Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Language, Art and Cultural Exchange (ICLACE 2021)

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Analysis on the Sound of the Movie The Man Who Knew Too Much

Yiwen Zhang
Sound is an important symbol of films, and the application of sound largely determines the success of the film’s quality. The essence of movie sound is to control the rhythm of the movie, and convey the consciousness and logic of the movie to the audience. This paper discusses the employment of three...
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On the Design of Cultural Creative Products Under the Influence of Manchu Native Culture Take Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, Chengde City, Hebei Province as an Example

Yang Cui
With the development of contemporary society, globalization is the general trend. Globalization has brought us a lot of convenience, not only to improve the living standard of the people and the understanding of the life and culture of the world, but also to bring opportunities for design. From the introduction...
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An Analysis of Urban Art Ecology Under the Background of Chengdu-Chongqing Double Cities Economic Circle

Can Zhou, Hui Fu
Chengdu and Chongqing have always been the two central cities in Southwest China. The sixth meeting of central finance and economics held on January 3, 2020 has proposed to promote the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic cycle and form an important growth pole of high-quality development in...
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Discussion on the Competition Between Chinese and South Korean Traditional Clothing Culture in Cross - Cultural Communication

Wu Chaohong, Li Yajun
With the rapid development of the Internet and other information technology, the cultural exchanges between countries are becoming increasingly frequent. The history and culture of China and South Korea influence each other, but there are cultural differences in ways of thinking, values, social regulations,...
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Research on the Development Paths of Intangible Cultural Heritage from the Perspective of Peripheral Communication

Taking Ningbo as an Example

Jing Fu
Under the “Belt and Road” initiative, the export of cultural products and services will continue to expand in the future. It is China’s current development needs to tell China’s stories well and improve the country’s cultural soft power and the influence of Chinese culture. China is abundant in resources...
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Mural Art in the Context of New Media: A New “Crossover” of Mural Art Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Shengju Li, Zhenzhu Wang
At present, the development of artificial intelligence technology has entered a new stage and become a hot topic of concern. In the field of design, the participation of artificial intelligence reconstructs many aspects of the design process, from computer-aided design to changes in the combination of...
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Reflections on the Development of Contemporary Chinses Folk Art

Jian Gao
Folk art is a reflection of folk social life, which not only carries rich history and culture, but also reflects the cultural features of folk beings, as well as the spiritual characteristics and aesthetic taste of a nation. Folk art has rich research value, which also provides the possibility for folk...
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Fiber Art and Its Application in Illustration Creation

Qiduan Chen, XiaoJun Tang
The fascination of fiber material modeling representation is that such material has various ways of expression since everyone can create their own rules and techniques for painting. They even can set different creation principles for each work, and each characteristic and element is of the designer’s...
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A Comparative Analysis of Three Translation Versions of The Old Man and the Sea from the Perspective of Domestication and Foreignization

Xian Zhong
As Hemingway’s last work, The Old Man and the Sea won him the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize in literature, and established his prominent position in world literature. There are currently more than 300 translation versions of Hemingway’s classic The Old Man and the Sea in China. This article explores...
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An Analysis of the Construction of Female Identity in A Mercy Under the Perspective of Homi Bhabha’s Post-Colonial Theory

Lu Xingyu
Toni Morrison (1931-2019), the only black female Nobel laureate up to now, has made her name by her novels with the outstanding depiction of the living condition and mentality, poetic language and unique style of narration. The post-colonial elements in her fictional works also appeal to post-colonial...
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A Corpus-based Critical Discourse Analysis of “ Belt and Road” Initiative in Domestic and Foreign Mainstream Media News Report

The Case Study of Xinhua Daily and the Guardian

Ge Yuhan
In 2013, President Xi proposed “the Belt and Road” Initiative during his visit to Central Asia and northeast Asia which has vitalized global resources, created a new type of regional cooperation, and promoted global rebalancing. It has attracted great attention from Chinese and foreign media and academic...
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Analysis and Countermeasures on Arabic Students’ Quantifier Misuse in Learning Chinese as a Second Language: From a Comparative Linguistic Perspective

Wang Jinhua
Abundant in Chinese language, quantifier is considered as a difficult point in learning Chinese as a second language for Arabic students whose mother tongue comes from a different language system. This essay statistically analyzes the quantifier misuse that Arabic students made based on the corpus. By...
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On Li Hongzhang’s Coastal Defense Measures Under the Sino-Japanese Conflict in the 1870s

Peijie Shi
Since the “Meiji Restoration”, Japan has gradually formulated a powerful maritime force. In May 1874, Japan invaded Taiwan Province from the East China Sea, and the Qing government sent troops to fight back. In October 1874, the negotiations between China and Japan were concluded and the Sino-Japanese...
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From La Vita é Bella, See How Film Against War and Inhumanity

Ruobing He
La Vita é Bella is a very representative work in the history of war films. Apart from its colour, storey and cinematography, the profound meaning contained in it also alerts many viewers. We will therefore use the film Beautiful Life to see whether works of art can affect the rejection of war by humanity...
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Analysis of the Fusion and Collision of Chinese and Western Music and Culture from the Film Score of “The Last Emperor”

Yushang Ni
“The Last Emperor” is a classic movie portraying Chinese history from a Western perspective. The brilliant soundtrack of the movie shines out. It is a blend of Chinese and Western elements. Through the collision and fusion of Chinese and Western musical elements, the soundtrack promotes and presents...
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Nanotechnology in Competitive Sports

Xing Xi
Since the reform and opening up, our country has embarked on the rapid development road. In today’s rapidly developing society, many excellent high-tech technologies have been bred, and nanotechnology is one of them. Nanotechnology, as a high-tech technology leading the era of 21, has brought great convenience...
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Application of Nano Materials in Sports Industry and Its Biosafety

Jian Zhang, Peng Zeng
The times are developing and the society is changing. In the modern science and technology explosion, many high-tech technologies have emerged, among which nanotechnology has a wide application prospect. Nanotechnology leads the development of science and technology in the 21st century and brings great...
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On homology Between Ming Style Furniture and Ancient Chinese Architecture

Wang Wentian, Sun Ming
Furniture is an important part of the interior space of architecture. In terms of its form, furniture is the extension and extension of the inside and outside space of the building in the form of art. From its function, furniture has realized the user’s demand for function in the building space, and...
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Gaining a Deep Understanding of the Contemporary Significance of the Strategy of “Exercising Strict Governance over the Party”

Yi Zhang, Hongtao Shan, Junfei Bi, Mengqi Zhang, Hui Liu, Zi Wang
“Exercising strict governance over the Party” is an overarching strategy proposed at the 18th National Congress of the CPC. It is an important part of the “Four Comprehensives” strategy and constitutes the fundamental guarantee for building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, for deepening...
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An Analysis of Ecofeminism in Frankenstein

Jiaming Cheng
Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus which was published in 1818 is the best-known work of Mary Shelley, the wife of Percy Shelley. Mary is one of the most significant female writers during the period of English Romanticism from the late of eighteenth century to the early nineteenth century. As an...
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The Marxist Thought on Ecological Civilization

Wang Wei
Although there is no clear thought of ecological civilization in Marxism, its theory emphasizes that the relationship between human and nature is the harmonious unity of internal civilization. The thesis expounds the Marxist view of nature from three aspects: the superior relation between human and nature,...
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On Li Dazhao’s Critical Inheritance of Chinese Traditional Culture

Zhou Yu
Li Dazhao, an outstanding representative of early Marxists, based on the traditional Chinese culture, actively explored and applied the position, viewpoint and method of Marxism, forming a representative traditional cultural view. In the process of criticizing and inheriting, respecting and interpreting...
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“Beauty” of “Beautiful China” from the Perspective of Ecological Civilization

Yi Zhang, Hongtao Shan, Junfei Bi, Mengqi Zhang, Hui Liu, Zi Wang
The new concept of “Beautiful China” was firstly proposed in the report to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. In the report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the concept of “Beautiful China” was further elaborated and the word “Beauty” was written...