Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Information Technology and Management Engineering (ICITME 2018)

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On the Informatization of University Personnel Archives

Rong Tang
Against the background of informationization, the management mode of personnel archives tends to change from the traditional manual one to the informationization. This paper, starting from the significance of university personnel archive informatization, studies the main problems with it and, combining...
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Modeling of ERP Practical Skills Online Intelligent Assessment System

Ruohui Wang, Jimei Li
In recent years, the ERP practical skills have been developed rapidly worldwide in terms of teaching, testing, competing and training. However, there are still some deficiencies in the existing automatic assessment system. According to the characteristics of ERP system, this paper designs the overall...
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Pricing Strategies of Audiovisual Content Products in the New Media Platform

Wei Lu, Ye Cao
Based on the analysis of the two-sided market characteristics of the new media audio-visual sites and the network externality of the platform, the pricing model is used to determine the factors that affect the pricing of the new media platform operators to two-sided users under the monopolistic or competitive...
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Development and Research of Root File System Based on Cortex-A8 Microprocessor

Li Zhou, Maoqun Yao
The root file system is an integral part of the embedded Linux system. Busybox is used in the embedded environment to build a root file system, the paper mainly studies how to complete the root file system based on Busybox. This article by root in the ubuntu configuration, compile Busybox and build the...
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Assessing Task-Technology Fit in Uberization of Chinese Urban Transportation

Qiaohui Qiu, Peihua Fu, Xiuli Wang, Ya Zhang
In this paper, we discusses the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry and the creation of the mobile Internet third-party freight O2O platform, most of the O2O platforms that emerged after 2014 are still in the initial stage. The pre-achievements obtained are often the distribution of...
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Study of the Sports Precision Marketing Model under Big Data Environment

Xiaoyan Zhou, Fei Huang
Under the influence of big data environment, the sports marketing method becomes more personalized and precise. Sports precision marketing is based on the characteristics of consumer behavior of sports target market. It is the combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis methods for targeted...
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An Empirical Study on the Consumer Perceived Value of Online Financial Products Based on Grounded Theory

Qiongwei Ye, Weiyao Kang, Yumei Luo, Xiaoyu Ma
The deep integration of information technology and financial market has boosted the rapid development of Internet-based financial services in recent years. Consumer perceived value of online financial product and its formation mechanism is of vital importance to the online financial enterprises of gaining...
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Research on the Relationship between e-commerce and Chain Business (Taking China as an Example)

Pingli Li
Global e-commerce has made breakthroughs in information technology, making people's business ideas and ideas with new concepts and transformations. At the same time, with the development of the economy, the importance of the retail industry has become greater and greater. The advantage of shackle management...
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Cloud Platform Architecture Design of Multiple Participation for Project Cost Based on BIM

Zhenhua Wang, Jun Fang
With the development of information society, the information development of project cost will become an inevitable trend. At present, the management of information project cost in China is still immature. In this paper, using the advantages of BIM project information, considering the work content of...
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Balance Analysis and Improvement of Furniture Mixed Flow Production Line in Multi - Variety Small Batch Environment

Yanlin Zhao
As the user demand for furniture product diversification and personalized, the traditional single object assembly line production has become a serious impediment to the development of the enterprise, so the more varieties of small batch mixed flow under the environment of furniture production pattern...
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Land Cover Change in Jiaodong Peninsula during the Recent 40 Years Using RS/GIS

Lin Lin, Shidong Fu, Jian Liu, Qingwei Bu, Yi Tang, Meihua Song, Yanyan Li
Five sets of satellite images of spacing 37 years were used for mapping the land cover change in Jiaodong Peninsula in the present study. Unsupervised classification was applied to classify the land cover into 4 categories including vegetation, built-up land, water body and bared land. Among them vegetation...
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Analysis on Abatement Cost and its Influencing Factors on Nitrogen Oxide Emissions from Power Plants in China

Chunyu Yang, Mengfan Xia, Zhanfeng Dong, Junfeng Wang, Xiaoqiong Li
The coal-fired power industry in China is confronted with issues on Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) abatement and corresponding additional costs. The selection of denitration technologies and measures is a scientific, economic, and political issue. Several domestic studies estimate the denitration costs and their...
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Founder Governance and Corporate Performance: An Empirical Analysis Based on Chinese Internet Listed Companies

Lin Xu, Wei Yue, Hongtao Xu
The study of the relationship between the founder of governance and corporate performance in recent years attracted academic attention. Based on the sample of 2010-2016 years Internet listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, this paper validates the relationship between founder governance...
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Analysis and Research on the E-business Model of Mtime

Wenrong Jiang
Through analyzing Mtime’s marketing model to know about Mtime, by comparing with Douban, Ying Huochong and other websites to find out Mtime’ s pros and cons. Analyze Mtime to understand what the core capacity it has, what points attract users to browse, what’s the audience crowd and what needs to be...
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Empirical Study on Media Selection in University Marketing Based on Funnel Model

Jizheng Ma
Higher education has entered the era of full competition, and the application of marketing theory in college enrollment has become a trend. It is of great significance to explore university marketing around the process of students’ decision-making. Through in-depth interviews and questionnaires, this...
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Research on the Mechanism of Emotional Contagion in the Circumstance of Job Failure Based on Attribution Theory

Ping Liu, Qiuling Hou, Fan Yang
A inter-group scenario simulated experiment is adopted to investigate the influence of failure attribution and leaders’ affective feedback on members’ angry and frustration. Subjects are divided into eight groups based on four failure attributions and two affective feedbacks. The results show that, under...
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Scientometric Analysis on the Developments of Archival Appraisal Theories

Ying He, Kun Tian
The fundamental theory of Archival Science is Archival Appraisal Theory (AAT), and it has been undergoing substantial changes since 1990s. This paper uses Scientometric research methods and the related Knowledge-Mapping tool to analyze the citations between AAT journal articles and those from other disciplines....
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Summary of Credit Risk Assessment Methods

Qiang Cai, Qian Qian
It is the forefront research direction for credit risk management field to explore the theory and method of social-economic entity credit characteristics evaluation, improve and deepen the market-economy entity credit evaluation system. The paper improves various “modern” credit risk evaluation modes...
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The Viewpoint of the Uselessness of Vocational Qualification Certificate: Analysis and Solution

Yuhuang Zheng, Lin Chen
The viewpoint of vocational qualification certificate useless is a social trend of thought that the effectiveness of vocational qualification certificate has dropped due to the failure of the trainees' skill training investment. The main causes are society and enterprises development, training institutions'...
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An Empirical Study on the Interaction between Comprehensive Transportation Accessibility and County Economic Development

Xuan Zhou
The county economy is the foundation of the regional economic development of our country, and there is an interactive mechanism between the comprehensive transportation accessibility and the county economic development level. Based on the comprehensive accessibility and economic development level, the...
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Financial Ecological Environment, Ownership Structure and the Financing Efficiency of New Energy Industry in China

Hairong Wang, Chengxuan Geng
Financing efficiency is reflected in the ability of enterprises to integrate funds with the lowest cost and risk, and to use the integration of funds for bring the highest profits to the company in a specific macro environment. Its effective promotion cannot be separated from the external financial ecological...
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Analysis and Analog Simulation of the Investors’ Margin Trading Behavior

Bo Zhang, Xueting Cao, Allen Yang
This paper took investors’ margin trading behavior as the object of study and suggested the hypothesis that the behavioral financial factors would increase market volatility and affected investors’ returns in the environment of margin trading system through theoretical analysis. On the basis of the hypothesis,...
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Simulation Study on the Mechanism and Factors of Forestry Carbon Sequestration Market Development

Fei Long, Huibo Qi
This paper aims to analyze the mechanism and factors of forestry carbon sequestration market development. It is concluded that there is great development potential in the forestry carbon sequestration market of Zhejiang Province and all of the market subjects make active response to the market, which...
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The Signing and Amendments of China's BITs with Countries along B&R--Analysis Based on Game Theory

Hongle Zhang
According to the game theory, a bilateral investment agreement (BIT) is a multi-player dynamic game, which involves not only contracting countries, but also potential investors. The preamble and purpose of the BIT are to define the scope of the game, while the investment definition is to further refine...
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Servant Leadership and Voice Behavior: Organizational Identification as a Mediator

Qing Tian, Yanli Hu, Kongtong Cheng
To conduct a survey with 68 supervisors (85% response rate) and 463 subordinates (with 82.68% response rate) in 68 work units in tourism industry across multiple organizations, by using “supervisor and subordinate” questionnaire with convenience sampling and stratified sampling to get data. Using Smart...
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The Exploration of the Application of New Media in University Politics Education

Xinjie Qiao
In the era of mobile internet, new media is increasingly becoming one of the carriers of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, and it brings opportunities to ideological and political education in colleges and universities. According to the characteristics of the application...
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The Application and Enlightenment of Micro-course in the Teaching of ideological and political Theory in Colleges and Universities

Junya Zhao
With the development of Internet science and technology and the widespread popularity of smart phones, the micro-era, represented by Weibo and WeChat, is coming, and the teaching mode of ideological and political theory course in colleges and universities is facing new challenges and opportunities. How...
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Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Process for Green Information Technology and Management Engineering Systems towards Sustainable Education Process Business Excellence Achievements

Gurumurthy Iyer Vijayan
In this research article, strategic environmental assessment (SEA) process for green information technology and management engineering systems has been discussed. Strategic environmental assessment (SEA) process can be broadly defined as a study of the impacts of a proposed project, plan, project, policy...
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Disentangling the Antecedents of Relationship between Deep Approach to Learning and Student Learning Outcomes

Michael Yao-Ping Peng, Sheng-Hwa Tuan
The multiple characteristics of students encourage universities to provide a learning environment that integrates teaching and learning in one and to strengthen students’ learning motivation through student-oriented teaching model, so as to enhance students’ input in study. In this study, the concept...
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Implementation of Responsibility Accounting in Electric Power Enterprises

Yechu Han
With the continuous development of the economy, the enterprise requires its accounting to complete the transformation from the accounting to the management. As the branch of the management accounting, the responsibility accounting is bound to promote the progress of the enterprise reform work. According...
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Indicators of the Sustainability of Historical Tourism of Communities Surrounding Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya Historical Park

Somchai Seviset, Sittichai Charoensettasilp
Due to objectives of the research on studying behaviors, level of knowledge of people and analysis of indicators affecting the sustainability of historical tourism in communities surrounding Phra Nakaorn Sri Ayutthaya Historical Park. Questionnaire and interviews are used as research instruments in collecting...
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Algorithm and Application of Inverse Kinematics for 6-DOF Welding Robot Based on Screw Theory

Lei Hong, Baosheng Wang, Zhenqin Xu, Dongsheng Lv
In order to achieve efficient and reliable inverse kinematics for industrial robot, an inverse kinematics solution is proposed for common 6 DOF industrial robots with the structure characteristics that can be described as “the last three joints axes are intersect, joint 2 and 3 are parallel and non co-planar...
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Alcoholism Detection via Wavelet Energy and Logistic Regression

Yuanyuan Tao, Felix Macdonald
In this study, we proposed an application of alcoholism detection via wavelet energy and logistic regression. We collected data sets of 70 volunteers who signed up through advertising, among which 35 were with alcoholism and the rest were healthy. We first used wavelet energy (WN) to extract brain images...
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The Effect of Herdsmen's Endowments on Their Borrowing Channels Based on Structural Equation Model

Yuchun Liu, Chang Liu, Changbai Xiu
Herdsmen's access to credit funds has an important supporting role in promoting modern economic development in the pastoral areas and broadening the channels for herdsmen to increase their income. Based on pastoral survey data, this paper constructed the structural equation model(SEM) using the herdsmen's...
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Voxelwise Detection of Cerebral Microbleed in CADASIL Patients by Naive Bayesian Classifier

Fangzhou Bao, Meiling Shi, Felix Macdonald
It is important to detect cerebral microbleed voxels from the brain image of cerebral autosomal-dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and Leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL) patients. Methods developed by other researchers before have a high variablity of intra-observer and inter-observer. In our...
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PH Modeling of Neutralization Process in the Production of Soybean Protein Isolate

Yuxi Deng, Hongmin Zhang, Xiuhong Wang, Qingqiang Guo
In the whole production process of soybean protein isolate, the neutralization section is a very important link, and the pH value is the most difficult to control in this section. The main reason is that the chemical reaction in the neutralization process has the characteristics of nonlinear, time delay...
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Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization for Multiple-fuel-constrained Generation Scheduling of Power System

Chao-Lung Chiang
This research proposes a quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization with a multiplier updating technique (QPSO-MU) for the multiple-fuel-constrained generation scheduling of power system. The quantum-behaved particle swarm optimization (QPSO) equips with a migration can efficiently search and actively...
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Probabilistic Assessment of the Static Voltage Stability of Active Distribution Networks

Qing Duan, Jian Le, Xi Ye, Zhipeng Lv, Qian Zhou
The integration of distributed generations with a high penetration level impacts the static voltage stability of an active distribution network remarkably. Based on the probability power models of two typical distribution generations, this paper firstly presents a two-point estimation method to perform...
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An EDA for Solving Linear Fractional Bilevel Programming Problems

Huafei Chen, Hecheng Li, Jing Huang
Heuristic algorithms have attracted great attention in dealing with bilevel programming problems in recent years. In this manuscript, a novel approach termed estimation of distribution algorithm (EDA) is developed to solve a special class of bilevel programming problem, the linear fractional bilevel...
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HF Frequency Short-Term Forecast Method Research in the Asia Oceania Region

Chao Li, Hanguang Jia, Huibin Hu, Yunjiang Liu, Xiangyang Ye
With analysis on ionosphere propagation features, and on the basis of ionospheric data in Sanya, Hainan, the self-correlation coefficient analysis method is applied to the ionospheric parameter prediction, then the method is compared with the artificial neural network prediction method. The prediction...
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Extracting Latent Topics from User Reviews Using Online LDA

Zilin Wang
As local business directory service sites like and are increasingly popular, user reviews are becoming more and more important in informing customers of product and service quality. The reviews can also provide meaningful insights to business owners. However, huge amounts of online...
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Mining Extreme Patterns of Seismic Signals in China Based on Heavy-Tailed Statistics

Peng Zhang, Chunbo Fan, Yunxia Zhang, Yi Ding
Strong earthquakes are the most violent natural hazards, which have caused huge losses of lives and property to human beings in the last decade. Mining time patterns of seismic events, especially extreme ones, within a specific time window and region, is of great importance to policy making and disaster...
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Technical Research on Advanced Computing

Hong Yang, Shurui Zhang, Xiong Guo, Mengliang Li
Due to the wide application of Internet of things, the real-time of data and the rapid development of AI, advance computing can provide technical support and guarantee. Firstly, this paper introduces the background, basic concept and development history, and classification of advanced computing. Secondly,...
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Research on College English TPACK Framework Teaching from the Perspective of Connectionism

Xiuzhen Xie
The rapid development of information technology, international and domestic education reform and development trends request new requirements for University English teaching, We must use modern educational technology equipment to promote college English teaching. The implementation of University English...
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Research on Loss-averse Newsboy Problem Based on Uncertain Capacity

Kangkang Ge
In the past, the research on the newsboy issue was mainly based on the basic assumption that the market demand was uncertain, while ignoring the possible impact of uncertain supplier capacity. In this paper, a loss-averse newsboy model considering the cost of out-of-stock punishment and uncertainty of...
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The ROI of Diverting Water from Tibet to North China: A Feasibility Study

Dingfeng Zhao
This research looks deeply into hotly discussed projects for diverting water from Tibet to North China in view of management, and then finds out that the ROI of any of these projects is not high enough. Since it is too resource-intensive to be effective and too time-consuming to be efficient, probably...
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Application of Improved Interval Numbers TOPSIS Method Based on Mahalanobis Distance in the Evaluation of SME Public Service Platform

Wenyan Dong, Xinzhong Bao
SME public service platform is an economic organization providing a wide range of common services for small and medium-sized enterprise group. It is designed to help SMEs to transform the development mode, to realize the optimal allocation of resources, and to reduce their survival and development cost....
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On the Influence Venture Capital Exerts on SMEs Technology Innovation

Zhiwu Chen, Ying Chen
Based on the GEM Board panel data of 287 listed companies in the manufacturing industry. A regression model and a negative binomial distribution model with venture capital as explaining variable and technology innovation as explained variable were built by the researcher. This paper makes an empirical...
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The Analysis of Electronics Industry Warehouse Process Enhancement

Lienying Chan, Minglang Wang
This paper is about the analysis of electronics industry warehouse process; it tries to find the significant part need to be enhanced. By utilizing Analytic Hierarchy Process, AHP, we divide the warehouse process into 3 aspects: Stock, Storage and Shipment. We consulted quite a few experts of warehouse...