Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Education Innovation and Social Science (ICEISS 2018)

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Influencing Factors of Professional Commitment of Students Enrolled in Broad Categories

Jinmei Tian, Yimin Wu, Wene Qi
The authors surveyed students enrolled in broad categories to evaluate college general enrollment performance (professional commitment, professional involvement) and study its determinants (professional diversion fairness, professional satisfaction). Data analysis results revealed that information fairness,...
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Features of Buddhist Methodology of Human Self-knowledge

Anatoly B. Stol, Airat Y. Zaripov, Victor N. Bondarenko, Alexander V. Bondarenko, Gafur G. Salihov
The foundation of Buddhism, based on classic texts of the Pali Canon in the Satipatthana Sutta, is one of the most interesting and profound ways of self-knowledge among the various ways. Researching someone's “self-perception” is more existentially phenomenological in nature. With this approach, a person...
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Effect of TRX Suspension Training on Dorsal Muscle Strength and Isometric Muscle Endurance of Police College Students

Fan Zhang
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of 12-week TRX suspension training and instrument resistance training on dorsal muscle strength and isometric muscle endurance of police college students. Thirty male students from Nanjing Forest Police College were randomly divided into TRX suspension...
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Effect of TRX Suspension Training on Muscle Explosive Force of Police College Students

Fan Zhang
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of 12-week TRX suspension training and instrument resistance training on dorsal muscle strength and isometric muscle endurance of police college students. Thirty male students from Nanjing Forest Police College were randomly divided into TRX suspension...
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Research on the Improvement Strategy of Marketing Talents Training in Secondary Vocational Schools

Fuchang Li, Fengrui Liu, Xiaohui Hu
Secondary vocational education is an important part of China's vocational education system. Its core is the cultivation of students' professional ability and professional quality. However, there are many problems in the marketing major of secondary vocational schools in China. For example: talent training...
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An Analysis of the Regulating Mechanism of the Differences between Values and Cultural Backgrounds between Countries: A Case Study of Western Countries and China

Di Zhou, Hanwen Li
As the global political, economic, cultural, military and other fields closely and constantly strengthen, a development trend of international situation has formed. Although the main part is harmonious, it cannot be denied that there are "friction" and "contradictory" between one country and another....
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Research on the Cultivation Strategies of College Students' Physical Exercise Habits in Tianjin

Huibo Zhao
The cultivation of physical exercise habits for college students, the main force in the future social construction, is of great significance to the development of their comprehensive quality. Affected by both the diversification of physical education content and the sports activities, the cultivation...
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Research on Career Identity and Career Development of College PE Teachers

Jian Wang
This paper discusses the basis of the research on the career identity of college PE teachers from the perspective of education, analyzes the source of career identity of college PE teachers, and finally come to the conclusion that the personal characteristics of teachers are the decisive factors affecting...
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Comparison and Research of Micro-course Teaching and Traditional Teaching Based on APH

Yingxin Liu, Baoyin Liu, Juan Du
With the development and advancement of information and internet technology, Micro-course is more concerned by students and teachers for its short time and refined and essential content. After integrating with the feedback result of the questionnaire by Analytic Hierarchy Process, constructing the evaluation...
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Exploration and Analysis of the Integrated Enterprise Marketing in the Context of Microfilms and New Media

Shikun Liu
This paper is aimed at allowing enterprises to take full advantage of microfilms for the integrated marketing in the fierce market competition in the context of new media, so that product information can be kept in the heart of customers, and further customers can give priority to their products for...
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Art “Purification” and Aesthetic Education

Feifei Cheng
The essence of art purification is that the emotions produced artworks can satisfy people's basic need, because the process of purification is an emotional catharsis and compensation. Both artistic creation and artistic appreciation belong to an emotional release and “being assimilated”, achieving emotion...
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An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Industrial Structure and Air Pollution in Xi'an

Qi Li
The air pollution in Xi'an is serious. Adjusting industrial structure has become one of the important strategies to improve the quality of atmospheric environment. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the relationship between industrial structure and air pollution. To this end, this paper...
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Political Islam in Pre-revolutionary Russia: Groups, Parties, Representatives in the Parliament

Ruslan R. Vildanov, Olga N. Budeeva, Amina G. Khasanova, Svetlana D. Galiullina, Pavel A. Minakov
The article analyzes the formation, emergence, development and problems of political Islam in Russia. The authors point out that the history of the formation of political Islam in Russia dates back to the 16th century. Jadidism, which was aimed at modernizing all aspects of Muslim life and spread in...
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Implicit Evaluation of Ideational Meaning in News Discourse

Zhipeng Liu
The study of news discourse evaluation focuses on the explicit attitude caused by attitude-invoking vocabulary. What lacks now is the discussion of implicit attitude that seems neutral but implies author's judgment. Attitude, engagement and graduation are three subsystems of evaluation theory, which...
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The Reform and Exploration of Japanese Reading Instruction Methods from the Perspective of the Psycholinguistics

Wei Yin
Reading is a complex mental activity, a “guessing game based on the psychological languages" rather than a process of passively decoding from the view of psycholinguistics. Starting from the universal problems exist in students' Japanese Reading, the thesis points out the drawbacks of traditional Japanese...
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The Inspiration from the Manjusri Wisdom below the Vision of Education: the Significance of "the only proper course to take" and the Wisdom of the Middle Way

Shulin Liu
In traditional Chinese culture, Buddhism culture is an important and wonderful part, especially the wisdom of Manjushri is respected and worshipped by the general public. In the new era, what is the development trend of Manjusri Wisdom. This paper is to study the wisdom of Manjusri against the background...
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Research on Information Transmission Capacity of WeChat Friends Circle

Zhenkun Wu, Zhenlong Peng, Yuzi Cui
With the development of network technology, the most representative “WeChat circle of friends” in the social network is increasingly becoming the main tool for disseminating information. In order to use the “WeChat friends circle” information transmission function scientifically and effectively, we introduce...
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The Wisdom of the New Era Is Still Shining: the Interpretation Based on Value Rationality

Shulin Liu
Manjusri's great wisdom not only embraces the limited wisdom of the world, but also symbolizes the spirit of transcendence. This transcendental spirit enables human beings to evolve constantly, more in line with people's pursuit of value rationality, to make life moving, to make themselves strive to...
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Research on the Cultivation Strategies of Preschool Children's Narration Capacity

Lina Zhang, Wenwen Wei
Over the years, preschool children's language capacity has attracted more and more attentions. As the important form of developing oral expression capacity, narration has been increasingly favored by kindergartens and vast parents. In order to improve the capacity of children aged 3-6 to use language...
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Exploration on Teaching Management Reform in Applied Undergraduate Colleges under the Full Credit System

Yanan Gou, Wei Xu
With the development of higher education in China, the implementation of the full credit system has become an inevitable trend of higher education development and reform. It is the fusion product of modern education idea and modern management idea. Firstly, this paper introduces the development course...
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An Approach to the Cultivation Pattern for Business English Writing Ability

Guobin Le, Songdan Guo
As an ESP, Business English is strongly characterized by practicality and professionality. In practice, English output ability, namely oral and written expression ability, is the key to the success of business English teaching. By means of the task-based teaching method and guided by the memetics, this...
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C-E translation of Red Tourism in Xi’an Based on International Publicity Translation

Ke Chen, Fangfang Yang
The mushrooming Red tourist spots in Xi’an are attracting more and more foreigners, while the English propaganda of those attractions is far from standardized. With the practical research to The Eighth Route Army Office Monument in Xi’an and Yang Hucheng Monument etc, the paper analyzes the translation...
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The Role of Library Director and Users in Planning a Building or Renovation

Jingwu Han
The librarian plays an important role in the design and construction of a new facility. Frequently, if the organization is large and the project complex, the committee serves to represent entire staff, as well as members of the public, student body, faculty, or other constituents. City or institutional...
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Analysis of the Children's Picture Book as the Carrier to Inherit the Spirit of Yimeng—Taking the Phoenix Bird Worship in Dongyi Culture as an Example

Ping Xu
The Yimeng spirit is a cultural and spiritual trait formed by the fusion of Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture and socialist culture. In contemporary society that practices the core values of socialism, it is necessary to strive to inherit and develop the spirit of Yimeng and enhance...
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Studies of Postcolonial Theory and Postcolonial Translation Theory

Xuemin Heng
The 1980s witnessed the collapse of the traditional colonial system and the emergence of a new age, the cultural colonization era, namely the post-colonialism era. Given such a context, the definition of translation should be renovated with new understanding and interpretation, so that translation can...
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Research on the Problem of Internal Control Evaluation of Listed Companies

Shouchun Xiong
Internal control evaluation is an important process of internal control of listed companies. Its purpose is to measure the effectiveness of the implementation of internal control system. It is an important measure to perfect and optimize the internal control system. Due to the internal control evaluation...
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Research on the Development and Practice of School-enterprise Integration Teaching Information Course on the Basis of "STC+ four-in-one"

Zhimin Yu
The purpose of this paper is to reforming curriculum by integrating characteristics of education informatization in China with the up to date STC concept of American vocational education. This paper provides that curriculum design is modular, curriculum implementation is teamed, curriculum evaluation...
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Exploration on Physics Experiment Teaching in Micro Video

Hengtong Ding, Li Zhang, Naiyuan Zhang
In order to strengthen students' learning of physics experiments in middle schools and realize the perfect combination of modern information and physics teaching in middle schools, this paper is produced. Nowadays, as a new teaching method, micro-video teaching is more and more popular in daily physics...
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Reform of Applied Talents Training of Electronic and Information Engineering under the Background of New Engineering Course

Yanwu Liu, Zhilin Zhu, Shouxiang Zhang, Lijie Fan, Fan Wang, Xinmiao Ding
The Electronic and Information Engineering of Shandong Technology and Business University has constructed a unique application-oriented talents training system in order to effectively solve the single practice mode in the process of talent training and effectively improve students' practical ability...
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Analysis on the Design Integration of Traditional Patterns and Modernized Food Package-Taking the Characteristic Food in Xinjiang as an Example

Jinsong Yu, Qizheng Cao, Xiaoyan Zheng
To a large extent, nationality determines the characteristics of packaging design; this paper analyzes the design of Xinjiang specialty food packaging based on the traditional patterns and the concept and function of modern food packaging, combined with the basic principles of packaging design. With...
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Research on the Reform of Curriculum System of Electrical Engineering and Automation Specialty

Jingfeng He
According to the characteristics of applied technical talents training in China's higher education at present, this paper analyzes the present situation of the curriculum system of electrical engineering and automation specialty in colleges and universities in our country. Then it discusses in detail...
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Research on the Construction of Special Database and Data Mining in Huangdi’s Internal Classic of Medicine

Yanda She
This thesis, through the establishment of the special database of Huangdi’s Internal Classic of Medicine, the contents of the original text of Huangdi’s Internal Classic of Medicine, systematically collected and arranged the annotations of the annotator, and discussed the related data mining on the basis...
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Research on Music Therapy to Promote Health and Well-being of General Population

Yanan Zhu
Music therapy is one of the health promotion practices that can advance wellness. The holistic view proposes an integrated approach to health and wellness in which body, mind, and spirit are seen as integrated parts of the whole system. Holistic medicine treats the whole person (body, mind, and spirit),...
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Exploration of Biostatistics Research in the New Century

Xiaonan Xiao
This paper discusses the main objects and scope of Biostatistics research in the new century, as well as the characteristics and methods of Biostatistical research in the new century. The results of the discussion show that the continuous deepening of the research on Biostatistics theory and methods...
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Innovative Research and Practice of REPE Class Teaching Mode on Integrated English Course in Application-Oriented University

Ming Cao
Based on characteristics of applied talents cultivation in application-oriented university, the purpose of present study is to improve students English language ability (ELA). It rebuilt the curriculum of integrated English course and developed a model of REPE (reconstruction + e-platform + process evaluation)....
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Improving Schooling Taste and Promoting Quality Development

Zhixiang Deng
In order to promote the balanced development of compulsory education, the competent education authority arranged cooperation between several universities and the corresponding primary and middle schools in the entrusted management of school running. For example, after discussion, Jianghan University...
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Innovation Is the Cornerstone of Sustainable Development of Private University

Jian Huang
The fundamental driving force of school development lies in the sense of responsibility, mission and intelligence of the school group. Building a cohesive, diligent and innovative teaching and administrative staff is the key to forming the core competitiveness of the school. Innovation is the main driving...
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On the Active Struggle of Children's Novels in “Strange Tales of a Lonely Studio”

Yujun Yang
There are many children's novels in the famous collection of classical Chinese short stories in the early Qing Dynasty, for example “Strange Stories from a Lonely Studio”. In these works, the author Pu Songling actively expresses the spirit of young hero's active struggling against evil forces and shapes...
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Trade and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Xuefeng Zhang, Yongqing Liu, Zhifeng Wei, B Lise
This study investigates how trade openness affects economic growth in developing countries, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). We use a dynamic growth model with data from 42 SSA countries covering 1980 to 2012. We take the Pooled Mean Group estimation technique, which is suitable for drawing...
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Research on the Red Tourism Translation from the Perspective of Skopos Theory

Yanmei Liu
Based on Skopostheorie, this paper elaborates on the basic elements in the translation process of tourist scenic media texts from the perspective of linguistics, such as, audience, text, translator, noise and feedback. In addition, in view of the substantial differences between Chinese and foreign cultures,...
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Exploration on the Path of Emotional Identification of University Students in New Era on Socialist Core Values

Yinzhu Li
In order to improve the effectiveness of the socialist core value education for university students, the investigation finds that the socialist core value education in current colleges and universities focuses on identity education, and the ways (put forward in combination with the principle of emotional...
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Research on Strengthening Financial Budget Management of the Funds of Trade Unions in Colleges and Universities

Weiqin Liu
Budget management of trade unions in colleges and universities can help trade union managers to plan, coordinate, control and evaluate the performance of trade union activities, and promote the smooth progress of trade unions work. This paper analyzes the problems existing in the budget of trade unions...
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Analysis of CEC Mode of International Cooperation in Vocational Education under the Guidance of “The Belt and Road” Strategy-Taking Chongqing Vocational Institute of Engineering as an Example

Tong Liu, Shuhui You, Yu Liu
Vocational colleges actively respond to the national "The Belt and Road" strategy and participate in the practice of international cooperation in running schools. However, the main body of international cooperation in vocational education is schools, which lacks the effective participation of enterprises,...
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The Application of AHP in Comprehensive Evaluation of Social Equity in Tibetan Areas of Qinghai

Tong Lei, Jian Wang
There are always an income inequality problem in the Tibetan area of Qinghai province. The widening income gap is severely threatening social equity and stability of the area, which has always been the key focus of the governance and research of the Qinghai government. In 2018, the public attention towards...
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A Preliminary Study on the Reform of Flower Science Teaching in Landscape Architecture Specialty

Jing Wu, Kezhong Zhang, Yazhou Zhao
Flower Science is a professional basic course of landscape architecture specialty. This paper analyzes the setting and construction of flower science courses in domestic colleges and universities, starting from the main problems in the teaching of flower science in the landscape architecture specialty,...
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Application of Mathematical Modeling in Marketing Management Problem

Xuemei Yu
The enterprise should develop the production and sales plan with maximum profit, double profit and balanced sales as goals according to external demand and internal conditions. They should also apply linear programming, integer programming, multi-objective programming model in operational research model,...
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Study on the Causes of Male Preschool Teachers' Absence and Countermeasures

Yan Chen
The strong will and masculine quality of male kindergarten teachers have a subtle influence on the healthy growth of children. This paper investigates the number of male teachers in kindergartens in Zaozhuang area and analyzes the reasons for the lack of male teachers in kindergartens. The following...
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Research on Management System of “Three-standard Integration”: A Literature Review

Yifan Liu, Yingxia Yu
To promote further research and application of “three-standard integration” management system, this paper used literature analysis method to summarize research results about integration of quality, environment and occupational safety management system, which includes connotation, integration basis and...
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Research on the Design and Practice Teaching of Transportation Courses under the Guidance of “The Belt and Road” Strategy

Min Ji, Bolin Jiang, Anping Xu, Hongli Li
Based on the guidance of the national “The Belt and Road” strategy and the implementation of integrating production with education in vocational education, this paper has established and improved the “Luban college” transportation course system in China-Africa cooperation project in Tanzania in order...
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Exploration on Animation Teaching in Universities under the Mode of Industry-University-Research Cooperation

Jin Wang
The combination of Industry-University-Research (IUR) and animation provides favorable conditions for universities and scientific research institutions to cultivate innovative talents, strengthens the core competitiveness of animation enterprises, and enables universities, enterprises and scientific...