Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Education Innovation and Social Science (ICEISS 2018)

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The Impact of Being Envied on Work Engagement:A Test of the Transactional Model of Stress and Coping

Qing Huang, Xiangnan Tao, Chunyan Jiang
Over the years, how employees have responded to workplace envy has been a puzzling question. Using the transactional model of stress and coping, we explore the moderating role of that Zhong-Yong thinking and two coping styles in the relationship between being envied and work engagement from the perspective...
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Retrospect and Prospect of 30 years’ Development of Mental Health Education in Chinese Colleges and Universities

Jin Tao, Jianqing Ma
The purpose of this paper is to propose strategies to advance the development of mental health education in colleges and universities with times. Through adopting literature research and history research, this paper reviews 30 years’ development experience of mental health education in Chinese colleges...
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Sharing Economy: A State-of-the-Art Survey

Zewei Yang, Lin Ma, Zike Zhang
The progress of mobile Internet technology has enabled the sharing economy to develop rapidly in the past decade, and it has rapidly involved many fields such as transportation, hotel, finance, consumer credit and labor market, and covers factor market (capital and labor) and product market (goods and...
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An Exploration into the Development Mode of Innovation Talents and SIT Practice on the Basis of Architectural Design Teaching Perspective of Research-type University

Wei Zhang, Saoyao He, Yan Yan, Kexin Zhang
This paper firstly discussed the teaching characteristic of SIT Project of research-type university as a talents development mode to improve innovation ability. Then, it expounded that for the teaching of architectural design, the SIT was not only a supplement to the content and form of regular teaching,...
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The Study on the Promotion Strategy of Army Civilian Faculty’s Teaching Ability in the Military Academy from an Individual Perspective

Lixin He, Meng Jin, Jingxue Sun
With the establishment of the Army Civilian Policy since 2005, the number of Army Civilian community has witnessed an increasing trend, especially in military academies. Therefore, the teaching abilities of civilian posts have aroused great attention, but there is no systematic analysis on the promotion...
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Online Teaching Design for Innovation and Invention Courses

Fan Jiang, Zhongmin Xiao, Qingfeng Wu, Zhenzhang Liu
Innovation and invention courses play a crucial role in improving students' innovative ability. Through online mode, more students can learn innovative methods and thus improve their innovative ability. Therefore, it is imperative to construct online courses. This paper integrates TRIZ theory and Extenics...
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Research on the Cultivation of “Chinese Spirit” by Socialist Core Values

Chiping Li
The report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposes to build “Chinese value, Chinese spirit, Chinese power and provide spiritual guidance to the people.” Socialist core values, on the one hand, introduces the modern direction and signs of rebuilding the national spirit,...