Proceedings of the 2017 6th International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection (ICEEP 2017)

925 authors
Zhou, Xiaoqing
Study on the Core Problem and Compensation Pattern of Ecological Compensation Mechanism in Jialing River
Zhou, Xin
Toxicity Assessment of Silver Nanoparticles using Zebrafish Embryos
Zhou, Xin
Tourist Towns from the Perspective of "Slow City" Model---A Study of Planning and Design of Waterfront Space in Fuliang County, Jingdezhen
Zhou, Xueyong
Diseases characteristic and control measurements for Chenopodium quinoa Willd
Zhou, Yang
Research and Application of Power Transmission Line On-line Monitoring Device in Alpine Regions
Zhou, Yuanjing
Acylation of Blueberry Anthocyanins with Aliphatic Carbonyl Acids and Their Stability Analysis
Zhou, Yujia
Parameter Calibration of Xin'anjiang Model Based on Complex Genetic Algorithm
Zhou, Zhenfeng
Effect of recycled gas temperature on coal combustion in oxygen blast furnace
Zhou, Zhipeng
The Principle of Minimal Potential Energy of Mixed Variables to Solve the Bending of Rectangular Plate with Two adjacent edges fixed the other two adjacent edges free under uniform load
Zhu, Guangshe
Research and Application of CO₂ Flooding to Improve Oil Recovery in Low Permeability Oilfield
Zhu, Jianyong
A numerical investigation into effect of airfoil on aerodynamic characteristics for SB-VAWT
Zhu, Jing
Dynamic Economic Dispatch of Microgrid with Biomass Power Generation
Zhu, Juyan
Cross wavelet analysis between groundwater level, precipitation, and temperature in Chaiwopu Basin
Zhu, Liangcai
Study on Cracking of Steel Lined Reinforced Concrete Penstock Based on Continuous - Discontinuous Method
Zhu, Qingjie
Weights Computing Analysis of Multi-Criteria Evaluation for Buried Pipeline Failure
Zhu, Qingjie
Prediction of Failure Risk for Underground Casing Pipe Based on Geostatistics
Zhu, Shanyao
Reflections on rural planning practices based on the self-organization theory
Zhu, Weijiang
Study and Application of Guide-line Method for Power Generation Operation of Inter-basin Reservoirs
Zhu, Wenguang
A Two Stage Optimal Strategy for Centralized Charging Stations Planning in High Voltage Distribution System
Zhu, Xuecheng
Research and Application of Power Transmission Line On-line Monitoring Device in Alpine Regions
Zhu, Yan
Methane produced by corn stalk anaerobic fermentation under different dosage of NaOH
Zhu, Yidong
Deterioration Factor analysis of Composite Insulators based on Experiment and Mathematical Statistics
Zhu, Yiyun
Optimization design of enclosure structure of solar energy building in Northwest China based on indoor zoning
Zou, Chuanlong
Study on Design and Construction Method of New Composite Brick
Zuo, Xixi
The Degradation of Reactive Brilliant Blue by Fe(III)/H₂O₂