and support for national food security. The public demand for Chinese cabbage was increasing to meet market needs; this research needs to be done. The aim was to determine the effect of multi-use of SS organic...
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Tnyafar: Women, Livelihoods Strategy Based on Agroforestry (Case Study in Selaru Island, Tanimbar Island District)

Junianita Fridianova Sopamena, August Ernst Pattiselanno
Selaru Island community has long ago been familiar with activity of fulfilling needs through Tnyafar. Being a local wisdom, every household used Tnyafar as a livelihood strategy. Through Tnyafar, community exploited natural resources regularly to ensure the fulfillment of the needs. This research was...
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Contribution of Agroforestry to the Plant Communities and Community Welfare in Ternate

Abdul Kadir Kamaluddin, Fadila Tamnge, Mahdi Tamrin
An agroforestry system is land use developed to provide economic, ecological and social benefits to improve the welfare of the community. The aim of this study are (1) to determine the contribution of agroforestry to plant diversity, and (2) to calculate the contribution of agroforestry to community...
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Physicochemical Characterization of Dioscorea spp. in Manokwari Regency, West Papua

Paulus Chadikun, Amalia Tetrani Sakya, Vita Ratri Cahyani, Maria Theresia Sri Budiastuti
Dioscorea spp is a wild plant which is an important food source, however there are no published studies on the nutritional composition of this plants growing at Manokwari Regency. Physical analysis includes color testing using the brand Minolta Reflectance Chromameter type CR-300. Chemical analysis includes...
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The Vegetation Model: An Environmentally Friendly Farming System in the Management of Rice Stem Borer in South Sulawesi

Abdul Fattah, Sitti Nuraeni, Abdul Wahid Rauf
Stem borer is one of the main pests of lowland rice in South Sulawesi. Types of stem borer found include white stem borer (Scirpophaga innotata, yellow stem borer (S. incertulas), and striped stem borer (Chilo suppressalis) and red rice stem borer guava (Sesamia inferens (Walker). The four types of stem...
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Implementation of Biopesticides to Control Phytophthora palmivora Butl. and Conopomorpha cramerella Snell. on Cacao in South Halmahera

Fredy Lala, Hermawati Cahyaningrum, Agus Hadiarto, Bram Brahmantiyo
One of the causes of low productivity of cocoa due to Conopomorpha cramerella known as cocoa pod borer (CPB) and black pod rot (BPR) caused by Phytophthora palmivora. Biopesticides consisted of Beauveria bassiana and kaolin was introduced to protect the surface of cocoa pods from CPB and BPR. The research...
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Analysis of Critical Land Based on the Erosion and Soil Organic Carbon in the Watershed of Girindulu East Java Province, Indonesia

Djafar Mey, Ahmad Iskandar, Junun Sartohadi, Djati Mardiatno, Muh Aris Marfai, La Ode Safuan, La Ode Amaluddin, Muhamad Tufaila, Baharudin
This study aims to analyze the relationship between erosion, soil organic carbon content with land critical. This research uses a geomorphology approach with the landform as the unit of analysis. Land critical is determined by the grade level of erosion hazard and soil organic carbon content class, taking...
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Potential for Land and Lengas Available to Water Needs on the Clove Land in Ternate Island

Buhari Umasugi, Sugeng Prijono, Soemarno, Ariffin
Land and climate are important land potentials in agricultural ventures. Land other than as a medium also grows water storage for plants. Rainfall is the climate element of the water provider for plants. Clove Plant as one of the main plantation plants that are cultivated on farmland by the people of...
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The Evaluation of Gorontalo Local Upland Rice Against Drought Stress During Germination Phase

Aisyah Ahmad, Patta Sija, Rima Melati
The aim of this research is to find out the tolerance level of Gorontalo local upland rice against drought stress given during the germination stage with vigor index and normal sprout dry weight variables as the indicators. The research was conducted in June 2016 using a completely randomized factorial...
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Germination and Seedling Growth of Hybrid and Madura Local Corn on Salt Stress

Kelik P. W. Sukma, Isdiana Suprapti, Budi Setiadi Daryono, Purnomo
Madura Salt Tolerance Corn (var. Duko and var. Elos) and Hybrid Corn (Sukmaraga and Anoman-1) were germinated on 0, 100, 200, 300 and 400 mM NaCl for 7 days. Then its planted by wick system hydroponic also on the same NaCl concentration for 14 days, conducted by using randomized block design with 4 replications....
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Acceleration of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt.) Seed Germination by Scarification and Gibberellin Application

Abu Rahmat Ibrahim, Santosa
Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt.) is a native commodity of Indonesia. Propagation of this plant is relatively difficult and takes a long time for germination because of its hard seed coat. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of scarification and gibberellin (GA) application on the nutmeg seed germination....
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Local Wisdom for Sustainable Forestry at Kalaodi Tidore Isle

Much. Hidayah Marasabessy, Firlawanti Lestari Baguna
The problem of forest conversion causes a diversity of forest resources, landscape forms and hills had changed and decrease. one effort to conserve forest resources can be done by integrating the local wisdom to manage the forest. The study aims to determine the local wisdom of the community in protecting...
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Response and Resistance Mechanism of Shallot Var. Topo, a North Molluca’s Local Variety Against Basal Rot Disease

Hermawati Cahyaningrum, Suryanti, Ani Widiastuti
Shallots especially Topo shallot cultivar was one of the strategic horticulture commodities which had high economical valued for farmer in North Molluca. Cultivation of shallot is mostly contrained bt basal rot disease caused by fungus Fusarium spp. complex. The aim of study is to determine Topo shallots...
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The Effect of Pb Sourced Application on the Growth and Yield of Vegetable Crops

Yekti Sri Rahayu, Tatik Wardiyati, Dawam Maghfoer, Eko Handayanto
Pb input into agricultural land in addition to the natural geological activities, can also be produced from anthropogenic activities such as the application of organic matter, fertilizers and the use of pesticides. Although Pb is not an essential element for plants, plants can absorb it from the soil...
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Analysis of Utilizing Environmental Services Around the Protected Forest Area of Ternate City

Aqshan Shadikin Nurdin, Emy Saelan
Environmental services are products of biological natural resources and their ecosystems in the form of tangible and indirect benefits (intangible), which include natural or recreational tourism services, water/hydrology protection services, soil fertility, erosion control, and flooding, beauty, uniqueness,...
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Exploration of Morphological Diversity of Cacao Plant (Theobroma cacao L.) in Bacan Island

Suratman Sudjud, Shubzan Andi Mahmud, Chykita Anggraeni Djafar
This study aims to determine the types of cocoa plants and family relationships that exist in Kampung Makian Village and Papaloang Village. The research method used a descriptive method by looking at the morphological markers of the cocoa plant as a diversity differentiator. The analysis used to determine...
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High Yielding Coconut of Nui Sua Tall from Sula Islands, North Maluku

Meity Tulalo, Sukmawati Mawardi, Hengky Novarianto
The superior coconut seednuts resources is one main problem to develop coconut programs in Indonesia, include North Maluku. Sula Islands Regency is one of the largest coconut distribution areas in North Maluku Province, Indonesia. The purpose of this research was to study the character, production potential...
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Utilization of Bag-Log Waste for Mixture Cultivation of Ear Mushroom (Auricularia auricula) and White Oyster (Pleorotus ostreatus)

Agus Sugianto, Anis Sholihah, Abd. Kodir Djaelani, Priyagung Hartono
The aim of this research was to determine the growth and production of white oyster mushrooms and ear mushrooms on various types of substrates as well as the R/C value of farming ratios. Research has been carried out in the Integrated Laboratory of the Faculty of Agriculture, Unisma of Malang. The study...
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Condition of Community Forest Management in Ternate Isle

Maulidya M. Umalekhoa, Much. Hidayah Marasabessy, Firlawanti Lestari Baguna
Community Forest are usually called HKm, Hkm has obtained a concession in a protected forest area since 2013. This study aims to determine the condition of Community Forest management by Community Forest farmer groups in protected forests on Ternate Isle. The method used was observation and interviews...
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Response of Potato (Solanum tuberosum) in Medium Plains to Antagonistic Microbes and Potassium Fertilizers

Anis Rosyidah, Rose Novita Sari Handoko
The use of antagonistic microbes and potassium fertilizer on potato cultivation at the medium land was carried out to improve plant endurance, yield and quality. Application of potassium doses and suitable antagonistic microbial types will strengthen plant cell walls and plant nutrients to be fulfilled....
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Planning of Land Use Based on Environmental Carrying Capacity in East Tidore Subdistrict, Tidore Island City

Ramli Hadun, Amiruddin Teapon
Land needs for the development of the agricultural sector in East Tidore Subdistrict always increase along with the increasing population. Lack of understanding of land characteristics causes agricultural development is not based on the ability and carrying capacity of land. This can be seen from the...
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Morphological Response of Takka Plant (Tacca leontopetaloides L.) as Traditional Medicine for Drought Stress

Sartika Syafi, Venty Suryanti, Bambang Pujiasmanto, Edi Purwanto
Contains a brief description of research Abstract: Alternative medicine using herbs has been very popular in Indonesia in the last few decades. Takka plants contain secondary metabolite compounds that can be used as medicinal materials, it is necessary to administer drought stress. The purpose of this...
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Effect of Cow Manure and KCl on Changes in Soil Properties and Growth of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt) in Inceptisol Galela

Tri Mulya Hartati, Sri Nuryani Hidayah Utami, Makruf Nurudin
Nutmeg plant is one of the spice commodities that had been known from the ancient world. In an effort to revive the dignity of spice crops, nutmeg also promise encourage to be developed. This study aims to analyze the effect of cow manure and KCl to change soil properties and growth of nutmeg in inceptisol...
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Tomato and Curly Chili Post-Planting Weed Community Composition

Hayun Abdullah, Zauzah Abdullatif, Suratman Sudjud
The type of weed grows will be in accordance to the agricultural condition. Weed composition in high land is dominated by species diversity yet low number of individuals. In low land, however, the individuals are dominant but low species diversity. The research aims to find out weed community composition...
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Comparison of Land Suitability Classes Under Smallholder Cocoa Plantations in Inland and Offland Region of Southeast Sulawesi

Hasbullah Syaf, Laode Muhammad Harjoni Kilowasid, M. Tufaila, Made Widana Arsana, La Ode Afa, Nini Mila Rahni, Awaluddin Hamzah, Jufri Karim
The Province of Southeast Sulawesi covers the southeast region of Sulawesi Island (afterwards referred as inland) plus several smaller islands and many isles (afterwards referred as offland) adjacent to the region. The land in this province is dominated by mineral soils, but through different soil formations....
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Soil Suitability Evalution for Plantation Crops in Wanci Island, Wakatobi Regency, Indonesia

M. Tufaila, La ode Rustam, Hasbullah Syaf, Made Widana Arsana, La Ode Afa, Nini Mila Rahni, Awaluddin Hamzah, Jufri Karim
The Island of Wanci consists of unproductive lands whose area continuously increases, and therefore, integrated planning is required. A 4-month soil suitability evaluation for plantation crops was carried out in the District of South Wangi-Wangi using a structured survey method with an inter grid distance...
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Effectiveness of Biological and Leaf Insecticides to Control the Chilli (Capsicum annum) Pest in Ternate Island

Betty Kadir Lahati, Sugeng Haryanto
The aim of this research is to learn the effectiveness of biological and leaf insecticides against the population and attack intensity of pests on chilli crops. Factorial Randomized Block Design (RBD) was used in this experiment, while there are two factors,i.e. biological insecticide(isolate of Beauveriabassiana)...
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In Vitro Bioassay of Allelopathy in Robusta Coffee Callus Using Sandwich Method

Muchamad Imam Asrori, Hamako Sasamoto, Shinjiro Ogita
The allelopathic potential of various plants, including coffee species, has been studied. Although the allelopathic potential of coffee leaves, stems, and roots has been reported, there is no detailed information about coffee callus. Since this callus produces bioactive metabolites, we focused on investigating...
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In Vitro Study of Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Garcinia mangostana L. Peel Extract

Anastasia Wheni Indrianingsih, Vita Taufika Rosyida, Dwi Ratih, Batrisya
Plant extract are natural additives that are in great demand. Many biological capabilities of plant extracts in the fields of health and medicine, make research on plant extract quite rapid. Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) is one of the most famous fruits in Indonesia. In this paper, the antimicrobial...
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Encapsulation of Gotu Kola Leaf (Centella asiatica) Flavonoid in Instant Powder Drink Using Maltodextrin

Satrijo Saloko, Dody Handito, Nurul Nur Aeni
One of the methods that can be used for making Gotu kola (Centella asiatica) instant powder drink is encapsulation using freeze-drying technique. In order to maintain the flavonoid compound, needed of coating material that functions as protection material, that is maltodextrin. This research aimed to...
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Development of Regional Excellence Potentials Through Food Diversification Based on Local Resources

Andi Abriana, Erni Indrawati, Rahmawati Rahman
Maros is one of the districts in the South Sulawesi Province which is the center of fisheries business development. Maros Regency as a coastal and marine area has the potential to develop land and sea fisheries that are quite large with the largest production of fishery products in ponds as a local resource...
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Effect of Autoclaving-Cooling Treatments on Chemical Characteristic and Structure of Tacca (Tacca Leontopetaloides) Starch

E.R.N Herawati, D Ariani, R Nurhayati, M Miftakhussolikhah, H Na’imah, Y Marsono
Tacca tubers (Tacca leontopetaloides) was used to produce many kind of foods but has limit in utilization. Tacca tubers has a high starch and amylose content which can be a functional food by increasing the resistant starch content. The objective of this research was to evaluated the effect of autoclaving-cooling...
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Introduction Test Edible Coating Fresh Fish Fillet of Tuna and Smoked Fish Using Biopolymer Nanoparticle Chitosan Coconut Crab

Hamidin Rasulu, Danar Praseptiangga, I Made Joni, Ari Handono Ramelan
Maintaining the quality of fish can be done in several ways among others by utilizing the edible packaging technology. The use of chitosan biopolymers in the form of chitosan nanoparticles to maintain the quality of fresh skipjack fish and smoked tuna is the best solution to avoid the use of synthetic...
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Estimation of Shelf Life of Bangkalan Zalacca (Salacca zalacca (Gaertner) Voss) Chips Using Vacuum Frying Technology and Aluminum Foil and PVC Plastic Packaging

DF Rosida, B.S Permadi, U Sarofa, FT Anggraeni, N Hapsari
Bangkalan zalacca has a slightly sour and flat taste so it should be processed into zalacca chips. The problems that have arisen so far in the chips industry are crispness and packaging of chips that do not last long. For this reason, this study carried out research on the use of different types of packaging....
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Ethyl Acetate Extract of Red Melinjo (Gnetum Gnemon L.) Peel as Antibacterial Compound

Adolf J. N. Parhusip, Veliana Angel, Nuri A. Anugrahati, Johan Honga, Wenny S. L. Sinaga
Melinjo (Gnetum gnemon L.) is a native plant in Indonesia. Melinjo peel is generally disposed of, although it contains tannin, flavonoid and saponin, which can be used as antimicrobial compounds. The purpose of this research was to analyze the antimicrobial activity of melinjo peel extract. Maceration...
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Antidiabetic Potency and Characteristics of Corn Flour and Cassava Flour-Based Rice Analog Added with R. mucronata Mangrove Fruit Flour and E. cottonii Seaweed Flour

Hardoko, Yahya Abdul Hafidz, Bambang Budi Sasmito, Yuniwaty Halim
Rice analog can be made from various sources of carbohydrate other than rice itself and can be designed to become functional rice by adding ingredients that have functions on health. The aim of this research was to determine the antidiabetic potency and characteristics of corn flour and cassava flour-based...
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Utilization of Edamame Bean Flour (Glycine Max L. Merr) in Making of High Protein and Low Sugar Cookies

Melanie Cornelia, Ignatius Steven Lianto
Cookies was a pastry made from wheat flour that contains a high amount of fat with the firm and crispy texture. Wheat flour was one of many imported products in Indonesia, while there were still a lot of raw foods that can be made into flour, one of them was edamame flour which can be made from edamame...
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The Evaluation of Sexual and Vegetative Propagation of Medicinal Plant Christia vespertilionis (Butterfly Wing Plant)

Ramisah Mohd Shah, Nur Affida Abd. Rahman, Iffah Hazirah Mohd Nawi, Nor Idzwana Mohd Idris, Rudiyanto, Norhidayah Che Soh
Christia vespertilionis also known as butterfly wing plant is an ornamental and valuable medicinal plant grown in tropical and subtropical regions. Despite the importance, not much attention has been given to study economical propagation methods of C. vespertilionis. This work aims to evaluate between...
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Glycemic Index of Biscuit Non-Wheat from Mangrove Fruits Flour with Arrowroot and Canna Flours

Jariyah, Nungki Elvandari, Sri Winarti, Ulya Sarofa
Unhealthy eating patterns such as consumption of fast food, high fat, low fiber, and not followed by sufficient physical activities can cause health problems. One problem related to high glucose intake is diabetes mellitus, a type of degenerative disease. The food glycemic index is a food level according...
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Utilization of Cocoa Bean Shell as a Paper-Based Food Packaging and a Method to Improve Surface Hydrophobicity

Tamrin, Sri Rejeki, RH Fitri Faradilla, M Mariana, Muhammad Nuh Ibrahim, Irnawati
Cocoa bean shell was utilized to develop a paper-based food packaging material. This cocoa bean shell paper was foldable and relatively strong. The papers also had antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that made these papers potential materials for active packaging. However, the papers were highly...
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Color Properties and Stabilizing Effect of Metal Ion on Anthocyanin from Buni (Antidesma bunius) Fruit

Swanty Rahmazania Mustika, Abdullah Muzi Marpaung
The objectives of this research were to evaluate the possibility of metal complexation in generating blue color, and the stability of the anthocyanin from Buni (Antidesma bunius) fruit extract. Four different metals ions (Ca2+, Mg3+, Al3+, and Fe3+) have tested at three concentrations level (0 ml, 0.01...
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Analysis of Lipase and Lipid Formation in Adipocytes Inhibitory Capabilities in Kelakai (Stenochlaena palustris) for Obesity Management

Maria D.P.T. Guanwan Puteri, Filiana Santoso, Evelyn Antoinette Halim, Della Rahmawati, Eisuke Kato, Yanetri Asi Nion
The objective was to test S. palustris which has high antioxidant activity for bioactivities that may alleviate obesity: lipase inhibitory activity and lipid accumulated in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. Water, 50% methanol and methanol extracts of S. palustris were tested for lipase inhibitory activity and lipid...
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Making Beverages Cherry Brewed Leaves (Muntigia calabura. l) with Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) as a Low-Calorie Natural Sweetener

Mulyati M. Tahir, Mariyati Bilang, Jumriah Langkong, Nurmitasari, Anisyah Hariadi
Drinks combination of cherry leaves and dried stevia leaves can be used as a health drink contains antioxidants and low-calorie sugar. This study aims to get types of proper drying in the manufacture of beverages so that the antioxidant content is not damaged and lost. The analysis was conducted on the...
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Characteristics of Sago Noodles as Affected by Varied Concentration of Carbonized Rice Straw-Based Liquid Colorant

Erni Sofia Murtini, Cornelia Sertha Lorenzsa
Utilization of carbonized rice straw (CRS) as a natural black colorant has been widely applied for traditional Indonesian food. This study was aimed to determine the characteristics of sago noodles as affected by different concentrations of liquid CRS added. Randomized Block Design (RBD) with concentration...
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Canned Kapurung: Traditional Food from North Luwu, East Sulawesi

A. Nurhikmat, A. Susanto, A. Kusumaningrum, A.F. Amry, Awaluddin Andi Paso
Kapurung is one of the traditional foods in North Luwu District, South Sulawesi Province, made from sago. After processing, kapurung must be consumed quickly because it does not last long, especially sago balls. Because not everyone can made sago balls or cooking kapurung, the north Luwu people outside...
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Characteristics of Virgin Coconut Oil Emulsion with Honey and Citric Acid

Lastri Wiyani, Andi Aladin, Mustafiah, Andi Abriana, Rahmawati
The present research was conducted aiming to examine the physical and chemical properties along with the stability of the emulsion of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) as an alternative product to decrease the oily taste when consuming the oil directly. The VCO emulsion involved in this research contains honey...
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The Use of Fishing Tuna Flour Fortification Modified Tapioca Starch in Emergency Food Product

Hasbullah, Hamidin Rasulu, Nurjana Albaar, Nabel Ahmed A Mansour
Starch is used as a thickener and stabilizer in food. Natural starch causes several problems related to retrogradation, low stability, and low paste resistance. This is the reason for starch modification. When chemically modifying starch with ginger oil, a cross-linking bond will create, which is the...
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Impact of Rainfall Harvesting as a Fertigation Resources Using Autopot on Quality of Melon (Cucumis melo L.)

Nurpilihan Bafdal, Sophia Dwiratna, Siti Sarah
Global climate changes which cause increasing the dry season and impact of decreasing in water resources. Water has an important role in agriculture sector especialy to the process of plant growth and water use efficiency while rainfall harvesting will impact of water quality.Fertigation and using autopot...
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Rheological Behavior of Native Sago Starch in Comparison with Other Native Starches

Ansharullah, Muhammad Natsir, Tamrin
A rheological model of native sago starch was developed by determining the shear stress at various temperatures, and at several shear rates, using an LVDVII+ Brookfield viscometer. The data were analyzed to obtain the consistency index (k) and the flow behaviour index (n) using an empirical power law...
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The Effects of Sucrose Substitution with Sorbitol on Physicochemical Properties and Sensory Evaluation of Seaweed Jelly Candy

Vanessa Natalie Jane Lekahena, Mohammad Rifai Boboleha
Kappaphycus alvarezii seaweed is a type of algae that is widely cultivated in Indonesian waters because of its economic value and many uses, but post-harvest handling of this type of seaweed is only up to the drying process that produces dried seaweed, with low selling price. Diversification of Kappaphycus...
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Profile of Fatty Acid and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Smoked Pokea Clam (Batissa violacea celebensis Martens 1897) Produced in North Konawe District, South East Sulawesi

Kobajashi Togo Isamu, Ahmad Mustafa, Fajriah, Roslindah Daeng Siang
Pokea clam (Batissa violacea celebensis Martens 1897) is one of the endemic species in Southeast Sulawesi, which is much fave by local people as one of the daily favorite food menus, and one form of processing is by smoking. However, research on the profile of fatty acids and PAH compounds in smoked...
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Reinforcement of Carrageenan/Starch Based Bio-Composite by Beads-Milled Chitosan

Camellia Panatarani, Emma Rochima, Ayunani, Sundoro Yoga, I Made Joni
Carrageenan/corn starch bio-composites is an important biodegradable composite as a substitute for conventional plastic and known as an environmentally friendly material. However, Carrageenan/corn starch bio-composite has poor mechanical properties. This paper reports the effect of chitosan NPs filler...
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The Effect of Cocoa Paste Percentage of Fermented Cocoa Beans on the Sensory Characteristic of Chocolate Bars

Wahyu Margono, Mustamin A. Masuku, Nurjana Albaar, Tamrin, Suryati Tjokrodiningrat
This study aims to obtain optimal chocolate bars according to sensory tests based on the percentage of cocoa paste. The research carried out in stages, namely the selection of fermented dried cocoa beans according to SNI 01-2323-2008, making the cocoa paste, and treating 30% and 60% cocoa paste on chocolate...
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Analysis of Financial Feasibility of Nutmeg Syrup Business (Case Study in CV. Kie Raha, Ngade Village, Ternate City)

Mila Fatmawati, Nurjanna Albaar
An effort on nutmeg agribusiness development can be implemented through agricultural product diversification, where the product is not only sale as primary product but it can be developed to the secondary product. The aim of this study is to analyze the financial feasibility of nutmeg syrup at KieRaha...
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Ayam Taliwang as a Solace After Disaster

Eli Jamilah Mihardja, Tuti Widiastuti, Prima Mulyasari Agustini, Fatin Adriati, B. P. K. Bintoro
Lombok tourism industry slumped dramatically since the earthquake. Comprehensive efforts are needed to make it rise again and bring prosperity to the people. Among them, through culinary.AyamTaliwang, despite coming from Sumbawa, a famous culinary carries the name of Lombok. However, the popularity of...
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Effort to Improve the Interests of Young Generations in the Agricultural Sector to Attain Food Security in Indonesia

This paper aims to investigate an effort to increase the interest of young people in the agricultural sector. The article is a review paper which has been collected more than twenty relevant scholar publications. The problem of the diminishing number of young farmers is quite worrying because the condition...
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Upgrading Indonesian Local Ethnomedicinal Knowledge with Molecular Phylogenetics

AC Brazia, LT Adi, MR Kaho, Lindawati, Rosaria, H Rustiami, E Sukara
With at least 200 ethnic groups and 30.000 medicinal plants used in Jamu formulations, Indonesia is one of the largest natural drug dispensaries in the world. Ethnomedicine-directed bioprospecting has been used to accelerate drug discovery. Little is known about the coverage of ethnomedicinal studies...
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Analysis of Physical Vulnerability Assessment Due to 2015 Swarm Earthquake Based on Amplification Zone in Jailolo District

Rohima Wahyu Ningrum, Hendra Fauzi, Marwis Aswan, Wiwit Suryanto, Estuning Tyas Wulan Mei
Swarm earthquake in the Jailolo region based on data from the Geophysical Station BMKG Ternate in November 2015, there were 701 event earthquakes. Measurement of the value of physical vulnerability based on amplification factors produces a map of the physical vulnerability of an area by welding, which...
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Analyses of Factors Affecting the Production of Broiler Chickens in Ternate

Nurdiyanawati Djumadil, Yunus Syafie
A rising interest in animal protein consumption produced from chickens in North Maluku has stimulated the development of broiler chicken farms across the region. However, broiler chicken farmers have been facing a big challenge in developing their small businesses due to costly production factors. The...
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Carrying Capacity of Agriculture Sector Based on Commodities’ Production in Kulonprogo Regency

Zuhud Rozaki
Becoming one of leading sectors in supporting national economic, especially low middle people, agriculture has multi-function in regional development. This study aims to analyze the carrying capacity of agriculture sector based on commodities’ production in Kulonprogo Regency. Those commodities come...
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Analysis of Padusan Village Society’s Dependency Levels on Forest Resources

This study aims to determine the types of forest resources utilized by Padusan villagers and its level of dependency on forest resources in the area. The method used in this study is a qualitative approach with descriptive analysis.The results show that the utilization of the “Surya” Forest Park area...
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The Strategy of Developing Broiler Chicken Agribusiness on Livestock Partner Farms in the Village of Sasa, Ternate Sub-District, Ternate City

Fatmawati Kaddas, Sri Lestari
The livestock partner is a livestock company located in the South Ternate district, which provides live and slaughtered broiler chickens. Livestock partner is also very concerned about the distribution and marketing of broiler chickens because the prospect of broiler chickens is still promising with...
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Risk of Shallot Supply Chain from Production Center in Cirebon to Consumption Center in Jakarta, Indonesia

Susanawati Susanawati
The majority of shallot distribution from Cirebon production centers to Jakarta consumption centers passes through the actors in Brebes, so that many actors involved can raise risk-sharing problems. Therefore, research needs to be aimed at finding out the network in the shallot supply chain from the...
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Feasibility of Potato Farming with Ex Vitro and Non Ex Vitro Seeds in the Batur District, Banjarnegara Regency

Nur Rahmawati, Lestari Rahayu, Yulia Rizqiana
This study aims to determine the structure of production costs, revenue, profits, and feasibility of farming of potato farmers using ex vitro and non ex vitro seeds in Batur District, Banjarnegara Regency. The location of the study was determined purposive and sampling of farmers using ex vitro seeds...
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Marketing Chain of Smallholder Robusta Coffee in East Java

Sri Tjondro Winarno, Wiwik Sri Harijani, Gyska Indah Harya
Coffee is one of the most important plantation commodities in the world, where Indonesia is one of the four major groups of countries that export coffee to meet the world’s needs. In East Java Robusta people’s coffee has become part of the community to cultivate even with a low level of productivity,...
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The Study of Food Insecurity and Food Supply in Gunungkidul Regency Indonesia

Susanawati, Gatot Supangkat Samijo, Oki Wijaya
The purpose of this study was to analyze the factors causing food insecurity and the condition of household food reserves in Gunungkidul Regency. The research location was determined purposively, in Watugajah Village and Tegalrejo Village, Gedangsari Subdistrict and Girikarto Village, Panggang Subdistrict,...
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An Analysis on the Effect of Entrepreneurial Motivation on Business Performance of Plasma Broiler Breeders at the Riau Province

Cepriadi, Darsono, Sutrisno Hadi, Rosnita
This study aims to analyze the effect of motivation on business performance broiler breeders in Riau province. Sampling is done using convenience sampling by adjusting the factors required by the researcher. The data used are primary data and secondary data. Data analysis was done by using Structural...
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Study on Perception and Acceptance of Nutmeg Farmers Toward the National Rehabilitation Program: Increasing the Production of Cash Crop Commodities (Nutmeg) in Tidore-North Maluku-Indonesia

Mardiyani Sidayat, Mila Fatmawati
The majority of farmers in North Maluku are planting cash crops such as coconut, nutmeg and clove as their main source of income. In the study sites (Kota Tidore region) Most of the farmer have cash crop as the major agricultural commodities. The central government introduced a national program of increasing...
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Kirkpatrick’s Model for Evaluation of Financial Management Training

Muhammad Ridha Albaar, Maria Paristiowati
This study aims to identify and describe the Regional Financial Management Training Program which in principle leads to improvement. The method used in this evaluation study is a quantitative descriptive method with a qualitative study. The research design used in this study was Kirkpatrick’s model....
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Evaluation of Diploma Three (D-III) Program Medical Laboratory Technology in Poltekkes Kemenkes Jakarta III

Heru Setiawan, Zulfiati Syahrial, Atwi Suparman, Muhammad Ridha Albaar
This research is an evaluative study program to accelerate the increase of Academic Qualifications in the Diploma of Health Workers, Medical Laboratory Technologies. The Evaluation of this program is very important, has a positive impact, and can be used as a reference to improve the quality Program...
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Condition of the Coral Reef of Maitara Island Based on Chaetodontidae Fish for Coral Reef Improvement in North Maluku Province

Syahnul Sardi Titaheluw, Rovina Andriani, Armain Naim, Raismin Kotta
This study aims to look at the level of damage to coral reefs based on Chaetodontotidae fish and biodiversity of Chaetodontidae fish on Maitara Island. This research was conducted in April to May 2019 at 2 stations. Collecting coral reef data using the Line Intercept Transect (LIT) method which is placed...
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Perceived Improvement of Mangrove Forest Among Gorap People in Bobaneigo Bay

Safrudin Amin
Research on coastal natural resources has confirmed that mangrove plays crucial roles in coastal ecosystems both ecological and sociocultural. Although its critical roles, other studies also release gloomy pictures of mangrove destruction which have a damaging impact on coastal life. Different from many...
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Endophytic Mycoflora from Mace and Seed of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt) as a Source of Antifungal Compounds

Nurhasanah, Muhammad Rafly, Nurmaya Papuangan
The nutmeg extract had been recognized as the source of antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. The aims of this study were to obtain endophytic fungi isolated from the mace and seed of Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt) and to determine antifungal activity of those isolates. Microbiol routine assay were...
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The Effect of Guided Inquiry Learning Strategies on the Results of Learning Natural Sciences (Experiment Research in Taruna Terpadu Junior High School, Bogor)

Umi Fatonah, Zulfiati Syahrial, Priyono, Muhammad Ridha Albaar
The purpose of this research is to find out the effect of guided inquiry learning strategies on science learning outcomes of students of the Taruna terpadu Bogor Junior High School. Guided inquiry is one of the learning strategies that emphasize students active learning through the investigation with...
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Effect of Inquiry Learning Strategies on Student Discrete Mathematics Learning

Lu’Lu Ul Chusna S Nuke, Zulfiati Syahrial, Nurdin Ibrahim, Muhammad Ridha Albaar
Learning will be effective, if learning activities can achieve goals, that is, students can absorb the learning material and practice it so that they obtain the best competencies and skills. Mathematics is one of the sciences that is able to hone skills and teach students to think critically. Mathematics...
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Length-Weight Relationships of Brown-Marbled Grouper Epinephelus fuscoguttatus Forsskål, 1775 in Bobong Taliabu Waters of North Maluku, Indonesia

Umar Tangke, Frentje Dusyan Silooy, Rochmady, Fikri Rizky Malik, Susiana
Length-weight relationship (LWR) species Epinephelus fuscoguttatus Forsskål, 1775 by gender (male and female) were collected from September 2016 to June 2017 in Bobong Taliabu waters, North Maluku, Indonesia. Fish captured using bottom trap, size 80 x 60 x 35 cm with mesh size 5 cm. LWRs of significant...
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Effect of Quality Difference Concentration of Tris Yolk on Duck Eggs Spermatozoa Padjadjaran Sheep

Oktora Dwi Putranti, KP Sri Bandiati
This study aims to determine the effect of different concentrations of Yellow Tris Egg Duck on the quality of sheep spermatozoa. The method used for cement shelter with an artificial vagina is then diluted with Tris Yellow Duck Egg at different concentrations from 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50% and stored at...
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Mannoprotein Production by Candida apicola, Trichosporon beigelli, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae in Bean Sprouts Media

Roostita L. Balia, Wendry S. Putranto, Jajang Gumilar, Tuti Widjastuti, Lilis Suryaningsih, Gemilang Lara Utama
Yeasts growth media substitution in producing mannoprotein has become important recently. Bean sprouts were developed as nitrogen sources alternative for yeasts growth media. The research aims to determine the role of bean sprout as alternative growth media in producing mannoprotein by Candida apicola,...
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Developing Measurement Indicators for Stress Academic Models at Higher Education Institutions: An Importance Performance Analysis Approach

Johan Fahri, Nurlela, Ruliyanto Syahrain, Nurdin, Irfandi Buamonabot
The purpose of this study is to identify and implement the most suitable and prominent dimensions for stress in the learning process of students, which are key to the development of academic stress models. This research conducts a comprehensive review of research results related to various aspects of...
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The Concept of Sustainable Architecture on Public Open Space Design in the Waterfront Area of Ternate City (Case Study: Area Tapak I)

Endah Harisun
The phenomenon of the development of the city of Ternate in recent years shows that there has been a crisis in the availability of public space. with the construction of malls and offices, has the opportunity to create a distance between the layers of society and the beach as the identity of the city...
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The Effect of Giving Breadfruit Leaf Flour (Artocarpus Altilis) on the Productivity of Laying Hens

Sri Lestari, Yusnaini B. Telebe, Yusri Sapsuha
Laying hens are adult hens that are kept specifically for their eggs. The origin of laying hens is from the partridge which is dominated and selected so that it spawns quite a lot. The direction of selection of jungle fowl is indicated by the many producers. This study aims to determine the effect of...
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Motivation, Physical Work Environment, Non-Physical Work Environment, and Work Satisfaction (Study on the Government of Ternate City)

Muhammad Asril Arilaha, Johan Fahri, Nurlela, Abdullah W. Jabid, Irfandi Buamonabot
This study aims to examine the effect of motivation, physical work environment, non-physical work environment and job satisfaction on performance. A total of 63 respondents from Non-permanent Employees in the Regional Government of Ternate were surveyed in this study. The analytical tool used in this...
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Physical and Chemical Properties of Chicken Nugget Combined with Meat of Golden Snail

Yunus Syafie, Nurdiyanawati Djumadil
Golden snail is the major pest in thewet paddy land in the East Halmahera region. The use of chemical pesticides has failed to control the pest and hascaused an increase in environmental pollution. In order to reduce the detrimental effect of the golden snail attack on paddy growth and production, the...
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Bioethanol and Residual Glucose from Filtrate Bamboo with Micro Controlller of Speed at Fermentation Process

Ni Ketut Sari, Intan Yuniar Purbasari, Basuki Rahmat
The need for bioethanol each year increases steadily while raw materials tend to decline, this is due to bioethanol raw materials, so sought after materials that can be regenerated, bamboo is one of the alternative raw materials, Bamboo has a cellulose content ranging from 42.4%-53.6%. The chemical process...
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Analysis of Agricultural Land Use Changes Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System in Kendari City

Sawaludin, Saban Rahim, Weka Widayati, Rahmawati Maulana, Fatimah Wardhana, Ida Usman
Along with its development, the area of agricultural land in Kendari City has declined. This study aims to determine the extent of agricultural land in 1997, 2007 and 2017 and the causes of the conversion, in addition to knowthe projected area of agricultural land in 2027. This research is based on remote...