Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Geography and Education (ICGE 2016)

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Physical Assessment of Barangka Tugurara Towards Volcanic Hazards of Gamalama Volcano

Estuning Tyas Wulan Mei, Djati Mardianto, Evita Pamudianti, Dwi Yanti Amalia
Gamalama volcano is an active volcano located in Ternate Island. Besides volcanic ash and lava, lahars is one of the volcanic hazards threatening the Island. One of the rivers being susceptible to lahars flood is Barangka (River) Tugurara. The downstream of this river is very densely populated creating...
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Disaster Management Practice Towards Diverse Vulnerable Groups in Yogyakarta

Dyah Rahmawati Hizbaron, Maulida Iffani, Helvetia Wijayanti, Ghalih Nur W.
A paradigm shift in disaster management practices have been outlined in the Hyogo Framework for Action and Sendai Framework for Action. The research aims at exploring possible relationship between disaster management programs for vulnerable groups in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta Province. This research...
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Strengthening Local Capacity in Disaster Risk Reduction (Case Study: Disaster Resilient Village in Batu City, East Java, Indonesia)

Nila Restu Wardani, Dwi Fauzia Putra
Batu is a city located in the mountainous area and the elevation of 700-3000 m above sea level. Batu is surrounded by two volcanoes: Mount Kelud and Mount Welirang. These natural conditions give potential vulnerability to the society as it has high potential for disasters that can take place at any time....
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Social Disaster Risk Vulnerability Analysis as A Result of Rural Urban Transformation Process (Case Study at Sawangan Depok West Java Province Indonesia)

Dewi Susiloningtyas, Candra Restuti
Social disaster at research area caused by human factors, include social conflicts between groups of communities and terror. The structure of society in Sawangan has high interactions of rural-urban and process transforming the rural town can be a trigger of social disaster. The transformation of rural...
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Landsat 7 Imagery Interpretation for Mapping Potential Hazard of Landslide in Batu City Area of East Java Province, Indonesia

Rudi Hartono
Avalanche is a mass movement of soil or rock down a slope under the influence of gravity (Zhou et al. 2015). The topography of Batu City has a character that can trigger landslides. Landslide disaster that occurred in the region always cause material losses and casualties. This research aims to create...
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People Participation in Flood Disaster Risk Reduction in Desa Tanjung Sari District of North Cikarang Bekasi

Sony Nugratama H.
Aims of this study is to determine the level of community participation and understanding the forms of participation to reduce disaster management in Tanjung Sari village, district of north Cikarang, Bekasi. This research is a descriptive qualitative which is describes and sets out the findings in the...
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Assessing the Social Economic and Physical Vulnerabilities to Gamalama Volcano

Estuning Tyas Wulan Mei, Ifa Meilyana Sari, Alia Fajarwati, Diwya Safitri
Gamalama Volcano is stratovolcano located in Ternate Island. Gamalama has been intermittently active for many decades and the biggest eruption history happened in 1775 which killed about 141 people and destroyed some villages around the volcano. As a main city, Ternate has more complete facilities and...
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Dynamic Land Resource Management in Mt. Kelud Area

Puspita Indra Wardhani, Junun Sartohadi, Sunarto Sunarto
Area in the active volcano is blessed with abundant land resources. Mt. Kelud eruption in 2014 directly changes the arrangement of land resources. The changes in the land surface conditions must be balanced with the new management to enable the communities enjoying the benefits. The research has aim...
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Tsunami Risk Evaluation Based on Land Suitability for Settlement in Pacitan Coastal Area, East Java

Djati Mardiatno, Cintya Wahyu Permatasari, Mukhamad Ngainul Malawani, Fitria Nuraini Sekarsih
The aims of this research are to determine the changes of tsunami risk in coastal area of Pacitan and to evaluate it by considering land suitability for settlement. Comparative method was used to analyse between existing risk from land use map and potential risk from land suitability for settlement map....
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Impact of Coastal Erosion and Tidal Flood to Land Loss at Sriwulan Village, Sayung, Demak, Central Java Province

Chatarina Muryani, Setya Nugraha, Singgih Prihadi
This study was aimed to (1) determine the hazard level of coastal erosion and tidal flood, (2) total land loss due to coastal erosion and tidal flood, (3) the people perception against coastal erosion and tidal flood disaster in Sriwulan village, Sayung Sub-district, Demak, Central Java Province. The...
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Reducing Risk from Lahar Hazard in Volcanic Catchment: Retarding Basin Site Assessment

Alzaena Ulya Rusdimi, Junun Sartohadi, Su Ritohardoyo
Indonesia poses as a country with the highest risk of natural disaster in Southeast Asia. With no less than 130 active volcanoes, volcanic eruption and lahars as the secondary hazard become inevitable. Major damage and casualties had been reported, thus encourage more proper mitigation measures to be...
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Landslide Hazard Analysis Based on Geomorphological Approach in Karo Highland, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia

Dwi Wahyuni Nurwihastuti, Anik Juli Dwi Astuti, Eni Yuniastuti
The research is conducted in Karo District, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Landslides often occur in the research area. The research objectives are to analyze landslide hazard based on geomorphological approach and to illustrate the distribution of landslide hazard. The landslide hazard was analyzed...
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Lahar Susceptibility of Magelang, Central Java after the 2010 Eruption of Merapi Volcano

Suprapto Dibyosaputro
Since the major eruption in 1930 that caused more than 1,300 casualties, the eruptions of Merapi have caused many impacts to human lives. One of the effects caused by the eruption of Merapi Volcano is the lahar. This paper aims to discuss the lahar susceptibility in Magelang District, Central Java Province....
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Spatial and Temporal Pattern of Flood Area in Cisadane Watershed, Banten Province

Mangapul P.Tambunan, Tjiong Giok Pin, Bintar Permana, Ahmad Zikrullah, Agus Maulana
Spatial and temporal study was conducted in flooding the watershed of Cisadane, Province Banten. This study aims to: (1) to study the spatial distribution of the target area flooding potential and actual, and (2) to study the distribution pattern of flooding in the watershed Cisadane, Province Banten....
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Sediment Characteristics and Benthos Community Spread in Lake Beratan in Bali

Dewa Made Atmaja, MTh. Sri Budiastuti, Prabang Setyono, Sunarto Sunarto
Lake Beratan is now under a high pressure of both natural and nonnatural processes, having a high level of sedimentation, domestic waste pollution and substantial fish farming using floating baskets (karamba jaring apung/KJA).Changes that are taking place in Lake Beratan environment which are caused...
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Identification of Condition in Coastal Metinaro Mangrove Forest, Timor-Leste

Luis Da Costa, MTh. Sri Budiastuti, Sunarto Sunarto, Joko Sutrisno
The mangrove ecosystem is one special and unique form of forest ecosystems with potential beach resources. However, the condition of the forest is generally under a high pressure of economic crisis, limited job vacancies and lack of awareness of the coastal community. This study was aimed at identifying...
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Water Infiltration Into Soil and ITS Effect to Surface Runoff in Subdistrict of Kasihan, Bantul Regency

Setyawan Purnama
Water infiltration into the soil is one of the important processes in hydrology, because its effect on water quantity that could infiltrate into the soil. Decreasing of infiltration rate can make increasement of surface runoff and flood discharge in a region. In the other hand, decreasing of infiltration...
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Potential Development Region in Palangka Raya

Ratna Saraswati
Palangka Raya is located in Central Kalimantan. Palangka Raya also has been declared as a substitute for the capital of the Republic of Indonesia in the era of President Sukarno. In this paper will discuss how potential area city of Palangka Raya from the standpoint of geography. The methods used in...
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Water Environmental Carrying Capacity in Urban Agglomeration of Yogyakarta City

E. Yogafanny, S.S. Wardoyo, J. Susanto
In the last decade, the urban agglomeration of Yogyakarta City (UAYC) where the area is bounded by the outer ring road of Yogyakarta, has undergone changes in land use significantly especially in the built-land reaching 85.36% of its total area in 2015. This study was aimed to analyze water environmental...
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Study of Soil Properties and Physical Land Characteristics of Corn Farmland in Gorontalo Regency, Gorontalo Province

Sri Maryati, Sunarty Eraku
Corn is the main commodity in the category of food crops other than cassava, sweet potatoes, peanuts and soybeans in the Gorontalo Regency. Based on The Gorontalo Province in Figures 2016, corn production of Gorontalo Regency 2015 was 142863 ton and total harvested area was 26817 hectare. Corn productivity...
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The Diversity Study of Asteraceae Family as Effort to Develop Ecotourism in Mount Lawu

Sunarto Sunarto, Titik Warsiti, Sugiyarto Sugiyarto, Widhi Himawan
Asteraceae Family is a one of vegetation elements covered Mount Lawu forest area. The study purpose to determine the diversity level, abundance and distribution patterns of Asteraceae Family. This research also try to formulate the potential of Asteraceae Family as effort to develop an ecotourism of...
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Improvement of People's Welfare Through Fulfilling The Needs of Water in Morotai Island As Outermost Island

Lies Wahyuni, Dede Rohmat, Dadang Ruhiat
One of the government's targets to increase the service quality of water resources is the compliance of raw water to the entire districts in Indonesia, including the district in border areas and/or outermost islands, which is the front porch of this country. One of the islands in the border which is...
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The Impact of Land Use Change on The Groundwater Level in Suburban Area

Suhadi Purwantara, Dyah Respati Suryo Sumunar
The long term goal of this research is to monitor the availability of groundwater in the next few decades. The specific aim of this study was to determine land use change impact on the groundwater level in Yogyakarta suburban areas in the last 20 years. This study used primary and secondary data obtained...
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Dugong in the Account of Stamford Raffles

Daya Negri Wijaya, Neni Wahyuningtyas
The mode of empiricism leads anyone to construct a knowledge based on people's experience. One of the empiricists is Stamford Raffles. However, he was a colonizer in Java and Bengkulu during the beginning of the nineteenth century but he also elaborated the biogeography of flora and fauna of Java and...
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Access to the Infrastructure of Settlement for Sustainable Development Goals in Rural District Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

Puji Hardati
This study aims to analyze access to settlement infrastructure. Settlements infrastructure is one aspect that has not been achieved on the Millennium Development Goals. The goal of sustainable development is a continuation of the millennium development goals, which began in 2016 and ended 15 years later....
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The Spatial Variation of Visitors of Beach Resorts in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java Province

M.H. Dewi Susilowati, Oki Pratama
Banyuwangi Regency called the sunrise of Java. It is one of the favorites of tourism in East Java. Banyuwangi Regency has been awarded "12th UNWTO (United Nation World Tourism Organization) Awards" Inter- the location of beach attraction has different characteristic can cause differences in the number...
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Relationship Among Toddler Treatment, Biophysical Environment, and Toddler Morbidity in Klampar Village, Proppo District, Pamekasan Regency

Sri Ira Suharwati, Siti Azizah
This research aims to explain the level of toddler morbidity in Klampar village and its relationship to other factors. This research is descriptive with quantitative approach taken with survey methods. The sampling technique of respondents uses a Proportional Random Sampling technique. The data analysis...
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Population Mobility Based on Social Integrity Factors

Triwahyudianto Triwahyudianto, Suwito Suwito
The approach of population mobility study from social integrity's point of view begin from assumption that an individual who has less integrity to his neighborhood can give a forcing power to the different patterns and numbers of the population mobility. The objective of this study is to examine the...
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Identify Sustainable Livelihood in Small Island

Nurul Sri Rahatiningtyas, Elgodwistra Kartikoputro
Small island communities are people who depended on natural resources. The high potential of natural resources in small island not always followed by high welfare of the communities. Kepulauan Seribu in north part of Jakarta is one of small island that still depended on natural resources for their livelihood....
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Strategy for Tourism Development in Ex-Tin Mining, Lake Pongkar Tanjung Balai Karimun, Riau Islands, Indonesia

T. Putri Tiara, Darsiharjo Darsiharjo
Government aggressively explores mining potential because of the limited ability of the state to earn revenue from other sectors. The mining activities have been taking place in Riau Islands since many years ago. Tanjung Balai Karimun is one of the lead mining regions in Riau Islands that would have...
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Build Connectivity South Coastal Malang Lumajang 2020

Agus Purnomo
Accessibility is a vital part of the regional development. Its existence is limited by the morphology. The coastal area at the border Malang-Lumajang Regency has structural morphological unit. This condition greatly limits the development of accessibility. Lebak Sari, Lebak Harjo village, Ampel Gading...
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Inclusive Cities: The New Issue in Urban Development

Rini Rachmawati
Currently, the city development is expected to include aspects of inclusiveness. Inclusiveness in urban development is an attempt to include and involve marginalized people i.e. people with disabilities, women, the elderly, children, poor people. One of the important issues discussed in The Third Preparatory...
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The Meaning of Housework (Domestic Sector) for The Indonesian Labor Woman's Husband in The Village of Dungmanten, Rejotangan Subdistrict, Tulungagung Regency

Singgih Susilo, Wulan Amalia
Lack of employment opportunities in the regions of origin, one of which led to some labor work overseas, becoming the TKI. The existence of labor, women working outside of the country gives the husband the consequences have a dual role as head of the family and as a housewife. The purpose of research...
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Strengthening Local Institution to Improve Phytoremediation of Mangrove Forest Based on Co-Management: Case Study in Wonorejo, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia

Rudianto Rudianto
The role of local institutions in carrying out the restoration of mangrove forests in the city of Surabaya is required a very close cooperation among all the stakeholders involved. To achieve the required success, is needed co-management approach based on community participation. The mangrove forest...
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Urban Sprawl Impact on The Social Change in West Suburb of Malang City

Satti Wagistina
The aim of the study to analyze the impact of urban sprawl on the social change. The method for analysis was thematic method. The data were collected from 100 respondents by means of structured interview. In-depth interview was also employed to those who took role as the stakeholders of the society....
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Future Living Arrangement of Older People: A Comparison Between Malaysia and Indonesia

I Komang Astina, Wan Ibrahim Wan Ahmad
As the level of fertility declined and population tends to live longer in all countries, the world is experiencing the growth of older people. Based on the available population data, Malaysia and Indonesia are also experiencing the growth of older people. In fact, these two neighboring countries are...
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Identification of Main Commodities as Regional Development Bondowoso Regency

Nevy Farista Aristin, Ellyn Normelani, Agus Purnomo
Bondowoso dominated by wetland agriculture and dryland agriculture has a leading sectors that could be developed in addition to cassava iconic regency. To overcome these problems it is necessary to identify the leading sectors of agriculture in the regency that can later be developed into potential winning....
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Utilization of Orthophoto Imagery for Mapping The Cultural Heritage Area (Ijo Temple Complex, District Prambanan, Yogyakarta)

Barandi Sapta Widartono, Arnellya Fitri
Cultural heritage area have important information to be protected and preserved. Over this time documentation of cultural heritage still in digital photographs form and archival prints. Documentation process by map still not optimal yet. Even though the extraction of information from map need for planning...
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The Role of Ciliwung Condet Community in Fostering Ecological Intelligence in Urban Communities

Amin Amin
This study entitled The Role Ciliwung Condet Community in Fostering Ecological Intelligence in Urban Communities aims to determine the kinds of community activities to build ecological intelligence by community Condet Ciliwung and also its impact on public awareness in preserving the function of the...
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Longitudinal Livelihood Study: A Case Study of Traditional Weavers in Grogol Village, Weru Subdistrict, Sukoharjo Regency, Central Java

Abdur Rofi
Shocks experienced by the traditional weavers in Grogol village due to the earthquake have resulted in disruption of livelihoods of the household of the weavers. External support for livelihood recovery in striated fabric businesses was able to improve the livelihood and increase the revenue. This paper...
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A Study of Local Wisdom of Balinese Aga and Samin People to Develop Environmental Awareness Characteristics

Sumarmi Sumarmi
To overcome as well as to lessen the number of environmental problems in Indonesia, people within this country need to have high awareness and concern in conserving the nature and environment. One of the national educational goals in Indonesia is to bring out intelligent and well-mannered generations,...
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Environment Condition of Indonesian Migrant Worker in The Destination Countries And The Amount of Remittance Delivery to Origin Region

Budijanto Budijanto, Wan Ibrahim Wan Ahmad
The research area about two decades ago is an area that most of the poor people were working in agriculture, the cultivation of dry land, with an area of arable land holdings averaging less than 0.2 ha. Their remittances, in just one decade the area has been turned into an area at the center of economic...
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Landsat Image Analysis for Open Spaces Change Monitoring to Temperature Changes in Semarang City

Satya Budi Nugraha, Wahid Akhsin Budi Nur Sidiq, Fahrudin Hanafi
Land use change in urban areas could not be avoided as consequence of land requirement incensement. The high density of developed land in the central city have pushed the development towards the periphery. This article examines the result of Landsat image analysis using remote sensing (RS) and geographic...
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Monitoring of Temperature Distribution and Vegetation Index on Volcanic Hazard Eruption with Landsat-8 Thermal Infrared Sensor Imagery

Hendro Murtianto, Jupri Jupri, Yakub Malik
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched the new satellite mission called Landsat-8 on February 11, 2013. NASA improved Landsat-8 with Onboard Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) sensors separated to 11 spectral bands. Volcanic eruption spreads a lot...
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Analysis of Examination Location with Spatial Approach (Study in UPBJJ-UT Lampung, Surakarta, Makassar and Banjarmasin in Universitas Terbuka)

Sri Sumiyati
This research report contains the presentation of examination location analysis in four UPBJJ-UT (Lampung, Surakarta, Makassar, and Banjarmasin) with spatial analysis approach. To map the examination location by utilizing facility in google earth which have similar principle with GIS (Geography Information...
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Study of Population Growth and Land Use Change Impact of Intrusion at Pekalongan City

Erni Suharini, Fahrudin Hanafi, Wahid Akhsin Budi Nur Sidiq
The research objective is to find a relation between population growths, land use change of Pekalongan City. Research location based on administrative boundary, which divided into coastal and non-coastal. Data series calculated from 2000-2015 as input correlation. Land use series data derived from Google...
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Analysis of Building Position and Orientation to Assess the Building Vulnerability to Landslide Through the Interpretation of 2D Small Format Aerial Photo (Case Study in Bompon Catchment, Magelang Regency)

Boby Setyawan, Junun Sartohadi, Danang Sri Hadmoko
Bompon catchment is one of area in Central Java Province that has an intense of landslide occurrence. Bompon catchment has a hilly area and a thick layer of soil with clay texture. A landslide was triggered by the thick layer of soil and also the community activities that cut the slopes. The objective...
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Using OpenStreetMap Data for Population Distribution Model

Nurrokhmah Rizqihandari, Satria Indratmoko
Understanding urban population dynamic with its spatial structure becomes problems because of the rapid changes in a city. The detailed scale of continuum data is needed to get an exact picture of this phenomenon. Census as a method to discover the population distribution detail was constrained by its...
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The Application of Geographic Information System for Mapping Superior Food Commodities in Tabanan Regency

Ni Kadek Oki Febrianti, I Ketut Sardiana, Tati Budi Kusmiyarti
Tabanan regency well knowns as central food commodities in Bali province. This regency cultivate food commodities such as rice, corn, cassava, sweet potato, soybean, red bean, green pea, and peanut. The study aims to know superior food commodities in Tabanan regency. The set of evaluation used by district...
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Application of Landsat 8 Imagery for Potential of Groundwater Mapping in Bogowonto Downstream Watershed, Purworejo Regency

Sudaryatno Sudaryatno, Rifqi Fathurrahman, Dessy Ayu Wijayanti
Groundwater is a vital source of water for the needs of human, animals, and plants, not least in Bogowonto Downstream Watershed, Purworejo Regency. Bogowonto Downstream Watershed is a region which near with international airport development planning in Temon District, Kulonprogo Regency, Special Region...
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The Spatial Analysis in Tuna Habitat Related to The Ocean Variability in The Indian Ocean

Abu Bakar Sambah, Feni Iranawati, Syarifah H Julindasari, Dian Pranoto, Ledhyane Ika Harlyan, Ahmad Fauzan Ghafiky
One of marine fisheries resources utilization problems is the difficulty of determining the exact fishing ground, including for big pelagic fish. The use of fishing ground map by local fisherman has not shown significant catches in fishing operation. The research aims were to inventory catch and fishing...
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The GIS Application of Marine Protected Area Site Selection, in Trenggalek, East Java Province

Dhira K. Saputra, Sukandar Sukandar, H. Muliawati, Citra Satrya U., Wahyu P. Pratama, Anthon Andrimida
Marine Protected Area (MPA) is one of the best tools for maintaining coastal fisheries sustainability. District of Trenggalek, which has 96 km coastline and 57 small islands, categorized as one of most productive coastal areas in Southern coast of East Java. On the other hand, the demand of MPA in this...
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Comparison Study of Crowdsource Geographic Information Services for Rural Mapping and Toponym Inventory (Case study in Kebondalem Lor, Prambanan, Klaten, Central Java)

Ari Cahyono, Habib Sidiq Anggoro
The development of geographic information science so rapidly both conceptually, applications and related technologies in the field. To support the study of geography, the Geographic Information (GI) is important in order to study geosphere. The existence of geographic information services (crowdsourcing...
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Utilization of Aerial Photograph for Spasial Data Using Quadcopter (Ijo Temple Complex, District Prambanan, Yogyakarta)

Arnellya Fitri, Barandi Sapta Widartono
Ijo temple complex is included in a complex of protected cultural heritage. Documentation of cultural heritage is not only limited to photo archives, relics of historical objects, but also present spatial data. The spatial data of aerial photographs on a large scale is important to get information in...
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Spatial Analysis of Deforestation and Its Impact on Carbon Emissions Using FREL

Mujiono Mujiono, Tito Latif Indra, Djoko Harmantyo
The research aimed to analyze spatial patterns of deforestation in 1996, 2007, and 2016, and estimated carbon emission in the forest sector, both production forests, protected forests, and conservation forests in Bengkulu Utara district. Methods of spatial analysis change used land change modeller (LCM)...
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Effects of School Environment to Student's Spatial Intelligence in Senior High School of Bandung

Faiz Urfan, Darsiharjo Darsiharjo, Dede Sugandi
In geography learning, spatial intelligence is an important component for geography as a discipline that studies about the space. School environment has an important role in geography learning because school environments affect student's spatial intelligence. However, there is not a specific explanation...
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The Effect of Interest and Motivation in Learning Geography Towards Spatial Intelligence of Senior High School Students in Kuantan Singingi Regency

Henki Warsani, Mamat Ruhimat
The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of interest and motivation to learn in learning geography to spatial intelligence. This study used a quantitative approach with survey method. The study populations were 96 students of class XII social program Private senior high school in Kuantan Singingi...
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Utilization of the Mangrove Forest as a Learning Sources To Improve an Understanding of Concepts and Environmental Awarness (Experimental Quasy Study of Mangrove Ecotourism Karangsong for Student Participants at SMA Negeri 1 Indramayu)

Masruroh Masruroh, Lili Somantri, Dede Rohmat
The background of this study is the importance of establishing and understanding the behavior of learners in the learning invites students to learn resources directly. Mangrove forests one of which can be used as a learning resource. The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in test...
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The Effect of Learning Cycle 7E Model for Geographic Achievement on Multi-ethnic Students

Iya' Setyasih, Mei Vita Romadhon N., Ach. Amirudin, Ach. Fatchan, Sugeng Utaya
Geographic achievement are influenced by many factors. Teachers can implement 7E learning cycle models that exploit the capabilities early so that students can understand the material and develop the knowledge initially. East Kalimantan is the province which has students of various ethnicities, including...
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Effect of PBL Learning Model on Critical Thinking Skills Students Learning Course Design of Geography

Yuli Ifana Sari, Achmad Maulana Malik Jamil, Mustika Arif Jayanti
Problem Based Learning (PBL) model used to teach students to think critically. The main advantages of this model lies in the phases directing students on actual issues that can improve critical thinking skills. The purpose of this study is to test the influence of the PBL learning model on students'...
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The Evaluation of Teacher Certified Performance In Tulang Bawang Lampung

Sugeng Widodo
The focus of this research was to find out the certified teachers' performances of both portfolio test and Education and Training of Teacher Profession (PLPG). The objective of this research was to evaluate the performances of certified teachers. This was a descriptive qualitative research by conducting...
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Developing Interactive Learning Media for Living Environment Material of the Geography Lesson

Rendra Zainal Maliki
Learning media of the living environment to the geographic subject in Senior High School at 11th grade still limited to print media, which is a textbook and LKS (Student Work Sheet), while the creator of learning CD media still limited, thus it is difficult to find it. The reason for this interactive...
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Youth Education in Self- Preparing as Marine Ecotourism Guide in Kepulauan Seribu

Tuty Handayani, Elgodwistra Kartikoputro, A. Harsono Soepardjo
Marine Ecotourism is a form of tourism that still ensures the sustainability of the sea ecosystem. Tidung Island in the district of Kepulauan Seribu Selatan and Harapan Island in the District of Kepulauan Seribu Utara, has a different characteristics. However, both the islands intended as a tourist destination,...
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Model of Mangrove Ecosystem Utilization as Media and Learning Resources of Environmental Education at Senior High School

Restu Restu, Nurmala Berutu, Muhammad Ridha Syafii Damanik, Meilinda Suriani Harefa
Environmental degradation and natural disasters caused by human activity today continue to increase. The main reason is the low environmental awareness. This indicates the failure of environmental education in schools. Rising levels of public education are not able to raise environmental awareness. The...
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Brain Based Learning: Effects Model A-Car In Critical Thinking Skills

Dwiyono Hari Utomo
The human brain has the cognitive areas that can be used to think high, and need maintenance of brain development. Brain cells of human beings from birth and forever keep possession, even grew as an adult, in line with the development of maturity. The frontal lobes are dealing with abstract reasoning...
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Mental Mapping: Viewing the School Environment of the Mind

Fatiya Rosyida, Wakhidatus Sholikhah, Ulfi Andrian Sari
One of the geographic curriculum learning objectives in 2013 is to comprehend spatial patterns, environmental and territorial, as well as the processes related to geosphere symptoms in both national and global context. One of the tools that can be used to determine the comprehension of spatial patterns...
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Sekolah Paseduluran as a Social Capital to Increasing Community Preparedness to the Eruption of Merapi Volcano (Case Study: Glagaharjo Village, Cangkringan Sub-district, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta)

Nur'aini Sabilussalami, Intan Puji Nastiti, Jihaduddin Arif Indrawan, Tiara Handayani, Ahmad Cahyadi, Suprapto Dibyosaputro
Merapi volcano is one of the active volcanoes in the world that located on the border of two provinces of Yogyakarta and Central Java. After the eruption of Merapi Volcano in 2010, lava dome of Merapi Volcano change towards the south area of the volcano. Glagaharjo village is the closest area in the...
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The Implementation of OutDoor Study to Enhance Students Comprehension in Geomorphology Subject

Ika Meviana, Dwi Kurniawati
Geomorphology is one of the subjects for in undergraduate degree. The subject dealing with landscape and landform and its process. In Indonesian geomorphology is specific discuss how the landscape and landform in Indonesia were created. Actually, the material has a huge range, as well as to understand...
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The Differences in Learning Outcomes of Geography Students Using Rotation Models

Sukma Perdana Prasetya
This study aims to examine differences in learning outcomes between students who are learning with a variety of strategies to implement the rotation models. This study uses a 1 x 3 factorial design. The subject of this study is students of Geography education, State University of Surabaya. The research...
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Geography Lesson Development Based Ecoliteracy

Muh. Sholeh
Knowledge and awareness of the importance of protecting the environment is the responsibility of society. Knowledge of global warming in the form of causes, processes, and their impact on human survival is absolutely necessary so that people have the initiative power to face the phenomenon. The learning...
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The Effect Guided Inquiry to Critical Thinking Ability to Build Student Character in Geography Subject

Desi Nurul H., La Ode Amaluddin, Surdin Surdin
Character is an important thing to consider in education. Characters that should be imparted to students in Indonesia contained in the standard of competence in 2013 curriculum. Teachers can build students character with using of learning models that includes character activities and critical thinking....
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Analysis of the Pesanggem Cognitive Aspects of the Resources Management Program Community Based in Muria Forest

Eva Banowati, Sriyanto
The main problem in this research are: 1) how knowledge about the cognitive Pesanggem PHBM program, 2) when invited participation in the implementation of programs that harmonize economic and ecological side. The study population was the whole Pesanggem member Forest Village Community Institution (LMDH)....
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Analysing The Geographical Skills Across The World Secondary Schools Curriculum Based on The Scientific Approach

Budi Handoyo, Ach. Amirudin, Hadi Soekamto
Changing of the national curriculum in order to improve the quality of education being undertaken by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. In the geography, changing of the secondary curriculum was conducted at the content and learning process standard by implementing geographical...
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Revitalization of Local Wisdom in Environmental Education

Iman Hilman, Nedi Sunaedi
Local wisdom that exist nowadays is facing challenge that threaten its preservation, so that it begins to erode by the development of technology, which has adoption process of innovation and the diffusion of technology adoption. Understanding the local wisdom would be clear that local wisdom becomes...