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Political Communication Chairman Of West Java Parliament : Political Identity Of Sundanese Woman As Political Symbols

Adiyana Slamet, Dadang Rahmat Hidayat
This research intend to know the political communication method of the Chairman of Wes Java Parliament Ineu Purwadewi in showing up the political identity of Sundanese woman as political symbols. This research used qualitative approach with design of case studies. The used of political symbols in political...
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Language Interferences in Social Media

Djuanda Djuanda
The purpose of this study is to find out the form of Indonesian language interference to regional/local languages. This study discusses the Indonesian language interference to regional/local language. In general, interference studies always discuss local language interferences to Indonesian, but the...
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The Influence of Competence User Information System on User Satisfaction of New Student Admission Information System in University of Swadaya Gunung Jati

Danang Nuswantoro, Deden Abdul Wahab Syahroni
Swadaya Gunung Jati University (Unswagati) as the oldest and largest university in the CIAYUMAJAKUNING area (Cirebon, Indramayu, Majalengka, Kuningan) in recent years has experienced a decline in new student admissions. As one of the steps to anticipate, Unswagati applies online-based new student admissions...
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A Dynamic Investment Development Strategy on How To Accelerate The Economic Growth

Arjuna Arjuna Rizaldi
This study aims to build a model of investment development strategy in Subang Regency, West Java, especially in relation to the construction of international port in Patimban, Subang Regency. The method used in this study is the Location Quotient (LQ) Method, and the data used is secondary data obtained...
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Improving Corporate Values Through The Size of Companies and Capital Structures

Windi Windi Novianti, Wendy Wendy May Agustian
- The purpose of this study  was to find evidence of whether the company's size and capital structure had an impact on the value of the company in food and beverage companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange in the 2011-2015 period by taking samples of seven companies from 14 food and beverage...
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Can Attitudes, Subjective Norms and Behavioral Control Perceptions Influence The Visitors Interest in Buying at Department Stores in Bandung?

Raeni Dwi Santy, Mirna Mirna Zulianti
The purpose of this study is to determine consumer behavior in these case attitudes, subjective norms, perception of control behavior, and buying interest of Mall customers, as well as to determine the effect of consumer behavior in these regard, subjective norms and perceptions of behavioral control...
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The Influence of Green Location Strategy, Green Price, and Green Promotions toward Purchase Decision of the property

Gatot Sudjatmiko, Dedi Sulistiyo Soegoto
Green marketing is part of the company's approach to all consumers, with a variety of location-marketing, price, and promotional activities, designed to deliver corporate benefits to minimize the environmental impact of marketed products. Therefore, to increase the benefits for relevant stakeholders...
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Identified Characters, Dialogue of Ethnicity in Indonesia Animated Film

Yully Ambarsih, Imam Santosa, Hafiz Azis Ahmad, Irfansyah Irfansyah
Diversity in animated film shows clearly in the film Adit Sopo Jarwo. It will show how an inter-ethnic group relates to each other. This film has the desire to demonstrate equality through the interaction of the characters. In these characters, the public features are clearly shown, through their ethnic...
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The Influence of Capital Structure and Dividens Policy to Firms Value Listed at Indonesian Stock Exchange

Linna Ismawati
This research aims to find evidence on whether the capital structure and dividend’s policy have an impact on the firm’s value. The study uses a firm-level panel data as all companies listed at Indonesian Stock Exchange who pays the dividend during the period of 2010-2015. The study develops three reseach...
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Third Crusade and “Assassins Creed: Bloodlines” Video Game Universe

Nenden Rikma Dewi S
Video games usage as one of the sources to learn humanities subjects such as literature, history, politics, economics, social, culture and others in human’s life becomes main focus of this paper. It is essential to conduct this research since it relates with how millennial comprehend history through...
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Visual Language in Japanese Animation

Pitri Haryanti, Yeni Nurlatifah
— The purpose of this research is to find out visual language that appeared in Japanese anime and how it is displayed. This study uses a qualitative approach with descriptive qualitative methods. The data used in this research is anime’s frames taken from Japanese animation. As the results of the research,...
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Overview of Adat Law on The Development of Information Technology on Implementation of Catur Brata Penyepian in Balinese Hindu Communities

Arinita Sandria
Nyepi is a Hindu festival celebrated every Saka new year. Parisada Hindu Dharma Indonesia developed brata penyepian into catur brata penyepian, namely: 1) amati geni; 2) amati pekaryan; 3) amati lelungaan; and 4) amati lelanguan. Catur brata penyepian is an attitude which is pretty hard to do, especially...
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Employee Performance Influenced by Their Quality of Work Life and Work Discipline

Lita Wulantika
This study aims to determine the effect of quality of work life and work discipline on employee performance at Saripetojo Ice Industry Department Agronesia Inc. Bandung. The method used in this research is descriptive - verification method, the sample used in this study is random sampling. The analysis...
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Marketing Performance Influenced by Market Orientation Through Value Creation

Rizki Zulfikar
TThe aim of this research is to find evidence on the impact of market orientation to marketing performance through value creation in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of knitting industry in Bandung, West Java. The methodology used in this research is descriptive and verification analysis conducted...
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Utilization of Powerpoint in The Making of Nihonshi Subject Teaching Media

Fenny Febrianty
This study aims to create a teaching media for Nihonshi subject by optimally using of Microsoft PowerPoint. This study used the Research & Development approach. The output of this research is a visualize media teaching for Nihonshi subject. The result shows that utilization or optimally using of PowerPoint...
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Foreign Policy of The United States of America in Addressing China’s Cyberpower

Dewi Triwahyuni, Yanyan Mochamad Yani, Arry Bainus
The purpose of this research is to analyze the strategy of US foreign policy in the face of Chinese cyber power. To answer the problem of research, researchers use qualitative research design. Researchers use primary sources in the form of official state documents and secondary sources in the form of...
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Chat Sticker Design as Media Recognition of Character in Instant Messaging Platform

Deni Albar
According to the goal, this research is applied research with the aim to do something more effective and efficient. The method used is action research, in this research attempt to test a practice to see the real impact of the action. In this case, the delivery of information related to the introduction...
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Development Design Quality of Craft Industries in West Java

Firmansyah Firmansyah
This study aims to describe and analyze the design development of the craft industry in West Java, especially the ceramic handicraft industry in the city of Bandung. Data sources were obtained through interviews with entrepreneurs, industry heads and related craftsmen. The method of research analysis...
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Information Technology Based Entrepreneurship Education in University

Eddy Soeryanto Soegoto
The purpose of the research is to investigate the application of Information Technology (IT) on Entrepreneurship Education and to what extent IT effective to support the success of entrepreneurship education by increasing entrepreneurial intention in University. The research was conducted by study case...
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Semiotic Study and Form of Agung Baiturrahim Mosque in Gorontalo City

Muhammad Isla
This study aims to examine the semiotics and shape of the Baiturrahim Grand Mosque of Gorontalo City in order to function for the wider community, especially for the authors themselves. this research was written with descriptive qualitative method, the writer observed in detail the parts of the mosque...
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Industry 4.0 in Electronics and Automotives Sectors and Its Prospect for Indonesia’s Economic Diplomacy

Sylvia Octa Putri, Galih Ginanjar
This paper demonstrates how the Industry 4.0 which is to digitalize and connect the industry can unlock the country from several economic challenges and have potentials contribute for Indonesia’s economic diplomacy achievement. The research method was a qualitative approach, which data collection technique...
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Relationship between Access to Mall and Shopping Motivation of Young Adult Age Group

Tri Widianti Natalia, Hanson Endra Kusuma
The rise of Shopping Mall development in Bandung causes differences in shopping motivation. The main purpose of visiting Shopping Mall is not only for utilitarian activities but rather hedonic. The differences shopping motivation (Utilitarian and Hedonic) one of them related to Situational Facto, namely...
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The Abstentionist Group In The Governor Election

Tatik Rohmawati
The purpose of this research is to see and to know the abstentionist in the Governor Election. The election of the Governor is one of the real actions of the local democracy. Then, there are many abstentionists in every Governor election. This paper focuses on the abstentionist group in the Governor...
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Economic Value Added

Surtikanti Surtikanti, Dean Subhan Saleh
This study aims to analyze economic value added as a measure of the success of the company's management performance, what is the relation between the economic value added and the performance measurement of a company. The method of research is a descriptive method. Research data was obtained from the...
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The Sensuality And Tendency Of Fetishism On Model Photography

Ivan Kurniawan
This study aims to identify the tendency of sensuality and fetishism in the model-themed amateur photographers group on Facebook named 'GGModels'. Using qualitative content analysis methods by calculating sensual and fetish visual signs in the photos most liked by its members. After screening of 16,867...
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Communication Pattern Of Tablighi Jamaat Members In Bandung City On The Jaulah Activities

Inggar Prayoga
Tablighi Jamaat in Indonesia experienced a significant progress as well as in Bandung City, one of the progress happened because the communication pattern that they make to the community occurred effectively, through activities that are usually known as Jaulah, which is the invitation of Tablighi Jamaat...
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Sundanese Colors

Rini Maulina, Setiawan Sabana
The aim of this work is to find out how the colors are understood and used by the Sundanese. Color is an important element in human life. Colors not only complement the life, but can be used as knowledge and communication tools. The color is an element of art and design, including the design of visual...
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Semiotic Analysis of Space and Time in The Film "Time Machine"

Wantoro Wantoro
Time Machine is a science-fiction film produced in 2002, which is an adaptation of the same novel titled HG Wells written in 1895. Time Machine film tells of a scientist, and inventor named Alexander Hartdegen living in Manhattan, New York who is determined to prove that time travel is something that...
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User Interface Design of Mobile Photo Editors

Irma Rochmawati
Capture many events with the camera have become the need of everyone. Advances in technology bring the smart phone is supported with a camera in it. The mobile application supports the interest of people in photography that provides features like image editing. Photo-editing apps are in great demand...
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Commodification Of Sundanese News Program Warta Kiwari In Sktv Bandung

Oki Achmad Ismail
Many Local Television finally went bankrupt and were even sold because they were unable to compete. By producing local content, one of the Sundanese-language news, Warta Kiwari, has a pretty good share for the news program category that is worth selling. This research uses the descriptive method with...
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Visual Analysis of Indonesian Criminal Toy Packaging

Satria Indra Praja Persada
Packaging has a simple function of protecting the product. Packaging also makes it easier for the product to be carried on a long journey, but as the era changes packaging not only serve as a protector and make it easier for the product to carry but the packaging must also be attractive. The packaging...
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Make Moral Judgment of Political Figures In The Election of The Governor of West Java

Olih Solihin
This study aims to find out how to make Moral Judgment on political figures in the election of the Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java by the Radar Bandung newspaper. Radar Bandung has a positive assessment of the candidate pair Deddy Mizwar and Dedi Mulyadi as candidates for Governor and Deputy...
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Government Communication Strategy of Bandung City in Socialization of Regulation Concerning Administrative Sanctions of Littering

Tatik Fidowaty, Olih Solihin, Poni Sukaesih Kurniati
The purpose of this study was to determine the communication strategy of the Bandung City government in the dissemination of regulations on administrative sanctions to litter. This study uses a descriptive research method with a qualitative approach. Data collection techniques that are used are literature...
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The Role of Leadership in E-Government Licence Provision at Local Government in West Java

Nia Karniawati, Samugyo Ibnu Redjo, Utang Suwaryo, Rahman Mulyawan
Leadership is a process in order to achieve organizational goals. DPMPTSP West Java is a regional government organization that provides public services of licensing in West Java. DPMPTSP has implemented e-government in licensing services by online licensing. The purpose of this research is to know why...
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The Role of Local Government Internal Auditor Competencies and Local Government Managerial Integrity in Improving the Performance Quality of Local Government Agencies

Ony Widilestariningtyas
the need for regional government will be the role of internal auditors in order to support the realization of quality local government agencies' performance is needed in managerial activities of the regional work unit (SKPD) leaders with integrity in the local government. This study examines the role...
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Revitalizing Transport Rickshaw Into A Tourist Heritage Vehicles (Case Studies in Bandung, Indonesia)

Gema Arifrahara
Revitalizing alternative vehicle such as rickshaw tours that will invite travelling passengers to enjoy the beauty of the city. The method used is a survey which is a descriptive observation on point by doing the work. The research aims to change the concept of the pedicab which is currently a rickshaw...
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Media Persuasive Communication in The Implementation of The National Ideology

Irwan Tarmawan, Wantoro Wantoro
Pancasila, 1945 Constitution, NKRI, and Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, are consensus that are used as the basic pillars to be implemented from each of their values. The realization of the philosophy of the Indonesian nation as a guideline of life in everyday life, community, nation and state, absolutely must...
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Participatory Leadership of Villlage Chief

Samugyo Ibnu Redjo, Rira Nuradhawati
This research is aimed at analyzing on how the participatory leadership applied by the village chief by a case study in the Village of Baregbeg, Sub-district of Baregbeg, Ciamis Regency of 2017. This study uses qualitative methods that produce descriptive data obtained through library studies, observation...
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Lecture Schedule on Accounting Computer Department of Indonesia Computer University Using Genetic Algorithm

Doddy Maulana Yusuf
The aim of this research is to obtain the best combination of scheduling of courses and lecturers but does not violate the constraints of the Accounting Computer Department of Indonesia Computer University. Hence the need considered various aspects that affect scheduling of courses. From the aspect of...
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Trainer Motives in Training Communication

Rismawati Rismawaty
This study aims to construct about the trainers and communication motive instead of the trainer in providing training toward the communication context. The method used in this study is phenomenology under the paradigm constructivist and interpretive analysis techniques. The data collection techniques...
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Visual Illustration Analysis on Dreadout Game Poster Through Semiotics

Wira Mahardika Putra
The purpose of this study is to analyze the meaning of visual illustration signs on Dreadout game posters. The method used in this study is semiotic developed by Ferdinand de Saussure. The visuals displayed in the Dreadout game poster show the visuals of five Indonesian high-school students and their...
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Self-Concept and Communication Adaptation of Newcomer Student in Unikom Bandung

Manap Solihat
This study is aimed to depict communication adaptation and self-concept of newcomer student in learning environment at Unikom Bandung. The communication adaptation is explored through the adjustment of communication behavior that occured in every interaction between newcomer student, especially when...
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The Usage of Waste as Media Art Work Creation

Taufan Hidayatullah, Setiawan Sabana
This study aims to find out how the use of plastic waste has a bad impact on the environment as a medium for the creation of art works. To find out the use of this plastic, the experimental method of creating art works was carried out. The process of creation is through the stages of information, elaboration,...
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Mapping of Electronic Marketplace Business Model in Building Urban Electronic Marketplace

Rahmat Putra
This Research is aiming to map out a specific e-marketplace business model for urban-rural communities. The concentrated use of business electronics in major cities in Indonesia is one of the major factors in the low adoption of electronic business in urban-rural areas. The survey results of the Indonesian...
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Feasibility Study of PT Fixall

Adhi Dharma Satria, Herman Herman Soegoto
Today's business opportunities are wide open to prospective entrepreneurs by leveraging developments in information technology. PT. FixAll is a company that is engaged in providing informal services such as household appliance repair and other secondary household services such as repair of umbrella,...
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The Aesthetic Study of Traditional Cloth North Sumatera

Khairunnisa Butar-Butar
This scientific work was intended for to know about process of Ulos Batak, the philosophical, the effort of society in maintain the origanility of Ulos Batak and conserve to using in scope of tradition. By used descriptive analysis method with main source is ulos weaver and Batak’s societies in Medan...
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Consumer Brand Loyalty of Fast Fashion Brands of Young Consumers in Indonesia

Azzahra Sabina Tohir
The purpose of this paper is to empirically investigate the factors affecting consumer’s fast fashion brand loyalty by examining Indonesian college students’ perceptions and loyalty toward Fast Fashion Brands. The research model describes relationships between Consumer Based Brand Equity Dimensions towards...
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Penta Helix Model In The Community Empowerment Around Coal Mine In Maburai Village Tabalong Regency

Muhammad Riduansyah Syafari
The Penta-Helix Model in community empowerment around coal mine is taken from the community empowerment program of PT Adaro Indonesia tbk and Partner, using corporate social responsibility fund. This model involves five components of stakeholders that are synergized, and illustrated in the practice of...
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Analysis of the Effect of E-Government Implementation on Quality of Information Towards Government to Government

Ilham Multama, Asniati Asniati, Annisa Rahman
The purpose of this study is to analyzed the effect of e-Government application on the quality of information of a local government called Kabupaten Agam. This study also analyzed factors that influence e-Government implementation such as user resistance, organizational culture, management support, human...
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Religiosity in Therapeutic Communication of Islamic Medicine Thibbun Nabawi

Tina Rakhmatin Sabariah Usman, Deddy Mulyana, Purwanti Hadisiswi, Susie Perbawasri
The purpose of this study was to determine how the religiosity of thibbun nabawi therapists in the therapeutic communication process to their patients and to determine the religiosity functions of thibbun nabawi therapists in the therapeutic communication process. Thibbun nabawi is a medical treatment...