Proceedings of the International Conference On Multidisciplinary Studies (ICOMSI 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Haryani Saptaningtyas, Agung Hidayat, Chanel Tri Handoko, Mibtadin, Akbarudin Arif
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ICoMSi 2022 during 19–20 October 2022 in Surakarta, Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Scientific Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful...
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The Impact of Tourism Village Development on Quality of Life

Ulfah Choirunisa, Aditya Rahmat Gunawan
The Indonesian government continues to strive for economic recovery from the pandemic covid-19, especially in the economic and tourism sector. Tourism is a potential sector to be developed because it encourages and accelerates economic growth. This requires cooperation between government and non-government....
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The Influence of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Comorbidity Factors in COVID-19 Patients on IgM and IgG Antibody Levels of SARS-Cov-2 at M. Yunus Hospital and Harapan Dan Doa Hospital Bengkulu City

Debie Rizqoh, Kristin Ronaniou Haloho, Enny Nugraheni, Widyawati, Utari Hartati, Riry Ambarsary
The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak was officially declared a global health emergency by the WHO on January 30, 2020, and poses a high risk to countries with vulnerable health levels. COVID-19 patients may also have comorbid factors for infection with COVID-19. The results of previous studies...
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Strengthening the Creative Economy of Small and Medium Industries in Supporting the Tourism Potential in Surakarta

Dora Kusumastuti, Siti Mardhika Sari
Surakarta occupies the entire administrative territory with an area of approximately 4,672 hectares. In the national development strategy and policy of the Provincial Government of Central Java, Surakarta completes its function as a tourism city. The existence of several cultural events held in Surakarta...
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Calculation of the Vegetation Index as a Basis for Biodiversity Park Management at PT Sarihusada Generasi Mahardhika - Prambanan Factory

Mohammad Prasanto Bimantio, Nanda Satya Nugraha, Amallia Ferhat, Dian Pratama Putra, Dorisno
The existence of the initiation of the construction of a biodiversity park is a form of the company’s concern for the balance of the ecosystem, one of which is related to maintaining biodiversity. This research has the benefit of obtaining baseline data or basic data as a basis for measuring the success...
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Analysis of Social Capital on Pregnant Woman Perception in Primary Prevention Stunting

Eko Mindarsih, Muhammad Akhyar, Budiyanti Wiboworini, Suminah
Stunting results in the low quality of human resources and causes intergenerational poverty. Efforts to accelerate stunting reduction require the involvement of all elements of society, which is known as social capital. The social capital approach can change the perception of pregnant women in the effort...
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The Effectiveness of Quran Recitation Audio Therapy on Improving Students’ Concentration Power

Queen R. R. Zaidah, Kunnin N. Allina, Muhammad Imaduddin
This study was designed to examine the effectiveness of Quran recitation audio therapy on students’ concentration power. This study aims to enhance the concentration capability among students by providing Quran recitation as an audio intervention in the form of spiritual relaxation training. ...
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Gender Deradicalization: Economic and Political Violence Analysis in the Perspective of Nasaruddin Umar

Mochammad Sidqi Awaliya Rahman, M. Misbah
Gender equality is a significant issue affecting all countries and religions worldwide. Nonetheless, gender discrimination remains become commonplace. One of the reasons for this is the continued veneration of patriarchy, which places men more dominant than women in the social structure. This discrimination...
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Traffic Congestion Effect on Socio-Economic of Road Users in Palembang City

Sulaiman Helmi, Wahyuni Wahab
Traffic Congestion is one of the common problems for road users found in almost all cities with high mobilization activities. Palembang is one of the capital cities in Indonesia that has been dealing with Traffic Congestion problems. It certainly has impacted road users, while one of the biggest ones...
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Application of Protection Motivation Theory to Predict the Intention of Food Safety Behavior Among Food Handlers in the Culinary Area of Bantul Beach Tourism, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Asep Rustiawan, Endang Sutisna Sulaeman, Suminah, Sri Mulyani
Foodborne diseases are mostly caused by poor food safety behavior of food handlers. Bad behavior is formed in food handlers who believe that food safety is not an important thing to do. According to the Protection Motivation Theory (PMT), someone will take action if the more serious they feel the negative...
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Study of Waste Management at the Jatibarang Landfill, Semarang City

Saputra Hasthi, Lilin Budiati, Rukuh Setiadi
The hundreds to thousands of tons of waste generated every day by Semarang City residents has resulted in an increase in waste generation at the landfill, including the Jatibarang landfill. This condition will continue to increase along with waste management that is not carried out in accordance with...
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Community Economic Empowerment Model for Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) by Islamic Organization

(Case Study Organization Owned-Enterprise Hidayatullah As-Sakinah Cooperative)

Annisa Qurrota A’yun, Haryani Saptaningtyas, Widiyanto
The Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) aimed at ending poverty, reducing inequality, and protecting the environment are designed by involving all development actors, including the Government, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the private sector, academia, and so on. One of the Islamic Religion-based...
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The Symbolic Meaning of Sudiro’s Grebeg Celebration on Chinese New Year in Solo

Betty Gama, Yoto Widodo, Adhika Prasetya Kusharsanto, Henny Sri Kusumawati
Grebeg Sudiro is one of the cultural events in Indonesia that shows the harmony between Javanese and Chinese ethnicities who live in one environment in the city of Solo, especially in Sudiroprajan Village. Despite their differences, they still value and respect each other. This study aims to determine...
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CSR on Broadcasting Industry for Restoring the Mosque Performances Upon the Covid-19 Pandemic Damages

Hery Pamungkas, Darsono, Dwiningtyas Padmaningrum, S. U. Supriyadi, Jumanto Jumanto
The powerlessness of mosque managers in developing creativity and innovation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the use of information technology, requires understanding, especially the demands of the community who request that mosques can return to exist in response to the public’s longing...
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Polarizing Global Perceptions of 2022 Floods in Pakistan

Bintang Indra Wibisono, Dini Septianti Nurkhasanah, Anisya Olivia Saphire, Femri Resdifianti
Climate change marked by heatwave and high rainfall has resulted in major flooding in Pakistan. The floods in June–August 2022 resulted in more than 1,700 casualties and affected several communities in six districts in Pakistan. The issue of climate change has become a worldwide concern, but this flood...
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Effect of Aeration Injection Technology Application on Dissolved Oxygen in Floating Net Cages in Cengklik Reservoir Waters, Boyolali Regency

Fatimah Nurul Mahdiyah Jayatri, Adhy Kurniawan, Susilo Budi Priyono
Eutrophication in the Cengklik Reservoir has become a problem that occurs every year which results in the faster growth of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) around the reservoir waters. This occurs due to increased utilization of the reservoir causing a large amount of waste input into the waters,...
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Governance in Constructing a Sustainable Waste Management System: The Jakarta Recycle Center Program Case Study

Wikan Indrianingdyah Budiharto, Dwi Nowo Martono, Sri Wahyono
The waste reduction movement is presently underway due to the full landfill capacity in several major cities, including Jakarta, Indonesia. On the other hand, the perspective of the use of waste as a renewable resource has emerged and has created a resource loop that creates a circular economic cycle....
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The Role of Community-Based Social Welfare Agency for Elderly in the Success of Social Rehabilitation Assistance Programs: Case Studies in Indonesia

Arini Dwi Deswanti, Dwi Heru Sukoco, Rosilawati, Teodorus I. P. Siahaan
The role of a community-based social welfare agency for the elderly as a government partner is very crucial. This paper discusses about the involvements of community-based social welfare agencies for the elderly in social rehabilitation assistance programs by the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic...
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Community Behaviour in Stunting Prevention in Leuwigoong Village, Leuwigoong Sub-district Garut Regency

Dwi Yuliani, Dyah Asri Gita Pratiwi
This research is motivated by secondary data showing that Indonesia’s stunting rate is high. Garut Regency is one of the regions that have the highest stunting rate in West Java and ranks third in Indonesia. Leuwigoong Village, Leuwigoong District is one area that received special attention from the...
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Participatory Campaign in Improving Community Care about Stunting Prevention at Rancabango Garut

Susilawati, Helping Indah Kartini, July Kriswanto J. V. Duha
Stunting prevention is a priority program in Indonesia that needs to be supported by the community, especially in areas with high prevalence such as Garut. Continuous efforts are needed to increase community care for prevention. This study aims to evaluate effectiveness of participatory campaign approach...
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Promoting Disability Community in Supporting Inclusion Development: A Preliminary Study

Laily Furaida, Ravik Karsidi, Drajat Tri Kartono, Sapja Anantanyu
This paper aims to provide an overview of the process of disability community formation in an effort to support the realization of inclusion development. This paper is a brief review of how potential is disability community due to community development issues based on disability employment data in Indonesia...
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Adaptive Social Protection for Poor Families

Tuti Kartika, Aribowo, Dede Kuswanda, Hanifah Syahroeddin
Poverty is a conventional problem that is still interesting to study. Various efforts have been made to overcome it. These efforts are still responsive, not paying attention to more in-depth predictions regarding the threats, dangers faced vulnerabilities, and capacities possessed by poor families. This...
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Development of a Workplace Health Promotion Model to Treat Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

Suhardi, Muchsin Doewes, Noer Rachma, Sapja Anantanyu
This study aims to examine the health promotion model to tackle WMSDs. The health promotion models studied were stretching exercises from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia and stretching exercises developed by researchers (PKDTK). The method used is quantitative analysis, namely paired...
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Development of Trilogy Religious Harmony Based on Local Culture in Mountain Commmunities: A Study on the Ngargoyoso Community, Karanganyar, Central Java

Lilam Kadarin Nuriyanto, Mibtadin, Arnis Rachmadhani, Rosidin, Muh Isnanto
Local wisdom to think and act is necessary in a pluralistic society like Ngargoyoso. The Ngargoyoso community puts forward the concept of religious harmony trilogy based on local culture which encourages them to learn and understand each other based on local culture. How is the development of the trilogy...
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Comparison of Geometry Characteristics and River Island Resistance: Case Study of Progo River and Solo River

Agus Maryono, Alifia Darmayanti, Pratama Tirza Surya Sembada
The river island is one of the important components in river ecology development because of its function as a restraining components to river flow velocity and increasing the diversification of river flow distribution. Various occurrences of river island erosion that occur in river restoration projects...
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The Role of Human Resources in Social Welfare Implementation in Assistance of Children Victims of Sexual Violence in Bekasi City During Covid-19

Silvia Fatmah Nurusshobah, Ella Nurlela, Sara Zefanya Talahatu
This study examines the role of Human Resources in providing social welfare in assisting child victims of sexual violence in Bekasi City during the Covid-19 period. Through a descriptive qualitative approach, this study describes the role of human resources in the provision of social welfare in assisting...
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“From Economic Empowerment to Self Confidence”: Utilizing of Livelihood Asset for Women

Haryani Saptaningtyas, Amalia Nadifta Ulfa, Widiyanto, Putri Permatasari, Indah Nurhidayati
Various poverty reduction programs targeting women as actors have been carried out decades, one example being the Maju Mandiri Indonesian Women's Village Model (PRIMA Village). However, only a few of those programs have succeeded in increasing women's capacity, to be a decision-makers in using...
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Socio-Demographic Factors Associated with Postpartum Contraceptives Used

Yani Widyastuti, Mohammad Akhyar, Retno Setyowati, Sri Mulyani, Anik Lestari
Narrow pregnancy intervals are known to increase the risk of maternal and neonatal mortality. At intervals of less than 6 months, siblings less than 2 years old are at 60% risk of death. Increased use of family planning can reduce maternal mortality by 40%. The achievement of postpartum family planning...
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Developing AKM Task with Ethnomathematics Based on Canva for Primary Students

Wuli Oktiningrum, Dyah Ayu Pramoda Wardhani
The goal of this research is developing task used ethnomathematics as context using Canva application to assess numeracy skill of primary students. Ethnomathematics is the study of the relationship between mathematics and culture. Culture is the best context for students to learn mathematics because...
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Technological Determinism: The Hallyu Phenomenon in Indonesia (Lifestyle and Consumption of the Hallyu Fan Community)

Ni Made Yunantari Dewi, Pawito, Agung Satyawan
The rapid development of information and communication technology media has helped spread Hallyu in the world, including Indonesia. Hallyu as popular or global culture is inseparable from the consumption behaviour and determination of the mass media towards the public who act as consumers. Lifestyle...
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The Flood and Clean Water: The Threat of Building a New Nation’s Capital with the Concept of a Forest City

Agus Suntoro, Ade Angelia Yusniar Marbun, Prasetyo Adi Nugroho
The government’s decision to move the centre of government from Jakarta to the State Capital (IKN) in East Kalimantan has similar threats and risks, such as flooding and the provision of clean water. This indicator is reflected in data from the Central Kalimantan Region, which shows rainfall in level...
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Influence Sustainable Consumption Campaigns on Intention to Perform Food Waste Reduction Behavior of Young Consumers in Yogyakarta

Sri Peni Wastutiningsih, Dina Aulia
Food waste was the biggest contributor of waste amount 40,8% in Indonesia, according to Sistem Informasi Pengelolaan Sampah Nasional. Food waste also has a significant impact on the environment due to its greenhouse gas emissions. However, food waste is still uncommon in public discourse. Gifood is the...
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Violence Against Women in Social Media; (Normalization of Sexual Violence in Whatsapp Conversation Texts)

Isna Wijayani, Siti Rahayu Pratami Lexianingrum
Women are confronted by unfair treatment in the form of violence in media. The violence can be in the form of physical violence or symbolic violence. The current development of technology could provide a space for someone to be abusive towards women. Through Whatsapp conversation media, women are likely...
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Assessment of the Compliance to Food Hygiene and Protection Measures for Prevention of COVID-19 in Urban Area

Desy Sulistiyorini, Eka Rokhmi ati Wahyu Purnamasari
To stop the spread of COVID-19, numerous public policies and programs have been implemented worldwide. Globally, social and public health initiatives have been put in place to stop the COVID-19 virus from spreading. Effective pandemic control relies on community compliance with these measures. Urban...
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Analysis of the Implementation of the Referral System (Baksokuda) in Mandiri Midwife Practice

Sherkia Ichtiarsi Prakasiwi, Umi Khasanah
Maternal and neonatal emergencies are cases that need to be treated immediately because they have a very high risk. Threats if not treated immediately can threaten the life of the mother and baby. Maternal Mortality Rate and Infant Mortality Rate in Indonesia are still high. Maternal mortality in Indonesia...
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Review Article about Empowerment Models of Breastfeeding Mothers That Are Done In Parts of the World

Umi Khasanah, Yulia Lanti Retno Dewi, Suwarto, Dwiningtyas Padmaningrum
Breastfeeding is one of the effective ways for the health and survival of a child, so it is necessary to increase breastfeeding to the international level throughout the world. To support sustainable and optimal breastfeeding practices, UNICEF and WHO call on governments and stakeholders to increase...
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The Comparison of Mise-En-Scène in Indonesia Wayang Kulit and Animation

Andrian Wikayanto, Nuning Yanti Damayanti, Banung Grahita, Hafiz Aziz Ahmad
The existence of animation is often compared with wayang, which has existed in Indonesia for a long time. Wayang is considered a representation of animation in its traditional form in Indonesia. At the same time, animation is regarded as a form of wayang in the modern version. However, no research has...
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The Influence of Anti-violence Program of the “CSR” Carried Out by Media Institutions on Family Empowerment

S. U. Soeprapto, M. S. Mahendra Wijaya, R. B. Soemanto, M. Si Suminah
Discussions about domestic violence are very often done in various activities, such as seminars, workshops, and research. Various efforts of the government and non-governmental organizations have also been carried out. With a number of these actions, the phenomenon of domestic violence should no longer...
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Development of Religious Moderation Based on Religious Traditions in the Agung Mosque of the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace

Mibtadin, Wakit, Prasetyo Adi Wisnu Wibowo, M. Muhtarom, Lilam Kadarin Nuriyanto
The Agung Mosque is part of the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace serving for the development of Islamic proselytizing and the preservation of religious traditions. The Agung Mosque has a significant role in the development of religious traditions and the center for the preservation of Javanese Islamic culture....
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Meta-analysis of PT Kilang Pertamina International's Community Empowerment Sei Pakning Unit in the Independent Peat Village Program

Miftah Faridl Widhagdha, Haryani Saptaningtyas, Rahmad Hidayat
Group dynamics in community empowerment programs are important to note because they can affect collective action. The common interests that characterize social bonds for groups in Indonesia indicate that this factor needs to be managed so that the objectives of community empowerment programs targeting...
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The Scientific Literacy’s Profile of Primary Education’s Teacher Candidates

Adzimatnur Muslihasari, Herawati Susilo, Ibrohim, Betty Lukiati
This study aimed to identify the scienctific literacy’s profile of primary education’s teacher candidates in Malang. The research method used was descriptive with quantitative approach. The research was conducted in the academic year 2022/2023 at Primary Education’s Major at Universitas Islam Raden Rahmat....