Proceedings of the International Conference on Democracy, Accountability and Governance (ICODAG 2017)

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Democracy and Political Consciousness Investigating Difabel Toward Political Participation in the 2014 Presidential Election in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Agus Andika Putra, Rifki Sanahdi, David Efendi, Husni Amriyanto
Every citizen has right to choose and to participate in general election, and the state must protect that basic right of politic. The high percentage of people with different abilities' ('difabel') participated in the 2014 presidential election in Yogyakarta (66,5%) indicated the remarkable work of inclusive...
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Participation of Y Generation in 2018 General Elections

Dede Sri Kartini, Mr Muradi, Neneng Yani Yuningsih
Choose a candidate in general election is a part of public participation in its lowest level. Participation in election for Y Generation whom born on the 80's and 90's is predicted low, as depicted by the earlier generations. By using literature research, this essay will focus on understanding the characters...
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Existence of Golkar Party in Banggai Regency 1999-2009

Fathur Rahman, Mohtar Haboddin, Nur Rosalia Juita Tahwali
Golkar Party had become the rulling party in Banggai District for ten years starting from 1999-2009. The fantastic victory achieved by the Golkar Party was about 58 percent of the vote in 1999, followed by 32.78 percent in 2004, and then 37 percent votes in 2009. Banggai District has become a granary...
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The Political Behavior of Communities Towards Party 2018 (Case Study Ahead of Election in Sidenreng Rappang Regency)

Herman D, Hariyanti Hamid
The political behavior of the community is a very interesting study area studied every before the democratic party. Political behavior can be categorized as one form of social behavior, especially in relation to political life. The purpose of this study is to provide an overview in digging information...
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Perception of Voters About Campaign and Money Politics (Case Study on the Election of Head of Region in Rokan Hulu and Dumai, Riau Province 2015)

Mr Jupendri
This research about perceptivity of Campaign and money politic By Voters in the Regional Head Election In Rokan Hulu and Dumai District, Province of Riau 2015. The campaign as a space for voters to obtain and assess the vision, mission and program of candidates. But the phenomenon is seen also used as...
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The Concept Of Accountability In Good Governance

Mr Khotami
Accountability is a form of liability that refers to who and for what and what is accountable, which is understood as the obligation of the holder of the trust to provide accountability, presenting and reporting all activities that are his responsibility to the party who provides the trust has the authority...
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The Influencing Factors of Voters Level Participation of Regional Head Election in Pekanbaru City 2017

Data Wardana
Indonesia is one of the world's most democratic countries. In this understanding, the people have a very important position because sovereignty is in the hands of the people. This means that the people are sovereign, the powerful to determine the way in which they should be governed. Implementation of...
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Strengthening The Ideational Functions of "Sastrawan" In The Effort Democratic Governance in Lampung Province

R. Sigit Krisbintoro, Maulana Mukhlis, Darmawan Purba
Many sides must be involved in the development of democracy. In addition to the official political institutions, community groups also have an operationally significant role in realizing democratic governance. One group that has an ideational function is a literally sastrawan group because they have...
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Relationship of Voters' Ideology, Disbelief of Political Parties and Disappointment in Government With Voter Disappearance In 2014 Presidential Election in Riau Province

Rodi Wahyudi, Mr Nurhamin
The high number of absentee voters in the presidential and vice presidential elections can lead to a lack of authority in the eyes of the people. This study aims to determine the relationship of voter ideology, mistrust of political parties and the disappointment of the government with the absence of...
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Voter Absence Factors in Disappearance From Legislative Election and General Election of President and Vice President of 2014 (Study in Pekanbaru City, Kampar Regency and Indragiri Hilir Regency

Rodi Wahyudi, Alkadafi Muammar
Indonesia has elected eleven regular legislative elections and has held three direct presidential and vice presidents. The absence of voters in the general election remains a major problem in determining election results. One of the quality indicators of the general election exercise is the high degree...
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Building Beginner Voter's Interest in Political Participation in Indonesia's Election

Mr Zamhasari
The beginner or young voters are considered to play a significant role in the Indonesia's Election. With the competition between candidates running tight, the beginner or young voters can determine the outcome of the election. The age of young voters here is categorized in the range of 17 years to 21...
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Reinforcement of Civil Socities in Democracy

Mr Syahendry, Setyo Utomo
The reformation wave 98 has given fresh air for the growth of democracy in Indonesia. The collapse of the hegemonic New Order power has given rise to public pressure to bring democracy into state practice. In the democratization system the existence of civil society becomes a necessity to control the...
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The Coalition Party And The Performance Of Government (Evaluation Of The Performance Of Government And The Challenges Forward)

Panca Setyo Prihatin
This paper discusses the relationship of the coalition of political parties and the performance of the Government, with its main focus was how to build a strong coalition for the sake of the realization of the legitimate Government, strong, trustworthy and capable of carrying out the task. Further discuss...
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General Election In Indonesia

Mr Ardiansyah
Elections are a process of electing people to fill certain political positions, such as presidents, vice presidents, people's representatives at various levels of government, to the simplest or the least of the village heads. From the perspective of Constitutional Law, direct popular vote is conducted...
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Political Participation And Electoral Society

Nina Yuslaini, Pahmi Amri, Made Devi Wedayanti
Public political participation in local elections and deputy head of the region are directly regulated in Law no. 32 of 2004. Community participation object of study which is interesting considering the condition of the people are getting smarter and active. Most democracies, elections are considered...
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Political Dynasty and Kinship Networking in Bantanese Pilkada

Mr Suranto, Tunjung Sulaksno, Awang Daru Murti, Titin Purwningsih
The phenomenon of proliferation of political practices of kinship networking in Indonesia in the reform era is potentially endanger democracy due to the different treatment for competing political actors opportunities, as well as undermine the party's internal mechanisms in recruiting candidates for...
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Governing State Borders An Investigating "Collaborative Governances" in strengthening Social Welfare Development in Nunukan Regency, Indonesia

Tunjung Sulaksono, Mr Suswanta, David Efendi, Awang Darumurti
this research has aim to explain about existences of practical collaborative governance which can strengthen process and impact in development schema of welfare in frontier area, particularly in Sebatik, Nunukan. This research investigated the involvement of non-state stakeholders as voluntarily participation...
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Development of Technopolitan Region in Pelalawan Regency of Riau Province in Collaborative Governance Perspective

Ranggi Ade Febrian, Utang Suwaryo, Dede Sri Kartini, Priyo Teguh
Judging from the national policy of the Masterplan of Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesian Economic Development (MP3EI) 2011-2025, especially the development of Sumatra Island Economic Corridor, that the development of Technopolitan Region in Pelalawan Regency, Riau Province starting from 2012 is...
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Good Governance vs Sound Governance: A Comparative Theoretical Analysis

Rendra Setyadiharja, Dewi Kurniasih, Poppy Setiawati Nursnaeny, Neng Suryanti Nengsih
Good governance is a fresh air, especially for Indonesia governance today. This theory was created in order to improve governance in various countries including Indonesia. With the concept, the governance is expected to be able to reach the high level of transparency, accountability, rule of law, equality,...
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The Governance of Border Areas' Determination In Riau Province

Ahmad Fitra Yuza, Nandang Alamsah Deliarnoor
This paper discusses governance in managing border areas. This is related to the establishment of five villages located between Kampar and Rokan Hulu regency of Riau Province. this issue raises many issues so it is very interesting to discuss both on the theoretical and practical level. Various rare...
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Collaboration of Local Development In The Kepulauan Riau Province And Non-Military Threat To Support The Implementation Of State Defense

Neng Suryanti Nengsih, Rendra Setyadiharja
The formulation of local development does not always measure the threats that will threaten the government, the society and the region. Because the Local Government is sometimes less responsive to both military and non-military threats. Today's threat to a country and a region not only on the military...
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Network Pattern of Regional Election Commission (KPUD) Pekanbaru City Increasing Political Participation in Society

Yusri Munaf
Achieving a legitimate democracy with a high level of participation through the holding of regional head elections can not be relied upon only in the General Election Commission. Strengthening of government networks is needed to increase community participation. This paper discusses how the structure...
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Governance of Forest and Peatland Fire Prevention in Riau Province

Mr Zainal, Utang Suwaro, Dede Mariana, Samugyo Ibnu Redjo
Riau Province has extensive forest resources such as peatland potential. But the forest resources that are the lifeblood of this life have not been managed optimally. Forestry problems in Riau Province have shifted from illegal logging to illegal logging and land tenure by the private sector. These activities...
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Development of Policy Network of Tenayan Raya Industrial Area

Ahmad Harakan
Pekanbaru City as a Trade City, and City of Industrial goods and services has not been supported by the functioning of Industrial area which became the center of goods and services turnover. Pekanbaru City Government from 2006 has made the policy of Industrial development area located in Tenayan Raya...
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Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy in the Perspective of Good Government In Karawang Regency

Eka Yulyana
This research is conducted based on the government policy that regulates social responsibility of society as stated in some policy product. One indicator of development is the economic structure based on industry and services sectors, it appears that the sustainability of development is not only the...
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Innovation Towards The Effectiveness of Governance

Yanhar Jamaluddin, Asep Sumaryana, Budiman Rusli, Rd. Achmad Buchari
The implementation of post-reform democracy is marked by direct election of regional heads by the people. This becomes the starting point of changing the paradigm of government towards producing a leader with good leadership. On the other hand the elected regional head is required to innovate to realize...
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Implementation of E-Government In Kelurahan of Tanjungpinang City (Study on SIMDA BMD application)

Shahril Budiman, Zamzami A. Karim, Eki Efriyansyah, Mr Junriana, Raja Abumanshur Matridi
E-government is the utilization of information technology used to speed up the implementation of the government in improving the accessibility of the data presented in a timely, accurate urban villages for employees without requiring any intermediary information systems, the implementation of applications...
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E- Implementation of E-Government In Regional Financial Management (Study at the Regional Finance and Asset Management Board of Riau Province)

Hendry Andry, Eko Handrian
Today in digital era, local governments are developing public services and improving performance in local financial management through Communication and Information Technology called E-Government. Referring to the implementation of e-government there are several aspects that become the basis in the implementation...
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Influence of Management Information System on Health Care in Puskesmas Cigeureung Tasikmalaya Town

Kiki Endah, Irfan Nursetiawan, Endah Vestikowati
The globalization era has led to a new paradigm in the utilization of information technology as a catalyst in improving the quality of public services. The quality of relevant information will lead to proper decision making and provide information dynamically. Because the output of the Management Information...
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The Implementation Of Fast, Safe, Modern, Accountable And Transparent Subdistrict Administration Service Applications As An Innovation Of Public Services In Tanjungpinang Barat, Indonesia

Nur.A.Dwi Putri
In Order to improve the quality of service for the community, the subdistrict goverment of Tanjungpinang Barat innovate by launching the application of sub-district administration service that is fast, safe, modern, accountable and transparent or abbreviated with "PAK CAMAT". This Android-based applications...
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Application Promotion Mix of Political Marketing in General Election 2014

Septian Wahyudi
Mechanism marketing that happened namely by transactional and paradigm expanding is how an company can sell their product. How concept and theory of marketing is told with the political activity which hence and used the event promotion of campaign. Political meaning is art and science to reach for the...
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Disparities of Implementation of National Test Based on Computer Between Western and Eastern Indonesia

Geovani Meiwanda, Mr Monalisa
E Government is an innovation of government in organizing government. This paper will explain about how currently the Government of Indonesia is running a system change of Education, which is the implementation of National test based on Computer (UNBK) through the Indonesian Ministry of Education and...
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The Space of Potential Conflict and Urban Spatial Justice: The Case of Johar Baru Subdistrict, Central Jakarta

Agustina M. Purnomo
The urban economic development that focuses on growth and privatization is marked by the growth of offices, trade and services in the city center leaving space for the poor in urban economic development space. The space of poverty produced by capitalist mechanisms and reproduced by the activities of...
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Initiating The Concept of Democracy As Reaffirming In Efforts To Increase Women Capacity In Bureucracy

Mrs Amaliatulwalidain
The Reform Era in 1998 has marked a shift in the political conditions of a more democratic government from the previous conditions. One of the instruments and targets of the government's political change is to conduct bureaucratic reforms directed to the principles of accountability, responsiveness,...
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Government Organizational Restructuring of West Borneo Province Based on Government Regulation Number 18 Year 2016 on Regional Apparatus

Amri Pratama, Dyah Mutiarin
This study aims to describe regional apparatus organizational restructuring based on Government Regulation Number 18 Year 2016 regarding Regional Apparatus and factors considered by the government of West Borneo province. This study used organization theories and regional governance concept as well as...
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Development of Performance Management System - The Bureucracy of Local Government

Mr Andriyus
Government bureaucracy is a system for organizing government organizations in order to manifest the management of activities and the implementation of a policy that is efficient, rational, and effective. Therefore the Government's bureaucratic organization is required to be able to achieve good performance...
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Mapping Model of City Branding Formulation In Indonesia

Ratnaningsih Damayanti, Restu Karlina Rahayu, Irma Fitriana Ulfah
Recently, many areas in Indonesia are making city branding. For example in 2015 Malang City launched "Beautiful Malang". In the same year, Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) launched "Jogja Istimewa" replaced the previous city branding "Jogja Never Ending Asia", while Surabaya City was far earlier that...
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Street-Level Bureaucracy: Bureaucratic Reform Strategies Initiated From Bottom Level

Novia Kencana
This literature review paper discusses Street Level Bureaucracy and the right effort to reform the lower level bureaucracy in order to create efficient, effective and accountable governance. Street Level Bureaucracy is a government agency that deals directly with the public in providing public services....
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State And Community Organization In Indonesia

Auradian Marta
This paper is intended to analyze the relationship between state, civil society, democracy and democratization by examining the case of the development of Social Organizations in Indonesia. The article is motivated by the existence of the event of the dissolution of CSOs in Indonesia which is a threat...
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Demography Bonus And Policy Projection For Riau Province Youth Development

Bahjatul Murtasidin, Sri Hartati
Indonesia is one of the countries which are undergoing a democracy and demographic transition process. The transition peak is expected to occur in 2020 until 2039 with productive age population is twice compared to non-productive population through all provinces in Indonesia, not least Riau Province....
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Bureaucratic Reforms in Administering Government Based Electronic Government

Dita Fisdian Adni
Information technology plays a very significant role and become an essential requirement in all aspects, one of them in terms of public service. It is characterized by the increasingly easy to find public service based technology. The provision of services to the community by bringing the principles...
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Strengthening The National Resilience of Indonesia Through Socialization of National Insight

Mrs Isabella
In the community, nation and state, today is experiencing with the times. Indonesia as a country with a vast territory and a population has also changed significantly in many sectors. These changes will certainly bring influence on the dynamic state of this country with regard to ductility, and toughness...
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Principles Governance In Management Water Supply and Community Based Sanitation (Pamsimas) In Banglas Barat Village Tebing Tinggi Subdistrict Meranti Islands Regency In 2014-2016

Mr Sukarman, Baskoro Wicaksono
The research based on the selection of target villages of PAMSIMAS in Banglas Barat Village 2014-2016 accordance with Decree of Minister of Public Works No. 79 / KTPS / DC / 2013 on Stipulation of Regency / City Provision of Community Based Drinking Water and Sanitation Program, based on water Drinking...
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Women Actors of Corruption in Governance: the concept of "Demonizing" "Violent Girls" and "Woman"

Kasmanto Rinaldi
The crime of corruption categorized as white collar-crime is not based on any form of adverse action but preferably based on the characteristics of the perpetrator. This becomes interesting if the crime of corruption is committed by women. So the view that comes up when a woman commits a crime is that...
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Sexuality and Governmentality

Teza Yudha, Dede Mariana
The government's forced sexuality setting takes place almost everywhere in Indonesia. Local governments ratify it with various policies through local regulations. Any illegal fulfillment of sexual desire is instantly wiped out. Whereas usually when the fulfillment of this desire eradicated, even transformed...
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The Transparency of Public Service in Pelalawan District

Mr Syaprianto
Government as a public service provider, is in fact the service given to the community often unsatisfied in Pelalawan District. One of them is by realizing the transparency of publics service seriously by providing certainty of requirement, cost and time. Thus the public's trust in the government will...
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Integrative Tourism Policy Development Based on Agro-Tourism In The City of Batu Malang East Java Indonesia

Tri Sulistyaningsih, Purnawan D. Negara, Hardini Jainuri, Suwarta Hevi Kurnia
This research investigates the implementation of integrative tourism policy base on agro-tourism and fungtion in strengthening of tourism stakeholder in City of Batu Malang East Java Indonesia. Integrative policies in the development of tourism is a very important variable in the development of a city....
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The Role Of Stakeholders For Rural Community Development In Dealing With Globalization Competition In Era Mea Distributed Pelalawan

Mr Herman
This paper focuses on the issue of the role of stakeholders in the context of their participation in the development of rural communities so that the people in the village can grow in the face of competition in the era of MEA. The purpose of this paper is to know the extent of the role of stakeholders...
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POLICY OF REGIONAL DIVISION: Developing Closeness, Convenience and Accessibility of Service (Study about Impacts of Regional Division in Kabupetan Bandung Barat Propinsi Jawa Barat)

Utang Suwaryo, Dede Sri Kartini
The current decentralization format in Indonesia governance right now is applied, enabling the local government giving services more effectively to the people. This is because local government having a bigger role and more strategically in executing development, including accommodating aspiration of...
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The Role Of The Government In The Implementation Of The Poor Family Love Program In The City Of Pekanbaru Province Riau

Sri Maulidiah
Pekanbaru government created poverty alleviation program through empowerment of poor society. One of the poverty alleviation programs implemented by the city government of Pekanbaru together with the Family Welfare Empowerment Activity Team of Pekanbaru City is a program of Love Movement of Poor Family....
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Strategic Plan of Development of Tourism in Bintan Regency

Zamzami A. Karim, Mr Suherry
Bintan Regency is one of the National Tourism Destination (DPN) which is in a very strategic position. As a strategic area, Bintan also has a National Strategic Tourism Area (KSPN) that is Lagoi. However, further development is needed, so that Bintan Regency can rely on tourism sector as a sustainable...
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Smog and Environmental Crime (Reflected From Cases in Riau)

Syahrul Akmal Latif, Abdul Munir
Forests are one of the livelihoods of the people in Riau Province. Many of the people depend on forestry for their livelihoods. This becomes an economic dependency system, because the forest legacy can be utilized to meet various needs such as timber, vegetation and various potentials that can be utilized....
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Solidarty Theory In The Modern Government Development Plan (A Study of The Thought of Ibn Khaldun)

Siti Khikmatul Rizqi
This paper explains the importance of solidarity in development of modern government. According to Ibn Khaldun ashabiyah or solidarity (nationalism) becomes requirement in government. Solidarity that owned by the leader must stronger from the other, so he going to earn power and be able to lead his people....
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Spiritual Capital and Social Welfare in Indonesia

Budi Mulianto, Rizky Setyawan S
This study analyzes the link between spiritual capital and social welfare in Indonesia. One of them i.e. spiritual capital is the Foundation for the political and cultural social life contained in the ideology of Pancasila. And social welfare is one of the conditions to which it was for the creation...
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The Transformation of the Symbolic Meaning of Radicalism in Acts of Terrorism Post-Conflict in Poso Central Sulawesi

Muhammad Khairil
The phenomenon of radicalism is synonymous to the ideology of terrorist groups who desire revolution or social and political reform through violence or drastic. The ideology spirit of radical groups in Central Sulawesi post-conflict Poso has meet the process of shifting value through the transformation...
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Deliberation in Planning Development in the Village of Renak Dungun Subdistrict Pulau Merbau Regency Kepulauan Meranti Year 2014-2015

Muhammad Rafi, Baskoro Wicaksono, Mr Ishak
The research was motivated by the village development planning which is a deliberative democratic processes and institutions in the village. But in actual experience various problems, such as attendance musrenbangdes dominated by the village government, and the proposed development of communities in...
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Professionalism as an Indicator of the Success of Bureaucratic Activities

Raden Imam Al Hafis
Various efforts to achieve good governance and clean government are included in the implementation of public services. The rise of problems that occurred in the existing bureaucracy in Indonesia is a government officer who is not professional in carrying out its activities as a state apparatus. Based...
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The Study of Conflict Victim Aggression at Poso Conflict Region

Muhammad Nur Ali
The study of conflict victim aggression at Poso conflict region, Central Sulawesi Province studied the attack behaviour (attacking one another) among "actors-victims-new actors". The underlying decision of victims to do the aggression or attack as the way to revenge, was to attract attention and demand...
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Government policy of District Bintan Increasing The Ability of Village in Managing The Authority (Study of Malang Rapat Village Authority in Managing Tourism Potential)

Mr Afrizal
The village has authority to regulate and manage the affairs of government, the interests of the local community by community initiatives, the right of origin, and /or traditional rights recognized and respected in the governance system of the Republic of Indonesia. One of the potential that exists in...
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Participatory Rural Appraisal in Deliberations of Development Planning

Ahmad Mustanir, Sandi Lubis
This research is essential to understand the use of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) method in deliberations of development planning. The result of observation showed that the activity of deliberations of development planning has not worked optimally. It is due to the unclear usage of tools to seek...
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The Dilemma of Regional Autonomy "Between Equality of Development and Scramble of Power"

M.Arsy Ash Shiddiqy
Regional Autonomy is not a strange thing we hear. People often yelling out his name. However, behind it big names there are many dilemmas arise, for example is the Equality of Development and scramble of Power. In essence Regional autonomy is organized for the equitable distribution of development throughout...
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The Dynamics Policy of the Deputy Head of Region in the Implementation of Local Government

Khairul Rahman, Dede Mariana
Dynamics of the position policy of the deputy head of the region related to policy change and policy development. The implementation of local government in Indonesia especially after the 1998 reforms was marked by an unhealthy relationship between the Regional Head and Deputy Regional Head in several...
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Political Participation And Electoral Society

Nina Yuslaini
Public political participation in local elections and deputy head of the region are regulated in Law no. 32 of 2004. Community participation object of study which is interesting considering the condition of the people are getting smarter and active. Most democracies, elections are considered the emblems,...
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Capacity Development In Realizing The Good Governance In The Era Of Regional Autonomy

Moris Adidi Yogia
This paper gives an overview of the implementation of the constitution laws such as the embodiment of the political will of the Central Government, but in practice occur various obstacles. The model has become divided in 3 (three), namely: the bottleneck in the autonomous region, of good Governance and...
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Growth of Government Urban- Village Development In Indonesia

Rahyunir Rauf
One of the government units in the governance system in Indonesia is the Village Government. Urban Village is one of the government entities in Indonesia. In the development of the village government experienced changes in line with the change of law on local government in Indonesia. The focus of this...
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Governance in Financial Management of Villages in Kepulauan Meranti Regency

Yendri Nazir
The village is an area that should be of concern to the government because the village is the most closest to the government. Law No. 6 of 2014 about the village that requires the Government to transfer 10% of the budget of funds received by the district.. Thus the village Government has the opportunity...
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Village Democracy: The Deliberations of Voting

Zaini Ali
The lowest governmental units as at once the spearhead of community service, the village was Soko guru first and foremost the birth of democracy in Indonesia. The position of the village as a community can be viewed from two angles, that is, as a gathering place for the community to resolve the issue...
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The Allocation of Village Fund as a Basis for Decentralization in the Region

Sylvina Rusadi
Decentralization is one of the authorities given to the region in managing their own household. Villages are considered as areas that have an important role in assessing the success of a state. For that is needed to be a independence for the village in managing its own finance. One of the authorities...
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Accountability of Simultaneous Village Head Elections in Sidenreng Rappang District (Case Study: Compong Village, Mattiro Tasi Village, Kanie Village and Bolu Bulu Village)

Mr Barisan, Mr Zainuddin
This study aims to analyze the accountability of simultaneous village head elections in Sidenreng Rappang District. The results showed that the accountability of simultaneous village head election in Sidenreng Rappang District did not show maximum result. Unaccountable behavior occurs horizontally. The...
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The Dynamic of Formation of Indigenous Village in Kuantan Singingi Distric of Riau Province

Raja Muhammad Amin, Rury Febrina
Indonesian Legislation No. 6 of 2014 on Village gives an opportunities to each region to rename a village conforming to its cultural characteristics that grow and thrive on that site. Ever since Village Legislation passed in 15 January 2014, The Central Government gave 1 year to all region/city in Indonesia...
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The Role of Local Government and Illegal Foreign Refugees

Fitrisia Munir
Indonesia is one of the destination countries for illegal foreign refugees every year, in the history of a small proportion of Indonesia's population has joined the illegal foreign refugees from various countries so that they get the recognition of citizens. Indonesia is located in a strategic position...