Proceedings of the International Conference on Democracy, Accountability and Governance (ICODAG 2017)

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Islamic University of Riau in cooperation with the unity of Indonesian Government Science major (KAPSIPI) organized the International Conference (ICODAG 2017) under the theme "Democracy, Accountability and Governance on 23-25 November 2017. The conference aims to provide a platform for scientists, researchers and practitioners to share their insights, ideas and experiences.

In this era, the various challenges faced by various countries are the narrative of democracy, especially in relation to governance issues. The issue of contemporary governance is very important in the state nation life. It covers a lot of things about the various aspects that impact on the various systems that have been implemented. Ideally a system can be done with various approaches both theoretically as well as practically. Discussion about democracy can only synergize with good governance, through various processes.

There are 115 papers on various topics including Election, Collaborative, Law and Governance. Innovation and Reinventing Government, Bureaucracy Development and Social Welfare, Decentralization and Responsive Local Government. A total of 71 papers were selected after going through a rigorous review process to be published in the conference process.

We would like to thank to the committee and members of the review council for their good help in reviewing those papers. We also express our gratitude to the Rector of the Islamic University of Riau, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Islam Riau, especially to Prof. Dr.H.Utang Suwaryo, MA. As a chairman of the Unity of Indonesian Government Science Major (KAPSIPI), Dr. Teguh Yuwono, M.Pol.Admin, Dr. Suranto, along with the whole range of their valuable contributions and ideas in the conference. The Editors

Ranggi Ade Febrian – Editor in Chief
Ahmad Fitra Yuza – Editor
Khairul Rahman – Editor
Zainal– Editor
Muhammad Arsy Ash Shiddiqy – Editor
Khotami – Editor
Auradian Marta- Editor
Setyo Utomo – Editor
Budi Mulianto – Editor
Data Wardana – Editor
Syaprianto – Editor
Pahmi Amri– Editor
Rizky Setiawan - Editor