Proceedings of the 2017 6th International Conference on Energy and Environmental Protection (ICEEP 2017)

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Experimental study on dynamic characteristics of foundation for large turbine-generator set

Bing Lu, Tiejun Qu
Based on a large turbine-generator foundation in the actual project, dynamic characteristics of 1:10 model of this foundation are obtained from modal analysis of the random excitation method. Natural frequency,mode shapes and damping ratio of the structure are acquired. The results of basic vibrating...
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Key Factors Affecting the Preparation and Properties of Reactive Powder Concrete

Yushuai Wang, Cuixiang Xin, Zhiyong Liu
Several key factors such as water binder ratio, dosage of water reducing agent, sand cement ratio and volume fraction of steel fiber affecting preparation and properties of reactive powder concrete are analyzed. The test results show that water binder ratio is one of the most important factors affecting...
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Research on Smart Development in Urban Central Axis Area Based on Morphological Typology Method and Environmental Synergy Concept -- A Case Study of TIT Creative Park in Guangzhou

Minzhi Li, Lu Wang
This research is mainly built upon the work of 2014 Watersheds PhD Winter School, which is organized by South China University of Technology in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino. The Winter School focuses on the professional and practical issues of urban design, specifically, the urban transformation...
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R-function theory method for bending problem of slip clamped trapezoidal shallow spherical shell

Shanqing Li
In this paper, the R-function theory(RFT) is applied to solve the bending problem of slip clamped trapezoidal shallow spherical shell. Firstly the fundamental solution of the biharmonic operator, the boundary equation and the R-function are used to construct the quasi-Green's function. Then the model...
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The Capacity Study of Dry Port Based on the Prediction Model of Neural Network in Jinan

Xiangru Meng, Minren Feng
At present, the construction and layout of the inland dry port, the possibility and feasibility of construction are the focus of the research. The capacity of dry port in Jinan is fully analyzed on the basis of reference to the advanced operation mode and development experience of the excellent non-water...
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Optimization design of enclosure structure of solar energy building in Northwest China based on indoor zoning

Xiaona Fan, Yiyun Zhu, Guochen Sang
Indoor thermal conditions and structure features of the construction of rural dwellings in Northwest China were investigated and tested, the results show that the rural building duo to lack of scientific and systematic thermal design, the thermal properties of building envelope structure is poor, the...
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A universal form of internal displacement field based quadrilateral area coordinate method QACM-III

Xiaoming Chen, Jin Duan, Yungui Li
By supplement appropriate internal displacement field on the nodal displacement of the element, the complementary of displacement polynomial can be increased, so the accuracy of element can be improved and the element may be more insensitive to mesh distortion. But in order to keep compatibility of source...
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Plastic hinge of reinforced concrete beam based on fiber element model

Xiaoming Chen, Jin Duan, Yungui Li
Plastic hinge can be used easily to optimize the reinforced concrete structures, but compared with fiber element model used widely in general FEA software,it cannot present accurate solutions for some complex problems. In order to propose visualized results of structural damage for fiber element method,...
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Extend Building Life and Promote Building Energy Efficiency

Deqin Cui, Qingzhong Yang
Building "short-lived" phenomenon is very common in China. It is extremely wasteful for a developing country with limited resources and financial resources (per capita). Any green low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection without building safety would like water without a source, and a tree...
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Effect of fly ash on the structure and strength of concrete

Jun Liu, Yahui Zhang, Runqing Liu, Chao Duan
In order to explore the effect of fly ash on the pore structure and comprehensive strength properties of concrete, the effect of contents and particle size distribution of fly ash on the grade pore porosity and strength of the concrete were analyzed by mercury intrusion method. The results show that,...
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Practical Algorithm for large diameter pile tip bearing capacity based on displacement control

Xiang Ruan
Based on the Mindlin solution of stress distribution under internal point load in semi - infinite space, this paper presents a new Practical Algorithm for the tip bearing capacity of large diameter pile based on displacement control. First, use the Mindlin solution under circular uniform load to derive...
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Stress Analysis of Asphalt Concrete Deck Pavement on Steel Bridge based on Burgers Model and interlayer contact

Xuntao Wang, Jianhu Feng, Hu Wang
A three-dimensional finite element steel bridge and its deck pavement were established by ANSYS software to simulate the influence of different model and bonding failure between adjacent layers on stress values of asphalt concrete deck pavement. The stress values of asphalt concrete deck pavement were...
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Study on Cracking of Steel Lined Reinforced Concrete Penstock Based on Continuous - Discontinuous Method

Hailin Wu, Liangcai Zhu, Fubing Cui, Zhiqiang Zheng
The numerical simulation of steel lined reinforced concrete penstock model of a hydropower station is carried out by continuous-discontinuous numerical method (extended finite element method). This paper focuses on the numerical calculation method of the crack process and the crack width of the concrete...
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On Nonlinear Deformation of Concrete at Elevated Temperatures

Lyudmila S. Polyakova, Vladimir I. Andreev
The paper considers the influence of elevated temperatures in the range from 20 ø C to 200 ø C in the mechanical properties of the concrete: the thermal expansion, elastic modulus, shear deformation coefficient, strength.Functions describing the dependences of the mechanical characteristics of concrete...
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Numerical analysis on the Hydrodynamic Response of Large-scale Reclamation Project in the Hangzhou Bay

Ronglian Wei, Wei Chen, Tianle Xu, Chenhao Mao, Ran Guo, Mingzong Zhang, Chengjie Wang
Over the past few decades, there has been large-scale land reclamation in the Hangzhou Bay, which inevitably has affected the hydrodynamics in the bay. In this study we set up a 2D hydrodynamic model based on Mike21 Model to investigate the changes of hydrodynamic in the Hangzhou Bay due to large-scale...
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Review on the correlation of geological conditions and seismic damage of underground structures

Shijun Chen, Zengliang Wang, Chunfeng He
Many large underground structures have witnessed great damage in recent earthquakes. To study damage pattern of underground structures during seismic events, understanding different effects on underground tunnels induced by different factors during seismic shaking is also very important. This paper focuses...
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Influence of seismic parameters on the performance of underground structures

Qingrui Lu, Zengliang Wang, Jinhe Gao, Yi Chang
To study the seismic response of underground structures, it is of great value to investigate their performance induced by seismic events. This paper reviews the correlation of ground motion parameters and seismic damage of underground structures, so that the influence of such seismic factors as the peak...
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Research Review on Evaluation Index for Age-friendly Community - a Case Study of Tianjin City

Weiyang Jia, Xiaorong Wang
China is facing social difficulties of severe aging trend that retirement community has become a promoting new type of aging life model beside "family support" and "institution care". Retirement community requires higher quality of environment design and facility layout, and demands improving evaluation...
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The Analysis of Three-dimensional Numerical Simulation to Complexity Foundation Pit Supporting System

Tai-Hua Yang, Zi-Yang Shao, Yuan Chen, Chuan-Sheng Huang
For the interchange foundation pit engineering of the Guangzhou No.3 and No.6 metro line, using three-dimensional elastic-plastic finite element method to build the overall modeling and to simulate the whole process of the excavation, and the calculation and analysis were made. The computation results...
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Study on the Creep Characteristics of Sericite Schist in the Northwest of Hubei Province

Shang Ge Liu, Zhen Li, Xiu Wen Yin
This study explores the creep behaviors of schist in different water contents and establish the creep model and its constitutive equations. Firstly, the time-dependent deformation regularity of surrounding rock was studied based on the sericite schist tunnel construction in northwest area of Hubei Province...
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Study on the Phosphorus Accumulation Characteristics of Penicillium sp.JB201015

Jingyang Meng, Jones Feyisike Gbolayori, Wei Wang, Juntao Cui
Phosphorus resources are non-renewable and difficult to replace natural resources, but also play an important role in the development of strategic resources in the world. However, this element which was once considered to be extremely rich in nature will become a scarce resource in the near future.This...
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The research on the performance of cross-shaped concrete columns confined by stirrups under axial repeated loads

Xiaowei Wang, Shihua Wei, Shuai Lu, Depeng Zhang
Axial repeated loads tests of 5 cross-shaped concrete columns confined by stirrups were carried out. I analyzed the failure process, failure characteristics, skeleton curve and ductility of columns and set up the formulas of ductility coefficient. The results showed that with the increasing of reinforcement...
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Effect of microorganism on the degradation and formation of humic acid in Landfill Leachate

Juntao Cui, Jingyang Meng, Wei Zhang, Wei Wang
Humic acids are natural non-living organic substances and they are extremely resistant to biodegradation. Microorganisms are the driving force behind the transformation and mineralization of humic acids. However, their relative abundance and role during turnover of humic acids in landfill leachate treatments...
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Effects of different carbon and nitrogen ratio on the quantity of nitrogen cycle bacteria in the landfill unit

Juntao Cui, Wei Wang, Wei Zhang
Landfill cell microbial carbon metabolism is not only organically influenced by the impact of landfill unit, but also closely related to the levels of landfill unit nitrogen.In this paper, we regard the landfill layer which is landfill in the surrounding black soil of Jilin Agricultural University as...
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Stationary solution of plane SH-wave scattered by semi-cylindrical canyon in a quarter space

Hui Qi, Chun Gao, Xiang-Nan Pan
According to wave function expansion method and image method, the anti-plane steady state response of a plane SH-wave scattered by a semi-cylindrical canyon in a quarter space is analyzed, and the specific form of displacement field and stress field of the elastic wave are obtained. According to the...
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Study on Design and Construction Method of New Composite Brick

Shan Chen, Chuanlong Zou
In order to study the brick masonry structure in rural areas, a new type of composite brick is designed with concrete and steel plate as raw materials. On this basis, the rapid construction technology is analyzed, which provides a new design of low-rise building brick masonry in rural areas. The new...
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Study on Rough Filtration Plus Slow Sand Filtration Techniques for Cellar Water of Villages and Towns in Northwest China

Guozhen Zhang, Li Zhao, Fuping Wu, Miao Zhang, Zhifang Yue, Qian Wang, Shichao Yang, Jiafu Wang, Shiyu Gong
Based on the turbidity, lower temperature and micro-pollution of cellar water in villages and towns in northwest China, removal efficiency of turbidity, CODMn, NH3-N, UV254, Cr( )was analyzed in this integrate technology by simulating northwest cellar rainwater for raw water. Results showed that the...
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The finite element analysis of L-shaped concrete columns confined by stirrups under axial repeated loads

Xiaowei Wang, Shihua Wei, Depeng Zhang
To study the confinement mechanism of L-shaped concrete columns confined by stirrups under axial repeated loads, based on the experiments the finite element analysis of five columns was carried out by ANSYS software. The results show that the calculation results of the peak load, peak displacement and...
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A two-stage stochastic programming model for industrial adjustment on water and energy resources in Guangdong Province, China

Wencong Yue, Yanpeng Cai, Meirong Su, Zhi Dang, Mianmian Wang, Zhifeng Yang
A two-stage stochastic programming (TSP) model is effective for industrial adjustment under limited and varied capacities of water and energy resources. In this paper, industrial adjustment in the future (i.e., the 13th five-year plan) was evaluated by a eatablished TSP model under limited and uncertain...
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Risk assessment of water resources shortage in consideration of urbanization trends in Guangdong Province, China

Wencong Yue, Zhi Dang, Meirong Su, Zhifeng Yang
To improve the application of conventional methodology on water resources shortage for region development in risky conditions, an integrated approach was developed, coupled with data uncertainty analysis, and violation risk analysis methods. The methodology can effectively connect uncertain equilibrium...
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Overpressure Distribution of Special Stiffened Plates

Mi Zhang, Guo Min Wu
This article shows ten special stiffened plates. With the help of high transient non-linear numerical software LS-DYNA, air blast wave load can impulse on stiffened plates. Overpressure of air blast wave distributes on the stiffened plates with different kinds of forms. The overpressure distributions...
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Measurement of Compaction Degree of Aeolian Sand Roadbed Formed by Dry Compaction with Immersion Plus Cutting Ring Method

Chang-Ning Jin
In order to discuss the application scope of measurement of compaction degree of aeolian sand roadbed formed by compaction with immersion plus cutting ring method, powdery clay particles with different content are blended into the aeolian sand from the Gurbantunggut desert for testing. The results show...
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Research Status and Prospect of Ceramic Membrane

Wei Sun, Shoubin Zhang, Huajun Sun
In recent years, science and technology change with each passing day, people's impacts on the natural environment are growing, too. Because of its high separation efficiency, simple operation, and so on, membrane separation technology is applicate by the worldwide. In the membrane separation technology,...
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Study on Temperature Field Distribution of Asphalt Overlay on Existing Cement Pavement

Peng Yang, Ning-Xu Han, Wu-Jian Long, Ting-Yu Zeng, Jia-Min Mai
Asphalt overlay on existing cement pavement structure design and typical diseases (such as low temperature cracking and fatigue cracking temperature, temperature type of reflective crack) have a strong relationship with temperature; At the same time, vehicle load and temperature stress also produce different...
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Reflections on rural planning practices based on the self-organization theory

Xianxian Dang, Shanyao Zhu, Le Luo
With the speeding up of urbanization in China, overall urban-rural development has been the need of times. Countryside will experience more severe and qualitative social and economic transformation than that of city. This makes the rural construction and development directly relates to the course and...
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Assessment of the degree of hydrological indicators alteration under climate change

Chunxue Yu, Xin'An Yin, Zhifeng Yang, Zhi Dang
The native biodiversity and integrity of riverine ecosystems are dependent on the natural flow regime. Maintaining the natural variability of flow in regulated river is the most important principle for the operation and management of environmental flow (e-flow). However, climate change has altered the...
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Incorporating ecological requirement into reservoir storage capacities design for adaptation to climate change

Chunxue Yu, Xin'An Yin, Zhifeng Yang, Zhi Dang
Reservoir problems contain inherent uncertainty. The random nature of reservoir inflow is one of most important characteristic of determining the storage capacity of eco-friendly reservoir. However, previous eco-friendly reservoir storage requirement are generally derived from observed or synthetic flows...
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The construction and application of self-cleaning engineering bacteria to control MBR biofilm fouling in suit

Kang Xie, Jing Song, Liping Qiu, Jiabin Wang, Shoubin Zhang, Xingsheng Kang, Liqing Zhang
The biofilm fouling is the main factor for MBR fouling. Conventional control methods are difficult to mitigate membrane fouling for a long time. Other methods like quorum sensing, biofilm disperse protein, NO, etc. are not control MBR biofilm fouling in suit. So, combining the functional gene to constructe...
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The development and challenges of draw solutions for forward osmosis processes

Kang Xie, Jing Song, Liping Qiu, Jiabin Wang, Shoubin Zhang, Xingsheng Kang, Liqing Zhang
The development of draw solution is of great importance to the industrial application of forward osmosis technology. At present, the draw solutions are defined as two main types. In this study, we summarized the common draw solutions used in FO process after 2000, and detailed the two types draw solutions,...
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About the Finite Element Analysis for Beam-Hinged Frame

Jin Duan, Yun-Gui Li
In this paper, the method of DOFs condensation is adopted to simulate hinge node in finite element analysis. Other than adding additional overlapped nodes for the DOFs coupling method, the principle idea of DOFs condensation method is that each two elements connected by a hinge node do have a common...
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Study on Planning Scheme of Egypt National Railway Network

Chen Wei
Referring to the experience of China's railway construction and incorporating with the Egyptian national economic characteristics and traffic trends, based on the analysis of passenger and freight transport volumes and the main transport corridors, the planning scheme of Egyptian national railway network...
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Experimental Study on the Influence of Wetting-Drying Cycle on the Strength Characteristics of Expansive Rock

Xiaobing Jia, Erpng Zhao
After absorbing water, expansive rock will expand and soften. After losing water, expansive rock will shrink and crack. The season alternates, expansive rock repeatedly expands and shrinks, which has potential hazard to the project. So, in order to study the influence of wetting-drying cycle on the strength...
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Research on Trip Hotspot Discovery Algorithm Based on Hierarchical Clustering

Hongqin Luo, Dejun Chen, Zhuang Xiong, Kehao Wang
Aiming at the distribution characteristics of the stop-point data obtained from the mobile phone travel survey, this paper proposes an algorithm of extracting the hotspot area of urban residents by hierarchical clustering method. The algorithm is implemented and the effectiveness of the algorithm is...
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On the Problems and Countermeasures of Logistics Industry Cluster Development in Xi'an City

Guo-Ling Jia
As a new form of industrial organization, logistics industry cluster is the spatial agglomeration of logistics service functions, and are produced under the background of supply chain. Xi'an city is located in the central position in our country, which is also the hub city of the eastern gateway to the...
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The research about "One Belt and One Road" platform logistics network layout

Hui He
The rapid rise of the tertiary industry, especially in the information services industry, is gradually becoming the leading industry. The continuous improvement of the status of the internet, the convenience of the Internet and the arrival of information on the economic development of countries have...
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Research on Tourism Development Strategy under the Strategic Pillar Industry

Dongyan Ma, Chao Zhang, Jiange Xue
Building tourism industry into a strategic pillar industry is the inevitable choice that the Chinese government follows the market rule of the tourism industry development, facing the new situation, new feature and new requirements in the new period. With strategic position jumping of tourism industry...
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Study of the Main Social Problems of Tourism Development in Ethnic Villages

Dongyan Ma, Chao Zhang
Tourism in ethnic villages is an inevitable choice of national area construction and rural tourism development in China, which has important and profound historical and realistic significance. But the process of tourism development of ethnic village in China is also associated with various social problems...
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Tourism Distribution of Xining city Tourism Circle Evolution and spatial characteristics

Sheng-Mei Li, Pei-Ji Shi
This paper analyzes the change of tourism scale and the spatial characteristics of Xining city tourism circle by using tourism index, tourism first degree and tourism Gini coefficient. This paper discusses the development of Xining city Tourism and Xining city tourism circle. Xining city is the first...
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Discussion on the development and operation mode of tourism real estate in Henan against the backdrop of beautiful countryside

Yingying Kong, Libin Fu, Li Wang
In recent years, as an innovative mode of sustainable development of resources, economy and ecology, tourism real estate has developed rapidly in China, and tourism real estate has gradually become a new hot spot of investment. The healthy development of the tourism real estate plays a positive role...
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Cross wavelet analysis between groundwater level, precipitation, and temperature in Chaiwopu Basin

Wei Feng, Shuaibin Ren, Xiulan Yin, Juyan Zhu, Haitao Li
Utilize the senior sequences from 2004 to 2016 of the 4 groundwater monitoring holes around Chaiwopu Lake in Xinjiang to observe the water level, precipitation and temperature, then use continuous wavelet and cross wavelet transform method to analyze the periodicity of water level, precipitation and...
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Analysis Simultaneous Desulfurization and Denitration Technology for Glass Furnace Flue Gas

Shaohua Ling, Changyong Jing
In this paper,according to the flue gas characteristics of glass melting furnace, combined with the existing glass melting furnace flue gas desulfurization and denitrification process.The analysis and discussion on the application of flue gas simultaneous desulfurization and denitrification technology...
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Study on the Influence of the Number of Expanded-plate on the Soil Failure State of the Concrete Expanded-plate Pile Under Horizontal Force

Yongmei Qian, Xiaozhou Li, Zixuan Huang
In this paper, the influence of the number of bearing expanded-plate on the concrete expanded-plate pile is studied under horizontal force. Through the ANSYS software, the calculation model is established and analyzed on the basis of the comparison of the straight hole pile with the same length and the...
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Diseases characteristic and control measurements for Chenopodium quinoa Willd

Jinhui Li, Xueyong Zhou, Haile Huang, Guowei Li
Quinoa belongs to chenopodium which is annual dicotyledonous plant. It was domesticated in the Andes in South America. Since quinoa was introduced into China in 2011, it has been quickly planted in several provinces including Shanxi, Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Jinlin. At the present, the quinoa products...
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Numerical and Experiment Study on the Effect of SOFA Wind on NOx Distribution in Furnace

Qian Wang, Yongjun Xia, Fasheng Liu, Yongqiang Deng
In this paper, an experimental study and numerical simulation method was combined to research the impact of a power plant 600MW supercritical four walls tangentially fired boiler furnace OFA wind opening size on the inside furnace NOx concentration distribution and the results coincide. There are four...
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Dynamic feature analysis to quantity and quality of typical septic tank wastewater

Liquan Lu, Liping Qiu, Renzhen Cheng, Jiabin Wang, Shoubin Zhang, Kang Xie, Zeyu Tao
Water quantity and quality such as COD, ammonia nitrogen and phosphate concentration of two functional areas including residential district and administrative area were obtained through the continuous monitoring and analysis of septic tank effluent's water quality and quantity in administration building...
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Research of auxiliary analysis function for digital relay protection test

Rui Han, Yufei Teng, Ping Wang, Mingzhong Liu, Yongkang Zheng, Peng Zhang
In order to solve the common problems in digital relay protection test, this paper proposes a digital relay protection test auxiliary analysis function. This function is mainly used to analyze the abnormal situation that occurred during digital relay protection test, and reduce the processing time of...
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Brief Introduction and Analysis of Hydropower Projects that Induced Resettlement in China

Yi Deng, Sheng Yang, Kui Wang
For the rapid development of economy, China has seen more than 200 million kW capacity of hydropower plant installed and more than 55 billion m3 reservoir storage formed since 1950s. As a result, over 25 million resettlers have been wholly or partially affected. To displace and settle so many people...
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The Influence of Curly Grass Pattern in Chinese Traditional Architecture on Furniture Design

Ting Lu, Wenying Dong
With the quick pace of the development of cultural diversity, we pay more attention to the excavation of national characteristics. It is particularly urgent to dig deep to artistic feature and culture heritage of the traditional pattern with people aesthetic standards and the orientation of culture conception....
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Research on the Green Energy Technology of realizing Jinan Baotu Spring Park `s lawn evergreen in Winter

Hongtao Yu
In Winter, due to the cold weather, the most of cities' landscape in northern China are in the "Semi-abandoned" status. Yellow vegetation , frozen water and idle facilities,these kinds of landscape effect is difficult to match the goal of landscape design. The study found that plant growth is not only...
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Research on Using Mixed Refrigerant to Replace the Traditional Refrigerant in Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

Cheng Yu, Fang Wang, Hai-Xiang Fang
In this paper, R1234ze and R32 will be mixed in 2 different proportions. And it will be used to make comparative experiments with a traditional mixed refrigerant (R410a) in air source heat pump water heater. By analysis the data of experiments some intuitive charts will be made. The results show that...
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Prediction of NOX Emission from Coal - fired Boiler Based on RF - GBDT

Liangming Gui, Yongjun Xia, Haishan Li, Peng Tan, Shangzhi Zhang, Cheng Zhang
A NOX emission forecasting model was established for a supercritical 660MW unit boiler combined with random forest (RF) and gradient lift decision tree (GBDT) algorithm. The steady-state working point of the historical data is screened from the SIS system of the power plant. The feature feature of the...
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Depositional feature of sandy conglomerate in Tuo128 block, Shengtuo area

Cunlei Li, Jianmei Liu, Peng Gao, Panpan Chen
Sandy conglomerate is the major sedimentary systems in the upper fourth member of Shahejie formation in Shengtuo area. In this paper, on the base of core observation and description, sedimentary characteristics are studied in the upper fourth member of Shahejie formationin Shengtuo area. The results...
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Study and Application of Guide-line Method for Power Generation Operation of Inter-basin Reservoirs

Weijiang Zhu, Binqi Hu, Yonggang Wu, Jia Chen, Tao Cheng, Jianping Liu
In order to overcome the defects of emptying reservoir and abandoning water of discriminant criterion method in inter-basin reservoirs operation, this paper analyses the relationships between K value and its calculating time period, takes the minimum spillage storage line as the guide line of reservoir...
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Deterioration Factor analysis of Composite Insulators based on Experiment and Mathematical Statistics

Weigang Zheng, Yidong Zhu, Wenjuan Liu, Lulu Wang, Fei Wang
The electrical performance and mechanical properties of nearly 200 composite insulators operating in the power grid for over 5 years are tested, to grasp the current running state of composite insulators, While statistical analysis of their regional type, age, process and so on,the correlation between...
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The landscape pattern analysis of DaLonghu Wetland Park in XuZhou city ,China

Xuehong Tan, Ye Li, Xiaomin Ma
On the basis of classifying the landscape elements, the landscape pattern of the Dalonghu wetland park was analyzed with the principle of landscape ecology in this paper, The results showed that:(1) The landscape diversity of Dalonghu wetland park was high, but the distribution of the overall landscape...
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Fault Analysis Research on Electrical System of Equipment for Tracking and Controlling

Zheng Liu, Bo Zhang
The electrical system is an important component of equipment for tracking and controlling, so its fault will have a great influence on the performance of equipment for tracking and controlling. The electrical system structure of equipment for tracking and controlling is complex, with various types, so...
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One step route to ultra-long Ag nanowires for solar cells

Weiwei He, Xiaohu Yan, Yifei Long, Chan Pan, Junli Zhao, Yuming Liang, Qiuxin Liu
Currently, the most commonly used TCFs in the electronics industry is indium tin oxide (ITO). However, ITO has some inherent shortcomings, such as high cost and brittle nature, which limited its widespread application. Recent studies have investigated alternatives to ITO. Ag nanowires (AgNWs) is still...
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The Development of Calcium Ferrite Pellet Used as Dephosphorizing or Slagging Agents for Steelmaking and its Application

Wei Wu, Yue Liu
In order to meet the demands of slag formation without fluorite the calcium ferrite pellet is developed in laboratory. The lime and iron oxides combining in different proportion are used as raw material of the calcium ferrite pellet. The melting properties of the calcium ferrite pellet is determined...
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Control and Simulation Research for LVRT of Wind Energy Generation

Xin Peng, Huida Duan, Xiuli Liu
For DFIG-based variable speed wind turbines, the crowbar circuit is commonly used as protection method against sudden drop of the grid voltage caused by short circuit fault during the period of LVRT. And vector control for DFIG is presented in detail. Finally, the simulation results verify that crowbar...
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Research on the Performance of the Resistance of Cavitation for Ship Propeller Based on HVOF

Yongchao Cheng, Haihua Deng, Xiangyu Wu, Peng Xue
This paper studied the anti-cavitation performance of the high velocity oxy-fuel(HVOF) Ni60 powder coating by experiments, and compared the anti-cavitation performance of 2 kinds of powder coating-HVOF Ni60 and HVOF NiCr, and compared HVOF Ni60 powder coating with oxyacetylene flame spraying Ni60 powder...
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Wave motion analysis of finite coupled plates with Reverberation Ray Matrix Method

Qiong-Fang Qi, Hai-Hua Deng, Miao Zhang, Yao-Fei Li
The purpose is to analyze the vibrational wave motion of finite coupled plates considering boundary conditions. Since reverberation ray matrix is a semi-analytical method, Local dual coordinate of each discrete plate was introduced to reverberation ray matrix method. The vibrational formulas of coupled...
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Research and Application of Crystallization Technology in Treating Phosphorus Wastewater

Renzhen Cheng, Liping Qiu, Liquan Lu, Mengfei Hu, Zeyu Tao
At present, the crystallization method has become a hotspot in the field of wastewater treatment. The crystallization method not only remove phosphorus effectively in wastewater, but the phosphorus also can be recycled. The crystallization method includes ammonium magnesium phosphate crystallization...
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Development and application of ceramic membrane in oily wastewater treatment

Qianqian Song, Liping Qiu, Qi Qiu, Renzhen Cheng
Membrane separation technology, as an important water quality safeguards, has been widely studied and applied in water and wastewater treatment,because of its advantages ( low cost, convenient operation, no phase change and no secondary pollution). Compared with organic membrane, the inorganic ceramic...
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Research on Dynamic-State Optimized Operation of Natural Gas Pipeline Network

Yi Yang, Lu Zhang, Enbin Liu, Jing Tang
Natural gas is usually on unsteady-state condition, the change of volumes and pressures will bring different economic benefit at different time, so that the operation of natural gas pipeline should be optimized to guarantee the safety. By analyzing the pressure and volume varying with time, scheme could...
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Review of Chromium Residue and Chromium-containing Waste Water Treatment

Qing Zhang, Guohua Chang, Tianpeng Gao, Haili Sun, Yingquan Chen, Bin Yue, Xisheng Tai, Wanjiang Li
In August 2011, chrome pollution incident happened in Qujing County, Yunnan, China, which caused the attention of the people all over the world. In this paper, the chrome hazards for the health, the routines of chromium residue and Cr-containing wastewater treatment process and the newest research progress--biological...
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The prediction of particle size distribution for the effluent polydisperse particle in staining-dominate deep bed filtration process

Binbin Ding, Chaolin Li, Haijian Luo, Yaowu Wang
A power law relation between the filtration coefficients of straining and flux through small pores based on percolation theory has been reported. It was a monodisperse particle filtration theory, while the actual colloidal suspension is polydisperse particles. In this study, a formula of particle size...
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Electrical activation of hydrogen peroxide for organic contaminant degradation using an improved gas diffusion cathode

Haijian Luo, Chaolin Li, Xue Sun, Jiao Jiang
Electrochemical degradation technology, being an environment-friendly way for the elimination of a broad-range of organic contaminants from water, is limited by low efficiency and high cost. In this study, an improved gas diffusion electrode (GDE) was constructed by rolling carbon black and polytetrafluoroethylene...
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An Optimization and Selection Method for Planning Projects of MV Distribution Network Considering Categorization of Project Attributes

Weihong Yang, Hong Liu, Wenting Cui, Zan Yang, Xuyang Wang
In order to solve the lack in specific evaluation and comparison standards on planning projects of distribution networks, which are widely spread in Chinese grid companies, an optimization and selection method for planning projects of MV distribution networks considering categorization of project attributes...
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Analysis on the optimal solar multiples and full load hours of heat storage for trough high temperature molten salt concentated solar power (CSP) plant

Wangsong Wu, Jing Huang, Xiaosong Liu
Parabolic trough CSP plant operates commercially in the most mature way, also is one of mainstream technology trends for future CSP generation in China. The parabolic trough CSP plant adopting high temperature molten salt delivers higher working temperature and efficiency. The generated electricity increases...
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Emerging organic contaminant removal in constructed wetlands

Haijing Ding, Yanli Ding, Shaoyuan Bai
This paper presents a comprehensive review of the current state of research activities on the application of constructed wetlands for removing emerging organic contaminants (EOCs) from wastewater. The design parameters of the reported constructed wetlands including the physical configuration, vegetation...
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Identification of chemical constituents of Selaginella doederleinii Hieron

Korbanjhon Brad, Yan Zhang, Xu Yang, Tianxin Wang
To determine the chemical constituents of Selaginella doederleinii Hieron. The compounds were isolated and purified from the Ethyl Acetate Fraction from Ethanol Extract of Selaginella doederleinii Hieron by multiple chromatographic techniques including macroporous resin, polyamide, silica gel, Sephadex...
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Research on the Development of "Internet + Experiential Tourism" of Tangshan Hot Spring Tourist Resorts

Xiumei Miao, Peng Peng, Chuanmin Mi
As an important part of the tertiary industry, the tourism industry needs to realize the integration of internal elements and the connection of external resources through "Internet +" to adapt to the development of the new economic era. Taking Tangshan Hot Spring as an example, discussed practical significance...
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The biosolubilization of Shenfu coal by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Saccharothrix xinjiangensis

Yun-Long Xu, Xiang-Rong Liu, Yao-Wen Zhang
In this study, Shenfu crude coal and nitric acid-pretreated coal were solubilized by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Saccharothrix xinjiangensis. Around 7-8 % crude coal dry weight was solubilized within 15 days. The nitric acid pretreatment of the coal increased process efficiency by around 60% for Saccharothrix...
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Study on Photooxidation and Biodegradation of Lignite

Jian-Tao Li, Xiang-Rong Liu, Yun-Long Xu, Yao-Wen Zhang
The process conditions of phanerochaete chrysosporium degrading photo-oxidizd Inner Mongolia Shengli lignite were optimized by orthogonal test, and the effect-weight order to degradation rate was coal pulp concentration > coal particle size > incubation time > inoculum size, the optimal process conditions...
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Toxicity Assessment of Silver Nanoparticles using Zebrafish Embryos

Qiaoshu Xu, Tao Di, Xin Zhou, Ning Gu
In recent years, nanomaterials have attracted great interest from industrial community and researchers due to many reports showing that nanomaterials can be promising vehicles for in vitro diagnosis, in vivo tumor imaging and targeted therapy of many diseases in addition to being wide-spectrum antibacterial...
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Industrial Transformation and Economic Development Implications of Circular Economy in Kitakyushu, Japan

Jialin Guan, Xinmeng Lv, Shuai Song
American economist K-Paulding first put forward the concept of "Circular Economy" in 1960s. The Kitakyushu of Japan was once a heavy industrial zone with the most acute contradiction between development and environmental problems. Since the 1960s, Japanese government started to develop circular economy...
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Analysis on the Development Potential of Forest Tourism in China's National Forest Park-Case study of Heilongjiang Province

Yin Yue, Jia Li
In recent years, with the development of economy and the deterioration of the environment, the protection of the ecological environment and the conservation of resources have become the focus of attention of the state and the world. The development of Forest Park has become a task in the new era. The...
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Study on the Optimum Extraction Conditions and Antibacterial Activities in Vitro of Total Flavonoids from Grape Leaves

Korbanjhon Brad, Yan Zhang, Xu Yang, Tianxin Wang
The optimum extraction process of total flavonoids from grape leaves and their antibacterial activities in vitro were investigated. Total flavonoids were extracted by Soxhlet extraction. The content of total flavonoids in grape leaves was determined with aluminum nitrate chromogenic Spectrophotometry....
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Research on strategic environmental cost management: based on environment and sustainable development

Fengzhou Wang, Meifang Zha
Environmental protection and sustainable development have become the consensus of the international community. International "green trade barriers" and China's increasing efforts on environmental protection have gradually increased the environmental costs, environmental factor has already become an important...
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Effect of Different Concentrations of Mineralization Agent on the Synthesis of Zn₁₋ₓMnₓO (x=0.05, 0.1, 0.15)

Huiqin Li, Shumei Dou, Baijiang An
The Zn₁₋ₓMnₓO(x = 0.05, 0.1, 0.15) diluted magnetic semiconductor powders were repared by hydrothermal synthesis at 220 heated for 24 h using NaOH of 3 mol/L and 5 mol/L as the mineralization agent. It is shown that there had a direct relationship between mineralizer concentration and hydrothermal synthesis,...
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A Two Stage Optimal Strategy for Centralized Charging Stations Planning in High Voltage Distribution System

Ning Xiong, Jie Wang, Wenguang Zhu, Shiyuan Zhong, Min Wang, Wei Tang
Charging and discharging control of centralized charging station becomes more important in power system operation. In order to achieve a load shifting and wind power stabilizing, this paper presents a two-stage optimal scheduling model for centralized charging stations based on the considerations of...
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Design Optimization of MBR System for Oily Wastewater Treatment in Port

Jian-Gong Wang
The optimal design of MBR system for oil film wastewater was introduced. The influence of aeration rate, aeration structure and reactor structure on the average cross flow velocity was studied. The average cross flow velocity between films was 1.25~1.28 M/s is a reasonable parameter to effectively slow...
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Distribution and Diffusive Flux of Endogenous Nitrogen in an Urban Eutrophic Lake

Xin Li
A field study was performed in an urban eutrophic lake of Tianjin to investigate the distribution and diffusive flux of nitrogen species. Dissolved organic nitrogen (DON), accounting for about 98% of total nitrogen (TN), was the dominant component in sediment. Ammonium (NH4+ₓN) was the main component...
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Space Propagation Characteristics of Audible Noise Due to HVDC Transmission Lines

Hua Shao, Shanshan Hou
Audible noise generated by the corona of HVDC transmission line has become one of the major considerations in the design of high voltage transmission lines. To research audible noise space propagation characteristics duo to HVDC transmission lines is very important for the analysis of the spatial frequency...
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Research Progress of Fouling Mechanism and Control Technology of Ceramic Membrane

Jingxiu Zhong, Shoubin Zhang, Huajun Sun
In recent years, inorganic ceramic membranes have been successfully applied in water treatment because of their unique advantages. However, the membrane fouling problems during the application of inorganic ceramic membranes should not be underestimated. With the wide application of inorganic ceramic...
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Study on the Core Problem and Compensation Pattern of Ecological Compensation Mechanism in Jialing River

Jiaxiu Sun, Xiaoqing Zhou
The development of the basin is not only the comprehensive development and utilization of river basin and governance issues, should also be under the guidance of sustainable development thought, the basin, including environment, resource, society, economy, various factors as a whole, in order to better...
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Application of Ceramic Membrane in Wastewater Treatment

Yuze Li, Shoubin Zhang, Huajun Sun
Ceramic membrane as an environment-friendly technology, is widely used in water treatment. In this paper, the structure and characteristics of the ceramic membrane are discussed. The application of the ceramic membrane in waste-water treatment is mainly discussed. It mainly includes the treatment of...
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Nondestructive inspection of port operation machinery based on Modified Multifractal Algorithm

Xu Guo, Leilei Liu, Lei Sun
This Nondestructive inspection of mechanical equipment is to diagnose the mechanical the wear and corrosion of the machine under the condition of no disassembly.With the rapid development of port industry, the number of all kinds of port operating machinery is increasing, and the complexity of the equipment...
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Methane produced by corn stalk anaerobic fermentation under different dosage of NaOH

Yan Zhu, Shaojun Li, Shuai Yuan, Guang Yuan
With crisis of coal, oil and natural gas and other fossil energy, people gradually turned to biomass energy, the preparation of methane is of great practical significance. Different alkali pretreatment can affect the anaerobic fermentation of corn stalk system. NaOH as pretreatment agent was added into...
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Adsorption and catalytic ozonation of organic pollutants from bio-treated dyeing wastewater

Lu Zhang, Haitao Li, Jie Liu, Yixin Yang, Yingying Li, Dan Song, Wei Xu, Gengzhi Yu, Mingsheng Luo
Adsorption performance of catalysts and catalytic ozonation of organic pollutants from bio-treated dyeing wastewater were investigated. Among various catalysts, the granular activated carbon (GAC) showed the better adsorption performance for removal of COD from dyeing wastewater, and the adsorption capacity...