Proceedings of the International Conference of Innovation in Media and Visual Design (IMDES 2020)

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Indonesian Sign Language (BISINDO) As Means to Visualize Basic Graphic Shapes Using Teachable Machine

Arya Harditya
In the contemporary digital era, it is arguable that the term Universal Design has rarely been discussed. Possibly, this is caused by the emergence of a new normal amongst the common society, the change of cultural communication, and behaviours. The shift of focus to technological development alone that...
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Analysis of Tokopedia Advertising #DirumahAjaDulu and Its Correlativity to Tokopedia Branding Position in Pandemic Era

Edo Tirtadarma, Budi Darmo
In this pandemic era caused by covid-19, people have to change their purchasing habits. They have to go online instead of doing offline shopping. Tokopedia, as a local marketplace in Indonesia, provides a solution for it. Tokopedia guarantees that everything people need available in their marketplace,...
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Web-Based Animation for 8th Grade Science Student on Human Blood Circulation

Widi Sarinastiti, Dwi Susanto, Elmanita Dewi Kirana
During the Covid 19 pandemic, education around the world has turned to online learning. It takes teacher creativity in delivering learning material to be attractive so that it motivates students to learn independently. With online learning, biology class 8 chapter, Human Blood Circulation put it on the...
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Development Phase of 2:3:5 Ratio as A Visual Composition Technique on Logo Design

Mohammad Rizaldi, S. Roy Anthonius
2: 3: 5 ratio as a composition technique was first introduced in 2017 as an exploratory research paper by the corresponding author. This research is the initial part of the ratio’s developing process as a visual composition technique in logo design using the experimental ratio’s identification methodology...
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What is Social Visual Communication Design? Proposals on How to Identify and Define it

Brian Alvin Hananto
Social design can be understood as a discipline that focuses on using design for good. The notion that designers need and can do good with their design had been proposed by many authors, scholars, and designers throughout design history. In hopes to define and determine if the social design applies to...
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A Comparative Study of Dyslexia Style Guides in Improving Readability for People With Dyslexia

Fonita Theresia Yoliando
Dyslexia is a cross-cultural complex learning disability that mainly affects the visual structure region of the human brain. The main characteristic is quite distinctive such as seeing words as if they seem doubled, overlapped, irregular, moved, danced, faded, swirled, and even bounced or jumped out...
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The Effects of Instagram Video in Property Company Communications: Analysis of Instagram Account of BSD City, Alam Sutera, and Summarecon Serpong

Mochammad Koentjoro
We now live in the Industrial 4.0 era, where many industrial practices are combined with the latest smart technology. This phenomenon also impacts the property industry, with the interactive social media Instagram being used to establish relationships and communications with the public. Photos, infographics,...
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Students’ Perspective on Learning Basic Health in 4th Grade Science Subject: Experiences and Expectations Towards Interactive Digital Design Utilization

Cennywati, Nina Hansopaheluwakan
Today’s technology advances rapidly while human critical illnesses such as cancer, coronary heart disease, kidney failure, and diabetes are affecting younger people. Based on that concern, our research team are compelled to look at the root of the problem, which is related to health awareness. It is...
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Improving the Persuasion Function in Packaging Design Through Redesigning Ready to Use Plastic Pouch Food Packaging for Micro Small Medium Enterprise Businesses

Darfi Rizkavirwan, Luisa Erica
Micro Small Medium Enterprise (MSME) business or known as UMKM in Indonesia is a business type with major and significant progress as part of the Indonesian economic sector. In addition, the president of Indonesia Joko Widodo also stated Small Micro Medium Enterprise business had contributed as much...
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Learning on Country A Game-Based Experience of an Australian Aboriginal Language

Deborah Szapiro, Cat Kutay, Jaime Garcia, William Raffe, Richard Green
Nginya naa-da banga-mari dalang wingaru-dane. Ngyina diya-ma murri dalan-wa dalang-ra1. This paper presents the design of Learning on Country an immersive, Indigenous language learning game aimed at the reclamation of oral language within community oral traditions. The context of the language use is...
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Sustainable Animation Production: Alternative Material Exploration in Puppet and Set Making for Environmental Stop Motion Animation

Dominika A. Purwaningsih, Bharoto Yekti
Traditional stop motion animation along with its distinctive visual uniqueness has a lot of enthusiasts but the number of stop motion filmmakers are pale in comparison. It is understandable because compared to other animation techniques that are done digitally, stop motion seems impractical due to the...
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Character Design for 3D Printed Zoetrope Visual Style and Character Designs Printability

Bharoto Yekti, Yohanes Merci Widiastomo, Rangga Winantyo
Zoetrope is considered as one of the important inventions in the early of moving image history. Nowadays, using 3D print technology, independent artists are able to create zoetrope that shows the motion effects of a sequence of real 3D Physical objects. There are many kinds of objects that can be printed...
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Coloring the World of Visually Impaired Character in ‘Broken Faith’

Christine Mersiana Lukmanto
Colour coordination techniques in animation are crucial in delivering the message and the concept of the story. It maps out the emotion, feeling, and mood of the setting or environment. This research discusses how colour will be utilized to express the psychological aspects between character and environment....
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Engaging Students With Experiential Website Design As Online Learning Media: Comparative Studies of Interactive Parallax Scrolling Technique on Commercial Website

Roy Anthonius Susanto
This research aims to formulate a user experience framework for the experimental of online education media. Encouraged by changes in the methods and learning behaviour of generations born in the early 1990’s or known as Y generation who deeply aware of heutagogy, an ideological form of education in which...
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Analysis of User Experience in Virtual Art Exhibition During Pandemic

Rani Aryani Widjono
Since its first emersion, Virtual Exhibition is considered to be a potential medium to exhibits Art and art education because of its ability to reach art enthusiasts as well as people who do not have access to visit galleries or exhibitions physically. Based on research that has been done on the potential...
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Designing Point of Purchase Standing Alone Category Using Visual Anamorphic Techniques for Modern Retails

Erwin Alfian
Visual with anamorphic technique is a presentation of a projected illustration with a distorted perspective that only functions effectively at certain angles. Street art artists have used this technique by drawing visually on the sidewalks of many cities to satisfy the eyes of the audience. The perspective...
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Virtual Concept Experimental Photography Exhibition “Puguh Keséd”

Rezki Gautama Tanrere, Ardiles Akyuwen
Photography exhibition is a medium used to exhibit photographic works that have passed curation and can be seen for the general public. A person can test their parameters of how far they have acquired the desired knowledge and skills through a photography exhibition. On the other hand, due to the rapid...
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Research on Teaching Design Module in International Cooperative Institute in China

Beiruo He
Taking the “Collaboration Practice” module in Birmingham Institute of Fashion and Creative Arts in Wuhan Textile University in China as an example, this paper discusses the need of updating educational content of teaching design module in international cooperative Institute based on the characteristics...
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Analysis of the Effect of Microinteraction in Instagram Application on the Users

Lia Herna
Before we know it, digital media has grown and changed rapidly. One of the most common media is social media. According to in Digital 2020: Indonesia, 160 million people in Indonesia use social media and spend 3 hours 26 minutes every day on social media applications, and 63 millions...
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Mascot Design for the Indonesian Pavilion at World Expo 2020

Nadia Mahatmi, Aditya Satyagraha
Mascot is a representation of a brand where the mascot serves as a bridge between the brand and the consumer. Mascot can be the face of a brand and can also communicate the overall brand values. In this research, the writer will design a mascot design for the Indonesian Pavilion at the World Expo Dubai...
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(UI) RACANA to Empower the GARAJAS Art Community

Daru Paramayuga, Leonardo Adi Dharma Widya
In recent years GARAJAS has become an independent Art Community, separated from the assistance of the DKI Regional Government. This status makes the need to keep creative feels heavy and not cheap anymore. In the past, permanent domicile and adequate activity allowances became a measure for the community’s...
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Design Thinking Framework Implementation in Design for Society Course

Darfi Rizkavirwan
Nowadays, Visual communication design puts forward the problem-solving of commercial problems rather than social issues. In this case, the aspiring designer is students; the commercial aspect is significant and takes the design’s primary consideration. Therefore, a solution to the learning design process...
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Why They Use Wattpad: An Emotional Design Analysis on the Free Online Reading Platform

Lalitya Talitha Pinasthika
Since its launch, Wattpad has positioned itself as a storytelling platform that allows readers and authors to join in a community that caters creative dialogues using storytelling as its foundation. The popularity of this platform has gained attention from Indonesian users. By the year 2020, Indonesia...
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Animation: Medium and Practice in Indonesia

RR. Mega Iranti Kusumawardhani, Muhammad Cahya Mulya Daulay
Animation has been a part of modern human life, and often become a media representation of a person, feelings, emotion, images, sound, lights, even political statements. Modern people like to see how this medium represents themselves, but they have limited access to understanding the complexity of animation...
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Animation Major for Undergraduates: Practice and Challenges

Muhammad Cahya Mulya Daulay, RR. Mega Iranti Kusumawardhani
Animation Major is a relatively new discipline for undergraduate students in Indonesia. Students who chose Animation Major will learn to visualize an idea through short animated films using a combination of drawing capabilities, technical aspects in CGI, cinematography principles, and managing the production...
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Typography Usage in Multimedia Teaching Aid Interface Design

Shahrunizam Sulaiman, Mohamad Quzami An-Nuur Ahmad Radzi, Norfadilah Kamaruddin, Wan Ahmad Farhan Wan Ali
Technology advancement has reshaped the digital lifestyle among the millennial education environment. The interactive digital multimedia teaching aid is applied extensively, as it can enhance and further sustain effective teaching and learning process. Significantly, lecturers became the interface designers...
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Environmental Change Messages From Vanishing Wall: A Mural in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Issarezal Ismail, Noor A’yunni Muhamad, Mohamed Najib Ahmad Dawa
A mural is not merely visual representation on a wall which is intended to decorate or beautify a public space. In fact, it acts as a non -verbal communication tool or medium for artists to convey messages to the public. This study, therefore, aims to explore, comprehend and explain the messages on environmental...
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Visual Communication as A Medium Sending Standard Operating Procedure (Sop) Message to Public During Pandemic Covid-19

Hanafi Mohd Tahir, Nagib Padil, Mohd Shahril Abd Rashid, Shahrel Nizar Baharom, Dalila Kamarudin
This concept paper discusses the importance and capability, implementing visual communication in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). As the whole country faced with Covid-19, visual communications became widely used method delivering information. Social media usage was increasing in digital and online...
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The People’s Behavior Change During Pandemic of Covid-19; The Four Aspects of Design Thinking

Shahrel Nizar Baharom, Saiful Bakhri Mohamed Anuar, Nur Hazwani Zolkifly, Hanafi Mohd Tahir
The new normal practice i.e. social or physical distancing makes the people is deliberately increasing the physical space between each other, thus driving them to act differently due to restriction and guidelines made by the authorities. Besides, in order to sustain their life, people has to take an...
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Art Making Process: Job Satisfaction, Commitment and Visual Artists’ Productivity in Malaysia

Syed Alwi Syed Abu Bakar, Mohd Fawazie Arshad, Azian Tahir, Aznan Omar, Ameruddin Ahmad
Producing artwork is the central activity of visual artists, which included the process in making arts as the primary source of reference for the visual arts industries. It can have an effect on the productivity, satisfaction and commitment of the artists. Human resource management is a complicated issue...
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Eco-Design Strategy Within Design Thinking Framework for Children’s Furniture at Lentera Harapan School Rote, NTT: A Case Study

Devanny Gumulya, Tania Andriato
Product designers have an important role to play in the field of eco-design due to their position at the initial stage of the product development process (PDP) where the design brief is the most important decision to be taken. The aim of this paper is to develop a framework to guide designers in integrating...
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Re-Interpretation of Digital Entertainment on Augmented Reality Game Through Wall Sculpture

Aznan Bin Omar, Mahizan Bin Hijaz Mohammad, Syed Alwi Bin Syed Abu Bakar, Salawati Binti Abdul Wahab, Azian Binti Tahir, Suhairun Nizam Bin Supal
Human interaction with gadgets in digital lifestyle re interpreted from the aspect of digital entertainment in the context of augmented reality (AR) digital games. The research project objective is to re-interpret society phenomena regarding elements of social interaction, behaviour and online sharing...
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A Study of Patriotism on Mural Art in Ipoh, Perak

Mohamad Quzami An-Nuur bin Ahmad Radzi, Shahrunizam Sulaiman, Muhammad Nor Razin Mhd Nor, Nur Hisham Ibrahim, Abu Zaki Hadri
This research paper focuses on visual aspects of mural art located in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. It invokes themes and aspirations of patriotism. Both qualitative and quantitative methods are used, with the former primarily in relation to visual details. Hence, it will be supported by expert opinion, and...
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Contribution of Artists Through Printing as Visual Communication Medium Among Colonies During the British Era in Malaya

Azian Tahir, Zarlina Mohd Zamari, Nur Adibah Nadiah Mohd Aripin, Noor Enfendi Desa, Syed Alwi Syed Abu Bakar, Faridah Hanim Abdul Wahab, Arba’iyah Mohd Noor
Art has become a medium of communication since the Palaeolithic era, but the obsession in recording information in scientific form began in the 17th century, where the elites paid the intellectuals and artists to produce records in the texts and visuals to be printed. In the 19th century when printing...
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Matterport: Virtual Tour as A New Marketing Approach in Real Estate Business During Pandemic COVID-19

Mohamad Zaidi Sulaiman, Mohd Nasiruddin Abdul Aziz, Mohd Haidar Abu Bakar, Nur Akma Halili, Muhammad Asri Azuddin
Real estate business was highlighted in several reports as one of the critical economic sectors affected by the pandemic COVID-19. The potential buyer cannot visit the property to experience the real space physically as before anymore. In this situation, an advance tool is needed to improve the marketing...
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Designing a Framework for Multimedia Galleries

Elyna Amir Sharji, Lim Yan Peng, Peter Charles Woods, Koo Ah Choo
Concurrent with the advancement of technology, galleries are facing changes in terms of content and context, tools and technology, and visitor experience. This study focuses on the sense of change from static gallery institutions to interactive and engaging multimedia galleries. The concept of sense...
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Malaysian Comic Book Art Style Classifying Visual Traits and Identity

Erwin Abd Jabbar, Anuar Hassan
This research is meant to establish the visual components that are identifed as Malaysian comic art style. Comic book is undeniably a relevant communication medium which has been successfully adapted to entertainment, informational and educational tools, all with an exceptional result. In Malaysia, comic...
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Reinforcement of Rewards as Motivation for Students in Art Learning: A Case Study at a Local University

Junita Shariza Mohd Nasir
This study aims to look into the necessity of rewarding students, and how effective the usage of rewards reinforcement in motivating students towards learning art subject in universities. Positive reinforcement is essential in education as it strengthens their behaviour by presenting a desired stimulus...
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The Theoretical Framework of Design Thinking Behavior Model

Zainudin Siran, Rusmadiah Anwar
Presently, established research and development (R and D) based companies employ various expertise from different knowledge domains mainly to study and develop new products. These multidisciplinary organizations were formed with an integrated structure of various domains that include engineering, conceptual...
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Hyper-Localization Within Shopee Marketplace

Anwar Fikri Abdullah, Azlan Zainal, Hanafi Mohd Tahir, Muhammad Fikri Saidi Othman, Ahmad Khairul Azizi, Nor ‘Azizull Hakim Bin Nothamdani
This paper is a preliminary study within Shopee Malaysia (, Shopee Indonesia ( and Shopee Singapore ( marketplace regarding hyper-localization content used by Shopee to conquer the South East Asia e-commerce marketplace. Hyper-localization is not a new thing in the...
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A Perspective on the 15th Century Melaka Sultanate Bridge: A Reconstruction Studies

Fauzan Mustaffa, Peter Woods Charles, Harold Thwaites, Eugene Ch’ng, Lim Yan Peng
This study investigates traces of Sultanate Melaka Bridge before Melaka was taken over by the Portuguese post-1511 war; a study that leads to an interpretative reconstruction of the historic bridge that neither exists nor visually available. Thus, the study seeks historical clues about the bridge. This...
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The Effect of Packaging Design on the Improvement of MSME Brand Value Using the Pre-test and Post-tests Methods

Yana Erlyana, Nadya
Indonesia is a country that is full of foods processed by local plants, such as cassava, potatoes, etc. This has triggered the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). In various existing studies, the growth of MSMEs alone is sufficient to help the country’s economic growth and MSMEs are...
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The Aesthetics of Still Life Photography at Home During Covid-19 Pandemic: Designing Mobile Photographic Works

Ardiles Akyuwen, Cininta Analen
Still life photography has long been used as a medium of expression and for conveying information and ideas, as well as representing the identity of a person or a group. Still life photos can touch the heart of the viewers and make them feel connected with the stories behind the photos. Thanks to the...
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An Approach to Sensory Branding on Guest Journey Mapping in A Blended Residential Environment of Co-working Space and Co-living

Frindhinia Medyasepti
The concept of co-working space and co-living is a way to accommodate the needs of generation Y (millennial) to generation Z in terms of socializing through enrichment in a community environment filled with various potential for intellectual and creative collaboration, also a cost-effective alternative...