Proceedings of the International Conference of Innovation in Media and Visual Design (IMDES 2020)

Animation: Medium and Practice in Indonesia

RR. Mega Iranti Kusumawardhani, Muhammad Cahya Mulya Daulay
Corresponding Author
RR. Mega Iranti Kusumawardhani
Available Online 3 December 2020.
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animation, medium, practice, Indonesia
Animation has been a part of modern human life, and often become a media representation of a person, feelings, emotion, images, sound, lights, even political statements. Modern people like to see how this medium represents themselves, but they have limited access to understanding the complexity of animation production. The investigation begins with describing animation practice in the world in a glimpse through a historical perspective. The article describes how animation has been used as a versatile medium in representing humans on screen globally, how animation production takes place, and what makes it complicated and raises the budget. Data Literature is used to gather and incorporate data history about how animation was used to represent humans and ideas on screen from time to time. The article also tries to describe and analyze how the animation medium was introduced in Indonesia during the colonial era, and how animation practices in Indonesia during the Reformation era. Forum group discussion and interviews with animator practitioners, studio owners, animation artists, production houses, and government decision-makers were also conducted to gain more data about how disinformation about animation production’s budget makes the ineffective realization of the project. The result is a description and explanation of Indonesia’s animation medium and practices and its complexity in the production process.
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