Proceedings of the 2022 International Conference on County Economic Development, Rural Revitalization and Social Sciences (ICCRS 2022)

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The Role of Professional Practical Labor in the Cultivation of Master’S Degree Candidates

The Forestry Major of Beijing University of Agriculture as an Example

Wenhe Wang, Xiangfeng He, Cong Wang
There is a common problem of ‘neglecting moral education, emphasizing intellectual education and forgetting labor education’ in the current postgraduate training program of colleges and universities. It seriously affects the training quality of high-level applied talents. In combination with the resources...
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Research on Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching System of Integrated Medicine Based on IPE Concept

Xiaodong Cui, Xinghui Cui, Jianming Liu, Min Cheng, Xiaoyun Zhang
At present, most medical colleges and universities in China follow the traditional curriculum-centered teaching mode. This kind of education mode cuts off the connection between disciplines, and is not conducive to the cultivation of students’ overall medical concept, as well as the cultivation of compound...
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Exploration and Research on the Cultivation of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ability in College Mathematics Teaching

Xiaonan Xiao
With the advent of the global information age and the rapid development of modern science and technology and social economy, the competition in the global higher education employment market is becoming more and more fierce. Facing the new challenges of talent training, we must firmly grasp the main line...
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Exploration and Practice of Situational Experience in Urban Environment Teaching

Zhihui Tian
Based on the needs of education in the new era, this paper takes the course of urban environmental science as an example, introduces the situational experiential teaching model, reforms the previous teaching mode which was passively accepted by teachers as the leading students, and explores the application...
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Construction and Quantitative Analysis of Housing Industrialization Index System

Peng Su, Xiaoyan Wu
Establishing index system of housing industrialization and pushing development of house industrialization will promote healthy development of house industry in our country. This paper studies the index system of housing industrialization from a new perspective, establishes the institutional index system...
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Reflections on Monopolistic Behavior in the Platform Economy

Taoran Yang
The Anti-Monopoly Bureau’s formal listing and the overhaul of the anti-monopoly law show that China’s anti-monopoly regulation has entered a new era. In the information age, the platform economy is becoming increasingly important to China. However, the development of platform economy has challenged China’s...
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Research on the Impact of Foreign Investment on Enterprise Value Under the Background of Digital Transformation

Wen Wu
In the era of digital economy, the application of related technologies has not only met the needs of the digital industry, but also an important means to realize the reform and innovation of traditional industries. With the emergence of a large number of differentiated and personalized products, the...
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Phonetics for College Students: The Use of Multimedia Network Technology

Linyang Yuan, Li Zhang
The development of multimedia network technology gives Chinese EFL students a new way to learn English phonetics and can meet their needs. How teachers can help students learn English phonetics on their own with the help of multimedia? And how teachers can help students learn English phonetics and improve...
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Impact of External Financial Inflows on Food Insecurity: Empirical Evidence from Least Developing Countries

Syed Abdul Rehman Khan, Laeeq Razzak Janjua, Zhang Yu
This paper investigates the impact of external financial inflow on the prevalence of undernourishment for least developing countries. Panel data estimation (fixed effect, random effect, and system GMM) was used from 2001 to 2019 for 35 least developing countries. Findings suggest that FDI inflow, official...
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Research on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Green Total Factor Productivity in Manufacturing

Mengfan Zhou, Yunping Chen
This paper measures the green total factor productivity of manufacturing in China’s provinces from 2003 to 2017 and its decomposition indicators, empirically analyzes the impact of artificial intelligence on the green total factor productivity of manufacturing, and draws the following conclusion: Artificial...
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A Study on the Impact of Agricultural Land Transfer on Farm Household Income

Ying Liu, Sihong Li
Through the analysis of data of Chinese Family Panel Studies from 2016 to 2018, this paper uses the propensity score matching method to empirically study the significant income-increasing effect of agricultural land transfer on farm household income. A breakdown of farm household types and income structures...
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Research on the External Model of Agricultural Cooperation in Jilin Province under the Belt and Road Initiative

Yang Lu, Jia An, Shukai Shi
To better enhance the agricultural development of Jilin Province in the new era, take the “Belt and Road” as the research perspective, starting from the analysis of the current situation of cooperation between Jilin Province and agriculture, the main problems existing in Jilin Province and agricultural...
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Digital Transformation and Enterprise Total Factor Productivity - Empirical Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies

Zheng Xiao
Accelerating the promotion of digital transformation of enterprises is the only way to achieve high-quality economic development in China. This paper uses the method of machine learning to measure the digitalization level of enterprises, and uses the A - share data of listed companies from 2011 to 2018...
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Importance of Draft Practice in Art Education and Teaching in Universities

Xia Ma, Haikui Ma
Currently, Internet has exerted a huge impact on the art education and teaching of universities, and students have focused less on surrounding things. Since acute observation is the precondition for art education and teaching, the decrease in observation and aesthetics has largely affected the art education...
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Quality Analysis of an English Test Designed against the Framework of China’s Standards of English Language Ability

Haizhen Zhao
Taking a final college English test for non-English majors as an example, this study describes the design and content of the test against the framework of China’s Standards of English Language Ability. 363 test takers are selected as samples and SPSS software is used to analyze the quality of the test...
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Comprehensive Evaluation and Coupling Coordination Degree Analysis of Marine Science and Technology and Economy in 11 Coastal Provinces and Cities

Zhiyong Huang
In this paper, by constructing the evaluation system of Marine science and technology innovation and Marine economy, the Entropy-TOPSIS method was used to measure the Marine science and technology innovation capacity and economic level of 11 coastal provinces and cities in China, and then the coupling...
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Research on the Integrated Development of Red Tourism and Rural Tourism Based on Symbiosis Theory

Take Rural Areas of Yantai as an Example

Wenzheng Zhang
Under the background of Rural Revitalization Strategy, there are some problems in the integrated development of red tourism and rural tourism in rural areas of Yantai, such as insufficient top-level design, incomplete supporting public services, lack of cultural connotation of tourism products and so...
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Research on Innovative Development Strategy of Red Literature and Tourism Resources

Take Jiaodong region as an example

Songqin Ren
Jiaodong is an old revolutionary base area with relatively developed economy. At present, it is faced with problems such as low level of development of red cultural tourism resources, insufficient innovation of communication of red cultural tourism resources, and lack of professional talents for development...
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Research on Enterprise Performance Management from the Perspective of OKR

Deyu Chen, Jiaying Chen, Minjuan Ning
With the continuous improvement of enterprise management level and the development of information technology, the performance management method has been upgraded iteratively, in the process of industrialization, such as KPI (performance indicator), Mbo (management by objectives), BSC (balanced scorecard)...
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Research on the Problems and Optimization Paths of the Integrated Development of Rural Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Industries in China

Zhe Cao
The integrated development of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries has become an innovative path for China to promote rural revitalization. This paper focuses on the main problems of rural primary, secondary and tertiary industries in China, including imperfect government governance, insufficient...
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The Construction of American Identity of Filipino Immigrants in America Is in the Heart

Ruiyun Zeng
This paper traces the identity constructing process of Carlos Bulosan, the protagonist of the autobiographical novel America Is in the Heart. From his adherence to farming culture to his pursuit of democracy and freedom, he obtained cultural identity. From fighting for the interests of Filipino workers...
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Two-way FDI Spillover and China’s Provincial Technology Progress

Based on the High-Tech Industry Agglomeration Threshold Perspective

Xiao Lei, Jiayi Wu, Xueying Liang
Based on China’s provincial panel data from 2011 to 2020, this paper empirically studies the dynamic relationship between two-way FDI spillover and China’s provincial technology progress from the perspective of high-tech industry agglomeration. The results show that there exists significant single threshold...
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Research on Curriculum Reform of Sensor Technology and Application under Engineering Education Professional Certification

Lan Wu, Xueying Jia, Jie Jiang, Yarong Chen
Engineering education accreditation is the trend of higher education accreditation evaluation. It plays a leading role in promoting the internationalization of electronic information engineering and improving the quality of education. Guided by the three concepts of engineering education accreditation,...
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Predicaments and Solutions for Minority Handicrafts Industrialization in Southwest of China

Xiaobo He, Shujun Li
Southwest of China is famous for its long borders, natural diversity and rich minority cultural resources, so the region has to deep on the resources and traits to develop itself in order to make rural revitalization come true. Minority’s handicraft resources are very rich and can be devided into the...
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Study on the Cultural Connotation of Street Names in Kunming City

Peiping Zhu, Niannian Zhang
Street names are not only a form of language symbols, but also a cultural phenomenon, reflecting the social life, historical culture and urban characteristics of the local people. Taking the main street names in Kunming city as an example, this paper analyses the cultural connotation of street names...
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An Exploration of the Current Situation and Development of Rural Complex in Tianjin under the Rural Revitalization Strategy

Yuting Zhao, Jiayin Liu, Lanlan Bai, Qiao Zhong, Anyi He, Xiaojie Hou, Xiaoyan Wu
In recent years, with the continuous promotion of reform and opening up, the state has strongly supported rural revitalization and put forward the proposal of rural complex in order to promote the process of urban-rural integration. Relying on its unique advantages, Tianjin has built a rural complex...
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SWOT Analysis and Countermeasures Research on the Development of Rural Complex in Tianjin

Jiayin Liu, Yuting Zhao, Lanlan Bai, Qiao Zhong, Anyi He, Xiaojie Hou, Xiaoyan Wu
The rural revitalization is a strategic goal for China’s vigorous development, and the rural complex is one of the innovative models for realizing rural development. The rural complex development model promotes the effective integration of rural resources. This paper mainly uses the SWTO analysis method...
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Teaching Reform and Practice Based on the Concept of Learning Output OBE Education

Take the Course “Data Structure” as an Example

Jinhuan Wang
In order to implement the educational concept of learning output OBE, according to the course nature and teaching objectives of data structure, a teaching reform practice based on the educational concept of learning output OBE is proposed. The formation is guided by the educational concept of learning...
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Design of Database Teaching Based on Mixed OBE and BOPPPS

Yulei Huang
According to the characteristics of computer courses in colleges and universities, aiming at the problems existing in the teaching of database principles and application courses, through the current situation of our school, this paper focuses on the analysis of teaching and student-centered, integrated...
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Research on the Social Adaptation of Female Food Delivery Workers in Shenzhen

Junqin Wu
In a male-dominated industry, how is the social adaptation of the emerging marginalized group of female food delivery workers? Through questionnaires, participatory observations and semi-structured interviews on female food delivery workers in Shenzhen, this study found that: in terms of occupational...