Proceedings of the First International Conference on Social Science, Humanity, and Public Health (ICOSHIP 2020)

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Translingual Dispositions, Multilingual P-Pop and the Fight for Philippine Languages Online

Ruanni Tupas
This paper discusses and maps out an instantiation of everyday multilingualism online. It argues that translingual dispositions – ways of speaking, thinking and doing which embrace, rather than reject, all forms of linguistic difference – are an important component in the struggle for the survival and...
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Disaster Information Literacy During Covid-19 Pandemic at a Christian School in Disaster-Prone Area

Petrus Ana Andung, Leonard Lobo, Silvania S. E Mandaru
East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province in Indonesia, is susceptible to the threat of natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, landslides, drought, whirlwinds, and fires. This means that all districts in the province are categorized as a disaster-prone area. The results of the preliminary study...
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Digital Supervision of Assimilated Inmates in the Covid-19 Pandemic Period

Markus Marselinus Soge
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced a breakthrough in public policy, one of which is the policy of assimilation of inmates to avoid the potential impact of the spread of Covid-19 in penitentiaries. The public concern of the assimilation policy is how to supervise the inmates. This paper intended to discuss...
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Video-Based Android Application Development as an Educational Facility for E-Journal Users at the Library of Universitas Negeri Malang

Chamdi Fajar, Moh. Safii, Kusubakti Andajani
According to the data, there was a decrease access of e-journal by the academics of higher education institutions in Indonesia. Universitas Negeri Malang (UM) Library as a college library also had a few internal problems of students in terms of library e-journal service user education. This problem can...
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Cold Plasma Generator Using Economical High-Frequency High Voltage Flyback Transformer With Straight and L-Shaped Needles

Victor Phoa, Hariyono Rakhmad
Cold plasma has long been recognized for its effect which can be used to inactivate viruses and bacteria, both on objects and in the air. In the current state of the coronavirus pandemic, economical plasma generators can play a role in medical handling and room sanitation needs. This study analyzes the...
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Exploratory Analysis of Micro-Small Industries in Village Levels in Papua Province

Muhamad Fathul Muin, Dedy Susanto
The industry’s existence is essential to drive economic development in a region, particularly at the village level, the smallest area where the industry is located. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the factors influencing the micro-small industry (MSI) in the village area. This study involves 759...
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Information System for Doctor Practice Scheduling at Hospitals in Jember District

Mochammad Choirur Roziqin, Dony Setiawan Hendyca Putra, Muhammad Syeikhooni Noor
Making an apt decision can reduce the impact of a disaster as part of disaster mitigation. Disaster mitigation cannot be separated from hospital services related to doctors and medical teams in providing services to patients. Ideally, choosing a hospital during a disaster case is not only based on the...
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Sustainability Status of Batik Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Jember Regency

Dewi Kurniawati, Oktanita Anggraeni
Sustainable development is a development that seeks to fulfill the current need, without decreasing the futures generation’s ability to fulfill their needs. There are three main reasons why economic development must be sustainable, namely economic theory, socio-environmental, social inequalities [2]....
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The Implementation of Big Data Technology in Virtual Machines for Mapping 2019-nCoV Pandemic on the Students of Information Technology

Surateno, Ery Setiyawan Jullev Atmadji
The spread of Covid-19 has influenced changes in human behavior and paradigm including in teaching and learning process. The teaching and learning process has now been replaced by E-Learning models which offer flexibility for both teachers and students. Current learning process can be accessed by students...
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Production and Calculation of Economic Value of the Coffee Skin Waste Products

Sumadi, Oryza Ardhiarisca, Rediyanto Putra
Sumber Kembang farmer group produced 5,851 kg of coffee on 4 hectares of land with a waste of 3,510.6 kg. Most of the coffee waste is thrown into the river by farmers so that it can damage the environment and can lead to catastrophic flooding. Even though the coffee skin waste can still be used to improve...
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The Relevance of Dacum Chart to the Updated Semester Learning Plan of Food Industry Technology Study Program Politeknik Negeri Jember in the Academic Year of 2020

Asep Samsudin, Elly Antika, Muhammad Dzulkifli
The Food Industry Technology Study Program of the Politeknik Negeri Jember has used higher education curriculum. Develop a Curriculum (Dacum) method can be included as a need analysis process in the framework of the higher education curriculum. Dacum is needed in order to meet the requirement of graduate...
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The Implementation of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning Through YouTube Vlogging to Boost Students’ Speaking Performance

Nodistya Septian Indrastana, Renata Kenanga Rinda
Technology has an essential part in the world of education 4.0. Technology integration is needed in teaching and learning processes to successfully achieve the targeted learning outcome. Therefore, Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) has become an interesting topic for studies related to English...
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Designing Electronic Health Record (EHRs) in a Jember Family Healthy Home Clinic

Muhammad Yunus, Atma Deharja, Maya Weka Santi
Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) are increasingly being deployed within healthcare institutions to reduce the problems, but their deployment has been slow due to high investment and maintenance costs. In this study, an Electronic Health Record system (EHRs) was designed, implemented, and tested...
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Web-Based Patient Registration System Design Based on National Standards of Hospital Accreditation at Balung Hospital Jember in Indonesia

Gamasiano Alfiansyah, Mudafiq Riyan Pratama, Selvia Juwita Swari
Balung Hospital as a referral health facility provides inpatient, outpatient, and emergency services. Patient registration at Balung Hospital is still carried out manually. Before receiving outpatient services, patients must register by queuing at the registration point. In addition, information regarding...
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The Use of Personal Protective Equipment for Medical Recorders and Health Information During Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Kori Puspita Ningsih, Kuswanto Hardjo, Endang Purwanti
The 2019 Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak’s existence requires health service facilities in Indonesia to focus on the principles of patient safety and the principles of staff safety. The purpose of this study was to determine the use of personal protective equipment for medical recorders and health information...
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Analysis of Upper Arm Circumference Using Statistical Approach as a Risk Factor of Stunting Cases

I Gede Wiryawan, Huda Oktava, Ely Mulyadi, Prawidya Destarianto, Khafidurrohman Agustianto
Stunting as a condition of failure to thrive in children under five is an event that has received special attention from the government. The state of stunted babies has measured the height or length of the baby’s body that is less than minus two standard deviations of the child’s median standard of growth....
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The Accountability of the Village Fund Allocation Management at Jenggawah Village, Jember Regency

Dessy Putri Andini, Arisona Ahmad
This study aims to identify and assess the accountability of the Village Fund Allocation (ADD) management in Jenggawah Village from the planning, implementation, and responsibility. This research uses a qualitative descriptive study with three data collection techniques, namely interviews, field observations,...
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A Case Study of Communication Pattern at Traditional Food Corners in Central Java

Richard Gordon Mayopu
This study aims to look at communication patterns in social change during the Covid-19 pandemic in Salatiga. Salatiga has received an award from the Ministry of Domestic Affairs as the most innovative new normal city facing the Covid-19 which is interesting to be investigated. The theoretical framework...
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Potential Analysis of Tourist Pedicab Innovation Through Si-Cakta Application in Jember Regency

Mushthofa Kamal, Vigo Dewangga
Jember is one of the regencies in East Java, Indonesia that has traditional transportation called Becak Wisata or Tourist Pedicab. The existence of a tourist pedicab in Jember is inseparable from the Jember Fashion Carnaval event which began in 2013. Tourist pedicab became the attention of the Jember...
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Designing and Building Electronic Medical Record (EMR) on Web-Based in Primary Health Services

Sustin Farlinda, Feby Erawantini, Saiful Anwar, Destya Putri Zakiah Utami
Primary health services in Jember consist of community health centers (puskesmas) and clinics and most of them are still manual systems, namely registration of old patient files takes a relatively long time, old patients who do not carry the treatment card are new patients. This will affect the quality...
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Early Detection of Hepatitis by Using Certainty Factor

Andri Permana Wicaksno, Demiawan Rachmatta Putro Mudiono
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence that is added to a system that can be set in a scientific context or can be called artificial intelligence, the ability of a system application to generate external data correctly, use learning to learn from data, and use it to achieve goals, specific tasks...
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Utilization of Big Data Analysis as a Supporting System of Therapy Treatment for URI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection) Patients

Novita Nuraini, Sustin Farlinda, Rossalina Adi Wijayanti, Fitriana Putri
The provision of medical record files at Pesantren Public Health Center 2 Kediri exceed the maximum time limit of 10 minutes. This condition causes a longer patient waiting time, medical service process will be hampered, and reduce the quality of health service facilities. The purpose of this study was...
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Analysis of Performance Factors in Managing Medical Records in Pujer Bondowoso Health Center

Rossalina Adi Wijayanti, Gamasiano Alfiansyah, Selvia Juwita Swari, Novita Nuraini, Leni Adi Fitriani
Management of medical records at Pujer Bondowoso Health Center has not been implemented properly. This condition is due to the lack of Standard Operating Procedures for managing medical records, and Pujer Bondowoso Health Center uses a numbering system and an alignment system that is not in accordance...
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The Analysis of Misfiling Causes in Bhakti Husada General Hospital of PT. Rolas Nusantara Medika Krikilan Banyuwangi

Selvia Juwita Swari, Rossalina Adi Wijayanti, Gamasiano Alfiansyah, Indah Muflihatin, Oktarina Ayu Rahmawati
The filing room becomes one of the most supportive rooms in the service of patients’ medical records as they are safely stored due to its confidentiality and legal aspects. Bhakti Husada General Hospital of PT. Rolas Nusantara Medika Krikilan Banyuwangi found 320 misfiling (no medical record documents...
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Modisco With Moringa Leaf for Improving Childhood’s Nutritional Status

Indah Muflihatin, Veronika Vestine, JS Gandu Eko, Selvia Juwita Swari
Child growth is recognized as an important indicator of nutritional and health status. But in fact, there are still some cases of undernutrition in some areas of Jember. This is certainly a challenge for health providers because the lack of nutrients that occur in this golden period is irreversible....
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The Development Strategy of Agro-Industrial Tourism on New Normal Life in Bondowoso Regency, East Java

Tanti Kustiari, Nantil Bambang Eko Sulistyono, Muksin, Nila Afila
In 2019, a global phenomenon was disturbed the stability of world economic conditions, namely the spread of a virus called Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19). Indonesia is one of the countries that is affected by the spread of Covid-19. It causes several sectors in all parts of Indonesia to be threatened...
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The Dynamics of Coffee Bean Exports Between Indonesia’s Provinces

Atho’ Amrulloh, Evita Soliha Hani, Ketut Anom Wijaya, Yuli Hariyati
Coffee is one of the main export commodities in Indonesia. Coffee beans play an important role in economic development and poverty alleviation in Indonesia. World coffee production is predicted to increase, although not significantly. World coffee prices in the last 10 years have decreased by up to 30%....
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Application of Fuzzy Logic Sugeno Method for Diagnosis Yellow Fever

Trismayanti Dwi Puspitasari, Ria Chandra Kartika, Jazil Ramadhanty
The Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) is one of the main components to determining the degree of health and welfare people in the country. Indonesia is quite high IMR rate compared to Southeast Asian for of yellow fever. This fever usually appears in babies called new born jaundice. Babies can experience physiological...
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Institutional Dimension Levering Factor on Halal Tourism Sustainability in Banyuwangi

Muksin, D N Mutmainah, Sri Sundari, D Purwoko, Bustang
Tourism of Banyuwangi santen island is the only marine tourism that is categorized halal tourism in East Java. The local government’s efforts to develop halal tourism. The increase in tourist visits has led to some conflict of management between community groups. There are several factors from the institutional...
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Design of Program Objective Structure in Marine Ecotourism Development

Muksin, Bustang, S L Sakdiyah, D Purwoko, R Iskandar, Eni Karsiningsih
Ecotourism has become one of the tourist’s favourites. Bangsring Underwater (Bunder) tourism is marine ecotourism in Banyuwangi East Java, that has increased tourist visits. Bunder’s management involves the local community. Community engagement is expected to have a significant impact on the better management...
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Design of Nutritional Status System for Stunting Early Prevention

Niyalatul Muna, Ervina Rachmawati, Ida Nurmawati
Based on the Electronic Community-Based Nutrition Recording and Reporting (e-PPGBM) as of July 20, 2019, it shows that the prevalence of stunting in East Java has increased. One district that has a high stunting rate in East Java is Jember Regency. In Jember Regency, 2017, the prevalence of stunting...
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Online Traditional Dance Community and Children’s Mental Health: Lesson Learned During Covid-19 Pandemic

Vitri Widyaningsih, Sri Mulyani, Balgis, Eti Poncorini Pamungkasari, Yusuf Ari Mashuri, Lukman Aryoseto, Ari Natalia Probandari, Hartono, Maryani
The Covid-19 pandemic has put a restriction on people’s mobility, including children. The restraint on physical and social activity for children has become an additional stressor for children. Gadget has become a daily fixture in children’s daily lives, and more children are getting addicted to gadget....
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Prototype Design of Body Mass Index Measurement for Adolescence to Prevent Chronic Energy Deficiency in Pregnancy Based on Arduino

Alinea Dwi Elisanti, Ratih Ayuninghemi, Efri Tri Ardianto
Chronic Energy Deficiency (CED) in pregnant women is just becoming a nutrition issue during the perinatal period in Indonesia. CED occurs when energy and protein necessity, are not fulfilled by the intake consumed. CED during pregnancy has a major impact on complications for mothers, babies and perinatal...
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Prototype Design of Disaster Management Application Based on Android

Efri Tri Ardianto, Bakhtiyar Hadi Prakoso, Mukhamad Angga Gumilang, Alinea Dwi Elisanti
The development of Information Technology is very fast in the world, including the mobile technology. Mobile is a cellular communication tool provide convenience for all sectors, including government agencies, to be able to produce information quickly, precisely and completely in receiving and conveying...
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Course Design of Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers in Vocational Education

Degita Danur Suharsono, Julien Arief Wicaksono, Gullit Tornado Taufan
This research was initiated from the problem of how to design the course in teaching Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language) for foreign speakers (BIPA) which is relevant and suitable to be used in vocational education. The vocational education system is a combination of knowledge, skills, and ethics....
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Need Assessment of Stunted Children During Pandemic Covid-19 to Develop Nutrition Intervention Program in Jember District, East Java, Indonesia

Dhyani Ayu Perwiraningrum, Alinea Dwi Elisanti, Dahlia Indah Amareta, Agustina Endah Werdiharini
The COVID-19 pandemic makes it possible for increasing the number of stunted children in Jember. So it is difficult to predict the target to reduce stunting. Jember is one of the districts in East Java Indonesia, has a fairly high number of children under five (80,359 people). This study aims to examine...
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Conceptualization of Agribusiness / Agro-Industry Potential Study in Kemuning Lor Village, Arjasa District, Jember Regency

Retno Sari Mahanani, Luluk Cahyo Wiyono, Taufik Hidayat, Endro Sugiartono, Berlina Yudha Pratiwi
This study specifically aims to analyze the characteristics of the economic potential of the community in Kemuning Lor Village, analyze the area classification based on the potential for agribusiness-based community economic development, and determine the priority commodities to be developed in the Village...
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The Influence of Penta Helix Model on Organizational Innovativeness and Product Innovation Performance at Creative Economy Supporting Jember District Tourism Destination

Sri Sundari, Cholyubi Yusuf, A Ahsin Kusuma, Muksin
Technology-based MSMEs creative economy startups that support Jember tourism destinations are important to be developed. Regarding the creative economy, Penta Helix which includes: 1) Academics, 2) Business, 3) Government, 4) Media and 5) Community, plays an important role in ensuring industrial creativity...
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Blended Learning: Revealing Its Transformative Potential and Practice During the Covid-19 Era

Alfi Hidayatu Miqawati, Fitri Wijayanti
The purpose of this paper is to provide an ample discussion of the transformative potential and practice of blended learning in the context of the challenges faced by teachers in teaching during the Covid-19 era. This study deployed qualitative design with several data collecting methods; observation,...
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Analysis of Decision, Plans, and Actions for the Containment of COVID-19 in Indonesia

Saut Sagala, Danang Azhari, Arief Rosyidie, Salma N. Annisa, Amesta K. Ramadhani, Rufaida N. Vicri, Ichsan Hafiz Loeksmanto, Muhammad Dimas Mahardika
The emergence and spread of the novel Coronavirus have placed a spotlight on the critical role of effective governance in managing a health crisis. In Indonesia, policymakers are continuously creating new ways to respond to the pandemic in order to manage its wide-ranging impacts. Similar to the rest...
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COVID-19 in Indonesia: An Analysis of DKI Jakarta’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Its Governance During the New Normal Period

Saut Sagala, Danang Azhari, Arief Rosyidie, Salma N. Annisa, Amesta K. Ramadhani, Rufaida N. Vicri, Muhammad Dimas Mahardika
Since the first cases in Early March 2020 until August, Jakarta is still the epicenter of the spread of the COVID-19 in Indonesia. Entering the seventh month of the outbreak the situation in Jakarta has been spiraling beyond control, indicated by a sudden rise of COVID-19 confirmed cases. The cases’...
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Policy Analysis of West Java’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Saut Sagala, Danang Azhari, Arief Rosyidie, Salma N. Annisa, Amesta K. Ramadhani, Rufaida N. Vicr, Muhammad Dimas Mahardika, Maora Rianti Masya
The Government of Indonesia (GoI) defined COVID-19 outbreak as a non-natural disaster as stated in the Decision Letter of Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management (Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana/BNPB) 9A/2020 concerning the Status of Determining the Specific Situation of Coronavirus Disease...
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Microbiological and Water Quality Status of Cibanten River

Fauzul Hayat, Nia Kurniatillah
The Cibanten river is very important for life aquatic organisms and human survival. The purpose of this study was to determine the water quality status and microbiological analyses involved Total Coliform (TC) and estimation of Fecal Coliform (FC) of Cibanten river. Water sampling was conducted along...
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New Normal at Islamic Boarding School During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Sumbawa Island

Satriya Pranata, Fadillah Ahmad Nur, Herlinda Wulandari, Muhammad Johar Zainuddin, Muhammad Hidayat
A number of Islamic boarding schools are growing rapidly. However, living in Islamic Boarding School give a high risk of Covid-19 transmission because of the intensive interraction of the students and teachers within the same isolated environment while doing activities together. There is no research...
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The Tension Between the Digital and the Actual in the Phenomenon of Dr. Tirta in

Nadya Afdholy, Setya Yuwana Sudikan, Titik Indarti, Suhartono, Darni, Udjang Pairin
The Covid-19 pandemic requires everyone to live in the excitement of the digital world. The critical quality of citizens is shown as the real quality of citizens who are immersed in demagogue-style misleading opinions. The process of digitalization emerges sudden popularity, that the figure of Tirta,...
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The Design of Discharge Summary for Patients of Continuous Care

Laili Rahmatul Ilmi, Ide Redika Sayekti
The use of information systems and technology in the health sector improves performance. A discharge summary is designed in an interface that can improve the quality of medical data documentation, efficiency, easy access to health information, support sustainable health decision-makers, and provide protection...
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Medicolegal Bioethics Study Regarding Refusal of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Stated in the Do-Not-Resuscitate Form

Rano Indradi Sudra, Eni Mahawati
One form of medical action that the patient has the potential to refuse is cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). If a patient has the right to refuse CPR, does this mean that the statement “Do-Not-Resuscitate” (DNR) is the same as euthanasia? This is an empiric juridical research and aims to identify...
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Students’ Experiences of Online English Language Learning by Using YouTube

Adriadi Novawan, Susan Mila Alvarez-Tosalem, Titik Ismailia, Julien Arief Wicaksono, Rimbi Budi Setiarini
This pandemic situation stimulates transformation of educational programs worldwide. Right now, English Language Teaching programs are transforming most of the onsite activities into remote learning which involve synchronous and asynchronous learning and communication. One of the popular technologies...
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The Use of H5P in Teaching English

Julien Arief Wicaksono, Rimbi Budi Setiarini, Osamu Ikeda, Adriadi Novawan
H5P, HTML 5 Package, is a plugin for the existing publishing systems that helps the creator to make more interesting content like presentations, interactive videos, games, and quizzes. H5P has been used by teachers, practitioners, and content creators worldwide. This paper aims at observing the use of...
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Criminal Case Game as Cyberspace: Why Online Gaming Becomes Potentially Immersive

Fatou Bintou Diatta, Ghanesya Hari Murti
Online gaming today is not only seen as leisure activity for children but also for specific purposes for adults. Criminal case has a specific interest in the adult players to get along with the cyberspace. The game offers the players the opportunity to play a role as a detective who has to solve crime....