Proceedings of the International Conference on Material and Environmental Engineering (ICMAEE 2014)

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Research on the resource utilization of the sewage sludge in silicate industry

Jieliang Chen, Weiwei Ding, Zhen Deng, Jinjian Zhang, Penglai Zhu
With modulus (KH = 0.89, SM = 2.42, IM = 1.70), substituting the sludge for the shale in the calculation of the cement burden, we studied the influence of different amount of sludge on the cement raw meal sintering, mineral composition, compression strength and the leaching value of heavy metal element....
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Synthesis of cis-perhydropyrrolo[3,4-c]pyridine-3,4-dione and Its X-ray Structure

Liaoning Zhang, Yu Cui, Guoxin Sun, Yaqun Wang
cis-perhydropyrrolo[3,4-c]pyridine-3,4-dione, a kind of nontoxic and nootropic agent, was synthesized in laboratory with a milder method than literature methods. The colorless crystal was derived from ethanol solution by solvent evaporation and the crystal structure was determined by using X-ray diffraction...
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Detection and Evaluation of Heavy Metal in Lentinus Edodes from Shenyang’s market

Na Li, Guode Li, Shigang Xin, Shiwei Wu, Yan Wang, Fulong Ren
Adopting microwave digestion and ICP-AES method while detecting Ni Cr Pb Cd As and Hg in lentinus edodes of Shenyang, results show that the average content of the elements is respectively Ni Cr Cd Pb As Hg, Hg was not detected and in some particular samples Cr Cd Pb exceed standard. So the excess of...
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Study on Performance of Foamed Ceramics in Soot Trapping

Zhilin Liu, Jun Bai
In order to obtain the foamed ceramic trapping efficiency on soot, a soot trapping installation was designed, made test scheme of soot trapping according to ELR test cycle. Through the analysis of test data, the conclusions are as follows: the trapping performance of 25 PPI foamed ceramics is obviously...
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Fabrication of the polymer surface-relief diffusers by using the extrusion roller embossing process

Xiaowei Wang, Yongqiang Zhang, Xiaoxu Wang
This paper an innovative and effective extrusion roller embossing process, which enables the rapid fabrication of surface-relief polymer diffusers. The metallic roller mould bearing the microstructures is fabricated using the chemical corrosion method. During the extrusion roller embossing process, the...
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Neural network method applying in acid fracturing choosing well of Zanarol Oil field

Zhenyu Liu, Jinbao He, Wei Wang, Huzhen Wang
In this article, the neural network method is applied to optimize repeated acidizing fracturing Wells. In order to obtain accurate prediction results reverse passing through error and adjust the weights of each layer are adopt. This method applied in Zanarol oil field has got a good effect.
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Biofuel from microalgae: current status, opportunity and challenge

Hui Wang, Guangxian Liu, Roger Ruan, Yuhuan Liu
Biofuel from microalgae is a renewable energy, which may be instead of the fossil fuel resources in the future with decreasing of the fossil fuel daily. Microalgae have received more attention in the recent decades. This review highlights the current status, opportunity and challenge for biofuel microalgae....
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Influence of microwave and ultrasound on sludge dewaterability

Ying Ling, Cuihong Zhou, Xinyue Li
Sludge with large production is difficult to be dewatered without any pretreatment. Pretreatment with ultrasound and microwave can adjust the structure of sludge and change the water form, therefore increase the water content which could be dispelled easily. Dewaterability and morphological of sludge...
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Effects of super absorbent polymer on low temperature stress of plant

Xing Ma, Kan Liu, Junjiao Quan, Xiaoping Lu, Bo Wang
With the increasing of the application of super absorbent polymer (SAP) used on turfgrass, the characteristics of turfgrass development were significant influenced by SAP. This paper studies effects of SAP on cold resistance characteristics of turfgrass. The main results are as follow. Low temperature...
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Research on Disturbance of LED display of Large Urban Intersection Zone on Driver's Vision Based on Subjective Questionnaire

Rui Dang, Lan Wang, Lixiong Wang, Tingting Yu
With the continuous development of city construction process, a new type of media advertisement carrier outdoor LED display appears more and more in the city. It has many advantages that different from the traditional media, such as large area, bright color, dynamic change, high brightness, strong visual...
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Role of Quercetin on inhibiting TGF-beta1 and TNF-alpha in Lung of Rats with Silicosis

Haibing Peng
Silicosis, characterized by many cytokines expression, especially TNF-alpha and TGF-beta1, is the most prevalent occupational disease world-wide. Here we examined whether quercetin can regulate expressions of TGF-beta1 and TNF-alpha in lung of rats with silicosis. Totally 75 male Wistar rats, were randomly...
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Synthesis of Calcium Doped TiO2 Nanomaterials and Their Visible Light Degradation Property

Shaoyou Liu, Zongyi Min, Dingze Hu, Yunguo Liu
Calcium with low charge density doped TiO2 (Ca-TiO2) mesoporous nanomaterials with high specific surface areas were successfully synthesized via a simple and effective solid-state reaction route. The properties of these nanomaterials were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), small angle X-ray scattering...
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The research of road lighting design in three-dimensional transportation

Lixiong Wang, Qinbo Li, Yuan Lei, Rui Dang, Heng Liu
China is carrying out the development of three-dimensional transportation because of the advantages of overpasses. However, the researches of road lighting in China are based on the model of ordinary roads. Due to the lack of the research on the road lighting of three-dimensional transportation, this...
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Disinfection By-Products Foramtion Potential of Twenty Amino Acids

Hui Tao, Bo Feng, Liangsheng Chen, Wenjun Li, Wei Chen, Min Sun
DBPs formation potential, including THMs, HAAs, HKs, chloropicrin, and chloral hydrate, of 20 amino acids was evaluated. Chlorination experiments were carried out at pH=8.0±0.1 by using phosphates buffer and performed at Cl2:N=8:1(molar ratio) at 20±1°C for a reaction duration of 24h. Chlorination experiments...
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Study on A New Ecology Insulating Riser

Zhaoming Liu, Yangbo Chi
In order to replace the common ecology insulating riser, the dust of foundry is chosen as insulating-refractory material, sorel gel materials as binder and depending on the characteristic of foam beads that shrinking after heated to research on a new ecology insulating riser. The results show that the...
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Research on the Microstructure and Properties of Compound Modification of Stearic acid-Gly -Ti-O Particles ER Fluid

Suokui Tan, Xiaoping Song, Song Ji, Hong Zhao, Hongyan Guo, Yinjiang Peng, Guangming Zhang
This paper emphasis has researched the Microstructure and Properties of compound modification of stearic acid-Gly -Ti-O particles ER fluid, It is found that Stearic acid-Gly -Ti-O modification has major effect on shear stress and chain of particles.
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Application of White Bi Style in Modern Environment Design

Liming Zhou, Hanchao Zhang
By exploring and comprehending Bi Gua in the Book of Changes from an esthetical angle, the aesthetic connotation of White Bi is derived as an ultimate of decoration that reverts to simplicity, and as an advocate of returning to original appearance and nature. It implies many of the essential ancient...
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Study on The Relationship Between The Deeps of Coal Seam and The Quantity of CO2 Produced

Jianyou Di, Erxin Gao, Xianlong Sun, Qiang Wang, Yuxuan Xu
Based on the data by Xin-Wen Mining Group CO. LTD of Sun-Cun Coal Mine, the relationship between the geothermal gradient and the depth of mine in Suncun Coal Mine has been developed. According to this and the laboratory experiments, the relationship between the quantity of CO2 and the depth of coal mine...
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Removal of typical pharmaceutically active compounds in sewage sludge using anaerobic digestion processes

Xuelian Wang, Meng Wang, Haidong Zhou, Jianbo Liu, Jiaoyan Zhou
The removal of four pharmaceutically active compounds (PhACs), i.e. anti-inflammatory painkiller diclofenac (DFC), lipid regulating agent clofibric acid (CFA), epilepsy drugs carbamazepine (CBM), and broad-spectrum antibacterial agent triclosan (TCS), present in sewage sludge was investigated using anaerobic...
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Study on pyrolysis characteristics of bituminous coals by TGA

Zhice Xu, Hong Chen, Yongqi Hu
With the economic growth and energy reduction, the prices of anthracite are soaring. Some companies expect to use bituminous coal instead of anthracite for ammonia synthesis. Therefore, in order to find suitable bituminous coals gasification for synthetic ammonia, thermal gravimetric analysis is used...
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Extraction of Some Typical Heavy Metals with a Multidentate Soft-Ligand 2,6-Bis(5,6-dipropyl-1,2,4-triazine-3-yl)pyridine

Zhimeng Sun, Yu Cui, Guoxin Sun, Hefang Zhou
2, 6-bis (5,6-dipropyl-1,2,4-triazine-3-yl) pyridine (BDPTP) was synthesized with 2, 6 - dimethyl pyridine and ethyl butyrate as raw materials. And characterized by IR, 1HNMR and element analysis etc. The extraction performance of this kind of complexes for four kinds of cations, Cu II ,Cd II ,Pb II...
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Mesoporous Iron Adsorbent: A novel technique for arsenic removal from contaminated water

Chanchal Majumder
In this work mesoporous silica (MS) material was synthesized using block-co-polymer and used as an adsorbent support for arsenic removal. To meet this requirement, mesoporous silica (MS) with a large surface area (262.13 m 2/g) and uniform pore size (about 42Å) was prepared. This study showed that MS...
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Qinghai Lake basin wetland landscape pattern changes and driving force analysis

Xu Su, Kelong Chen, Baoliang Lu, Tao Zhang, Liang Chen, Jiming Wang, Gang Jiang, Na Wang
With the support of RS and GIS Technology, take 1987, 2000 and 2010 s TM remote sensing images as the data source,use the man-machine interactive visual interpretation method to obtain data of Qinghai Lake watershed wetland landscape, according to the theory of landscape ecology, selection of landscape...
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Synthesis, characterization and selective adsorption of ordered mesoporous carbon in different pore size distribution

Ying Ding, Jianzhong Zhu, Yang Cao, Shenglu Chen, Chunyan Wang
Ordered mesoporous materials, because of its specific high surface area, a large pore size and uniform pore size distribution, reflects its more obvious advantages in the adsorption. By regulating the pore size distribution of mesoporous carbon, not only can expand the range of selective adsorption of...
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Experiment Study on the effects of natural zeolite on sludge dewatering performance and nitrogen losses

Haibo Shi, Jianzhong Zhu, Jianbiao Chen, Xudong Qiu
Chemical conditioning pretreatment does not always improve sludge dewaterability sufficiently for flocculated sludges with high compressibilities. Physical conditioners, often knows as skeleton builders, are commonly used to improve the dewaterability of sewage sludge. In this study, natural zeolite...
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The analytical solution to zonal wind-driven current in a flat-bottomed ocean domain

Zhongfan Zhu
Study on the zonal wind-driven ocean current is an important subject in the field of physical oceanography. At present, Stommel model and Munk model are being widely used to model this current in a flat-bottomed ocean domain. However, these models are highly idealized and lack the comprehensive consideration...
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Preparation and characterization of activated carbon from reedy grass leaves in a two- step activation procedure

Jianzhong Xu, Lingzhi Chen, Xiaojie Feng
Activated carbons(AC) were produced by chemical activation with potassium hydroxide(KOH) at 800oC from chars that were carbonized from reedy grass leaves at 450oC in N2 atmosphere and their characteristics were investigated. The effects of activation temperature, duration time and impregnation time were...
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The potential of airborne hyperspectral images to detect leaf nitrogen content in potato fields

Feng Li, Victor Alchanatis
Leaf nitrogen (leaf N) status is important, to optimize nitrogen management and improve yield quantity and quality. Relationships between canopy spectral reflectance at 400-1000 nm with ASIA and nitrogen levels in potato leaves were studied. Five nitrogen (N) fertilizer treatments in 2007 and seven nitrogen...
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Synthesis of Zn2SnO4 using activated carbon as template and its flame retardant application in flexible poly (vinyl chloride)

Jianzhong Xu, Xiaojie Feng, Lingzhi Chen
Flame retardant Zn2SnO4 were prepared through the method of precursor calcinations with SnCl4, Zn(NO3)2 and NaOH as raw materials and activated carbon as template. Zn2SnO4 as flame-retardants and smoke suppressants for flexible poly (vinyl chloride) were characterized by the limiting oxygen index test(LOI),...
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Research on Treating Acid Wastewater Containing Heavy Metals by Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria

Weiting Chen, Hongguo Zhang, Dinggui Luo, Yongheng Chen
Biological treatment with sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) has been considered as the most attractive alternative for heavy-metals-containing effluents decontamination. Ordinarily, these wastewaters contain high concentrations of sulfate and heavy metals, it is extremely essential for the development...
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Study on Adsorption Properties of Vanadium Catalysts for NH3

Zhilin Liu, Jun Bai
This paper describes the preparation process of vanadium catalysts. The adsorption capacity of vanadium catalysts for NH3 (stable adsorption time, ammonia storage capacity, contact adsorption) were obtained from test method. The relationship between the catalyst adsorption capacity and space velocity,...
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The Eco-environmental Planning Exploration of the New Countryside in the Hilly Area of Sichuan based on the Coordinated Urban and Rural Development

Nina Mo, Yu Xiao
The ecological environment in the hilly area of Sichuan is the important resource of the new countryside construction in this region. Under the guidance of the new requirements on the new countryside construction proposed by the coordinated urban and rural development, the protection and rational utilization...
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Study on a New Technique to Prevent the Shrinkage defects of Alloy Ductile Iron Crankshaft

Zhaoming Liu, Xiaoyan Liu
Self-developed shrinking eliminating agent for alloy crankshaft was used to crankshaft specimen with dispersed shrinkage , changing the package materials, the composition and the amount of addition of the shrinking eliminating agent, macroscopical and microcosmic analyses of the section were performed...
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The Method of Quadratic Combination Weighting Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation applied in Water Quality Assessment

Jun Pan, Li Meng, Zhen Zhong
For the shortcoming of Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method such as subjectivity and lacking of information more, in order to improve the index weight’s scientific and accuracy. In this paper, based on the application of AHP and entropy weight method, fuzzy comprehensive evaluation obtained quadratic...
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Hydration Characteristics of Super Sulphated Cement with Different Fineness

Jun Wang, Baoying Yu, Yuxin Gao
The various periods mechanical performance of super sulphated cement(SSC) with different fineness are investigated in this paper. The hydration exothermic rate, hydration products and morphology of SSC are tested with differential scanning calorimetry(DSC), X-ray diffraction analysis(XRD) and scanning...
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Study on the Domestic Sewage Treatment by ABR-CW Method

Zhijun Yang, Xunhong Zhang, Zhili Sui
Based on the status quo and requirements of domestic sewage treatment, the ABR and widespread constructed wetland (CW) methods are used to treatment domestic sewage in rural area. By the ABR and CW treatment processes, the size and organic loading are designed on the basis of the sewage quality and quantity....
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The Study of the Correlation between Magnetic Susceptibility and Contaminated Topsoil with Heavy Metals around the Qinghai Lake Area

Liang Chen, Kelong Chen, Jiming Wang
The magnetic susceptibility and the concentrations of Cu, Zn, Pb , Cr and Mn in topsoil samples from Qinghai Lake Area were measured to study their spatial distribution and their correlation in this study. The results show that: Spatial distribution of topsoil magnetic susceptibility has a certain regularity...
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Experiments on the Effects of Dissolved Oxygen on the Free and Immobilization Effective Microorganisms (EM) in Treating Polluted River Water

Min Ji, Jianzhong Zhu, Ruirui Zhu, Jianbiao Chen, Chunyan Wang
The immobilization of effective microorganisms (EM) on matrix supports is of great importance for improving microbes’ density and avoiding microbes flooding so as to enhance removal efficiency in polluted river water. What’s more, DO is of great importance in the wastewater treatment. Based on the previous...
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The Application of Ceramic Coatings in Petroleum Chemical and Building Industries

Lan Wang, Kexing Feng, Liang Yang, Botao Wang
Ceramic Coating was initially applied to aerospace field. Nowadays, it is widely applied to petrochemical industry and building fields. This paper introduces the classification, application status, research progress and extant question of Nanometer Ceramic Coating in order to offer some thoughts and...
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Study on the treatment of acid mine wastewater by coal fly ash

Jianping Xu, Haitao Wan
This paper studied the feasibility of treating the acid mine drainage (AMD) by using a process of permeable reactive barrier (PRB), in which coal fly ash(CFA) was used as the reaction medium. The adjustment of pH and the removal of COD, sulfate and three kinds of heavy metal ions (Cd2 +, Cu2 +, Zn2 +)...
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Improving Environmental Regulation Multi-Perspectives on the Development of the U.S. EPA

Liguang Liu
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an agency of the U.S. federal government for protecting human health and the environment. This paper studies the organizational development of the EPA and assesses the agency performance from perspectives of Bolman and Deal’s four-frame model....