Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Educational, Management, Administration and Leadership

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Unit Cost Analysis in Higher Education

Asep Kurniawan, Tjutju Yuniarsih, Sumarto Sumarto
This study analyzed the calculation of unit costs in higher education. The focus of this research is on how the needs analysis process in college, and how the calculation of unit costs in higher education. The method used was a case study with a qualitati
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Meassuring of Teacher Asset Value

Asep Sunandar, Djum-Djum Noor Benti, R. Bambang Sumarsono
School asset management is effort to maximizing function of schools asset based effective and efficient principle. Teacher is one of the school's assets, whose value is likely to increase or even decrease. This study aims to describe assets management pro
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Evaluation on Financing Collaboration in Improving the Quality of Primary Education

Bambang Ismanto
Financing is one of the resources investment in education. Basic education is one of the regency responsibilities or city governments in the regional autonomy. This study aimed to analyze the budget collaboration of Government, Local Government and Commun
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Learning Leadership Role in Funding Education in The Era of Regional Autonomy

Dedy Achmad Kurniady
In the era of regional autonomy, financing of education is not only the responsibility of the central government, but it is a shared responsibility between government, local government, and society. Particularly, schools' operational funding is highly dem
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The Implementation of Budget Model Programme in Forming the Primary School Operational Assistance Budgets

Maman Rusmana, N. Leni Sri Mulyani
School operational assistance is one of the government assistance programs given to the school to reach the compulsory education completion. This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of such assistance to the equitable teaching learning process. The
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Cost Analysis in Indonesia Open University Post Graduate Program

Taufani C. Kurniatun, Tita Rosita
The aim of this study is to find out student cost spending in distance learning program due to financing plan in Open University post graduate program. Cost spending is related to unit cost term which is consists of fixed cost, variable cost, and opportun
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Leadership in Planning and Budgeting on Higher Education

Yahya Yahya, Kasman Rukun
Planning and budgeting are routine activities in a university to achieve its vision and mission made by the leaders as annual programs and five yearly activities. Rector of the University Tanjungpura (UNTAN), during the Occupation 2011-2015 has a vision "
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Marketing Management in Higher Education

Imanuddin Hasbi, Djam'an Satori, Agus Rahayu, Mohammad Fakry Gaffar
Marketing management problems faced by marketing higher education is getting tighter. This study is focused to examine in more detail the market, product, price, resources, competition, marketing strategies, satisfaction, loyalty, and growth of the higher
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The Effects of Marketing Mix to Buying Interest and Their Implication toward the Decision of Choosing Private Higher Education

Oyon Saryono, Nana Darna, Mujaddid Faruk
the upcoming implementation of ASEAN Economic Community is predicted to generate new trend of competition among educational institutions in Indonesia. The growth of private higher education has significantly increased since the issuance of UU No. 22 of 19
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Early Childhoods Cost of Education in Indonesia: An Ethical Consideration in Educational Marketing

Taufani C. Kurniatun, Peri Akbar Manaf
In discussing the cost of early childhood education/kindergarten, it is also pertinent to examine the financial ethics and the related financial aspects. It is important based on the fact that the achievements of ECE GER in Indonesia are still low and the
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Developing Character Education Management Model for The Empowerment of Ethos Transformation based Multiple-Intelligence of Junior High School Student's

Abdul Kadim Masaong, Asrin Asrin, Ikhfan Haris, Sutrisno D.J. Yunus
This research is aimed at developing character education management model to empower ethos transformation based multiple-intelligence of junior high school students that covers: Guidelines on its basic concepts, program, implementation, and monitoring and
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A Model for School Management Capacity Building through Professional Learning Community in Senior High School

Aan Komariah, Cucun Sunaengsih
Efforts to solve the problem of schools' low capacity in providing high-quality education service to their students call for a development program, integrated in daily activities of the school and performed continuously, not just as an incidental activity
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Developing the Capacity of School Management to Build Understanding of Vision and Mission

Dwi Sukaningtyas, Djam'an Satori, Udin Syaefudin Sa'ud
In many schools, the vision mission just "exist" and not become a guideline especially implementation of learning. The school just execute school routine without knowing the meaning of implementation. This is unfortunate, because the vision and mission is
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Training Management Effectiveness

Erna Kusumawati
This study examine the effectiveness of training management in privat higher education. This studi aim to is a means to develop the competence of lecturers in terms of skills, knowledge and attitudes. The study evaluated the effectiveness of management tr
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The Obstacles of Geographical Information System (GIS) Development: A Study of Teachers' Distribution in Sukabumi, Indonesia

Ahmad Yani, Rosita Rosita
Geographical Information System (GIS) is an application used to process data in form of thematic maps which is arranged overlapping to produce informations needed by the user. Employing descriptive method, this study indicated that basically the GIS deve
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Strategic Information System Planning: Information Systems Required in Vocational School Models

Widia Murni Wijaya
The main purpose of this study was to meet the need for the provision of information systems in vocational school models quickly and structured, to answer some problems that using the needs of information systems identified, and can be a guide in the deve
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The Alternative Model of Controlling Change in Educational Policy Implementation

Aceng Muhtaram Mirfani
The failure of efforts to change is a common phenomenon, not an exception in the implementation of education policies. The problem is how to keep it for later can be avoided. One of the key depends on controlling the change effort itself. To find an alter
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The Use of Trade-Off Analysis in Analyzing the Implementation of New Students Admissions Selection Policy in Bandung State Middle School

Rita Anggorowati, Aan Komariah, Eka Prihatin
The admission process of the prospective students who wish to continue their studies to the next level in the public school called the New Students Admissions Selection. The selection process is carrying the standard criteria that must be met by all prosp
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Resource Acquisition in Providing Free Education for Street Children

Titim Eliawati
There is a need for a flexible education management system yet stable, providing special education services also offering space for street children to adjust the changes of street life to the sedentary life, have a new family and school. School Master has
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The Development of Online-Based Eka Lopen Program (Evaluation Of Academic Competence in Management Education)

Eka Prihatin
The purpose of this paper was to develop a program called EKA LOPEN which was an online program used to evaluate academic competence. This research was conducted on the timeframe of less than one year using research and development design that followed th
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Prospects and Sustainability Analysis Diploma Program Three Faculty of Economics, Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Marsofiyati Marsofiyati, Susan Febriantina
This study is a qualitative study that aims to identify prospects and sustainability of D III program in the Faculty of Economics UNJ, which consists of courses in Accounting, Marketing Management and Secretary. The data used in this study are primary dat
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Beyond Vocational High School and Corporates Cooperation: A Social Exchange Perspective in Education

Nunuk Hariyati, A. Sonhadji
Most of social life involves interaction between individuals and group, included school and individuals or corporate actors, can be viewed as social exchange. It is assumed as Social Exchange Theory. This study focused on three Vocational High Schools whi
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Capacity Building of Associate Professors for Improving Lecturers' Performance: A Case Study in a Leading University in Indonesia

Andita Fitriana, Djam'an Satori, Diding Nurdin
Nowadays, the duty of a lecturer is not merely teaching but also becoming a professional teacher as well as a scientist who is responsible for transforming, developing and disseminating knowledge, technology and arts through teaching, research, and commun
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Improving the Quality of the Integrated Junior-High School of Lampang, Subang, West Java, in Achieving National Education Standards

Asep Priatna
This study aims to reveal the efforts and results achieved by the Integrated Private Junior-High School of Lampang, Subang, in improving its learning quality to meet the National Education Standard (SNP-Standar Nasional Pendidikan). It is the process on h
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The Effectiveness of Study Program Quality Improvement (A Case Study at Islamic Education Management Department, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training)

Badrudin Badrudin
The effectiveness of a study program's quality improvement is its strength, capacity, and habit in implementing the functions of department management in order to gain the expected quality. The lack of efforts in the improvement of the quality caused by m
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Model Development of Quality Management Education in Vocational Schools Bandung

Endang Herawan, Dedy Achmad Kurniady
This research was conducted on the basis of the observation that the obtained information that there are some vocational graduates have been able to compete with graduates of higher education, but it is still a small part only and that too for graduates w
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The Effectiveness of the Vocational High School

Heni Mulyani
The research problem is related to the structure of the relationship variables that affect the effectiveness of the Vocational High School of Business and Management Expertise in West Java directly or indirectly, which consists of school leadership, schoo
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The Effect of Self Efficacy on Burnout Mediated By Stress Among Kindergarten Teachers in Indonesia

Deliana Sri Maryati, Pramudhita Ghia Mustika
The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of stress variable as a mediating role between self-efficacy on burnout. Likert scale questionnaires were distributed to a sample of 60 kindergarten teachers who have not been certified in Gunungpat
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Managerial Performance Model of Private Higher Education in The South Sumatra

Anuar Anuar Sanusi, Linda Septarina
This paper tries to assess the application of quantitative approaches and hypothesis testing using 'Path Analysis' technique as an alternative approach to the performance of managerial leadership that can be used to achieve the goals in finding and determ
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New Paradigm of Research Management in Higher Education: The Case of Politeknik Negeri Bandung

Carolina M Lasambouw, Ediana Sutjiredjeki, Neneng Nuryati
Based on the enactment of law of the Republic of Indonesia each lecturer is required to do research beside teaching and community services. It is not an easy task for some lecturers in vocational education, such as Politeknik Negeri Bandung/ Bandung State
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Effective Leadership in Quality Assurance for Higher Education: A Literature Review

Priska Maranata Setiawati
Leadership plays key role in quality assurance effort. Higher education institution needs to be led by leader who can apply his leadership effectively. This paper provides the importance of quality assurance for higher education and the effective leadersh
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Essential Practices for Instructional Leadership in the Implementation of Elementary Science and Technology Education from Preservice Teachers' Perspective

Zulkefli Daud, Noorafizah Daud, Zainab Ari, Zamidi Ismail, Abu Bakar Kassim
The main purpose of this study was to investigate the essential practices for instructional leadership in the implementation of elementary science and technology (S&T) education from preservice teachers' perspective. Three dimensions of instructional lead
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Authentic Leadership for Conducive Madrasa Climate

Aan Komariah
The main objective of this study is to assess the effect of Authentic Leadership to Madrasa (Senior High School) Climate in Public Madrasah and Private Madrasa Aliya (Islamic Senior High School) in Tasikmalaya Regency. This research was conducted by using
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Development of Value-Based Leadership: Model in Quality Culture Improvement on Primary Schools

Asep Suryana, Minnah El Widdah
Leader's personal values and commitment related to school quality culture. Principal leadership with universal-values in primary schools can improving culture quality in primary Schools. This study is aimed to analyze strengthened-universal values in prim
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Teacher Leadership: Promoting a Reflective Practice Model

Endah Yanuarti, David F. Treagust
This paper focuses on the development of a reflective practice model for secondary teachers because it is related to the context of teacher competence standards in Indonesia. The research used a qualitative interpretive approach to examine the teaching pr
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Improving the Capacity of Private Universities Management

Faurani Santi Singagerda, Mery Berlian
This research explain the influence of leadership style and organizational culture to the motivation and the implications of the lecturer performance in private universities, by taking research location in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia. The Private universi
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Authentic Leadership Principals and Teachers' Commitment to Improve Work Discipline

Herlina Herlina, Abubakar Abubakar, Aan Komariah
The quality of education in the education unit depends fully to the professionalism of teachers are professional, disciplined, diligent, moral teacher, to concentrate full time, and promote the quality. Instead of teachers who dogged laziness, lack of dis
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Implementation of Leadership Style to Improve The Quality of Education

Irwan Suryadi
Improving the quality of education is to improve educational services in the form of teaching and learning in the classroom, and technical service of educational operation that brought the climate change in the community, there are several important indic
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Principal Performance Evaluation Model in Managerial Field in Improving Kindergarten Teacher's Professionalism

Lia Yuliana
The purpose of this research was to determine the evaluation model of kindergarten principal performance of managerial field in DIY. This study used Research and Development method, which consists of four stages, namely: (1) the preliminary stage, (2) the
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The Role of School Principal Leadership in Implementation of Eco School Program as the Effort to Support Sustainable Development

Mirza Desfandi, Enok Maryani, Disman Disman
Eco School is a program which aimed to create school members who are responsible in the effort to protect and manage school environment through good school governance to support sustainable development. School principal as leader in school should be able
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The Role of Madrasah Supervisor in Sustaining Management of Quality Madrasah Aliyah

Mulyawan Safwandy Nugraha, Ai Rohayani
The management and sustaining of Madrasah Aliyah (Formal Islamic Senior High School) in Indonesia sometimes the Madrasah Supervisors find it not easy to carry out their responsibility accurately and diligently as prescribed by the process of achieving the
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The Effect of Principal's Leadership and Work Climate on Teachers Leadership with Work Motivation as Intervening Variable

Juliana Juliana, Niko Sudibjo
Integrated Islamic Primary School Al Islam is one of the favorite Islamic schools in Kudus with "A" level accreditation for three respective years. However, pre-study analysis shows there is a gap between the teachers' expectations and the realities. The
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The Effects of Lecturers' Leadership on Pre-Service Teachers' Perception of Mathematics as an Elective Subject

Nor Azizah Badri, Mohamad Nurizwan Jumiran, Raha Yahya, Kharshiah Khalid, Norrila Satari, Fazidah Jonid, Norazmah Mohd. Said
This research was conducted to identify the effects of lecturers' leadership towards on Pre-Service Teachers' (PST) perception on Mathematics as an elective subject. The respondents for this research were seven Pre-Service Teachers (PST) who chose Mat
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Teacher Leadership Behaviors on Sport Class

Pandit Isbianti
Quality learning is the important thing to the school advance. In fact, learning activities can't be separated from the behavior of teacher leadership. To give more explanation about the kind of teacher leadership behaviors, the author conducted a study t
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The Role of Values-Based Leadership within the Framework of Values Shifting Appearing in Indonesian Education

Rita Anggorowati
Shifting values that appear in the Indonesian education is inevitable. They are due to changes that occur in the life of the nation as a result of the progress and changes in the climates of politics, economics, social, and cultural. The leader position,
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Young Generation and Future Leadership: Learn from now for Better Tomorrow

Kama Abdul Hakam, Siti Nurbayani, Ratna Fitria, Fajar Nugraha Asyahidda
Indonesia's young generation is the generation that will be able to lead the nation in the future. Leadership in the future depends on the understanding of the younger generation about forms of leadership. However, today's young generation has been much a
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Outstanding Female Leadership in Implementing Effective School

Susan Febriantina
We studied female leadership style combined with skills in implementing effective school to investigate phenomenon by using qualitative case study method. The result are female principal uses many styles in leading effective school, such as interactive, t
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The Difficulties of Vocational High School History Teachers in Developing Historical Learning Evaluation Instrument

Aman Aman
This research is aimed to know: 1) the difficulties experienced by vocational high school teachers (SMK) in Yogyakarta Special Region in developing historical learning evaluation model, 2) the teachers' efforts in handling difficulties to develop historic
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The Development of Performance-Based Remuneration Scheme (EKPUPI) at a State University (A Study at Indonesia University of Education)The Development of Performance-Based Remuneration Scheme (EKPUPI) at a State University (A Study at Indonesia Universit

Eka Prihatin
The purpose of this paper is to implement the EKPUPI model as performance-based remuneration program at Indonesia University of Education. This research was conducted in the timeframe of less than one year using the research and development design that fo
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Classroom Talk as a Classroom Management Practice at Junior High School

Endah Nur Tjendani
Teacher is the most important person who has to manage the class activities. As a manager, teacher has to control the real action of the lesson planning into the classroom, so the investigation was stressed on the teaching preparation as a written plan an
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Developing School Performance Index for Assessing Innovation Capability of School in Quality Improvement

Ikhfan Haris
Measuring the school performance becomes an important issue in education. In line with the increasing demand from stakeholders for better transparency, accountability and excellent services had made it a key component in the planning, development and eff
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Evaluation of Teaching Methods in the Individual and Team

Junardi Harahap
Education and teaching have long process and need evaluation in it. With the evaluation, the learning process will be well-implemented, and also, the quality of learning in teaching will work well too. Creative ideas in learning will also appear better an
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Behaviour Management Plan for Elementary School Students

Sri Diana
The paper aims to explore the Glasser's Choice Theory, Neo Adlerian and Humanism Theory for the implementation of behavior management plan in elementary level. It starts with an explanation of some assumptions related to those theories. The paper then exp
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Teaching Indonesian as Foreign Language in Indonesia: Impact of Professional Managerial on Process and Student Outcomes

Kundharu Saddhono
Indonesian language has now become a part of popular languages in the world. Therefore it is a need to be an effort for learning Indonesian language for foreign speakers can be performed well. To conduct the learning process properly, professional managem
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Lesson Planning The Key to Success of The Teachers Teaching in the Classroom

Martono Martono
Successful teacher is a teacher who can establish a sympathetic relationship with the students, create a classroom environment that is nurturing, caring, has a love of learning, in full control of their field of study and to motivate students to work. To
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The Role of Augmented Feedback on Motor Skill Learning

Yadi Sunaryadi
The purpose of this literature study was to examine whether augmented feedback enhances motor skill learning in sports, and if so, how this can be explained. When athletes or students perform a skill, they receive two types of performance-related feedback
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Assessing and Analysing Students' Vocabulary Understanding Through 6 Kinds of Tasks

Uswatunnisa Usman
Vocabulary is a language element which plays an important role. A student cannot master English well if they do not master vocabulary and have a good vocabulary understanding. This study is a mixed method study. It aims to assess and analyze students' voc
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E-Portfolio Assessment Design in Learning

Ambar Sri Lestari
This study examined the quality of learning outcomes; which can be assessed through a web-based portfolio assessment system. This student portfolios assessment includes reflective thinking skills through the collection of products that were made, in which
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Developing Cooperative Learning Video for Studying Economics at Senior High School

Armiati Armiati, Rose Rahmidani
This study aims to products produced in the form of video of cooperative learning for high school economics teachers using Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) methods combined with Course Review Horay (CRH) methods at the material of the price balanc
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Model of Development Students Softskill With Credit System by Integration of Academic and Student Activities in ORMAWA Activity

Armida S., Yuhendri LV, Ramhat Richard
Challenges of education organized is the graduates are absorbed in the world of work with the appropriate quality of the standards of careers. The graduates are faced with competition among universities in the country and abroad in line with the ASEAN Eco
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The Ability of Prospective Teacher of Elemetary School to Solve The Problems Related to Water, Air, and Soil Themes

Atep Sujana, Anna Permanasari, Wahyu Sopandi, Ahmad Mudzakir
This study aims to improve the ability of Prospective Teacher of Elementary School (PTES) in solving problems related to water, air, and soil themes. Learning was designed in several themes and was implemented by using problem-based learning (PBL) model.
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The Effect of Integrated Scientific Approach and Brain Exercise to The Result, Interests, and Motivation to Learn Indonesian Language

Rukayah Rukayah, Aziz Thaba
The purpose of this study were to (1) describe the results, interest, and motivation to learn Indonesian of class XI students of SMAN 1 Bone-Bone before and after the application of the integrated scientific approach and brain exercise, (2) know the effec
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The Implications of Cognitive Neuroscience in Optimizing the Balance Function of Right and Left Brain through Learning on the Introduction to Accounting 1 Courses

Dessi Susanti, Menik Kurnia Siwi
This research examines the differences in cognitive value of students that taught on Introduction to Accounting 1 courses using Brain-based Learning model and Expository-based Learning Model. The purposes of this study are
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The Interest of Prospective Students in Study Programs in Higher Education: a Preliminary Study

Dian Cahyawati
The purpose of this research was to describe the interest of prospective students in study programs in public higher education in Indonesia. Data of enrollment selection participants to all public higher education were drawn from the official website SBMP
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Physical Education and Character Education

Helmy Firmansyah
The main objective of physical education teaching is the overall personality development, such as physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects. These aspects systematically, through the participation of physical activity was based on the heal
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A Scalable Management Model for Developing Reading Habits in Children through "Proactive Reading" and "Early-Literacy-Awareness" Approach

Ikhfan Haris, Siti Roskina Mas, Fory A. Naway
Reading is recognized as a main literacy skill for learning and it is an indispensable tool for life-long learning. This paper aims to present some results from the first year of the ongoing research on the children reading habits. This study investigated
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Physical Fitness Test Through Portfolio Assessment

Komarudin Komarudin
Students' achievement in learning physical education has been measured using traditional assessment. The assessment, however, is considered partial so that it can only assess few parts of the whole learning activities. It usually results in the outcome wi
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Design of Intelligent Robot as a Tool for Teaching Media Based on Computer Interactive Learning and Computer Assisted Learning to Improve the Skill of Learner

M. Syariffuddien Zuhrie, Achmad Imam Agung, Nur Kholis, Subuh Isnur Haryudo
The development of robotics in Indonesia has been very encouraging. The barometer is the success of the Indonesian Robot Contest (Kontes Robot Indonesia). In the contest no less than 40 major universities in Indonesia took part. The focus of research in t
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Women Athletes Endurance and Menstruation Cycle; Pre-Menstruation, 2nd day of Menstruation and 5th Day of Menstruation

Nina Sutresna
Raised the issue about menstruation effects towards athlete's endurance, formally as a research, can help athletes and coach to anticipate any matter that can affect athlete's activity. The aim of this research is to know the difference of menstruation cy
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Needs Analysis in Learning History Model of Senior High School

Nur Ahyani, Soetarno Joyoatmojo, M. Ahyar, Nunuk Suryani
The purpose of this study was to determine the condition of learning the history of high school in the city of Palembang and the needs of the learning model history. This is a qualitative research, research strategy that is used is single-embedded. Resear
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The Enhancement of Teaching-Learning Process Effectiveness through The Development of Instructional Media Based on E-learning of Surabaya's Vocational Student

Puput Wanarti, Euis Ismayanti, Hapsari Peni, Yuni Yamasari
In the context of e-learning, many learning theories used in the physical classroom situation, including learning in a community adaptive, collaborative, scaffolding, and scenario learning, have been adopted and validated, The development of instructional
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Developing Comic Media Carrying Character Building to Teach An Introduction to Accounting for Students of Vocational High School

Benedecta Indah Nugraheni, Rita Eny Purwanti
This research was aimed to develop an educational product in a form of comic books carrying character building that were used as the appropriate media for learning An Introduction to Accounting for grade X students of Vocational High School (VHS), taking
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The Implications of Quantum Teaching Model by Combination of Write Stacking Notes and Passing of Idea Paper Techniques Compare With Expository Learning Model

Rose Rahmidani
This research examines the differences in student learning outcomes using Quantum Teaching model by combination of write stacking notes and passing of idea paper techniques compare with the use of Expository Learning Model. This research determine the di
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Can We Use E-Learning to Increase Cognitive Process on Physic Equation Understanding? A Preliminary Result

Sintia W. Niasari, Eddy Hartantyo
E-learning was used widely on higher education (i.e. university). E-learning also gives unlimited distance and time as long as the students have internet connectivity. In this study, we used online learning, as one of e-learning forms, containing short vi
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Role Playing Method: Learning to Avoid Cheating

Siti Khorriyatul Khotimah
Nowadays a lot more teachers and educators realize that cheating increase in academic settings. Students cheat in doing their homework and exam by reading books or ask their friends. This research aim is to test the influence of role playing method toward
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The Implementation of Beyond Centers and Circle Times (BCCT) in Early Childhood Education

Slamet Lestari
There are several aims of this study. First, is to describe the implementation of Beyond Centers and Circle Times (BCCT) at Rumah Ibu, an early childhood education institution in Yogyakarta. Second, is to investigate the constraints in the implementation
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The Determinant of Quality ICT-based Teaching and Learning

Slameto Slameto
The Open / Distance Learning was deemed feasible to produce an undergraduate education equivalent to regular on-campus graduate program. For the development of on-line learning, managers needed to select the variables determining the success; Factors that
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Underwater Archaeological Heritage: A Media for Maritime Learning

Prabawa Dwi Putranto
Indonesian people evolved in the archipelago along the equator. Its strategic location and natural wealth of producing spices appeals foreigners to come. People in Nusantara are common with seafaring and thrive as a maritime nation. Cultural contact and a
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The Prediction of Academic Emotions on Cognitive Load in Hypermedia Learning Environment

Sunawan Sunawan, Junmei Xiong
The purpose of current study was to investigate the prediction of academic emotions (namely, happiness, sadness, anxiety, and angry) on each type of cognitive load (namely, intrinsic load, extraneous load, and germane load). Thirty university students wer
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Introducing Gender Perspective in Darussalam Islamic Boarding School

Yuyun Sunesti, Argyo Demartoto
The study of gender and Islamic boarding school which is known well as pesantren has been numerous. The scholarly research showed the efforts of introducing gender awareness as well as the challenges. This paper aims to discuss one of the challenges in in
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Judging Social Behavior and Level of Intellegence Changes as A Result of Team Sport Training

Berliana Berliana, Ira Purnamasari
This study aimed to investigate whether athletes in team sports (football) who have been training for a long time, had social behavior changes. In this research ,a behavioral shift is the most important factor, because family, school, and sports club are
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Climate Establishment in An Ex-Indonesian International Standardized School

Cepi Safruddin Abdul Jabar
the success of the school in the academic side is embedded to the surrounding environment, especially how the relationship between the school communities in activities that binds them in a meaningful activity. A school surrounding environment is impact of
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Identification of The Problems Faced by Madrasahs in Response to Institutional Change

Supa'at Supa'at
Within form and its current status, the existence of madrasah actually has passed a long history in struggling for the recognition and equality. National Education System Act No. 2 of 1989 and Act No. 20 of 2003 are the basic policy which decided by the g
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Profiles of Self-Reliance of Elementary School Students in Indonesia

Endin Mujahidin, Syamsuddin Ali Nasution
Sexual crimes to children (pedophilia) are very anxious because children who are the victims of the crimes would be traumatized for a long time. It can occured not only outside home but also at home by their own family. Pedophilia that occured in several
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The Differences of Emphasis Among Teachers, Students and Parents Concerning School Climate

Rahmania Utari, Mada Sutapa
This paper is based on the research which is conducted at Gunungkidul regency, Indonesia. The final objective of this research is to create web-based school climate measurement instrument. This research uses design and development method which was the com
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Antecedent Factors of Attitude toward Corruption: an Empirical Study of Indonesian Students Context

Sabrina O. Sihombing
Corruption is one main national enemy in Indonesia. Three variables (i.e. personal values, religious values, and integrity) are as antecedent variables in explaining attitude toward corruption. This research aims to examine the relationship between person
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Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Global Values in Peace Education: Cross-Sectional Survey

Sar Joni Herri
The quest for equality and identity between ethnicity, nationalism, and global values can be done side by side and be able to compete with each other. The most important issue is how the educational institutions in Indonesia can reconcile these differenc
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The Influence of Vision, Mission, And Values Statement on Performance the Organization of Economic Education Study Program Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Science

Witarsa Witarsa
Vision and mission statement of economic education courses have been good, but in result practice is not ideal, especially in the field of research and community service. To realize the vision and mission statement of values needed as the main priorities
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Implementation of School-Based Management Towards Peace Building and Child Protection

Agustinus Hermino
The purpose of this research is to describe about implementation of school-based management in three pillars towards peace building and child protection in primary schools in the District Jayawijaya, Central Mountains Papua. The research method applied is
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Teacher Deployment Policy Towards the Effective School Management

Nurkolis Nurkolis
The focus of this research was the process of policy-making of teacher deployment. The policy analysis refer to Anderson and Dunn is the problem formulation, policy formulation, policy determination, policy implementation, and policy evaluation. It is a p
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Counsellors' Personal Quality in Public Senior High School

Zakki Nurul Amin, Mulawarman Mulawarman, Edwindha Prafitra Nugraheni, Carti Carti
Counsellors' personal quality is an important factor that support the effectiveness of the school counselling services. The purpose of this study is to describe the counsellors' personal quality from educational qualification, gender, and working experien
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The Effectiveness of Teachers Professionalism Development Management by Local Government

Aty Susanti
The main aim of the study is to analyze the effectiveness of the management of teacher professional development in Bogor district that includes: need analysis and designing an alternative model of effectiveness of teachers professional development to loca
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The Pedagogical Communication Skill of Senior High School (SHS) Teachers in North Maluku Province, Indonesia

Caraka Putra Bhakti, Suyatno Suyatno, Siti Urbayatun, Ika Maryani
Teacher is an educator who is clearly recognized in Law of National Education System No 20 of 2003. Teachers' Competences consist of pedagogical competence, personality competence, social competence, and professional competence. One of the most important
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Student Teacher Recruitment in Indonesia: An Initial Step to Promote Teacher Professionalism and Teaching Professionalization

Priadi Surya
Teacher professionalism should arise since the recruitment into initial teacher education (ITE) program, during teacher education process, and graduation to become a novice teacher. This consecutive process supports the promoting of teacher professionalis
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The Competence and Readiness of Teachers in West Sumatra Indonesia in Implementing Curriculum 2013

Rino Rino, Armida S.
Curriculum 2013 requires teachers' creativity, innovation and independence. The change of paradigm required teachers to move from teacher oriented to student oriented and also to pay atten-tion on balance achievement among cognitive, affective, and psy-ch
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Service Encounter Condition, Service Quality and Frontline Employees Role in Higher Education

Taufani C. Kurniatun, Elin Rosalin
Frontline employees (FLE), has an important role in supporting the successful delivery of services to support the achievement of customer satisfaction through the delivery service encounter. In a business environment services, customer satisfaction is oft
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Strategic Financial Planning in Malaysia's National School: New Strategies for Education Transformation

Norfariza Mohd Radzi
The public national schools of the third millennium have to be given an opportunity to become more autonomous along the lines of the primary financial resources of government fund. The schools should have ownership of the school and its own resources thro
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Leader's Strategy In Building Organizational Commitment

Achmad Supriyanto
This article aims to explore a leader's strategy in building organizational commitment. The development of this topic is based on a critical review of the literature. The discussions are directed to find the base of leaders` strategy in building organizat
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The Influence of Implementation of Human Resources Management towards the Success Rate of Management of Early Childhood Education Institutions in Sumedang Regency

Ipong Dekawati, Dadang Suhendar
This study aims to identify and obtain an overview of the implementation of human resource management influence towards the success rate of management of early childhood education institutions in Sumedang regency. The method used is descriptive and verifi
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Context, Input. Process, Product Evaluation of The "SMK Rujukan Program in Salatiga"

Bambang Suteng Sulasmono, Nining Mariyaningsih
The study aimed to evaluate: (1) Context of "SMK Rujukan" development program implementation in SMK Negeri 2 Salatiga, (2) Input of "SMK Rujukan" development program implementation in SMK Negeri 2 Salatiga, (3) Process of "SMK Rujukan" development program