Proceedings of the International Conference on Science and Technology (ICST 2018)

822 authors
Wurjani, Widi
Making Bioetanol from Glucose Off Grade With Fermentation Process Using Fermiol
Wurjani, Widi
Study of Humic Acid and Multiantagonis of Streptomyces Sp, Trichoderma Sp Application Techniques for Horticulture Plant on Marginal Soil
Y.B., Lukiyanto
Heat Transfer Study on Fan Coil Unit Of Water Chiller With Nanofluid Al2O3 as Chilled Water
Yanasin, Sari
Morphology and Porosity of Fe3O4@SiO2 Core-Shell: Adsorption for Heavy Metal Pb(II)
Yantidewi, Meta
A Real-Time System for Monitoring Methane Level in Biogas Production A Preliminary Study
Yasid, Achmad
The Association Rule of Corn Disease Symptoms by Using Frequent Pattern Growth and Random Forest
Yasin, Moh
Efficiency of Optical Sensors with Quasi Gaussian Beam for Determining Cholesterol Concentration
Yektiningsih, Endang
Labor Planning of Farmer Households
Yonata, Bertha
Yuliani, Yuliani
The Morphological, Anatomical, And Physiological Characteristics of Elephantopus scaber As Explant Source For Tissue Culture
Yuliani, Yuliani
Soil Physic and Chemistry Characteristics on Pesticide Application of Soybean Land in Jombang, Lamongan and Probolinggo
Yuliani, Yuliani
Azolla microphylla and Pistia stratiotes as Phytoremediator of Pb (lead)
Yuliani, Yuliani
Development Of Student Worksheet Based on Inquiry in Carbohydrate Metabolism Material to Increase Study Results of 2015 Biology Education Student
Yuniarti, Anny
The Robust Regression Performance for Face Recognition with Lighting Condition Variation of Training Data
Yusuf, M
The Effect of Overtime Work On Family Social Aspects
Yusuf, M
Workload Analysis of Rice Field Workers in Bali
Yusuf, Muhammad
A New framework of e-Participation using data science to support community empowerment
Zahroh, Halimatus
Match Between Students' Anthropometry and Furniture Dimensions in the Library Reading Area at University of Trunojoyo Madura
Zainab, Siti
Mapping Porosity Values on Coast of Sampang District Using Satellite Image Data
Zainab, Siti
The Mathematical Model of Salinity Concentration In The Coastal Area of Sampang Distric Using Remote Sensing Data
Zhafiry, Faishal
The Analysis of Retaining Wall Strengthening on Small Reservoir at Pilangbango Madiun as an Alternative of Existing Design
Zubaedah, Reza
Simulation of Flood Detection System Using Atmega 8535 Microcontroller