Joint proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Intervention and Applied Psychology (ICIAP 2019) and the 4th Universitas Indonesia Psychology Symposium for Undergraduate Research (UIPSUR 2019)

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Relationship Between Self-Compassion and College Self-Efficacy Among First-Year College Students

Alvida Syifa Madita, Pratiwi Widyasari
College self-efficacy is an important factor to be considered in the first year of college because it can determine student persistence and success. College self-efficacy is defined by Solberg et al. (1993) as a college student’s level of confidence in their competency to complete college-related tasks....
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Relationship Between Forgiveness, Triadic Forgiveness Dimensions, and Resilience in Javanese Emerging Adults

Amalia Rahmandani, Dian Veronika Sakti Kaloeti, Salma Salma, Hastaning Sakti, Suparno Suparno
This study explores the relationship between general forgiveness, the triad of forgiveness dimensions (i.e., forgiveness of self, others, and situations), and resilience in emerging adult Javanese undergraduate students. The study included 405 subjects (MAge = 18.50; SDAge = 0.600; male = 25.2%; female...
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Religious Commitment and Sexual Behavior in Dating Among Young Adult Muslim Women in Indonesia Who Are Veiled and Not Veiled

Anisa Fadilah, Winarini Wilman D. Mansoer
Religious commitment can be a predictor of sexual behavior, and wearing a veil may be a characteristic of religious commitment. This study investigated the relationship of religious commitment and sexual behavior in dating among 265 young adult (20–38 years) Muslim women in Indonesia who are veiled and...
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The Role of Self-Compassion, Peer Relatedness, and Gender Towards Career Decision Self-Efficacy Among High School Students

Annisa Andriani, Puji Lestari Suharso
During the formation of self-identity, adolescents experience a career decision-making process, which includes choosing a college major. Many students believe they choose the wrong major in college and thus lack the ability and interest to complete their education. Consequently, many students have low...
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A Comparative Study of Mental Health and Emotional Regulation Between Musicians and Non-Musicians

Avia Athalia, Grace Kilis
This study aimed to determine the difference in mental health condition and emotional regulation skill between musicians and non-musicians. Researchers enrolled musicians and non-musicians, both aged 19–40 years, and divided them according to their musical activity based on the classification of Hanna-Plady...
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Inter-Religious Hostility Development Scale: Concept, Validity, and Reliability

Bidayatul Hidayah, Dewi Maulina, Sitti Shaqylla Shyahnaz, Evie Mahrita
Previous studies reported that intergroup hostility was examined either by measuring the ingroup favoritism and collective narcissism or by prejudice, whereas outgroup hostility was examined by measuring prejudice and general evaluation sale. Based on those researches, development of a scale to measure...
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Floortime Approach to Increase Communication Skills for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Impairment

Dhisty Azlia Firnady, Lia Mawarsari Boediman
Several studies have already proven the effectiveness of using floortime approach in increasing the reciprocal communication skills of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, there are only a few studies that have focused on this approach for children with both ASD and intellectual impairment...
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Feasibility Study of Acceptance Commitment Group Therapy on Social Anxiety Symptom Reduction in College Students With Low Self-Esteem

Fadhilah Eryananda, Imelda Ika Dian Oriza
Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is a troublesome mental disorder affecting both social and academic life in college students. Social anxiety levels in college students are related to problems with social abilities, difficulty maintaining attention, and learning. Furthermore, individuals with SAD display...
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The Roles of the Brooding and Reflective Subtypes of Rumination on Psychological Distress in First-Year Undergraduates at the Universitas Indonesia

Hepinda Fajari Nuharini, Sugiarti A. Musabiq
First-year undergraduate university students can experience psychological distress as they transition to a new life with high levels of academic, social, and emotional pressures. Longitudinal studies have found that psychological distress in the first year of college life can lead to continued distress...
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Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy on Academic Worry Among Undergraduate College Students

Kadek Widya Gunawan, Adhityawarman Menaldi
Higher education has various stressors. Students who lack stress management skills can become very vulnerable to mental health issues, particularly academic anxiety. Academic worry, the cognitive process that generates negative possibilities that may occur in academic life, is an essential feature of...
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Group Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Reduce Psychological Distress Among College Students With Social Media Addiction

Lucky Windaningtyas Marmer, Fivi Nurwianti
Social media use is growing rapidly in Indonesia, especially among college students. Excessive social media engagement is considered a form of internet addiction with unique adverse consequences. A common finding is that individuals use social media excessively to alleviate the negative emotions associated...
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Pro-Environmental Organizational Activities, Participation, and Life Events: A Narrative Inquiry of South Kalimantan Environmental Activists

Neka Erlyani, Ria Novita Rahimi, Niken Lestari, Syifa Oktavia, Aminuddin Prahatama Putra, Muhammad Abdan Shadiqi
People tend to become actively involved in environmental organizations to respond to environmental problems. These activists have a specific motivation to join the organization and to behave pro-environmentally. This study aims to explain the form of environmental activities, the reasons for participation...
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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Burnout Among Professional Caregivers at the Elderly Social Institution, a Residential Care Facility

Ni Putu Mayda Anggarini Artana, Dini Rahma Bintari
Professional caregivers can experience burnout. According to personal interviews, these caregivers experience stress that leads to burnout because of their high workload. Burnout is a condition of physical, emotional, and mental fatigue caused by stress over long periods of time because of work. Burnout...
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Brief Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to Reduce Emotional Dysregulation: A Single Case Study

Ni Putu Mayda Anggarini Artana, Lifina Dewi Pohan
Emotional dysregulation is a major characteristic of borderline personality disorder (BPD) reflecting the affective instability, extreme and uncontrolled anger, and chronic feelings of emptiness. Individuals who experience major emotional dysregulation problems often exhibit maladaptive behaviors, such...
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Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in a Group Setting to Increase Quality of Life in University Students With Social Media Addictions

Shafira Fawzia Ahmad, Fivi Nurwianti
University students are one of the largest populations of internet users in Indonesia, and they are especially active on social media. Several theories suggest that people with a low quality of life are highly vulnerable to becoming addicted to social media to avoid real life problems. Acceptance and...
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Effectiveness of Brief Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Reducing Psychological Distress in a Client With Social Anxiety Disorder: A Single-Case Study

Syifa Zunuraina, Adhityawarman Menaldi
Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is one of the most common psychological disorders that can happen at some point in one’s life. It is characterized by intense distress that occurs before, during, and after engaging in social situations. SAD can negatively affect an individual’s functioning in many aspects...
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Combining Counseling Techniques With Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Alleviate Psychological Distress and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury: A Single-Case Study

Vira Andalusita Mulyaningrum, Sali Rahadi Asih
High level of psychological distress is prevalent among university students. This is because they are faced with numerous challenges, not only their academic performance but also conflicts with family and friends. In some cases, high level of psychological distress may co-occur with non-suicidal self-injury...
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Digital Audio Technology for Parenting: Use of Podcasts for Telling Stories to Children

Nadiah Nur Fatina, Puspitasari
The present study investigates why parent use podcasts to provide storytelling for their children. A podcast is a form of audio-based technology that can be used to introduce fairy tales to children. Storytelling with technology involves children, parents, and the source of technology. In Indonesia,...
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Effects of Parental Involvement, Proactive Personality, and Gender on Career Decision Self-Efficacy Among High School Student

Rahmi Ramadhani, Puji Lestari Suharso
Based on the career development stages, adolescents are in an exploratory stage to determine the next career path, whether choosing a profession, or a study program in a university. However, there are still many adolescents who feel confused in choosing college majors. This phenomenon indicates that...
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Does Family Communication Pattern Predict Suicide Ideation and Attempt? A Longitudinal Study of Adolescents in Indonesia

Shafira Fawzia Ahmad, Sherly Saragih Turnip
Suicide is one of leading causes of death among adolescents around the world, including in Indonesia. Dysfunctional familial relationships are major risk factors for suicidal behavior, and Indonesia’s unique culture and values shape the communication pattern and power dynamics among parents and adolescent...
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Impact of Workplace Empathy Training on Employees’ Helping Behavior

Bunga Indira Artha, Arum Etikariena
Helping coworkers outside one’s main job description has a positive impact on organizational achievement, a behavior known in industrial psychology research as helping behavior. Helping behavior is an employee’s activities that are performed but are not part of the main job function and that are focused...
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Crisis Management Implementation for an Indonesian Crowdfunding Start-Up: Content Criticism on Twitter for an Outdoor Media Advertisement

Farisa Nurintan, Ishadi Soetopo Kartosapoetro
Developing a crisis management program is not an easy job for an organization. The process of performing crisis management can vary; furthermore, it requires the integration of knowledge from various fields such as decision-making, media and community relations, environmental scanning, risk assessment,...
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Development of the Employee Grit (E-Grit) Measurement: Dimensionality, Convergent Validity, and Reliability

Iqbal Maesa Febriawan, Dewi Maulina
Grit is a psychological concept that can explain the relationship between individual characteristics—such as intelligence and personality—and one’s work performance. General life-domain grit measurements have been developed over the years. Specific life-domain grit measurements are essential because...
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Co-operative Prospect for Generation Z in Revolution 4.0

Hendrikus Pedro, Koentjoro, Sito Meiyanto
One of the most monumental effects of the industrial revolution 1.0 was the birth of the Rochdale British co-operative, the first modern co-operative worldwide. The industry continues to evolve, co-operatives continue to adapt, and the characteristics of the human generation continue to change. The Baby...
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Validity of the Structural Empowerment Scale for Cooperative Members

Hendrikus Pedro, Koentjoro, Sito Meiyanto
In the industrial revolution 1.0, cooperative was established to allow its members to work together when dealing with a common problem, namely, the presence of industrial machines to replace human labor. In the industrial revolution 4.0, the similar problem also occurs when human resources will potentially...
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The Moderating Role of Communication Transparency in the Relationship Between Political Skill of Leaders and Workplace Ostracism

Putu Ayu Novia Viorica, Endang Parahyanti
Workplace ostracism is more damaging than bullying because when employees feel ignored, they will not only be damaged physically but also mentally. Although workplace ostracism has negative impacts on employee behavior, there has been limited study that focuses on variables that can decrease the level...
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Mobile Instant Messaging for Mobile Learning Activity: Use of WhatsApp Group as a Mobile Learning Platform in Anak Pintar Community

Anggun Nadia Fatimah, Ummi Salamah
Equipped with various features, WhatsApp is the most popular mobile instant messaging (MIM) used by Indonesian internet users. This platform allows one-to-one and even one-to-many communications. WhatsApp is also potentially used to assist mobile learning activities. Mobile learning is a digital learning...
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Self-Regulated Learning Intervention Program for Underachieving College Students

Eunike Karina Nadine Matitaputty, Linda Primana
Underachievement describes a situation when someone does not achieve his or her full potential. It has been considered as a substantial problem in the field of education and has been investigated for decades. In college, underachievement occurs because students are either unprepared or do not meet the...
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Stay Connected: Using Social Media in a Longitudinal Study

Wuri Prasetyawati, Robyn Gillies, Tjut Rifameutia, Peter Newcombe
Retention in longitudinal research can be problematic; furthermore, attrition in longitudinal study more likely reduces the number of participants, increases the costs, and introduces particular challenges to the researchers. Thus, establishing a systematic and organized protocol for participants to...
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Career Preparation and Intra- and Interpersonal Training Program for Visually Impaired Adolescents Affiliated With Yayasan Mitra Netra and PERTUNI

Arif Triman, Alabanyo Brebahama, Chandradewi Kusristanti, Azizah Sakha
Preparation for an adult career plays a significant role in the future of adolescents, especially those with visual impairment. Despite their limitations, they must prepare for their future career. Immaturity in their career planning may manifest as dropping out from college or graduating from college...
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Appropriating Technology to Facilitate Mobility: An Exploratory Study of the Use of the “Tune Map” Mobile Application by Visually Impaired Pedestrians in Bandung City, Indonesia

Nur Rafiza Putri
This exploratory study investigates the way people with disabilities use digital technology in context specific ways. The authors examine the ways in which modern societal structure and organization have systematically disadvantaged citizens with minority attributes. The scope of our study is confined...
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The Effect of Self-Comparison in Social Media on Self Esteem

Clara Moningka, P. Ratih Eminiar
This study aimed to determine how self-comparison during social media use affects self-esteem. Data obtained from 2016 showed that in Indonesia has a very high number of social media users. The largest group of social media users are adolescents, who spend more than three hours a day on social media....
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Optimism and Perceived Social Support as Predictors of Posttraumatic Growth Among Emerging Adults After the Death of a Parent

Evita Pamela Putri, Lifina Dewi Pohan
For an individual in emerging adulthood (the transitional stage between adolescence and adulthood), the experience of a parent’s death can be a traumatic event that challenges the individual’s way of understanding the world. However, the experience can also bring positive changes as a result of the individual’s...
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Waste Separation Behavior Among University Students

Fayren Chaerunnissa, Sheyrin Putri, Lailatul Nursakinah, Fikri Arjuna, Ratna Djuwita
This study investigated methods to increase waste separation behavior among undergraduate students at the University of Indonesia. An experiment was conducted to determine whether participants kept their waste materials until being able to dispose the waste into the correct waste bin category or if they...
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Does Perceived Social Support Mediate the Relationship Between Stigma Consciousness and Depressive Symptoms Among Homosexuals in Indonesia?

Isabella Sasqia Mulya, Bona Sardo Hasoloan Hutahaean
Depression occurs three times as frequently among homosexuals than among the general population. This discrepancy can be partially explained by the prejudice, discrimination, and violence homosexuals experience as a result of their sexual orientation. Thus, homosexuals experience a specific stressor,...
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The Correlation Between Dispositional Optimism and Posttraumatic Growth Among Breast Cancer Patients

Naiva Urfi Layyinah, Lifina Dewi Pohan
Experiencing breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can be traumatic, but can also facilitate the occurrence of positive changes known as posttraumatic growth. Dispositional optimism is one personal characteristic that may enhance posttraumatic growth. This study was conducted to examine the correlation...
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The Influence of Peer Social Support Against Student Well-Being With Structural Equation Modeling (M-PLUS Software)

Nil Rahmatul Fadhilah, Raudatussalamah
Adolescents’ well-being is very important especially in schools for the student’s well-being. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the effects of peer social support on the student well-being. This study was conducted on 114 (men, 40; women, 74) students from Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 2 Kampar. Participants...
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Does Sense of Belonging Mediate the Relationship Between Internalized Homophobia and Depressive Symptoms Among Homosexual Individuals in Indonesia?

Priyanka Ardiya, Bona Sardo Hasoloan Hutahaean
Society often regards homosexual individuals negatively. This phenomenon occurs worldwide but is particularly evident in places where the majority of the population holds conservative views on homosexuality, such as Indonesia. Homosexual individuals can direct society’s negative attitudes onto themselves...
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The Relationship Between Perceived Social Support From Family, Friends, and Significant Others (Nursing Home Staff) and Life Satisfaction Among Elderly Nursing Home Residents

Sumayah Soimah, Fenny Hartiani
This study examined the relationship between perceived social support from family, friends, and significant others (nursing home staff) and life satisfaction among the residents of a government nursing home for the elderly. Forty-four residents aged between 61 and 74 years from Panti Sosial Tresna Werdha...
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Comparison of Father’s Involvement in Korean Immigrants and Indonesians: Gender and Cultural Differences

Sung Woo Chong, Luh Surini Yulia Savitri
In this study, we aimed to discover whether father’s involvement with adolescents differs based on the adolescents’ gender and cultural differences. The study population included immigrant South Koreans (n = 106) who currently live in Jakarta and Indonesians (n = 343) who currently live in Jabodetabek...
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Influence of Family Functioning on Social-Emotional Skills Development Among Children With Physical Barriers

Astari Rahmaninda, Frieda Maryam Mangunsong
The ability of children to recognize and control emotions, termed social-emotional skills development, is critical for normal socialization and participation in important activities such as education. Children with physical barriers may have greater difficulty developing optimal social-emotional skills...
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The Relationship Between Parental Acceptance and Socio-Emotional Skills in Elementary School Students With a Physical Disability

Nadya Nabila Haswar, Frieda Maryam Mangunsong Siahaan, Shahnaz Safitri
This study was conducted to determine the relationship between parental acceptance and aspects of the socio-emotional skills of children with a physical disability (visual, hearing, speech, and bodily impairments). Parental acceptance is defined along a continuum of acceptance to rejection toward their...
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The Mediating Role of Career Satisfaction in the Relationship Between Perceived Organizational Support and Life Satisfaction in Millennials

Muhammad Hanif Nurfian Wangsapraja, Eka Gatari
This study aimed to examine the mediating role of career satisfaction in the relationship between perceived organizational support (POS) and life satisfaction. This quantitative research study used the Satisfaction with Life Scale to measure life satisfaction, the short version of the Survey of Perceived...
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Effect of Personality Traits on Cheating Behavior in College Students With Moral Identity as a Moderator

Debi Zahirah Hariwijaya, Eva Septiana
Cheating occurs in all arenas of human behavior, and it manifests as academic cheating in college students. Academic cheating can include cheating on exams, plagiarism, and falsifying data in scientific studies. Cheating during college years can also involve improper behavior in university organizations...
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Effect of Religiosity on Cheating Behavior in Universitas Indonesia Students With Moral Identity as a Mediating Factor

Eva Septiana, Rifqi Rusdy Bachtiar
Religiosity is often considered to be a determinant of cheating behavior. In this study, moral identity was tested as a mediating factor on the effect of religiosity on cheating behavior. Data on religiosity, moral identity, and cheating behavior were collected from 197 students aged 18–25 years enrolled...
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Social Support is Positively Correlated With College Adjustment in First-Year Students

Muhammad Imam Shiddiq, Malika A. Fitra, Ruth Patricia, Damara I. Afriani, Fironika A. Bahar, Elok D. Malay
When first-year students enter university, they experience many changes and challenges that require adjustment and adaptation. Previous studies have suggested that social support is one factor related to college adjustment. However, scientific support for the relationship between these variables in Indonesia...
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Will an Individual’s Performance Be Affected by Audience Expectations?

Utari Dwi Zaharani, Ermanda Saskia Siregar
This study addresses the effects of audience expectations on an individual’s performance. It was proposed that individuals who perceive low expectations from the audience will perform better than those who perceive high expectations or who are working alone without an audience. We also hypothesized that...