Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Culture, Education and Economic Development of Modern Society (ICCESE 2019)

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Towards Modeling Narrative Discourse: The Role of the Writer

Oksana Fedotova
The aim of the paper is to analyze the forms in which the author reveals his/ her presence in the text. The author may speak directly to the reader; he/ she might comment upon events and characters and interrupt the course of fictional action to express his/ her view of the situation. The diachronic...
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Analysis on Lexical Error of Russian Translation of Chinese Linguistic Landscape

Guojiang Qi, Ping Yin, Di Liu
This paper explores the lexical errors of Russian translation of Chinese linguistic landscape from the perspective of language, including semantic errors, collocation errors, word order errors, lexical redundancy, cultural word errors, rigid translation, and illegible and rhetorically incorrect proper...
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Dialect Attitude, Dialect Environment and Dialect Degradation: Evidence from Hukou Dialect in China

Jinfeng Li
This paper investigates dialect attitude and “dialect mingled by Mandarin” phenomenon of 782 family residents in Hukou County, Jiangxi Province, China. OLS model was established to analyze the relationship between dialect attitude and dialect degradation. Results showed that: first, the distribution...
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The Literary Value of "The Figures and Exposition of Suppression and Pacification in Tibet"

Xiangfei Fan, Juntao Wang
The Figures and Exposition of Suppression and Pacification in Tibet is the work of the Minister of Tibet Songyun. Although the research on Songyun and its works is a research hotspot in recent years, there are relatively few studies on the research of "The Figures and Exposition of Suppression and Pacification...
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Discussion on the Translation Methods of Culture-loaded Words in Lu Xun Selected Essays

Lin Jiang
Culture-loaded words are glossaries that reflect the distinctive culture and history of a nation and an important feature differing itself from other nations. Culture-loaded words reflect various aspects of a society and can be seen in many literary works. Cultural difference among nations is a huge...
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Research on Chinese and Russian Vocabulary Contact in the Border Port Cities of Heilongjiang Province from the Perspective of Sociolinguistics

Dan Lv, Hao Wu, Lili Song
The research of language contact is a frontier field in the discipline of sociolinguistics while the Chinese and Russian language contact in border ports is an important topic in this field. Based on the perspective of language contact research in sociolinguistic, this paper relies on the lexical theory...
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Study on Howard Goldblatt’s Translational Behavior from a Postcolonial Perspective

Linxi Zhang
This paper aims to review Howard Goldblatt’s translational behavior in terms of both “intra-translation” and “extra-translation” by probing into his translation of My Life as Emperor. A postcolonial scrutiny of Goldblatt’s translation reveals the inherently ambiguous and hybrid nature of his translation...
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Intentional Interpretation of the Semantic Structure of Chinese Idioms from the Perspective of Philosophy of Mind

Fangfang Ding
With the concept of intentionality in the philosophy of mind, this paper puts forward three principles of intentional explanation of the semantic structure of Chinese idioms such as the dominance principle of intentionality, the priority principle of intention content and the principle of intentional...
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Meaning in the Philosophy of Language

Lingkai Hong
The issue of meaning has long been a core subject in the Western philosophy of language. Basically there are two canonical traditions of approaching this issue, namely the referential theories of meaning and the mental theories of meaning. The various claims and arguments concerning the issue of meaning...
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A Brief Discussion on the Origin and Diachronic Evolution of the Chinese Sentence "As Long as p, q"

Xiaoyan Cao
The Chinese sentence pattern "as long as p, q" is originated from the sentence pattern "once p, q" in the Han Dynasty. After long-term development and change, there have been "so long as p, then q", "should p, then q", "only p, then q", "as long as p, then q", "as long as p, q" and other formats . "As...
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Three "Problems" to Be Overcome in the Revival of Confucianism

Haofan Fang
Confucianism is both incompatible with and adaptable to the life of modern society. Believe it or not, Confucianism is impossible to "disappear" in world culture including Northeast Asian culture. At the same time, it is necessary but also difficult to make a rational positioning for Confucianism as...
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Research on Speech-associated Gesture in Chinese College Students’ English PPT Presentation Based on Multimodal Theory

Yuan Zhang
Multimodal discourse analysis has been adopted in many researches to analyze the oral language data and is also employed to investigate non-verbal communication. Based on multimodal discourse analysis theory, this research is intended to conduct an empirical research to investigate the hand gestures...
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Research on the Creation of Picture Books for Guandong Ballads

Meiyuan Yun
As a part of the cultural heritage of human beings, ballads are not only for exhibition, nor just need to be protected, but also need to be carried forward. "One doesn't understand the beauty of a ballad; voice comes from the mouth but expresses the singer's heart". The verse directly reveals the dual...
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Introspecting to the Modernity of Zen and the Characters of Literati Paintings in Yuan Dynasty

Lan Jiang
Since Song and Yuan Dynasties, under the stimulation and nourishing of Zen, Chinese painting had gradually formed a diluted and unconventional character of literati painting, especially represented by literati paintings in Yuan Dynasty. Later reminded by Dong Qichang, this cultural character was finally...
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Chinese Existential Sentences and Their Uighur Translation Studies

Yongliang Zhao
Existential sentences are very distinctive sentences in Chinese. Existential sentences are often used for the portrayal of portraits, the description of scenes, the introduction of the environment, etc. This is a very common sentence in Chinese. There is no such sentence in Uyghur. Correct understanding...
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Factors Influencing Foreign Students’ Learning Effect in China: a Comparison Between Oral and Written Chinese

Jinfeng Li, Yuliang Zhou
This paper systematically summarizes the factors influencing foreign students’ Chinese learning effect at a university in Guangzhou. Structural Equation Model is constructed to compare the differences of influencing factors between oral Chinese and written Chinese learning. Results show that: study basis,...
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Analysis on Bai Juyi's New Yue-fu Poetry of "Feng-Ya-Bi-Xing"

Shufan Wang
In early Tang dynasty, Chen Zi'ang proposed "Xing-Ji" theory. It is the important poetry theory in Tang dynasty, and has had a profound impact on the formation of Bai Juyi's realistic literary viewpoint and "Feng-Ya-Bi-Xing" poetry artistic style in middle Tang dynasty. In particular, the poet's allegory...
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Following One’s Heart Without Breaking the Rules A Study of Garinsai of the Wa Nationality from the Perspective of Johan Huizinga's Homo Ludens

Hui Hu
Garinsai is a representative new dance of Wa nationality. Based on Johan Huizinga's game theory, this paper has deeply explored the game characteristics of Garinsai. It holds that the holding of Garinsai requires specific time and space, and has the characteristics of order, self-discipline and non-utilitarianism....
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“Metamorphosis” of The Miser A Brief Analysis on the Richness Development of the Play "The Miser" for "The Pot of Gold

Ruochen Bai
Moliere is the representative playwright of the famous French classic comedy in the 17th century. His work “The Miser” is a classic that cannot be surpassed in the history of drama. "The Miser" is based on the comedy "The Pot of Gold" by the ancient Roman dramatist Plautus. The common protagonist "The...
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The Application of Fuzzy Theory and Fuzzy Language in Sports Interpreting

Jun Xu
With the further development of the Belt and Road Initiative, China’s communication with foreign countries has become more frequent, and interpretation has been applied to foreign exchanges in various industries. As one of the major sports countries, China has put forward higher demands for sports interpreting...
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Study on Translation of Visceral Manifestation Terminologies Under the Guidance of Skopos Theory

Hongling Que
Nowadays, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has gotten a wide range of attention. As visceral manifestation is an important component of TCM, many scholars research the translation of visceral manifestation terminologies. Under the guidance of Skopos theory, this paper explores translation of visceral...
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The Ecocritical Analysis of Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats

Fanting Kong
John Keats is one of the representatives of romantic poets. Ode to a Nightingale is his remarkable poem, famous for its ecological theme and spirit. It indicates the rupture of ecological harmony and presents an ideal world which is beautiful and harmonious. This thesis, based on the previous studies,...
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A Pragmatic Analysis of White Lies from the Standpoint of Speakers

Hui Wang
The paper studies the pragmatic functions of white lies from the standpoint of speakers. From the perspective of pragmatics, white lies are regarded as a kind of pragmatic strategy that harmonizes interpersonal relationships and smooth social communication. The aim in this paper is to describe and explain...
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Research on Chinese and Russian Language Contact in the Border Port Cities of Heilongjiang Province from the Perspective of "the Belt and Road"

Dan Lv, Huiqing Zhao, Hao Wu, Hongtao Fu
The research of language contact is a frontier field in the discipline of sociolinguistics while the Chinese and Russian language contact in border ports is an important topic in this field. Based on "the Belt and Road" strategy, this paper studies the history, characteristics and results of Chinese...
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Corpus-based Analysis of Linguistic Features of English Versions of Watson's Classics

Lili Sun
By use of the small self-built corpus and the use of corpus research methods, this study analyzes the linguistic features of the translation of Watson's classics from three aspects: vocabulary, syntax and textual cohesion. Through the specific language phenomena, it is concluded that the language of...
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A Comparative Study of Chinese and Japanese Language Promotion Policies

Ling Tong
With the full implementation of "One Belt And One Road" construction, China is increasingly stepping into the center of the world stage, and the Chinese language is bound to carry more functions of international communication tools. With the increasing enthusiasm for Chinese learning all over the world,...
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Deficiency in the Family Education in Go Tell It on the Mountain: A Perspective of Original Family

Xincun Huo
Family education plays an important role in the physical and psychological development of children. The qualities of parents and husband-wife relationship deeply affect the parent-child relationship, and finally the result of family education. Go Tell It on the Mountain demonstrates the deficiency of...
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Explaining Theories of Verbal False Memory

Jiangping Zhou
Verbal false memory is one of the most important research fields in cognitive science, especially in language and memory. As to the explaining theories of verbal false memory, researchers have experienced a series of theoretical explorations. They have proposed explaining theories such as the schema-reconstructive...
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From Fiction to Teleplay — Study on Lu Yao’s Ordinary World

Han Wang
The TV play “Ordinary World” is basically faithful to the original novel. It embodies the integration of multi-cultures in three aspects: space-time choice, character creation and marriage mode. It has not only the manifestation of the mainstream culture, but also the latent of folk culture, and the...
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The Conventional Implicature of Dialogues in Emma

Yijun Wu
Criticisms and reviews on Emma have been numerous in number and various in approaches. This study, as a qualitative case study, attempts to analyze the conventional implicature of dialogues in Emma by employing cooperative principle in order to explore the way of analyzing literature works from perspective...
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Study on the Translation of Trademarks Between Chinese and English

Ying Zhou
With the globalization of the world, many products in China are exported to foreign countries. Therefore, the translation of trademarks is necessary and important. This paper introduces the equivalence phenomenon in the translation of trademarks and some common translation skills.
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Identity and Language in Don DeLillo’s Zero K

Xue Dong
Zero K, as a half-scientific and half-realistic novel, reflects manifold aspects in contemporary American and world life, in which the problem of identity and language is more striking. This paper investigates the relationship of language and identity by the sense of loss as an outsider of community,...
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The Construal of the Experiential Meaning in the Manual of Household Electric Appliance

Shaowei Xiong
Discourse analysis helps to better understand the meaning of discourse. Studies of discourse analysis from the systemic functional perspective play an important role in the domain of linguistics. The manual of household electric appliance which is widely used in daily life is a special kind of discourse....
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Decoding The Secret Garden Secrets of Mary’s Growth

Ying Wu
The American authoress Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel The Secret Garden is a classic masterpiece of children’s literature, narrating the growth path of the young girl Mary. This thesis mainly explores the three keys to Mary’s growth: nature, harmonious interpersonal relationship and secret, hoping to...
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The Etymology of "Talent" and the Comparison of "Origins" Between Chinese and Western Views on Talent

Yanhua Li
The difference between Chinese and Western views on talent is essentially the difference of their history and culture. In ancient China, the word referring to talent that meaned people stored for use like timber preceded the one that meaned people having ability in a particular field”. The former first...
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Feminine Narration: a Feminist Study of Dubliners by James Joyce

Na Zhao
This preliminary feminist study of Dubliners by James Joyce focuses on three female characters in three short stories by applying postfeminist criteria to explore their Other unique feminine narration which challenge and disrupt the conventional masculine cultural system. Following the notion of “the...
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Linking China's Standard of English Language Ability with the Automated Essay Assessment

Wei Ye, Dandan Huang
The purpose of this two-stage study is to examine the potential of China’s Standard of English Language Ability (CSE) for Automated Essay Scoring (AES) development. In the first stage of the study, 657 descriptors from 24 writing-related CSE scales were inspected to generate categories representative...
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Suffering Is the Pinnacle of Life On the Consciousness of Suffering in Lu Yao's Works

Lei Li, Yanni Li, Yi Zhang, Zheng Wan
“Suffering” seems to have become an imprint of Lu Yao’s life and his works, and cannot be erased. This "suffering" has his unique style and consciousness is aesthetically pleasing. Studying his suffering consciousness has an important contemporary significance for better understanding and learning of...
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The Christian Elements in The Chronicles of Narnia: The lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Yumei Xu
This paper mainly dedicates to analyze the Christian elements in The lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. In the novel, both the settings and characters have their archetypes in the Bible. By analyzing the archetypes, the author tries to probe into its Christian themes.
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A Field Research of Chinese Uyghur People's Writing Reforms and Influences in the 20th Century

Abuduwupuer Reheman, Yingjie Guo
Uyghur language is a unique language spoken by Uyghur people in China. Historically, several reforms focusing on the writing system of Uyghur language took place in the 20th century due to the influences of the particular ideology, political changes, periodical guidance, or underestimated practices within...
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Innovation of Narrative Theme and Narrative Time of the Television Dramas on the Period of the Republic of China Centering on Legend of Fragrance

Duanli Wu, Weihua Chen
The theme of Chinese TV drama about the period of Republic of China heavily relies on the division of time, and the narrative theme is indulged in rendering of love and the narrative technique is “short and flat”. That is easy to dilute the diversity of the themes of the Republic of China and cause the...
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Study on the Correspondence Between Word and Characters on the Eastern Han Bamboo Slips

Hongli Ge
The research has been made on the characters in the Eastern Han bamboo slips. 161 characters in the Eastern Han bamboo slips are different from the traditional standard ones. These characters can be divided into two categories: first, from the Eastern Han Dynasty to the present, the correspondence between...
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A New Historicism Study of Shakespeare's Historical Plays

Jia Gao
One of the distinctive features of Shakespeare's research in the new century is the study of his history plays in the perspective of New Historicism criticism. New Historicism scholars advocate bringing historical investigation into literary studies and point out that the relationship between literature...
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Study on the Imagery of Characters in Xiaoliangshan's Poetry

Shuping Yang
The unique imagery selection is an important indication of the nationality and regionality of the poetry in Xiaoliangshan poetry group. The construction of the imagery of the characters is not negligible except for landscapes such as mountains and rivers. They are mainly mothers, fathers and women.
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Negative Transfer of Hakka in Gan Dialect to English Phonetic Acquisition and Its Countermeasures

Xijuan Chen
In second language acquisition, the second language phonetic system is influenced by the mother tongue, which means the dialect. The language form, meaning and culture are easily transferred to second language acquisition, resulting in negative transfer. In this paper, the effects of phonology in Hakka...
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Supplementary Interpretation of “[bu] wo you nu” in the Book of Songs on Fuyang Han Bamboo Slips

Dongxue Jin
Most contents of the Book of Songs on Fuyang Han bamboo slips are incomplete and impaired. The contents of the Book of Songs on the 170 pieces of bamboo slips collated are quite different from those of the present version, and they are generally regarded by the academic circle as different from the poems...
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Research on Humanism in Japanese Modern Prose Poems Taking Kusano Simpei and Yoshida Ichiho as Examples

Lele Zhang
As an independent literary genre, prose poem has been popular in Japan since the mid-nineteenth century. It has the characteristics of both prose and poetry. In essence, it is still the stylistic form of poetry. Kusano Simpei and Yoshida Ichiho are two famous prose poets in the middle of the 20th century....
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A Study on Differences Between Taiwanese Mandarin and Mainland Mandarin in Vocabulary

Jianjiao Zhou, Shu Zhou
There are many differences in pronunciation and vocabulary between Taiwanese mandarin and mainland mandarin, which are mainly due to the differences between the two sides in geography, history, politics, social culture and language environment. Coupled with lack of information communication during more...
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An Analysis of Influential Factors of Semantic Inferences

Jiangping Zhou
Based on whether the given information will be integrated or not, semantic inferences are classified into bridging inferences and elaborative inferences. Moreover, studies on the influential factors of semantic inferences show that semantic inferences are not only affected by contextual constraints,...
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A Comparative Study of Gao Xing and Sister Carrie from the Perspective of Structuralism

Liang Wu
There are many similarities between Mr. Jia Pingwa’s novel “Gao Xing” and the debut novel “Sister Carrie” by Theodore Dreiser, an American naturalist. The two authors have similar life experiences and are under the background of social changes. They have immersed the characters in the works with the...
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Discussion on How to Use Grammatical Means to Proofread Ancient Text

Jianjiao Zhou
In the proofreading ancient books and all kinds of ancient written materials, it is an effective means to infer by means of grammar besides the means of words and exegesis. When there are differences between the ancient books of circulation edition and the unearthed ones, it’s feasible to find out the...
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An Analysis on the Subject of As I Lay Dying

Ruiyang Wang
As I Lay Dying is one of William Faulkner’s most influential works. William Faulkner shows the lower-class people’s several qualities in the novel, and he reveals this theme through his whole writing. Generally speaking, the understanding of the novel should be started from the understanding of the title....
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The Specifics of Culturological Interpretation of a Piece of Sacred Orthodox Art

Svetlana Mitasova, Anastasia Medova, Pavel Mishagin
The authors present culturological interpretation of a piece of sacred art as a research on the cultural traditions determining creation of a piece of art. The authors distinguish a number of such traditions as esoteric, elitist, professional, folk, mass, and the tradition of churching. The researches...
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The Deaf Persons’ Problem of Perception and Peculiar Language Thinking

Tatiana Kozlova, Nataliya Didenko
The purpose of this article is to analyze the main aspects of visual and conceptual perception. A special attention is given to the peculiarities of perception of things by the deaf people. The specific difficulties encountered by the deaf people in the process of perception are mentioned. The article...
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The Subjects of the Russian Art Market and Their Interaction

Valery Didenko, Julia Tatischeva
The article describes and analyzes the main actors in the market of contemporary art in Russia. Among them: creators of artistic works (artists); consumers of art products (viewers, buyers, collectors), art critics, art historians. The professional intermediaries (dealers, commercial galleries, auction...
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The Collision and Integration of Chinese and Western Cultures in the Movie “Pushing Hands”

Wei Liu
The movie "Pushing Hands" describes the estrangement faced by a Chinese family immigrating to the United States, and shows the confrontation and collision between Chinese traditional culture and American modern civilization. With effort, people with different cultural background understood each other...
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Study on the Development of Chinese Piano Music Culture

Bo Tu
After a hundred years of development, Chinese piano music culture has been organically combined with Chinese native music culture, which has reached a considerable size. Chinese piano education has also cultivated numerous pianists who are active on the world stage. Predicting the future development...
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The Analysis of Mr. Li Xiping's Pushou Collection and the Development and Evolution of Chinese Pushou and Ornamentation

Shuyan Pei, Yuanyuan Wan
In China, Pushou (a decoration on the door or artifacts as a holder for the ring or nothing) has been used as a practical art decoration for nearly three thousand years. It has evolved into nearly one hundred forms. It is not only widely used, but also has various forms and rich postures. It is a large-scale...
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Study on the Forming Factors of Traditional Pattern and Color Characteristics of the Oroqen Nationality in the North of China

Tianbao Yan, Yuyun Wang
Starting with the characteristics of the traditional patterns of the Oroqen nationality, and combining with the analysis of the natural environment, historical and cultural factors, national psychological factors and symbolic aesthetic factors of the Oroqen nationality, this paper explains the main factors...
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Research on the Management Thought of Traditional Ceramic Handicraft Design in Jingdezhen

Junlin Yang
This paper takes Jingdezhen traditional ceramic handicraft design system and industry management characteristics as the research object. On the one hand, based on the subject theory of design science, it puts forward the research ideas of traditional ceramic handicraft "design system"; on the other hand,...
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Techniques of Formal Aesthetic Sense of Women's Clothing Styling Design

Bo’er Xie, Lizhi Xiao
Today, women's ready-to-wear styling design techniques rely on the formal aesthetic sense of the art design plane composition and the three-dimensional composition theory. There is no visual causal deduction between the case of styling design technique and theoretical source. From the perspective of...
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The Forms and Features of Bashu Dances Shown on Carved Stone in Han Dynasty

Ling Zhao
The dance image on carved stones of Bashu area in Han Dynasty reflects the scene of majority of social music and dance activities in Bashu area of Han Dynasty and is mainly in small and medium structure. There are two types of performance. One of them is self-entertainment dance for the purpose of own...
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Research on the Bohemian Style Clothing

Xiaofang Ma
Bohemian style is one of the classic styles in fashion design. The bohemian style does not simply refer to the national costumes of the Bohemian locals, but is also a product of a modern multiculturalism that incorporates a multi-ethnic style. The origin, formation and characteristics of bohemian style...
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Cultural and Traditional Symbols Beyond the Animated Form Analysis on Nick Park's Film

Jiawen Meng
As a traditional way of animation, stop-motion animation uses a camera to shoot a well-designed character prop model through continuous fine-tuning, and combines the captured photos to form a film. Nick Park’s stop-motion film always insists on the beauty of the original ecological material, pursues...
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Study on the Origin and Inheritance of Bamboo-bell Ball in Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County

Caixia Jiang, Hao Qin
Based on the analysis and combing of the research theories related to the inheritance and development of national traditional sports at home and abroad, this paper comprehensively applies the mathematical statistics and literature data to the historical origin, current inheritance situation and inheritance...
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Analysis on the Application of Editing Skills in Film and Television Creation Teaching

Jin Zhang
An excellent film and television work cannot be separated from the infiltration and expression of art. In the teaching of film and television creation, both the "technicality" of film and television production should be cultivated, and the "artistry" of film and television creation should be continuously...
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Research on Birch Bark Art of Oroqen Ethnic Group in Heilongjiang River Valley

Xiaoli Zhang, Yan Zhang
Exploring the artistic value of the research on the birch bark products of the Oroqen ethnic group in the Heilongjiang river valley and fully understanding the forest cultural characteristics of this artistic inheritance will be of far-reaching significance for exploring the artistic culture of the peoples...
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Important Academic Achievements in the Research on Chinese Traditional Women's Wear Comment on "Culture and Crafts of the Three Major Fisher Girl Costumes in Fujian"

Bo'er Xie
Professor Lu Xinyan's book "Culture and Crafts of the three Fisher Girl costumes in Fujian" is an important academic achievement in the research on traditional Chinese women's wear. This book, based on marine culture, with history as the main axis, contains a comprehensive study of the three major fisher...
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Research on the Application of Chinese Traditional Cultural Elements in Modern Furniture Design

Di Wu
Chinese traditional furniture design has a very long history and has formed a classic furniture with Chinese characteristics — Ming-style furniture, which is recognized and used for reference by the world. However, in modern furniture design, with the impact of international style, Chinese furniture...
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Comparative Study on Visual Rhythm’s Application in the Artistic Creation of Sino-Russian Ice and Snow Oil Painting

Lei Song
Ingeniously using visual rhythm in the art creation of Sino-Russian ice and snow oil painting can take audience’s breath away; otherwise, the awkward application of visual rhythm makes viewers dull and bored easily. Rhythm is not only the base of organizing the creative structure of Sino-Russian ice...
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Understanding and Thinking of Ancient-Chinese-style Music in Popular Songs

Yao Chen
Ancient-Chinese-style music in popular songs is a music style that comes into being with the development of network and as required for catering for the appreciation demand of the younger generation born after 1990s and 2000s in China. This kind of music is of distinct characteristics of Chinese nation...
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Analysis on the Characteristics and Realistic Significance of Xi Jinping's Literary Thought

Adila Aimaiti
At present, China's social economy has entered a new normal period. Social culture and thought are diversified and the field of literature and art faces a series of new problems and new situations. In order to ensure the steady development of literature and art, Xi Jinping made a clear answer to the...
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Discussion on the Principles of Animation Design of Intelligent Children's Products Based on User’s Demand

Kaiqing Chen
Against the background of the development of new media and smart technology, questionnaires were used to investigate the users of intelligent children's products to collect data and analyze the components and characteristics of user needs of intelligent children's products. The questionnaire consists...
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The Inheritance of Chinese Traditional Culture in Interior Design

Hui Qin
Facing the proposal and deployment of the cultural power strategy, the educators of interior design think about the development of the industry and the direction of education from the perspective of cultural inheritance. This paper expounds the trend of contemporary interior design of putting people...
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Moon Gate as an Evolutionary Interior Archetype

Ying Xue, Kathleen Gibson
The Moon Gate is an archetype in Chinese interior design. This paper introduces the history of Moon Gate in Chinese history and its development in foreign Chinese gardens. Then the paper studies the Moon Gate used in Chinese interior design in the chronological sequence. Finally, the paper concludes...
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The Innovative Research and Value Embodiment of Jingchu Culture in Cultural Creation Design

Shu Zhang, Ke Wang, Yanran Chen, Honghua Liu
The purpose of this paper is to analyze, discuss and redesign each element of Jingchu culture in cultural and creative design. By the way of changing the existing materials, crafts, patterns, colors, patterns and display media etc., this paper makes scientific research redesign, develop the dissemination...
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Research on the Inheritance and Development of Sichuan Qingyin

Ya Zhang
Taking the inheritance of Sichuan Qingyin as the research object, this paper explores how to inherit and carry forward Sichuan Qingyin in today's society through the analysis of its inheritance mode, purpose, change of songs and change of audience groups.
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Associative Design of Brand Clothing Series Modeling and Artistic Design Principles

Bo’er Xie
Consumers always have a preference for style design when they buy clothes. The purpose of the serialized design of brand clothing modeling is to cover the corresponding target customer groups to the largest extent with its similar clothing products. In this paper, the research on the clothing modeling...
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National Vision and Aesthetics Playing and Singing Art of Maqu Under the Construction of Aesthetic Modernity

Zhanhai Song
The discussion of aesthetic modernity is a hot topic in the current literary research circle. Although this theory has been widely used at present, it is often ignored to make a comprehensive study of folk art from the effective perspective of aesthetic modernity by the academic circles. This paper attempted...
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“Pipa in the Period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms” in Music Pictures

Xiao Wang
This paper tries to analyze the music images of the five dynasties and Ten Kingdoms through the combination of historical facts, from the angle of the music images, and briefly discusses the characteristics of the five dynasties and ten kingdoms pipa. This paper probes into the scope of application,...
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The Construction and Significance of "Spatial Thinking" in the Orchestral Music Creation

Zhiming Li
The orchestral music creation is to give color appearance to each element of music, so that the various elements of music have more expressive space. The article focuses on the "spatial thinking" of orchestral music creation, and aims to discuss the spatial thinking of orchestral music creation from...
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Exploring the Strategy for Inheritance of Heilongjiang Province's Traditional Dance in Colleges and Universities Taking the Traditional Dance of Oroqen as an Example

Rui Zhang, Weibo Dang
Taking the traditional dance of Oroqen in Heilongjiang Province as an example, this paper studies and analyzes the origin of Oroqen dance and the significance of inheritance of Oroqen dance in colleges and universities, further explores the strategy for inheritance of Heilongjiang Province's traditional...
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The Exploration of VR Documentary Narrative

Xiaochun Sun
Since 1950s, virtual reality (VR) has made considerable and rapid development. With the advance of science and technology, it gradually penetrated into all sectors of the social development, and especially has brought new creative forms and watching mode for the film industry. During this period, documentary...
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Study on the “Activation” of Traditional Qi-Lu Folk Handicraft in Modern Design Art

Yuan Chen
The issue of inheritance and development of traditional handicraft has always been concerned by the academic circle. At present, it is generally believed that traditional handicraft should be integrated into modern life to better serve the modern society. In the important period of the economic and cultural...
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The Influence of Taoism Culture on the Xishu Classical Garden

Yufan Ding, Xiaoyu Ming, Jiaqi Luo, Yan Feng, Jie Du, Wenshu Sun, Xiaofang Yu
Taoism has experienced more than 3,000 years of history since its birth, and its ideological attainments permeate all aspects of Chinese aesthetics. Since the late eastern Han Dynasty, Taoism began to develop in Shu, which had a great influence on the gardening ideas, garden elements and main types of...
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Close to "Movie Space": as a Way for Film Creation Tarkovskij 's Film Creation Theory

Shimeng Zhao
Movie space is the process by which Tarkovskij explores the possibility of "movie" and is also the process of finding more independence for the film. "Perceived film space" is the essence of "movie space", but it is not the essence. The essence of "movie space" is "time." And the constant presentation...
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Design of Game Style Navigation APP Interface Based on User Experience

Yaru Feng, Wanyu Zhang, Pengyu Luan, Mengqian Liu
In the overall situation where artificial intelligence services is developing rapidly and the dependency of people on service type mobile software increases day by day and to meet the demands of consumers of pursuing better experience and personalized ideas, this paper takes user experience as the object...
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Analysis of "Dance Patterns" on Painted Pottery of Majiayao Culture

Lifu Wang
The dance pattern pot of Majiayao culture should be used for witchcraft activities. The dance patterns on the pot are the true reflection of prehistoric witchcraft dance. A series of painted pottery unearthed in the middle and upper reaches of the Yellow River with figurative dancing figure pattern proves...
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Gen Dequan's Contribution to Yunnan National Musical Instrument Cucurbit Flute Art

Xiulei Ren
Cucurbit flute is one of the most distinctive national musical instruments in Yunnan. It carries the folk customs of the Dai nationality people and is an important symbol of the culture of the Dai nationality people. With love for the art of cucurbit flute, Gen Dequan has devoted his life to hoarding...
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The Philosophical Thoughts of the Five Elements and the Expression Techniques of Chinese Painting

Yi Li
The traditional Chinese painting art has a long history and is prosperous. After thousands of years, it still has a unique artistic charm. The reason why Chinese painting has such a shocking and moving charm is because of its rich internal cultural connotation and the unique external form means. There...
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Study on the Application of Traditional Lacquer Language in Modern Cultural and Creative Product Design

Jie Chen
This paper interprets the visual expression language of lacquer art from several aspects through studying the language of color, technique and material in lacquer art and exploring the possibility of its application in modern cultural and creative products. Taking cultural and creative products as the...
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Folklore Thoughts in the Tomb Murals of Han Dynasty

Jiachuan Lu
The Han Dynasty was the first peak of Chinese painting art since the Pre-Qin Dynasty. Tomb murals were its main style and representative. The Han Dynasty was also a period of great development of Chinese traditional aesthetics. Different folklore thoughts constituted the value support of painting art....
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Research on Planning and Design of Small Towns of Tourist Reception Type Based on Regional Culture Taking Jiugongshan Town, Tongshan County, Xianning as an Example

Yixue He
In recent years, influenced by the tourism boom, the planning and construction of small tourist towns is also in full swing, and the small towns of tourist reception are also one of the key targets in the development of small towns. However, due to the limited economic development of different small...
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Audience Development in Symphony Orchestra — a Case Study of the IOrchestra Project

Rong Jiang
The percentage of people who attend orchestral concerts is plummeting every year. Some organizations have already found approaches to overcome these obstacles, but many of them are still struggling. The first part of the study presents different approaches to audience development in the previous research....
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A Decorative Imprint from the Animated Film "Song of the Sea"

Qingyun Gao
The animation film "song of the sea" adopts a large number of complicated decorative elements in the artistic style setting. The alternation of retro and realistic decorative elements, as well as the alternation of cold and warm colors makes the film close to the life of the audience. It displays the...
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Analysis of Miyazaki's Anime Movie Audiovisual Language

Jing Zhao
The film created by Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki is deeply loved by the audience. The audio-visual effect in the movie gives people a strong feeling. This paper analyzes the audio-visual language of Hayao Miyazaki's anime film and analyzes the audio-visual work of Hayao Miyazaki's anime film. The...
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Analysis on Korean National Musical Elements and the Performance of Piano Suite Combination of Lengths

Aili Li
Based on the research of Korean culture, through the study of “length” of rhythm in Korean music, this paper focuses on three kinds of performing techniques, “Deng De Kong”, “Jin Yang Zhao” and “En Mao Li” and music angle which are combined with piano. Through playing, consulting literature and watching...
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Study on Aesthetic Expression and Value Reconstruction of Folk Custom Resources in Chinese Animated Films Taking “Little Door Gods” and “Mr. Nian”as an Example

Xiuqiong Xie
The use of folk custom resources by Chinese animated films, whether it is the simplification of materials, conveying spirit by appearance in plastic art, or the modern reshaping of values, it all requires a balance between aesthetic expression and value reconstruction. For example, the "Little door gods"...
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Research on the Design of Cultural and Creative Derivatives of "Twenty-four Solar Terms"

Yingshan Yang
The traditional culture of China has been greatly impacted with the development of science and technology and the continuous entry of peripheral culture. It is significantly necessary to think about how to inherit and develop the traditional culture of our nation. The twenty-four solar terms — the time...
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Exploring and Exemplifying the Enabling Force of “Traditional Culture and Online Short Video Integration” Transmission

Miao Yu
The appearance of short video caters to the current habit of people to watch in fragments of time and changes the discourse system of traditional culture communication, and presents traditional culture in a new way for accurate and rapid communication and novel and flexible presentation. Being neither...