Proceedings of the International Conference on Media and Communication Studies (ICOMACS 2018)

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Museum as a Communication System

Ciwuk Musiana Yudhawasthi, Ninies Agustini Damayani, Pawit M. Yusuf
The idea of establishing university museum in Indonesia had already occurred when the Javanese School of Medicine (Sekolah Dokter Djawa) was established in 1849. Sekolah Dokter Djawa which later was transformed to School tot Opleiding voor Indisch Artsen (STOVIA) was the forerunner of Faculty of Medicine...
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The Spiritual Communication: Phenomenological Study on the Urantia Community in Indonesia

Betty Tresnawaty
The Urantia Community consists of people with the same interest in spiritual values taught in The Urantia Book, a book that taught the origins of the universe, the history of the earth, values of life, philosophy, and spiritual. The community has existed since the 1950s in the United States and has expanded...
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Students Economic Empowerment through the Public Sphere

Enok Risdayah, Asep Iwan Setiawan, Krisna Somantri, Dedi Suyandi
This research was conducted at Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, where currently, there are more than twenty-four thousand students there. Through observations, the researchers found that some of the students used public space such as the mosque yard and the class yard for economic...
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Why do They “Commuter Marriage”? Interpersonal Communication: the Commuter Marriage Couple Cases

Nur Kholisoh, Diana Astuti
Living apart for spouses can be one of the causes of conflict. For the commuter marriage couples, trust, respect, and openness are the key to success in maintaining the marriage. This research analyzed eight commuter marriage couples, the established type, who have been married for more than 13 years...
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Metrosexual Lifestyle and Interpersonal Relationships

Achmad Wildan Kurniawan, Silvi Sucira Listian, Zikri Fachrul Nurhadi, Heri Hendrawan
The purpose of this study is to discover and explain the motives, meanings, self-concept and interpersonal relationships of men undergoing sexual metro lifestyles. The approach of this research is qualitative approach, with a phenomenological method and constructivism paradigms. Data collection techniques...
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Commodification of Labor and the Morphogenesis of Exploitative Structures in Television Program Production

Cosmas Gatot Haryono
When industrialization penetrated television media, the logic of capitalism (suppressing spending to achieve the greatest possible profit) becomes the basic idea of television management. Than rating and share become the central of television management and determined whether a broadcast program feasible....
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Representation of Islamic Values in Film Duka Sedalam Cinta

Hasnil Aflah, Rahmanita Ginting
Film is one of mass media, as well as radio, television, and newspapers, have moral responsibility to provide educational value, goodness value as well as religious values. This purpose of this study is to analyze representation of Islamic values in Film Duka Sedalam Cinta. This research used a descriptive...
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Honesty Value on Film Pentad Analysis on Short Movie Djitoeng

Sinta Pramucitra
this research is based on the current issue of our world where children are greatly exposed by the rapid development of technology. The short movie Djitoeng becomes one of the creative art to remind us about the local values in the middle of technology exposure. The movie is alnalyzed with dramatics...
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Understanding the Urban Arts in Visual Communication Visual Communication on Mural Created by Polo Triuns

Sebastian Gary Prakoso
This study aims to find out how to understand the urban art that communicate visually through a mural Polo Triuns. The basic theory used in this study adopts from Peirce, which states symbol is a process to interpret and describe an object in the form of images. The question in this research is why people...
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Independence of Journalist in Facing Advertiser's Sources (Case Study: Commodification of Workers in TOP Newspaper

Metha Madonna
Today's world has entered the age of digital communication so that all the information is easy to find with just a little touch of a finger on a gadget. Ultimately forcing conventional media companies both print and electronics have to converge or melt into an easily accessible, internet-based format....
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Survival Strategy of Street Traders (PKL) in Nusukan Market Surakarta

Betty Gama, Yoto Widodo, Hariyanto Hariyanto
The street traders (PKL) became one of the most complicated issues facing almost any growing city. The street traders as a real community presents in the urban society have a color of social interaction, such as forms of cooperation, competition and conflict. The dynamics of street traders community...
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Acceptance, Filter and Counter Information Contain Hate Speech among the Newly Elected Voters on Election Issues

Deddy Irwandy, Rani Chandra Oktaviani
Hate speech has become a relatively new phenomenon felt by the Indonesia people. This is evident in the release of the Chief of Police memo on Hate speech in 2015. The behavior of spreading hate speech has long been done during the elections in Indonesia; through negative or black campaigns in local...
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Communication Pattern of Parents in Nuclear Families

Nofha Rina
This research was conducted to find out the role of family communication in tackling juvenile delinquency in Bandung City. The focus are: teenagers motives in doing delinquency action, parenting patterns which applied by parents to adolescents, obstacles encountered by parents and adolescents in family...
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Interpersonal Communication in Workplace Bullying

Vivitri Endah Andriani
Communication is an important thing between a person and information within a business organization. Bullying in the workplace is a continuous and repetitive negative behavior that can lead to unfriendly work environment. Bullying behavior has influence both in the short and long term on the victim....
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Journalist and The Ideology of Media

Roni Tabroni
Being a journalist means that someone becomes part of a particular ideology since every media are not free of value. Being a journalist is also means having to submit and contribute to maintaining the ideology of the media through their works. However, not every journalist understand the existence of...
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E-Commerce Product Description Model for Start Up

Mochamad Malik Akbar Rohandi, Dheka Dwi Agustiningsih, Firly Firmansyah Sumpena, Eka Tresna Gumelar
This paper discuss the product description of halal make up specifically for lipstick in e-commerce. According to Global Islamic Economy Report 2016/2017 halal pharmaceutical and cosmetics is becoming a growing sector and expected to reach $ 213 billion by 2021 in aggregate. E-commerce gives everyone...
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Interfaith Communication Muslim-Christian Social Interaction in Sindang Jaya, Ciranjang, Cianjur

Nurrohman Syarif, Asep Saeful Muhtadi
West Java is a province whose level of religious intolerance is still high. But different sights are found in the village of Sindang Jaya, Ciranjang, Cianjur. The people of this village, despite having a significant population of Christians, there has never been any friction or religious social conflict....
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The Leaders and the Challenge being a Hero through the Catastrophes: How the Media Question the Powerful Politicians to be a Savior to Handle the Crisis whilst Ignoring Others

Nevrettia Christantyawati
The catastrophic storms, tempests, hurricanes, earthquakes that had battered many countries during 2017 attract many international media to focus on how the politician acted and handle up the aftermath. Many of them were very interested to scrutinize on how president Trumps reacted and cope with the...
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The Health Communication Orientation of Poor Community in Rural Areas on West Bandung District, West Java

Asep Suryana, Tinne Silvana, Dedi Rumawan Erlandia
The long-term goal of this research is to form a health-oriented communication model for the poor people in West Bandung District (Kabupaten Bandung Barat), West Java. The specific purpose is to know about perception of very poor household (Rumah Tangga Sangat Miskin/RTSM) of health problem. In this...
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The Features of Bali between its Beauty and Destruction in 1960—2014 Poetry

I Nyoman Darma Putra, I Nyoman Weda Kusuma, I Gusti Ayu Agung Mas Triadnyani
Various intellectual discourse of the features of Bali is characterized by a transition of poetry-writing style that tends to reveal well and bad of Bali in its time in five decades, between 1960 to 2014. The objective of this research is to analyze the Features of Bali between beauty and destruction...
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Green PR Approach in Deforestation Control of Kamojang Nature Reserve Area

Indriyanti Kamil
Along with the growing population and the development of various industries, environmental issues have become a serious problem faced by humans. The problem of environmental destruction has begun to be loudly voiced by people in different parts of the world. This happens because of the impact of forest...
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Maximizing Garbage Clinical Insurance Adoption Through Communication Network

Aulia Suminar Ayu
Innovation is an idea that considered as new thing by its adoption unit. Although trash bank has quite common, and easily to find in Indonesia and other countries, but garbage as scheme to pay health expense can consider as something new. Garbage Clinical Insurance as innovation can be accepted or rejected...
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Maintaining Nature by Traditional Ceremony Ethnographic Study of Traditional Ceremony of Ngalaksa

Mukhlis Aliyudin
This paper describes the traditional ceremony of Ngalaksa which practiced by indigenous people in Rancakalong, Sumedang, West Java as an expression of gratitude to The Creator for the abundant harvest which is symbolically can be assumed as an important way to keep environment well maintained. The traditional...
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Forms of Communication in Local Wisdom-Based Environmental Education at Eco Camp

Santi Susanti, Sukaesih Sukaesih, Iwan Koswara
Eco Learning Camp or Eco Camp is a non-profit organization established to develop educational, conservation, research and other creative activities based on the environment. It’s located near Djuanda Forest Park, Dago Pakar. Eco Camp has the vision to produce quality human beings who care about the environment....
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Movie Reception Against Alzheimer's Analysis on The Campaign Movie, Gendhuk

Farizal Famuji
Dementia is the most severe cognitive impairment because it can interfere with social, economic and psychological functions. By 2050 there will be an estimated 64.6 million people with dementia. Gendhuk movie is a film that tells the story of a child living with grandmother with symptoms of dimension...
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Cultural Perception on Anime Fans in Medan City

Irhazt Angga Denilza, Rahmanita Ginting
Anime has become a custom consumed by otaku (anime lovers). Indeed, in the everyday behavior, there is a mixing between anime language and the national language used; it becomes an ideology in life and behavior. So, otaku is a thing that is not separated on the study of cultural communication itself....
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Persuasive Communication With Successful Healing Post-Extraction of the Patient at the Oral Surgical Clinic And Maxilofacial FKG USU

Azhril Riyandi, Rahmanita Ginting
This study aims to analyze the persuasive communications of co-assistant student in handle the success of healing post-extraction of patients at the oral surgical clinic and Maxillofacial in FKG USU. Tooth extraction is a process of dental expulsion from the alveolus. There are several things that patients...
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The Change of Beauty Standard, A Korean Wave Phenomenon Findings from Bandung City

Abie Besman, Rani Septrina, Putri Halleyana Adrikni Rahman
This work identifies the change of beauty standard, following the Korean Wave infiltration in the City of Bandung, Indonesia. The primary data were obtained by conducting a survey in June 2017. A set of questionnaires was developed to collect respondent beauty values. This questionnaire represents the...
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Connections of Urban People on Indah Hanaco

Resti Nurfaidah
Urban living was fast growing with its developed complexities that always accompanied the people lives in the urban area. Urban displayed many things that were growing so fast, practical, restricted, individualistic, and all-bossial. Those high complexities in urban areas had tremendous impacts on people...
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Audiences Meanings on Figure Disabilities in Korean Drama Scarlet Heart

Ahmad Khairul Nuzuli
This study aims to find out how the representation of disabled characters in Scarlet Heart and how audiences interpret the character discrimination with disabilities in Scarlet Heart. Scarlet Heart Korean Drama 2016 has become the first Korean drama who obtain 11.3 rating. Representations store physical...
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Analysis of Social Harmonization Process in the Inter-religion Relation from the Perspective of Inter-Cultural Communication An Approach using Relational Dialectics and Structural Functionalism Theories

Nanang Fahrudin, Sri Hastjarjo
Until now, intercultural communication researches have been focused on motivation, behavior, and skills involved in the intercultural relation as well as on the efforts of mediating intercultural and inter-religion conflicts. Few researches have been done in the matters of how social harmonization in...
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Intercultural Conflict Among Exchange Participants of AIESEC in President University

Serdini Aminda Mazaid, Dindin Dimyati
We live in a world where many cultures and languages merge together. It is concerned with how to develop relationships among people from different backgrounds in order to studying and working effectively in the different cultural background environment. Therefore, it is clear that intercultural conflict...
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Persistence of Ulama in Progress of Islam in East Kotawaringin

Rizki Amalia Nur Anwari
The island of Borneo as widely known is the second largest island in Indonesia after Papua. The Dayak ethnic is the major inhabitant of the island along with other ethnics including Javanese, Banjarnese, and Maduranese. Yet the Dayak ethnic comprises a number of sub-ethnic such as Dayak Bakumpai, Dayak...
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The Representation of Women Sensuality in Fiesta Condoms Ads “Safety Airlines” Version on Television

Lisa Fitriana, Urip Mulyadi
Advertising in Indonesia many are wearing system sign with figure women who tend to sensuality. Phenomena aesthetics in advertisement put forward exploitation pull power body and sensuality for strengthen sell power from a product as advertisement Condom Fiesta version of Safety Airlines. Advertising...
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Correlation Between Extreme Fandom and Homosexual Behaviors of Teenager Korean Bands Fans

Ambar Sulianti, Aa M Idharul Haq, Elvariana Valencia Arisanti, Wawan Hernawan
Social media observations indicate that adolescents who excessive adore their idol partners tend to have sexual orientation that leads to homosexuality. Women who love manga, anime, homosexual-themed novels are called fujoshi while men are called fudanshi. The purpose of this study was to find out whether...
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Conflict in Cross Cultural Communication at Theological Student Dormitory of Indonesian Bible Institute, Batu, East Java - Indonesia

Lucas M Pattinama
The theological education process organized by Indonesian Bible Institute located in Batu, East Java - Indonesia and many theological schools in Indonesia, have a similar pattern by placing students in a dormitory during the course of approximately five years of education process. Students come from...
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Perception of Message on the Display “Foto Acrylic Ini Dapatkan Diskon Seumur Hidup” to Used Batik Trusmi Groups for Customers Sambal Layah Cirebon

Farida Nurfalah
The management company is required to communicate and disseminate their products to the customer in order to convince customers to buy the product by spreading the advertising in various categories among which are using posters, displays installed in several public spaces. Identify the problem in this...
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Barzanji Da’wa in Islamic Culture and Local Perspective: A Text Analysis in Verse of Barzanji

Siti Habibah Maemunah
Barzanji is a prayer, praise and storytelling of Prophet Muhammad SAW biography. It tells about his noble character and event to serve as good example for mankind. Barzanji usually used by Islamic society as a prayer at the birth ceremony of the baby or for the memorial birth of the Prophet Muhammad...
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Online Communication Platform Contributions to Internal Communication: A Lesson from Telkom Digital Service Division

Karina Aliefiani, Mohammad Shihab
Nowadays, computer-mediated communication (CMC) enables the employees to ease work coordination and communication within an organization. An organization, in which hierarchy exists among its employees, must keep the communication flow in order to maintain activities leading to reach the organizational...
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The Influence of Marketing Management of Transportation Services on the Satisfaction of Public Services in Jakarta

Rahayu Kusumadewi, Agus Alamsyah Perwiranegara, Kustana Kustana
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of marketing management of transportation services to the satisfaction of public services in Jakarta. The research method used in this study is associative research method. It is a research that tries to find the relation of causality between one variable...
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Critical Discourse Analysis of Asian Games 2018's Preparation in Indonesia Online News Media

Teguh Dwi Putranto, Daniel Susilo
Asian Games as the highest sports event in the Asian continent became a prestigious sporting event, especially for countries in Asia. As one of the countries in the continent of Asia, Indonesia has a pretty onerous task in the Asian Games this year. In addition to having to perform optimally as a contingent...
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Consumer Perception Analysis on Social Media of Private Telco Industry through Social Media Monitoring Utilization: Literature Study at Social Media Measurement Mediawave Agency Bandung

Martha Tri Lestari
The development of industrial technology is now one of the phenomenon of the cause of the birth of an agency that offers social media monitoring services that are currently used by some of Indonesia's leading industries, one of which is Mediawave Indonesia. Services offered in the form of social media...
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Netnography Study of Digital Democracy Forum (FDD) on Electronic Information and Transaction Law (UU ITE)

Nani Kurniasari
The revolution of digital era has changed our lives in every way. The invention of social media change how people communicate to each other nowadays. Some communities use it as a new media for discussion. Whats App Group (WAG) is one of the most popular social media that been used by a community for...
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Asian Women’s Body Construction in Online News Media

Daniel Susilo
It would not be a become be a problematic issue if gender differences were did not create gender inequalities. However, it turns out that gender differences have created various injustices leading to inequality of opportunities, rights, and responsibilities, especially to for women. Those phenomena can...
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Critical Discourse Analysis of Lambe Turah Instagram Account as Post Truth Era Inauguration: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Lambe Turah Instagram Account on Second Nyonyah Edition

Rahmat Edi Irawan, Merry Fridha
This research is trying to give a picture of the massive technology information and how it gets easier to access any information as it is served just by the end of our finger. One click is enough to give us access to the information we need. The speed of this information spread has made it a blade with...
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Speech Acts Analysis in Whatsapp Status Updates

Barzan Faizin, M. Ali Ramdhani, Wawan Gunawan, Dudang Gojali
This study elaborates the use of speech acts in computer-mediated communication, particularly in the whatsapp status message, to communicate in a mass medium. The study is a qualitative content analysis which applied a sample population covering a total number of 86 status messages posted by 23 participants...
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Social Media Utilization by Millenial Generation in Order to Support Radicalism Spirit Counter

Gerald Theodorus L. Thoruan
Nowadays in globalization era whereas technology develop fastly and everybody can use it to access information easily. In digital era nowadays, conventional media still exist but in this era has been abandoned by the generation which born in digital era, they are millennial generation. Media which they...
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A New Softporn? Challenges to Religious Symbols as Form of Fashion Communication in Social Media

Rino F. Boer, D Melsa N.
Today social media are not only media for individual interaction but also for the construction of personal and community identity. The problem sometimes emerges when the construction of personal identity is in conflict with social values in public. This research focuses on the phenomenon of Jilboobs...
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Privacy and Social Media Conceptual Review on Private Turbulence in Communication Privacy Management of Social Media

Monika Sri Yuliarti, Likha Sari Anggreni, Prahastiwi Utari
The shift of the era produces some new innovations. When it comes to the global era, internet seems crucial in creating people’s new way of life. Communication process also changes along with the invention of the internet, which also possible to be done in social media. Meanwhile, human interaction involves...
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Student’s Privacy and Self Presentation in Social Networking Site

Fridayanti Fridayanti, Fenti Hikmawati, Anjani Pratiwi
Self-presentation in social media has become a phenomenon in the digital era today, especially in the student as adolescents. This study aims to examine the influence of teen privacy on self-presentation in social media. Total Subjects in this study as many as 189 students of high school students, with...
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Framing Analysis of Anies Baswedan’s Pribumi Speech in and

Nabilah Adzhani, Rahmanita Ginting
The aim of this study is to find out how and framed the word Pribumi in Anies Baswedan’s speech. The theories used in this research are Social Media Construction Theory and Framing Analysis. The qualitative method with constructivist paradigm used in this research. Data analysis...
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Campaigning #golkarsolid: Branding Image Strategy of Golkar Party on Social Media

Moch Fakhruroji, Khoiruddin Muchtar
Social media has become one of the popular media in building a political image. In the case of Indonesia, almost all political parties have an official social media account that is not only used as a means to share information to its follower but also to build a political image. One of the largest parties...
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The Strategy of Politics in Using Portal Online Media to Implicate a Personalization of Politics that has been done by an Elite Group in North Sulawesi

Rizkya Dwijayanti, Stefanus Rodrick Juraman, Shirley Y. V. I. Goni
The accessibility of online news media today offers a major opportunity for individual‘s to receive as much information as possible. Thus it becomes the main political news platform for the local people. On the other hand, it creates an opportunity for online media companies to use their influence to...
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Review of Political Party and Empowerment Preaching

Nia Kurniati Syam
Indonesia is one of the countries that embraces democratic governance system with multiparty model and has specific law for party system. In every opportunity before the election, whether election for president, governor or mayor, party laws is always reviewed. The last one is law number 2 in 2008 which...
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Political Communication Activities of Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS) in the Openness of Ideology

Erfina Nurussa’adah, Suwandi Sumartias, Soeganda Priyatna
For the sake of power, political parties will compete to open themselves to be able to accommodate all the bases of voters. This condition makes party ideology no longer a major element in internal party decision making, in addition ideology is no longer a benchmark in making policies. It becomes an...
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The Practices of Republic Indonesia’s Diplomacy to Taking Over The Management of Flight Information Region (FIR) above Natuna Island From The Republic of Singapore

Pramono Benyamin
Indonesia has to fully control "Flight Information Region" (FIR) over the Natuna islands to strengthen control over air space in the border area. Natuna borders on South China Sea in which Pacific big powers, China and the United States have security interest. FIR over Natuna has to be put immediately...
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Patriarchal Political Culture, Obstacles of Women Political Performance Case Study of West Java Province in 2018 Regional Heads Election

Evie Ariadne Sinta Dewi
This article discusses about the powerless of West Java’s women in political sphere because of many obstacles. Using a qualitative descriptive paradigm with case study method, data were collected through in-depth interviews both orally and in writing, observation and documentation studies. The informants...
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Political Communication and Economy: Grassroots Community Perspectives

Muhardi Muhardi, Cici Cintyawati
The economy issue usually emerges as a vital topic in the political communication to gather interest from the society, especially the grassroots community. This article argues that political communication and economy are related to each other. The aim of this research is to analyze the political communication...
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The Identity Construction of Woman Politician on Facebook

FSM Nurannafi, Elita Rd. Funny, Edwin Rizal, Slamet Miulyana
In 2014, According to Association of Internet Service Providers Indonesia's data, internet users in Indonesia will reach 107 million in 2014. This study looks at how Facebook as a medium of political communication is used well by women legislators in constructing their identity as the representatives...
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CSR for Library A Study on CSR of Bank BJB for Building the Gasibu Library in Bandung, West Java

Neneng Komariah, Encang Saepudin, Saleha Rodiah
Literacy movement should be supported by availability of qualified and accessible reading materials for people with reading interest. Public library may support literacy movement, so there must be a public library empowerment. Government of West Java Province has built Gasibu public library located near...
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Marketing Communication of Non-profit Organizations A Content Analysis on Instagram Posts of @rumahzakat

Voettie Wisataone
To encourage people to give donation, non-profit organizations need to create promoting media. Technology development is taking roles in the area of e-marketing development, particularly in the social media use. It makes such media as the most frequently used promoting media by many organizations, such...
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Public Relations Strategies to Built Financial Technology (Fintech) Awareness The ‘Koinworks’ Way

Debby Natalia, Mohammad Shihab
Traditional way of financing has been shifted by financial technology. This situation is supported by demands coming from unbanked people and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). By the end of 2016, only 36% of Indonesian adults have an account at the formal financial institution, while 49 million SMEs...
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Being Mama Papua is One of the Result of Tri Rismaharini in Implementing Community Relations

Siska Armawati Sufa, Bachrul Amiq, Slamet Riyadi
Much of community relations, however, is unintentional, as well as Risma, first women’s mayor in Surabaya city also appealed the citizens of Surabaya to care and provide assistance to the people of Papua, if the people of Surabaya help other people affected by disaster, then the city of Surabaya will...
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Tourism 2.0: eWoM’s Dimensions How Costumers Consider eWOM to Book Hotels on Trip Advisor’s websites?

Fitria Avicenna
This paper discusses the behaviour of consumers to seek and receive information in electronic form of Word of Mouth (eWOM). Today, more customers prefer to collect information about their destinations through social networks and search engines. Trip Advisor, as one of SNS with thematic category that...
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The Image of Sundanese Culture City: The Phenomenological Study on Public Relations of Local Government in Purwakarta District

Dyah Rahmi Astuti
This research is about the image of the City District Government Sundanese culture in Purwakarta. A positive image not instinctive, but there are PR efforts through its activities, it is intended to establish a good relationship with the surrounding community. Efforts are being made fairly Purwakarta...
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The Influence of Marketing Management of Transportation Services on the Satisfaction of Public Services in Jakarta

Rahayu Kusumadewi, Agus Alamsyah Perwiranegara, Kustana Kustana
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of marketing management of transportation services to the satisfaction of public services in Jakarta. The research method used in this study is associative research method. It is a research that tries to find the relation of causality between one variable...
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Public Relations Efforts in Increasing Positive Images at PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Operation Area 1 Jakarta (Study on the Plummeted of the Senja Utama Solo Train  at Tanah Abang)

Risma Kartika, Ghea Gianti Maisha Komariah
Railway is a transportation that cannot be separated from the life of Indonesian society. The development and changing that are built does not mean PT Kereta Api Indonesia does not experience problems that can reduce its image. The crash of the Senja Utama Solo Train in Tanah Abang has made the image...
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Creative Branding Strategy Developing Brand Identity Strategy of Tribun Jogja

Faruq Alhasbi, Rama Kertamukti
Product differentiation is important for companies to influence market competition. Strong brands are formed from strong differentiation, so that consumers can analyze products among commodities. Qualitative descriptive method is used to look at TJ's strategy in communicating brand values and core. Data...
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Media Treatment on Religion Issues

Lutfi Basit
The contestation of the 2017 regional head election of DKI Jakarta is over, but its impact on social life and religious primordial issue is still felt across Indonesia. This situation could not be separated from the way that television (media) treats primordial issues such as religion as their media...
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Islamic Religious Messages in Local Television Level

Arif Budi Prasetya
The development of the world of media, especially television is not only dominated by the national private media industry alone. However, to be able to touch the social level and religious spirit of society in the region, there is a local private television. For Malang Raya area, the presence of local...
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The Role of Islamic Values to Prevent The Society for Cyber Crime Victim in Social Media

Edy Santoso
Along with the increasing use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a tool for human interaction, the development of communication is growing. The use of this tool to becomes a trigger for changing of human interaction in all sectors, whose implications could be either positive or negative....
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Media and Ulama Qualitative Studies of Phenomonological Traditions Concerning the Perception of Islamic Organizations to Media Neutrality in Indonesia

Imron Rosyidi, Darajat Wibawa, Asep Muhyidin, Dadan Suherdiana, Muhklis Aliudin
Since the reformation era, Indonesian mass media has a fundamental change. Not only in the increasing number of printed and electronic mass media but also qualitatively changing the nature and diversity of mass media content. In this reformation era, Indonesia became one of the fastest growing mass media...
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Religion Program on The TV Qualitative Research about Perceptions of Communication Science Student of UIN Bandung to the ”Mamah dan Aa Beraksi” Show in Indosiar Television

Enjang AS, Darajat Wibawa, Encep Dul Wahab, Enjang Muhaimin, Dono Darsono
Television is still today as one of the most popular media community, but behind its advantages and superiority, television has a more complex workflow process. One of the televisions that publication the program of Islamic such as “Mamah dan Aa Beraksi”. This program presents Mamah Dedeh as a speaker...
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Media Construction and Radicalism

Darajat Wibawa
The media has a role in changing of the views, attitudes, and behavior of people, groups, organizations, cultures and social systems. The media able to construct events in the field. Therefore, the media can be used for various purposes, including radicalism and terrorism publishing by certain parties....
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New Media and Sectarianism in Indonesia

Dedy Djamaluddin Malik
This article provides a descriptive lens of the emergent hate-speech that has been spreading in various new media as result of the religious sectarianism interests in Islamic community. The reinforcements of sectarianism in Indonesian Islamic community is not separated from global turbulences and political...
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Construction News Post Dissolution Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) Analysis Framing of Post Dissolution Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) on Online Media,, and

Fransisco Lelapary
Online media is experiencing a very rapid development. This is influenced by the lifestyle of Indonesian people who also experience behavior change, almost all activities in the present era use the internet. Search for information and news using online media as well, at the same time conventional media...