Proceedings of the 2023 8th International Conference on Engineering Management (ICEM 2023)

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Bijay Kumar Kandel, Jun Yang, J. Jose Prabhu, Xueyuan Wang
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at 2023 8th International Conference on Engineering Management (ICEM 2023) during 8-10 September 2023 in Wuhan, China. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the [Scientific Committees and reviewers] and approved by...
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Research and Analysis of UAV Application Technology in Geological Engineering

Yingxin Cheng, Zhifeng Mao
In recent years, with the rapid development of society, the utilization rate of land and resources has been significantly improved. In order to achieve stable use and reduce loss, relevant personnel need to actively carry out planning and design, and gradually expand the scope of surveying and mapping....
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Analysis of Hot Spots and Trends of Domestic Intelligent Construction Research Based on CiteSpace

Yajuan Feng, Ting Lan
To analyze the hotspots and trends of intelligent construction research in China, bibliometric methods and CiteSpace software were used to analyze and compare the number of Chinese literature releases, disciplinary distribution, institutional cooperation network, emergent keywords, and evolutionary trends,...
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Tripartite Subject Game Research Based on the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Model

Yulong Xu, Yueming Wang
Through the evolutionary game, this paper selects the general contracting unit, design unit, and construction unit as the tripartite game subjects to investigate the influence of income distribution coefficients on their behavioral strategies, and utilizes MATLAB R2016b for simulation. The results reveal...
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Investigation on the Optimization Model of Highway Maintenance Construction

Haonan Zhou, Zhoucong Xu, Quanlei Wang, Tianlong Chen, Liqin Long, LI Xia
In order to enhance the efficiency of maintenance construction and improve the capacity and service quality of expressways, a mathematical model was developed to optimize the timing of road closures. This model takes into account factors such as highway tolls, traffic flow, construction costs, and construction...
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Study on Time Series Forecasting Algorithm of Power Users’ Electricity Charges Based on Support Vector Machine

Sha Liu, Rui Guo, Xianying Mu
When forecasting the electricity charges of power users, the accuracy of the forecast results is low because of the correlation between the actual electricity consumption time series. Therefore, the research on the time series forecasting algorithm of power users’ electricity charges based on support...
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Research on inventory system of highway E&M equipment affected by the environment

Zhihe Cheng, Linxuan Liu, Xiaomin Dai
With the rapid development of China's highway construction and the gradual increase of toll road mileage, the importance of E&M equipment in highway construction has become increasingly prominent. However, in recent years, the special operation and maintenance cost of electromechanical equipment...
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Application of multi-level inventory intelligent decision-making system in the automotive aftermarket

Liu Yang, Xin Ma, Yingnan Liu
Automotive aftermarket spare parts supply chain related business gradually began to carry the core functions of customer service and profit growth, enterprises in the aftermarket spare parts business competition is fierce, after-sales business transformation has become a must for enterprises. This article...
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Assessment of Urban Flood Resilience Based on an Innovative PSSR Concept Model

Yang Zhang, Kejian Shang
Urban flooding caused by extreme rainstorms is one of the most prominent and difficult problems to be solved in the expansion of the world's cities. This study draws on the Wuli-Shili-Renli (WSR) methodology, and on the basis of the Pressure-State-Response (PSR) index model, reconstructs the “Shili”...
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Research on Predictive Maintenance Architecture of Experimental Aircraft Based on Digital Twins

Ziyue Liang
With the rapid development of industrial technology and the new generation of information technology, the integration and intelligence of aircraft equipment continue to improve, increasing the probability of experimental aircraft malfunction and functional failures, resulting in a significant increase...
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Variance Analysis of Negative Impacts of Offshore Construction on Marine Environment

Zhengbin Chen, Huan Wang
With the advancement of technology and social development, China has witnessed a gradual increase in offshore construction activities. However, this has led to the destruction and pollution of the marine environment, resulting in severe disruptions to the survival of marine life. Therefore, this paper...
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Analysis of the influence of the universality of aviation equipment parts on the probability of spare parts support and equipment availability

Wang Junke, Jiang Tiejun, Li Zheng, Chen Bing
To study the impact of universal parts on spare parts support probability and equipment availability, first, the calculation method of spare parts support probability is given. According to the difference in equipment and spare parts number, the change of spare parts support probability is mathematically...
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Application Exploration of BIM Technology in Integrated Fusion Power Supply System

Qiangjian Chen, Xinjie Zhu, Li Jiang, Ge Gao, Hong Lei
BIM technology has gradually been widely applied in all aspects of social production and daily life. Especially in terms of engineering management and design requirements. However, adding BIM technology to a project will inevitably increase the cost to some extent. In order to maximize the implementation...
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On Data Security Protection Strategies for Petrochemical Enterprises amidst the Era of Big Data

Aijiao Jing, Liang Song, Qi Chen, Xinbei Lv, Huanyu Zhou
Amidst the era of big data, data is not only a crucial asset for countries and businesses but also a key driver for economic and social development as well as innovation in management mechanism. Any occurrence of data security issues can lead to significant losses for countries, enterprises, and individuals,...
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Design of a Low Altitude UAV Detection and Tracking System with Automatic Cancellation of Angle Measurement Errors

Chen Peng, Shi Yuejun, Zheng Qian, Liu Zhijun, Li Qinghang, Yuan Kaixuan
Aiming at the complex structure and difficulty in supporting leveling operations of traditional low altitude unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) detection and tracking systems, this paper studies an integrated turntable, which innovatively adopts a method of real-time measurement of turntable tilt angle. Automatic...
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Application of Pile-sheet wall in the slop reinforcement project

Zhang Wei-gong, Zhang yun-xuan
The Pile-sheet wall has been widely used In the roadbed slope reinforcement project of railway and highway engineering, Due to the high slope and inadequate foundation bearing capacity, the Pile-sheet wall has been adopted for slope reinforcement in the rebuilding engineering of a railway station in...
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Research on Multi-Product Ordering Strategy Based on Quantity Discounts and Temporary Price Discounts

Chenxia Jin, Ying Chen, Baozhen Guo
Inventory management is the most important link in the logistics chain of perishable goods, and this paper investigates an inventory control model that takes into account the effects of various costs, quantity discounts offered by the supplier to the retailer, and temporary price discounts offered by...
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Research on project management methods for fusion engineering

Li Jiang, Wei Xiang, Hong Lei
The Comprehensive Research Facility for Fusion Technology (CRAFT) system is one of the major scientific engineering projects prioritized in China's 13th Five Year Plan for the Construction of National Major Science and Technology Infrastructure. Its construction purpose is to lay a scientific and...
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Research on Optimization of Engineering Consulting Business Processes Based on Stochastic Petri Net Theory

Jiarong Li, Yu Zhi, Mian Wang, Xiaotong Dai
Under the background of new era and new consulting, the business process is constantly changing, and the advantages and challenges of engineering consulting field coexist. This paper introduces stochastic Petri nets into the field of engineering consulting, models and simulates engineering consulting...
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Prediction of Energy Consumption of Group Buildings Based on BP-LSTM Neural Networks

Xiaotong Yan
Aiming at the problem that it is difficult to collect the variables that affect the prediction of building energy consumption, this paper proposes a BP-LSTM neural networks prediction model based on the combination of natural factors and human factors. First, the three basic natural factors of sunshine...
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Research on Multi-scenario Application of Power Data Mining for Digital Government

Kaiming Qin, Peiyuan Guo, Ding Han, Liqian Zhang
The construction of digital government is a new trend to comply with the digital transformation of the economy and society, and is also a new way and a new way to promote the modernization of the nation governance system and governance capacity. As a production factor, the data information of the electric...
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Research on the risk assessment method of power grid engineering cost based on grey correlation analysis

Huiling Zhang, Feifei Wang, Kunlun Wang
Power grid engineering is an organic component of national infrastructure, which provides strong support for national economic and social development, and cost control is one of the core contents of power grid engineering construction, which has an important impact on the investment efficiency of power...
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Research on optimization and sorting method of power grid reserve project based on comprehensive evaluation of project contribution

Rui Zhao, Shangke Liu, Zheng Wang, Bin Bai, Geng Sun
The current preferred ranking of reserve projects is only static for the current power grid, and does not consider the impact of the project production sequence on the power grid, and ignores the relationship between reserve projects, resulting in the inaccurate order of project delivery. Therefore,...
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Theoretical Explanation and Institutional Innovation of Blockchain Enabled Intellectual Property Management

Yulin Zheng, Ying Zhu, Yanfeng Tang, Cailiang Xiang
Blockchain is a new type of Internet infrastructure based on data and smart contract technology. The blockchain-based intellectual property management mechanism is a decentralised distributed system that contains four links: incentive for innovation, protection of rights and interests, open sharing and...
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Research on the method of machine tool running state management based on digital twin

Yu Hang, Fang Xifeng, Feng Linhao
In order to solve the problems of low monitoring accuracy and inability to handle abnormalities in industrial production, a digital twin based machine tool operation status management method is proposed. On the basis of building the twin model architecture of machine tool operation state management and...
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Research on Process Simulation Based on Random Petri Nets--Taking the after-sales maintenance process of automobiles as an example

Mian Wang, Fangqi Dong, Feng Men, Jiarong Li
In the context of the digital economy, business processes are constantly changing, increasing the difficulty of enterprise management and increasing operational risks. This article combines random Petri nets and takes after-sales maintenance scenarios as an example to analyze the current status of after-sales...
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Research on Schedule Risk of Prefabricated Building Project Based on Social Network Analysis

Yan Li, Chunbao Li, Sujuan Zhao
As a new construction mode, prefabricated building plays an important role in promoting the industrialization of construction and realizing the industrialization and high-quality development of the construction industry. At present, prefabricated buildings are different from traditional construction...
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A Quantitative Evaluation Model and Application of Value for Money For PPP Projects on a Toll Expressway

Wang Hai-xia, Chu Chun-chao
Value for money (VFM) evaluation of projects is a policy requirement of the government for the management of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects. The key is to construct comparable and measurable reference objects with the project and establish models for quantitative evaluation. This article focuses...
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The Impact of Big Data on Sustainable Supply Chains: Visualized Analysis Based on Bibliometrics

Lanlin Ni, Yuxin He, Shangpin Zeng, Shuyi Huang
This article aims to visually analyze 460 articles related to big data and sustainable supply chain in the Web of Science core database based on the Bibliometrix bibliometric package. Annual trends, major countries, authors and sources, conceptual structure factor analysis, and thematic maps were analyzed...
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Intelligent Early Warning of On-Site Safety of Infrastructure Projects Based on Dynamic Risk Factor Identification

Yuanyuan Liu, Linyu Zhang, Hui Xiao, Zhiqiang Xu, Daqing Che
In order to realize the effective early warning of the site safety of infrastructure projects, it is necessary to carry out in-depth analysis of the early warning methods, so an intelligent early warning of the site safety of infrastructure projects based on the identification of dynamic risk factors...
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Research on Strategies for Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance of Automobile Electrical Systems

Gong Naifa, Yi Fan, Hang Peng, Wang Junjie, Li Zhengrong, Huang He
The rapid development of the Chinese economy and technology has led to significant growth in the automobile industry. While cars are easy to use, they also have problems with maintenance, especially the detection and repair of electrical faults. Electrical system problems pose a great threat to the safe...
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Design of a Mine Supervision and Law Enforcement System

Desheng Zhang, Tiantian Shao
In view of the problems of low standardization of mine safety production supervision and law enforcement process, lack of information means and low credibility of law enforcement information, a mine supervision and law enforcement system is designed, which can realize online Safety signs traceability...
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Construction of Effectiveness Evaluation System for Innovative Application of Multi-source Power data

Chun Yang, Yining Ma, Penghua Bai, Binyu Xie, Yuda Li
At present, the evaluation criteria and structure for the effectiveness of innovative application of electric power data are generally set in an independent form, covering a small evaluation range, resulting in an increase in unit evaluation differences. This paper proposes the construction and verification...
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Research on Order Batch Optimization Based on Comprehensive Lane Similarity

Chenxia Jin, Xi Wei, Baozhen Guo
Reasonable order batching methods can improve the efficiency of picking operations in warehouses, and order batching through aisle similarity is one of the ways. However, in the existing research on dual-zone e-commerce warehouses, the order batching optimization based on aisle similarity does not consider...
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Construction and Application of Quality Assurance Capability Evaluation Model for Co-production of Cigarette Materials Based on AHP-Entropy Method

Liu Ruidong, Wang Hanqing, Bao Jun, Lou Lingyun, Zheng Huali
Because the tobacco industry is under the monopoly system, the annual production plan of industrial companies is a fixed index value, which limits the possibility of expanding production capacity of more rapidly developing companies, because it can always encounter the situation that there is a market...
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Exploring Virtual Discrete Manufacturing Assembly

Rui Yang, Ruihan Hu, Qinglong Mo, Yongqian Xu
The industrial Meta Universe is the application of the Meta Universe-related technologies in the industrial field. Compared with the consumer Meta Universe, the industrial Meta Universe pays more attention to tackling the exact problems in the actual scene, and its value may be considerably greater than...
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Research on Fault Diagnosis of Complex Avionics Systems in Civil Aircraft

Lu Xu
In order to ensure the rapid development of the aerospace industry and promote the safe navigation of civil aircraft, the country has summarized its past fault experience and developed relevant fault isolation manuals. Under the guidance of the above manual, some minor faults in the avionics system can...
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Improved Particle Swarm Algorithm for Logistics Distribution Path Optimization

XiangYu Zhang, TongJi Yang
In this paper, the logistics distribution path problem is studied in depth, and the general steps of model establishment are analyzed and summarized through the study of logistics distribution models with many different objectives, and the logistics distribution model of multiple vehicles in multiple...
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Economic Benefit Analysis of Mechanized Construction of Digging Pile Foundation in Mountainous Areas of Typical Overhead Transmission Lines in Fujian Province

Huang Xiaoyu, Lin Shaoyuan, Tang Ziqiang, Zhang Wenxiang
The foundation construction of overhead transmission lines in mountainous areas is the key and difficult point of the whole process of mechanized construction. Digging pile foundation is one of the most commonly foundation types. The economic benefit analysis of mechanical digging pile foundation is...
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Application and Future Development of Aviation Cable Inspection Technology

Lu Xu
Aviation cables are crucial for the transmission of electrical signals between aircraft systems, and the use condition of aviation cable is strict and the quality requirement is high. However, due to environmental and human factors, aviation cables often make many mistakes during manufacturing, posing...
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Study on the Life Management of Cap1400 Nuclear Power Plant Safety-Related Coatings

Kun Yang, Yang Lv, Kewei Yang, Qishu Fang
CAP1400 is a generation III NPP type with the independent copyright of China. Under accident conditions, its safety related coating plays an important role in passive containment cooling and core cooling without manual intervention measures within 72 hours. By conducting simulation experiments on inorganic...
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Sensitivity Analysis of Highway Customers with Different Vehicle Types to Discounts

Aijun Liu
Tolls are the direct income of highway operating companies, so how to effectively incentivize car owners to consume highway services is a highly concerned issue for the operating department. Providing discounts (such as discounts and red envelopes) to car owners is a commonly used method in highway operation....
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Research on Optimizing the Route of New Energy Vehicles in Commercial Districts Considering Environmental Costs

Li Zhuoqun, Zhu Qingquan
Aiming at the problem of ignoring the environmental cost and the high total cost of distribution for each merchant in a logistics park, a new energy vehicle is adopted as the distribution tool, and multiple factors are taken into consideration, including the distribution demand, the limitation of the...
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Hazard Warning Design of Intelligent Safety Helmet Based on BIM Technology Joint Positioning

Bei Wu, Yao Yu, Weiyi Han, Jian Wang, Guoshi He, Yu Shi
Nowadays, construction site engineering safety accidents occur frequently, and there are problems such as unsafe equipment and equipment, management defects, and improper operation of personnel. On the construction site, workers wear safety helmets as required, but fall accidents still occur due to problems...
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Research on smart grid access control based on CP-ABE

Wang Jun, Li Zhipeng, Dong Rui, Jia Yangfan, Yu Jun
Smart grid is a new power system based on information technology, which combines traditional power grid with communication, computing and other technologies. The rapid development of smart grid poses new challenges to the security and privacy protection of power grid. Access control is one of the key...