Proceedings of International Conference on Issues in Social and Education Research (ICISER 2017)

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Business Strategy, Culture Control and Organizational Performance

Edward Fazri, Hanifah Imam, Tri Lestari
The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship business strategy, culture control and organizational performance. The data is processed by using a Partial Least Square (PLS). The population consists of middle manager of multinational manufacturing company in Banten, Sample of this research...
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Does IFRS Adoption Enhance the Accounting Comparability of Emerging Market?

Tri Lestari
The purpose of this study is to examine the comparability level of accounting information for Indonesian firms before and after accounting standards change during IFRS convergence in this country. This study compares the periods before and after significant revisions of the accounting standards, by examining...
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Employee’s Perspective of Public Information Disclosure Policy in the Provincial Government Of Banten

Rina Yulianti
Each person needs information according to his level, whether related to his place of work, or for other needs. Information is no longer as something that is only seen and serves as an information that can be used as a tool to increase knowledge, but more than that, information works a lot in human life...
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Matrix Exposion’s Hemp Fiber Composite Bending Test Endurance for Electric Car Body Specimen

Gunawan, Reinaldi Teguh Setiawan
To reduce the load of the electric car, a light yet strong body is needed. Therefore electric car’s body is made of hemp fiber. The purpose of this research is to know the bending strength towards the variation of hemb fiber structure. The compositions used in this research are Exposion Resin General...
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Questioning the Development: The Maintenance of Local Variety of Rice in the Changing Dayak Community of Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

Purwanto Semiarto, Sutji Shinto
The paper is about rice landraces among the Day-ak in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. We found that today they still maintain the knowledge and keeping the existence of local variety of rice. While in Java, where the capital city is located and the development is centralized, these va-rieties have been...
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The Analysis of Learning Implementation Plan (LIP) In Vocational Subjects Based on 2013 Curriculum

Mustofa Abi Hamid, Muhammad Nurtanto, Ali Rahmat, Abdul Mutolib, Soffan Nurhaji, Moh. Fawaid, Setria Utama Rizal
The qualified teacher is teacher who has the standards of educator that has capability of their materials according to the standard of the contents and carry out the learning process according to the standard of the process. Learning Implementation Plan (LIP) is the administration prepared teachers before...
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The Communication Adaption by Health Workers in Health Services Towards Remote Indigenous of Baduy Communities in Banten Province

Idi Dimyati, Nia Kania Kurniawati
Health services performed by health care professionals in the com-munity have an important meaning. Especially for remote indigenous communities (KAT) who live with all the difficulties, limitations, as well as limited on human resources, economics, geographical, social, and cultural conditions which...
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The Household Dynamism of A Community to Survive the Landscape Changes:t he Case Study of Kampung Laut Community in Segara Anakan, Cilacap, Indonesia

Leny Mahromatul Ulya, Prihandoko Sanjatmiko
The purpose of this paper is to understand the social dynamics of households in a particular community in surviving environmental changes caused by sedimentation process. The data is generated through qualitative research, with the data collected through inter-views and participant observation. The findings...
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The Role of Actors in The Dynamism of Social Control: The Study of The Social Network Analysis in the Management of Aid Programs in Kampung Laut Community, Segara Anakan Area, Indonesia

Raden Diky Dermawan, Prihandoko Sanjatmiko
This paper aims to explain the role of actors in the social network in competing for access and control over valuable resources gained from social assistance programs. This research is a qualitative study, with the data collected through interviews and observation. The study finds that as an area that...
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Tradition for Sale: Batik, Local Heritage, and Capital Investment

A. Semiarto Purwanto, Anggun Yulia
In the age of information and communication technology today, the batik production and distribution have also changed accordingly. From an artisanal productsto home industry, batik is now manufactured and distributed in boutique, show rooms, groceries, and by online. Our findings derived from two months...
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Audit Fees, Financial Performance and Risk Based Assets Revaluation

Rima Auliayatama Agustina, Nurmala Ahmar
The adoption of the International Financial Statement allows the assessment of asset revaluation, but this is not widely practiced in Indonesia.One of the factor is the relatively high additional cost for appraiser. Application of fixed assets revaluation can give contribution to the growth of companies...
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Romantic Relationship: The Interpretation of Memory in Representation (An Cognitive Anthropology Perspective)

RF. Hasna Karimah, Prihandoko Sanjatmiko
The purpose of this paper is to examine the relation between the life history of young adult women and their romantic relationship with their partners. This research methodology is qualitative study, conducts a cognitive anthropology approach, an interpretative approach, and indepth interview method...
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Multilingualism in Cikoneng, Anyer, Serang, Banten, Indonesia

Raden Gunawan
Many researches on multilingualism had been conducted and could be found in sociolinguistics books and journals. However, most of the researches involved not more than two languages that were used and spoken in certain communities. Researches that involved three languages (trilingualism) and four languages...
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The Role of Intellectual Property Law as a Means of Community Development

N.P.D Budiman Sinaga, H.M.T Sahat Sinaga
Until now there are still many people who know the laws play a role when problems arise only. Whereas the role of law can be more than just solve the problem, among others, a law can be a means of community development. Laws can play a role in changing society for the better. In fact, lawyers have argued...
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Economic Policy Model Based on Asset Revaluation: an Empirical Evidence on Banking and Financial Sector in Indonesia

Nurmala Ahmar, M. Nadjib Usman, Pujiati Diyah
In October 2015 issued Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) number 191 / PMK.010 / 2015 on the revaluation of fixed assets for tax purposes and December 2015 made changes through the PMK 233 / PMK.03 / 2015. On the other hand, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) have regulated fair...
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The Effects of School Academic Course Inspections and Teacher Compensation on Teacher Performance

Ahmad Irfan, Achmad Dedy Kurniady
The purpose of this study was to analyze the impact of academic supervision by a principal and compensation for the teacher to the teachers' performance at Private Junior High School (Secondary School) in Kalideres, West Jakarta. Descriptive survey method was used in this research with 40 (forty) private...
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Economic-Political Dynamics as A Legal Amendments Factor

Al Mahmud Rasyid, Raharjo
The study objective was determined the causes of amendment of Article 33 of 1945 Constitution. As a sociological law study, historic empirical data in the form of primary and secondary data collected through literature and interviews, to be analyzed to find the legal meaning contained in the amendment....
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Creative Economy Empowerment Based on Local Commodity as Tourism Communication in Garut Regency

Santi Susanti, Dian Sinaga, Fitri Perdana
Garut is one of the area in West Java that has potential natural resources for the economy and tourism. Akar wangi/vetiver is a local commodity that can be processed into various forms of craft that have economic value. Through skillful hands, vetiver which was originally only fragrant aroma roots, became...
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The Effectiveness of Corporate Policy on Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance

Aan Khurosani, Derry Emil M. Salim
This study aims to determine the effect of corporate policy effectiveness on job satisfaction and employee performance, with organizational justice as an intervening variable between. The research method used quantitative approach by distributing questionnaires to 75 samples of employees at PT Pundi...
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Application of Cluth Educational Teaching Aid as an Effort to Improve Metacognitive Knowledge

Muhammad Nurtanto, Moh Fawaid, Soffan Nurhaji
Thinking and knowledge developments on HOT’s level are the teaching objective in chasis subject, one of them is in diaphragm-type coupling competence. The objective of this research is to measure the result of teaching using cluth educational teaching aid with unmodified media. Research design is experimental...
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Extroversion Versus Introversion, Instructional Strategies, and Reading Comprehension Performance in Multilingual EFL Classroom

Devi Hellystia, Hurhaeda Gailea
This paper tries to investigate if there is any positive correlation between personality types (extrovert and introvert), instructional strategies (cooperative and individual learning), and the success of students’ performance in reading comprehension. This is a pilot study which was conducted in one...
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Installation of Closed Circuit Television To Produce a Quality Assessment Process in Vocational Learning

Bayu Rahmat Setiadi, Setuju, Muhammad Nurtanto
Efforts to improve the quality of education can be done through a quality assessment system and supervision. During this time, the assessment system on the practice in Vocational High School workshops (VHS) still use the conventional method of observation and direct supervision. This can re-duce the...
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Social Capital and Poverty Reduction for the Victims of Earthquake and Tsunami: Anthropological Study at Village of Lhok Pu’uk, Sub-district of Seunedon, Regency of North Aceh

Ibrahim Chalid
Strengthening collective action at the community level was built through the pillars of social capital will strengthen the bargain-ing power of the local community against external forces seeking to exploit natural resources. An identification study was conducted to examine the potential of social capital...
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Influence of CORE Model with Scientific Approach to Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving Ability

Nurul Ariani
This research was motivated by the low ability of students’ mathematical problem solving, so there was a need of learning model that is able to enhance students’ problem solving and self-esteem. One of the learning models that can be used is CORE (Connecting, Organizing, Reflecting and Extending) mixed...
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Old house, new meaning: The change and persistence of ume kbubu in Oinlasi, South Amanatun, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Semiarto A. Purwanto, Indraini Hapsari
While the state plays important role in actively transforming the communities into a condition that they imagined as developed, some persistences are taking place at the micro level. Our short ethnographic observation among the Dawan at the village of Oinlasi, South Amanatun, East Nusa Tenggara revealed...
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The English Implementation during the Trade Transaction of Balinese Traditional Cloth SMEs

Ross Diana Arief, Aisyah Hamidiyah, Yudi Juniardi
The study aims to investigate the implementation of English during the trade transaction by Balinese Traditional Cloth SMEs. The research questions were about the awareness of Balinese Traditional Cloth SMEs of the implementation of English and its possible problems on the craftsmen’s transaction during...
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The Influence of Embedded Social Media and Marketing Communication Online Toward Indonesian SME

Nurprapti Wahyu Widyastuti
Communication technology makes the smartphone attached (embedded) in he life of the individual users This study aims to determine the Influence of embedded social media and marketing communication online toward Indonesian SME preparation in dealing AEC (ASEAN Economic Community). AEC is an agreement...
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The Socio-Economic Impacts of Tourism on the Agricultural Development in Sawarna Banten

Riswanda, Abdul Hamid, Yeni Widyastuti
Diverse research on food security have given differing attentions to issues of perception and local knowledge in food outcomes. A critical systemic discussion of paradigm shifting within society in particular local context has not yet addressed issues of the social, especially as social structures relate...
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Contribution of Learning and Competency Management Tutors in Improving the Quality of the Results of the Study on Nonformal Education Equality Based Local Wisdom in Banten Province Indonesia

Sudadio, Suherman
The success of an educational institution is largely determined by the good or bad of management or management lessons. While the success of the management of learning is determined by human (the man behind) in the non formal education known as tutors. The correlation with this, it is interesting for...
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The Comparative Study Between the Administration and Mechanism of Zakat Laws in Indonesia (Best Practices in Aceh and the State of Kedah)

Andria Zulfa
Professional management of zakat is believed to achieve this desire and help its form of human development to a better and perfect. In this paper, we examine the aspects of strengthening the law on zakat in Aceh and Kedah in the form of comparative studies. To achieve these objectives used descriptive...
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Model of Research Evaluation to Map Profile and Competence of Graduate Lecturer of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University

In order to develop competency-based Human Resources management, it is necessary to mapping lecturer competency. The study was conducted with the aim to map the profile and competence of lecturers, as the basis for mapping the students and final student supervisor. To achieve these objectives, a database...