Proceedings of the 2017 5th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering (ICMMCCE 2017)

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Algorithm of Face Recognition Based on Chaotic theory

Yu-ping Yang
Face recognition belongs to the field of digital image, there are many applications. The classical algorithms of face recognition include algorithm of PCA, algorithm of LDA, algorithm of ICA, and algorithm of SIFT which is for robust feature extraction, etc. In this paper, the improved algorithm is proposed...
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Research on the Production Process and Artistic Features of Stone Crock Complex in Baian

Yang Luo, Yan Wang
The Three Gorges is located in the Daba mountain chain, with rich and hard stones. With the gift of nature, industrious craftsmen of past dynasties had chipped stone crocks rich in the flavor of the times as well as the crock used to store water and grain by their hands with knowledge, inspiration, experience...
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Implementation of MML tool engine based on MOC

Li Yan, Liping Wang
In this paper, based on the description of the abstract resource model, the unified description and modeling of MOC for configuration management are presented. Tool engine based on this unified resource model achieves the automation of construction for all MOC configuration file and the code, and further...
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Study of Research Information Management System based on Sports

Jie Hu
Aims at the lacking of our research information management in the sports, we design the system of research information management in order to solve this problem. This article first analyzes the system, describes the evaluation of system process and requirement. Then, we can find the detailed analysis...
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Exploring the Optimal Control of Power system's Operational Reliability

Hao Yao
With the rapid development of power industry in China, academic research on power system is also gradually deepening. How to ensure the reliable operation of power system and minimize operating costs has become a hot topic in academic research. Therefore in this paper, we explore the optimal control...
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The Influence of Open Community on Traffic Based on C ++ Simulation Model

Haoming Guo
In this paper, a road evaluation model based on rough set theory is established. Based on the improved cellular automata improved NaSch vehicle simulation model, two kinds of models are combined and analyzed by using the correlation theory of nodal variance. Road structure, community structure and traffic...
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Computer network information security and Its Countermeasures

Yanli Zou, Ruiqin Bu
Due to the rapid development of our country, the computer network is becoming more and more rapidly, the security problem of our people on the computer is more and more attention, a series of software and various types of account are required to record on the user's personal information, all accounts...
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Controllable Synthesis of Ni0.5Co0.2Mn0.3(OH)2 By a Co-precipitation Method

Zonghui Yi
Composite metal hydroxide Ni0.5Co0.2Mn0.3(OH)2 has been prepared via a co-precipitation reaction method. The obtained powders show a single phase with a typical hexagonal phase of -Ni(OH)2. SEM reveals that the irregular secondary Ni0.5Co0.2Mn0.3(OH)2 particles were formed at the initial stage and the...
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Analysis of a Reverse Logistics Network Model of Electrical and Electronic Products

Jiawei Wang
With the rapid development of science, technology and economy, electrical and electronic products have already been closely related to people's work and life. However, a large amount of waste of electrical and electronic products also warrants our attention. To truly realize nonhazardous treatment of...
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Sentiment Analysis System on Automobile Customer Comments

Zhikai Kang
In recent years, the technology of text sentiment analysis develops rapidly and becomes a hot research topic in the field of Natural Language Processing. Now it is applied in increasing number of fields, include e-commerce website, shopping website and so on. In this paper, the application of sentiment...
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Determination of B2O3 in Boron Nitride by Volumetric Titration

Ying Li, Yong Shen, Chen Gong, Bentao Li, Hui Huang, Yanling Li, Kejian Ji
In this paper, researchers establish and verify a method on the determination of B2O3 in boron nitride through volumetric titration. Three criteria including proportionable system error, extra system error and statistics error are investigated in detail. The results show that, this method meets the requirements...
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Potassium hydroxide high temperature modified corn straw charcoal and lead ions adsorption study

Yangyang Gui, Ke Cao, Zhijun Yan
In this paper, the effects of potassium hydroxide concentration, soaking time, activation time, activation temperature and heating rate on the adsorption performance of corn straw were studied by using potassium hydroxide as activator and high temperature modification of corn straw activated carbon....
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Study on the mechanism and application of surface eddy current damper

Haiyan Chen
In the case of a thin surface precision mechanical device, it is often accompanied by mechanical vibration, mechanical vibration will reduce the precision of the device. In order to eliminate the influence of the vibration, the surface eddy current damper is introduced, which can quickly generate the...
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Design and implementation of vehicle intelligent terminal based on vehicle networking and intelligent technology

Hong Li, Guoyou Shi
Vehicle terminal is the main information source of vehicle networking, and also the key technology. Combining GPS, GPRS, CAN bus, sensors and embedded technology advantages, and based on the theory of public transportation intelligent terminal system, the design method of car networking and intelligent...
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Design and research of WiFi intelligent car based on computer vision technology

Changwu Lv, Bo Qiu
In order to realize the work of some dangerous and complex areas, such as the places where the human can not be close to the fire and explosion scene, a kind of intelligent control car with two-way communication ability has put forward in this paper. Based on the machine vision technology and WiFi wireless...
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Design and Implementation of Vehicle Bluetooth system based on Embedded System

Bo Qiu, Changwu Lv
Bluetooth module has the characteristics of simple design, small size, better maintainability and so on, if it is used in vehicle equipment, it can achieve a lot of functions, which has important reference value for the research and development of driving safety equipment. Based on this a new Bluetooth...
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Analysis and implementation of image fusion technology based on simulation software

Hua Chen, Yan Cai
Affected by the environment and equipment, it is not possible to use the camera or sensor to complete the expression of environmental information, if multiple images are used, a large amount of image information will be generated, which is not conducive to data processing, and image fusion technology...
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Design of student information system based on association algorithm and data mining technology

Yan Cai, Hua Chen
With the advent of the information age, students in the day-to-day management of information will inevitably encounter some data processing problems. When the amount of data processing is large, it is difficult to meet the needs of calculation if the manual method is adopted, Accordingly, this paper...
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Public bicycle rental problem based on large data analysis

Yuxin Zhao, Yuan Hu
As a low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and healthy travel mode, public bicycles are being popularized and popularized in many cities all over the country. In the public bicycle service system, the location of the bicycle rental and the allocation of the number of bicycles, locks, and...
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Study on Extraction Technology and Functional Activity of Sika Deer Velvet(Residue) Collagen

Shiru Bo, Xiaolin Zhang, Quankai Wang
Objective:Extraction method and functional activity of collagen that is extracted from residue that is insoluble in any medium polar solvent by ultrasonic extraction andsupercritical CO2 extraction are studied. Finally the optimal enzymolysis conditionsare obtained.Methods: Quantitative content of collagen...
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Design of Functions and Hardware Structure of Monitoring System of Ventilators

Guoli Sun
Monitoring system of the ventilator is one of the fast developing technologies in the automation and informationization process of coal mine. At present, all the main fans of the mine are equipped with the on-line monitoring system. It is responsible for monitoring and measuring the parameters and indicators...
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Study on the Mechanism of the Regulation of NAA Promoted the Adventitious Root Formation of the Dalbergia Odorifera.T.Chen Hardwood Cuttings

Hongxin Wang, Yuan Li, Li Zhang, Bo Chen
In order to reveal the rooting mechanism of Dalbergia odorifera.T.Chen, the rooting mechanism of Dendrocalamopsis mongolica was 4,600 mg / L NAA rooting (POD), polyphenol oxidase (PPO), superoxide dismutase (SOD), indole (SOD), indoxylate (SOD), indoxidase Acetic acid oxidase (IAAO) and other root-related...
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The Change of Aquaporin 3 Expression in Colonic Tissues of Different Degrees Diarrhea Model Rats

Yiwei Tang, Wei Zhou, Jia Chen, Long Xiang
Objective: To study the change of AQP3 expression in colonic tissues of different degrees' diarrhea model rats. Methods: SD rats were randomly divided into four groups: control group, mild diarrhea group, moderate diarrhea group and severe diarrhea group. the rat models of diarrhea were established by...
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Manufacturing Technology of Polytetrafluorethylene Fibre

Le Luo
Polytetrafluoroethylene fiber is one of the most commonly used raw materials in industry. At present, there are there the popular manufacturing methods of polytetrafluoroethylene fiber, which are carrier spinning method, extrusion spinning method and membrane spinning method. The paper elaborates the...
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An ECM Analysis of Coherent Functions of Thematic Structures

Zhidong Gao, Yaping Li
Thematic structures have been extensively studied for the powerful textual functions they display. This paper explores the cognitive mechanisms underlying the coherent functions of thematic structures in literary text with the application of Event-domain Cognitive Model (ECM). It has been found that...
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Research on Platycodon Grandiflorum Eriobotrya Japonica Honey Tablet Technology and Determination of Content of Platycodin D, Ursolic and Oleanolic Acid

Xiuying Wang, Wei Zhang, Chunlin Zhao, Yang Chen
Optimization of honey tablet of Platycodon grandiflorum and Eriobotrya japonica technology was preferred by using the orthogonal experiment which were performed by honey processing time, loquat concentration, soaked temperature as main factors. The superior method was adopted with experiment data with...
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Research on Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Security Technology of Mining Machinery

Mingqi Su
In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the frequent occurrence of safety accidents of mining machinery has also attracted the attention of the central government and relevant departments. This paper analyzes the present situation of security technology of mining machinery in...
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Research on Applications of Data Encryption Technology in Security of Computer Network Communication

Na Li
In recent years, computer network communication system has been widely spread in many industry fields, which has brought great convenience to people's daily life and work. At the same time, it also raises a series of information security problems. This paper points out the common threats faced by network...
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Research on Database Programming Technology Based on Computer Software Engineering

Ping Xu
With the development of computer, the function of database is more and more important. According to the needs of computer performance and practical application, the establishment and access of database are different. This paper discusses the methods of direct establishment and indirect establishment...
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A Study on the Application of Mobile Medical APP in Medical Data Mining

Xuan Zheng, Xuejiao Chen
With the development of information technology in medical field, a large amount of medical health data has been generated, including personal health records, electronic medical records and other personal health information. These data can provide personalized medical health management programs for the...
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Research on Design and Implementation of Condition Monitoring System of Wind Turbine Gearbox

Yu Bu
The condition monitoring of wind power gearbox has important practical value for reducing maintenance cost and improving operation level. In this paper, a set of monitoring system for a wind turbine gearbox is designed. The condition monitoring system can monitor the vibration acceleration, speed and...
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Effect of Nanosilica on the Strength of Cement-based Grouping Materials

Mei Liang, Wenxia Li, Tingting Xu, Qingke Zhou, Shengli Li
The grouting materials are widely used in construction materials for a long time and play an important role in the construction engineering. The flexural strength and compressive strength are the basic properties of cement based grouting materials. Therefore, the strength at a certain age of the cement-based...
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Research on Demand Forecast of Passenger Transfer of Rail Transit and Intercity Railway—Taking Beijing as an Example

Cong Zhou
With the increasing population of cities and the increasingly powerful urban functions, the carriers of urban transportation and intercity traffic have been put to severe test. Beijing is an international metropolis, and its rail transit and intercity rail demand forecast are of great significance. In...
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Research on Wi-Fi Probe Technology Based on ESP8266

Xiaodong Zhou
Wi-Fi probe is a kind of wireless terminal detection technique. It captures transmitted packets in the air to gain numerous information, which is potential in commercial value and social value. A solution of Wi-Fi probe with low cost based on ESP8266 chip and a system of probe data gathering is proposed...
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Research on the Information Resources Integration Based on the Big Data Technology

Yi Li, HaiYun Xiang, TingTing Zeng
Big data technology can integrate the mass data in some certain ways to unearth products and services of huge values to promote the economic and social change. This paper analyzes the characteristics of the information resources in the era of big data, points out the necessity of information resources...
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Analysis of Quantum Security Direct Communication Protocol

Jinxin Gong
Quantum security direct communication is based on quantum physics, combined with the classic communication theory .It become a new communication model, its transmission of information on the high efficiency, security has been more and more extensive attention. That is, since the beginning of this century,...
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An energy Conservation Scheme in Video Monitoring Storage Systems

Haifeng Zhong, Min Tu
Disk-based network video monitoring storage system has become a popular trend. By careful analysis on video monitoring access characteristics, this paper proposed a low-power hard disk storage scheme which design a specialized data layout methods and disk access model to improve the capabilities of video...
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Simulation of Soil Nitrogen Mineralization by Temperature and Water in a Typical Period of Forest Succession in the Central Subtropical Zone

Gan Lu
Indoor undisturbed soil column incubation experiment with PVC tube was conducted by choosing 3 typical stages of shrub, coniferous forest and broadleaf forest as the research objects, and setting 3 different temperatures (12oC, 24oC and 36oC) and 3 different water conditions (soil natural water, semi...
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Study on the applicability of turbulence model in the simulation of vortex in pump sump

Hua Chen
In the pumping station engineering system, the inlet sump and inlet channels are very important components. Surface vortex, sidewall attached vortex and floor attached vortex of the pump sump is one of the important factors affecting the stable operation of the pump. In order to represent the influence...
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Research on Indoor Dynamic Positioning Algorithm Based on WiFi

Yan Zeng
With the popularization of WiFi infrastructure in the indoor space and the rapid development of mobile intelligent devices, it brings new vitality to indoor positioning applications. The indoor positioning method based on WiFi is affected by the interference of indoor environment and the heterogeneity...
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Research on Voltage and Reactive Power Integrated Automatic Control System in Substation

Zhenyuan Fu
With the continuous development and progress of modern economic society, the power system began to occupy an increasingly important position in all walks of life, the conventional substation management mode cannot meet the needs of related work, so be able to learn from and use substation synthesis automation...
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Analysis of Wide Area Network Security Technology System

Yiyue Luo
In recent years, with the wide area network security attacks and threats gradually increased and how through the wide area network security technology system to effectively ensure the safety of the wide area network has become an important area of network security research. This paper mainly analyzes...
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Research on Start-up Process of No Position Sensor Brushless DC Motor

Shuling Feng, Zhilin Ding
No position sensor Brushless DC motor is widely used in industrial and other fields of automation and consumer areas. Whether it is industrial automation or consumer areas, no position sensor brushless DC motor have achieved more significant results. No position sensor Brushless DC motor has changed...
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Experiment on Sedimentation Property of Water Waste in Water Treatment Plants of Zhongyin

Haipeng Li
The raw water property changes greatly during the whole year leading to different sludge components and sludge characters in different periods. The Results of experiment on thickening property of sludge in water treatment plants of zhong-yin indicate that solid content of water waste is much higher,...
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Research on Two - Way Interactive Communication and Information System Design Analysis

Dong Xu
With the rapid development of social economy, China's urbanization and industrial construction process is accelerating, people's living standards and quality has also been significantly improved in the daily life of the use of electrical equipment also increased, which is to a certain extent on the increase...
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Security and Privacy Problems and Countermeasures of Internet of Things Applications

Junlan Liu
Internet industry in today's development is still in the process of growth, so some of the implicit security and privacy issues need to be resolved, such as technical security is one of the biggest problems. This article from the Internet of things security and privacy significance of the distinction...
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Research on the Application of Internet of Things Technology in Intelligent Home

Wencai Ye
In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet of Things technology, the application of Internet of Things technology in intelligent home has also been rapid development, therefore, this article mainly for the Internet of things in the application of intelligent home in the main management system,...
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Mathematical Model of Financial Market Returns and Its Empirical Study

Xue Wang, Qingbao Song
The yield is a very important economic variable in the process of economic operation and plays a very important role in the financial market. For the financial market, the stability and the change law of the yield are the direct factors that affect the development of the financial industry. To this end,...
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Research on Automatic Communication Technology of Distribution Network

Ke Yuan, Zengguang Wei, Xiaowei Shao
Distribution automation can choose a variety of communication technologies: fiber optic communications, power line carrier communications, wireless communications, and so on. Because of the characteristics and requirements of automatic communication of distribution network, it is decided that a single...
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Research on the Parameter Equation of Space Curve's Projection on the Flat Surface

Xihe Liu, Yijia Gao
It is an important content to study the parameter equation of the projection of space curve in plane. In this paper, by means of lemma and theorem, the method of finding the projective parameter equation of space curve on the plane is given and verified by examples to provide some references for the...
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Application of Open CNC System in NC Machine Reform

Yong-Hua Huang, Han Gao
With the increasing development and improvement of numerical control technology, the users put forward higher requirements of the machine's intelligent, multi-functional and flexible. More flexible choice and configuration software and hardware has become the inevitable trend of numerical control technology...
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Design and Implementation of Networked CNC Machine DNC System in Colleges and Universities Based on Internet Plus

Zhenghao Jian, Jinhong Zou
With the modern science and technology progress, to improve the level of NC skills in colleges and universities, it is necessary to keep pace with enterprise equipment as much as possible, conform to the trend of the times, do not be eliminated, and build a networked production training as soon as possible....
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Research On Computer Intrusion Detection Based On Biotechnology

Zun Dai
With the continuous improvement of computer performance, the volume decreases, the continuous use of simplified network more and more convenient use, now computer technology rapid detection of intrusion has penetrated into almost all areas. Some people say that twenty-first Century is the era of biotechnology,...
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Design of intrusion detection system oriented to computer network security

Xiao Lou
With the development of computer network, the protection of network information from various attacks is becoming more and more serious, and has become the basic purpose of network security. However, because of diversity and openness of computer network connection with the terminal and the network distribution...
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Development and Application of Intelligent Environmental Protection Testing Sealer

Weian Wang
Intelligent environmental protection testing sealer is a new type of cable sealer. It is designed for the serious leakage of original testing sealer of injection wells, difficulty to operate of the down-hole equipment and other issues. Air-core motor resistance self-styled technology, sealed packing...
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Study on Conditions for Coalbed Methane Accumulation in Hegang Basin

Hui Hu
The degree of metamorphism of coal seams in Hegang basin is mainly to medium coal rank. The macrolithotype of coal is rather excellent., given priority to half light type. In addition, there are a great number of thick coal seams in Hegang basin and the average thickness of the major coal seam can be...
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Study on Subdivision Adjustment of Water Injection Wells in Multi-Layer Sandstone Oilfield

Gang Li
Multilayer heterogeneous sandstone oilfield in high water cut stage, the longitudinal upper sand body heterogeneity, each layer there is a big difference to use, the interlayer interference law is not clear. The research on subdivision water injection for different types of reservoir boundaries. In different...
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Research on Energy Saving Technology of Central Heating in Venture Towns

Chang Qu
This is in response to the Eighteen big call to implement national planning policy in 12th Five-Year, 12th Five-Year in Daqing city planning in the premise of improving heating quality under the goal of saving energy, Daqing area planning focused on the implementation of energy-saving heating system...
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Research and Analysis of Game Tactics Based on Data Mining Technology

Zhou Li
Data mining is a technique that uses machine learning and statistical learning to discover potential rules from data. In view of the existing problems in sports competitions, the application principles of data mining technology in sports competitions are discussed, in this thesis work a system is designed...
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An Analysis on Environmental Protection in Exploitation of Mineral Resource

Haili Mao
Mineral resource is the basic conditions for production and operation of many industries in the social development, and its exploration has become important in the related industry chain. Over the years, the scale of mineral resource exploration has been expanding, and with the continuous development...
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Investigation on the Ecological Environment and Resource Protection Management System of Fuxian Lake

Xianhua Wu, Ke Deng, Ping Ge, Yue Wang, Yadong Xue
Fuxian Lake is one of the few lakes with Class I water quality at present in China, it is a typical representative of a poor nutrition lake. The author attended "Yunnan social scientists investigate in Yuxi" research and consulting activity, through this concentrated investigation, discussion, communication...
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Identification of the stages of migrating process of Cr in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Linzhen Wei, Ming Feng, Min Lu, Chao Li
Understanding the transfer process of Cr in marine bay is essential to pollution control and environmental remediation. Jiaozhou Bay is a semi-closed bay located in Shandong Province, China. This paper analyzed the transfer trends of Cr in surface and bottom waters in Jiaozhou Bay, and identified the...
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Fault Detection of Networked Systems Based on Passivity

Dongliang Wu, Yao Feng, Tao Liao
This paper investigates the fault detection problem for networked systems based on passivity theory. By developing the filtering-based residual generator satisfying passivity, sufficient conditions can be established for ensuring that the fault can be detected in time. Finally, an illustrative example...
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Simulation Study of Aerodynamics during the Tennis Flight-A Case Study about the Topspin

Qing Zhang, Chunyan Zhang, Qiang Zhang
The pressure distribution of airflow field around tennis and the characteristics of gas under various rotational velocities and flight conditions of tennis are simulated by the method of computational fluid dynamics(CFD) andtherelational software fluent 14.5 is used. Then the pressure distribution on...
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Research on Extinguishing Performance of Efficient Fire Extinguishing Agent

Xiaogang Jiang, Zhijiang Yuan, Zhilin Zheng, Yuting Zhai
Water is very important as an extinguishing material. However, it is difficult to put out the fire for the long-range or complex environment because of vulnerable, dosage and low efficiency. In this paper, a kind of high-efficiency water-soluble fire extinguishing agent was developed. The results show...
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Transformer Substation Life Cycle Prediction

Yingjie Zhang, Erkui Chen, Zhen Li, Pingjie Guo, Xiaoping Liang
With the rapid development of the national economy, the pace of construction of power facilities is being continuously accelerated. While carrying out the social responsibility, the electric power enterprises are also pursuing economic, social environment and comprehensive value maximization. Therefore,...
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Fabrication of Polymer Film with Low Adhesion and High Hydrophobicity Using Locust Wing as a Bio-template

Yan Fang, Gang Sun, Jing Wang, Yan Zhang, Dandan Jin, Luming Bai
The special wettability and micro/nano-structure of locust wing were investigated by a video-based contact angle (CA) meter and a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The wetting mechanism was discussed from the perspective of biological coupling. Locust wings were used as biomimetic templates to fabricate...
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Directional Wettability of Butterfly Wing and Biomimetic Preparation of Superhydrophobic Polymer Film by Soft Lithography

Yan Fang, Gang Sun, Dandan Jin, Jing Wang, Yongfang Hou, Fei Dong
The micro-morphology, superhydrophobicity, adhesive property and chemical composition of the butterfly wing surface were investigated by a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a contact angle (CA) meter and a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR). The wetting mechanism of the butterfly wing...
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Micro-morphological Models for the Special Wettability of Locust and Moth Wing

Yan Fang, Gang Sun, Jing Wang, Yongfang Hou, Dandan Jin, Luming Bai
The microstructure, hydrophobicity and chemical composition of the moth and locust wing surfaces were investigated by a scanning electron microscope (SEM), a video-based contact angle (CA) meter and a Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FT-IR). The hydrophobicity models were established on the basis...
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An investigation on morphology and structure of Cu–Cr-Al2O3 powders prepared by mechanical milling

Depeng Shen, Yajing Zhu, Xu Yang, Weiping Tong
In this study, the effect of the milling time on microstructure of Cu-0.5 wt.% Cr-1 wt.% Al2O3was investigated. The lattice parameter was evaluated by the X-ray diffraction technique. The microstructure was characterized by scanning electron microscopy. Also, size and distribution of Cr and Al2O3 were...
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A Novel Method for Development of High-strength on 20 Steel Plate by Surface Shot Blasting Treatment and Nitriding

Yongcun Li, Ping Li, Ke Wang, Weiping Tong
With the impact of 304 stainless steel balls, a plastic deformation layer of submicron grains with abundance defects was produced on the surface of 20 steel by mean of surface shot blasting treatment (SSBT), the thickness of plastic deformation layer is 100 m and 120 m for 30 min and 60 min SSBT, respectively....
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Research on Battery Box Lightweight Based on Material Replacement

Qiu-Sheng Chen, Han Zhao, Ling-Xue Kong, Kang-Wei Chen
Battery box lightweighting and stiffness are two important objectives of battery box design and improvement. In order to reduce a battery box's weight without impairment of stiffness,a method of battery box parts' material replacement from mild steel sheet to Aluminium alloy steel sheet of changed depth...
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Review of properties of high strength concrete after high temperature

Dongfu Zhao, Yuchen Liu
In this paper, the research results of mechanical property and durability of high-strength concrete subjected to high temperature were comprehensively reviewed, the research status of mechanical property and durability of high-strength concrete at elevated temperature were discussed, and existing problems...
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Review on Microscopic Detection Methods of Concrete under High Temperature

Dongfu Zhao, Huixuan Liu
Based on a lot of literatures at home and abroad, five kinds of detection methods, namely, scanning electron microscope test, X-ray diffraction test, ultrasonic test, microhardness test and mercury intrusion test are summarized by reviewing the studies of micro- and meso- structures of concrete after...
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Analysis on energy consumption in China

Fuyue Chang, Qingcheng Wang
According to the China energy consumption situation between 2005to 2014 years, in accordance with the present conditions and the energy security strategy, the Shannon Wiener index of biodiversity research method and the Pielou evenness index of energy consumption in China has benn adopted., Research...
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Corporate social responsibility disclosure quality and analyst forecast

Jing Jiao, Chunhyun Nam
The study examines the relationship between corporate social responsibility (csr) disclosure quality and sell-side analyst forecast error and optimism using multi-level capital markets in China. Results suggest that csr disclosure quality contributes to decrease analyst forecast error and optimism; furthermore,...
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Short-term phytoremediation effect of sugarcane for contaminated farmland on heavy metal accumulation ability along the Huanjiang River in Guangxi, China

Xiaofei Wang, Chaobing Deng, Guiping Xu, Zhen Yu
The increasing heavy metal pollution in the sugarcane soil along the Huanjiang River was caused by leakage and spills from Pb and Zn tailing dams during a flood event.A 12-month experiment was conducted in the farmland with contaminated soil to evaluate the potential of sugarcane for remediation of soil...
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Study of PSO-SVM Model for Daily Water Demand Prediction

Baiyi Jiang, Tianwei Mu, Ming Zhao, Danyu Shen, Lingping Wang
For solving the problem of daily water demand in G city, a method of particle swarm optimization algorithm combined support vector machine (PSO-SVM) is presented. The expansion constant and penalty factor firstly are selected by particle swarm optimization (PSO). Secondly, the historical water demands...
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The performance of Pb-Cu binary alloys used in lead-acid batteries

Haimin Zhao, Tianren Zhang, Zhigang Guo
In this paper, a series of Pb-Cu binary alloys with different copper content are synthesized and the electrochemical performance is investigated by electrochemical working station. Results show that the introduction of Cu to the pure lead alloy can reduce the hydrogen evolution potential, and the addition...
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The Methods of Tea Waste Reutilization and Economic Benefits Analysis

Pin Gao, Yoshito Ogata, Jin Liu, Chang Song
This study focused on the recycling of tea waste and developing circular economy of tea industry, through experiments and literature analysis, we found components of tea waste, and concluded that tea waste contains tea polyphenols, cellulose, lignin and other components. Molding experiment was performed...
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Surface Passivation Process Study with Polyimide for High Voltage IGBT

Guoqing Leng, Li Gong, Tao Zhu, Di Wu, Jiang Liu, Rui Jin, Jialiang Wen, Yan Pan
In this paper, high voltage high power insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) were fabricated with the passivation layer by photosensitive polyimide (PSPI) process. The PSPI was spin coated on a silicon substrate. The soft bake conditions were firstly discussed. In consideration of thermal properties,...
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Fast removal of concentrated heavy metal ions using an alginate-poly(ethylene imine) biological adsorbent

Zhuoliang Ye, Mi Tang, Jingyi Song XSong
Accumulation of heavy metals in aqueous environment has raised increasing concerns for public health. An alginate based biodegradable adsorbent was successfully developed for fast removal of heavy metals, and could adsorb 99.4% Cu(II) in 10 min when immersed in 10 mM Cu(II). Surface characteristics exhibited...
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Removal Of Methylene Blue From Aqueous Solution Using Expanded Perlite

Xia Zhao, Yabin Li, Xiang Li, Heming Luo, Hang Zhang
The adsorbent of expanded perlite (EP) was investigated to determine the removal effect on methylene blue (MB) from wastewater through static adsorption. The factors, such as adsorbent dosage, shaking time, temperature, and pH, were investigated. The optimum dosage, shaking time, temperature, and pH...
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Sensorless Control of IPMSM Dispensing with Rotor Polarity Detecting

Dian-sheng Sun, Yue-jin Zhang
This paper proposes a new starting and low speed control method of sensorless control for permanent synchronous motor (PMSM) based on high frequency rotating voltage signal injection. This method can control the motor starting from standstill and running in low speed no need to distinguish the polarity...
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Study on Status Quo of Water Pollution Prevention & Control Standard System for Ports and Vessels and Strategies

Wei Shen, Guojing Xing
This paper starts with discussing the status quo of current port/vessel water pollution standard systems, compares port/vessel pollution prevention &control laws and regulations of main ship-transport countries, analyzes main problems found present in current port/vessel water pollution prevention &control...
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Forecasts of Urban Construction Land Scale based on Driving Force Analysis

Yanjun Wang, Liujun Li
On the basis of summing up the evaluation and prediction methods of construction land scale, this paper explored a new method for forecasting construction land in small towns. Taking Fuping County as an example, correlation analysis was used to determine the driven factors of land expansion such as economy,...
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The Study on Allocation Model of Shared Parking Slots in Multi-parking Lots

Bo Yang, Zhenzhou Yuan, Yang Yang, Ruiqin Yin, Yinhu Wang
To solve the parking slot allocation problem based on shared parking theory, under a comprehensive analysis of the operator's benefit and the factors affecting the user's parking behavior, a 0-1 programming model which aims to maximize system efficiency is proposed. Besides, some evaluation indexes related...
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Research on Owner Project Management Maturity Model of Highway Construction Project

Yaxi Ren, Yuanhua Jia
The level of highway construction project management is one of the factors that affect the success of the construction project, which is not only related to the investment benefit of the owner, but also related to the healthy development of the national economy. Aiming at the status quo of the project...
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Small Teeth Difference Transmission Interference Theory Analysis

Jia Ming Feng
Small teeth difference planetary gear is a planetary gear drive, the drive ring plate is a special form of few teeth difference planetary transmission, by double crank gear mechanism guiding circular translational research object of this paper is a bicycles ring transmission part of the gear condition...
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Application of BOT Model in Highway Construction Management in Benin

Ahoumenou Gael, Zeping Zhang, Haoyi Miao, Gong Gong
Transport infrastructure and services have a vital role to play in the economic and social development of any country. They were designed to facilitate the distribution and sale of income-generating products, to promote goods transit towards neighboring countries; and to facilitate trade between towns...
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Performance Evaluation of IP Dedicated Network Information Security System

Xiaojun Zhang, Yong Sun, Li Han, Qian Zhang
In the paper, effectiveness method and implementation process in the evaluation process are studied from the aspect of solving key problems in the evaluation process aiming at the problem that the performance of dedicated IP network information security system can not be evaluated easily. The evaluation...
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The study of 6-DOF motion simulation platform for passenger ship

Rukai Zhang
The Stewart platform is adopted for passage ship simulator. And 6-DOF ship motion model is used for the motion control of the Stewart platform. Responding model was use as ship motion model, and assuming that the degrees of freedom of ship is independent of each other. For the rolling of ship is harder...
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Assessing the abilities of receiving refugees based on the Fuzzy AHP model

Xi Gao
More than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe in 2015, sparking a crisis as countries struggle to cope with the influx. When it comes to refugee crises, comprehensive national strength should be regarded as the most important factor. The stronger the comprehensive national strength of...
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Modeling and Design of Multi - Agent Logistics Robot Scheduling Simulation Platform

Ying Huang, Jie Zhu
This paper mainly analyzes scheduling business of the logistics distribution center, and according to the scheduling business workflow abstracts several kinds of agents, and clears their responsibilities. Based on the distributed multi-agent architecture, the logical architecture of the three-layer logistics...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Hollow Mesoporous Nanometer Silica

Han Cui, Zhen Yu, Mingguang Hu, Liangchen Xing, Jijun Xiao
In this study, Hollow-Mesopores SiO2 particles (HM-SiO2) were prepared. In preparation of HM-SiO2, polystyrene (PS) particles with different sizes were prepared by emulsion polymerization method. The as-obtained PS particles were used as template, and then coated with silica by hydrolyisand condensation...
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A Novel Control Strategy for Large-Capacity Energy Storage Systems Based on Virtual Synchronous Generator

Zhipeng Wu, Ping Yang, Dongyang Rui, Xinyu Jiang
Large-capacity energy storage systems can meet the demands of micro-grid and the smart grid. But the traditional control method is difficult to realize plug and play and seamless switching between different operation modes, it has limited the roles of large-capacity energy storage system. Virtual synchronous...
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A Data Preprocessing Method for Food Detection Data Warehouse

Ying Han, Chunlong Yao, Qiuyan Xin, Xiaoqiang Yu, Xu Li
The food detection data plays an extremely important and indispensable role in the evaluation of food quality. However, there are a number of detection items based on different evaluation standards for a product. The detection items can be divided into four categories: optimum index, negative index,...
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Rebuilding the Kariba Dam

Xiaoyu Zhu
The costs of rebuilding the Kariba Dam consist of demolition costs and construction costs. To evaluate the costs of reconstruction, we set up a model. In this model, partial least-squares regression analysis is carried out on the known construction costs of different dams through different periods. Then...
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Effect of banded carbide structure on the rolling contact fatigue of GCr15 bearing steel

Ming Li, Henghua Zhang
In this paper, the influence of banded carbide structure on Rolling Contact Fatigue (RCF) of GCr15 bearing steel was investigated by using MMS-2A double-roller wear tester under dry friction at room temperature. Surface damage was characterized using SEM and OM. The results showed that with the increase...
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Research and Application of Word Format Checking Technology based on Java and XML

Lu Han, Kun Liu, Jinmin Jiang
Through researching the internal organizational structure of Word 2007 document, the significant component documents are extracted, including document.xml, style.xml, header.xml and footer.xml. The compositions structure and the interaction of the common document formats in each XML file are analyzed....