Proceedings of the 3rd International Seminar on Tourism (ISOT 2018)

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Analysis of Consumer Factor on Using Online Travel Agent Traveloka and in Bandung City

Andhika Piambudi, A.H. Galih Kusumah, Rosita
This research aims to analyze the factors that are considered by consumer when using online travel agent and to analyze the position of the two online travel agents discussed in this research, which are Traveloka and The data were collected by distributing questionnaires to two hundred...
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The Influence of Atmospheric Elements on The Overall Guest Impression: The Case of Lobbies in Three Star Hotels in Bandung City

Dicky Angga Triana, Dicky Angga Triana, A.H. Galih Kusumah, Sri Marhanah
This study aims to analyze the influence of lobby atmosphere elements on the overall impression of guests who come to three-star hotels in Bandung City. The research method used is quantitative descriptive. The data was taken using a questionnaire and the sampling technique used was purposive sampling...
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Service Failure and Recovery at The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung: An Evidence from Management Perspective

P. Pamela, P Pamela, A.H. Galih Kusumah, Sri Marhanah
This study aims to analize service failure and recovery in hotel industry. A qualitative research method is used, and the techniques to collect data are interview to seven respondents and secondary analysis data. This study found that there are 25 types of service failure, which were divided into eight...
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Interaction Between Homestay Host with Tourist

Ajeng Ramadhita Larasati, A.H. Galih Kusumah
Interaction between tourists and local peoples are important to make a different experiences and knowledge for tourists that have been come visiting. On the previous study, the research context about interaction was more used in the relation of tourists and local residents around the tourist destination....
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The Perception of Hotel Employees on the Benefits of Tourism Competency Certification in Hospitality in Bandung

Vindy Alvionita, A.H. Galih Kusumah
Tourism Competency Certification is a policy formulated by the government to increase the qualification of Indonesian labors in the hospitality industry. All previous researches showed that Tourism Competency Certification does not work well. This research focuses on the perception of hotel employees...
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Teenagers Perception of Halal Food as an Option for Culinary Tourism

Amalia Mustika, M. Achmadi
In recent years, halal food tourism has established itself as one of the key elements of the enhancement, sustainability, and consolidation of halal tourist destinations. Along with it, Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest Muslim population in the world, which has teenagers who love culinary...
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Past, Present, and Future Perspectives on The Concept of Halal Tourism

Ani Wijayanti, Heni Widyaningsih, M. Faturrahman Hakim, Miftah Arif Fiyan
Halal tourism is developing fast in response to tourist demands for Islamic values-based tourism products and services. Halal tourism development is actually able to drive the local economy through the opportunities of small businesses and creative industries for local communities. Such tourism development...
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E-Business Readiness in Indonesian Small Medium Size Travel Agencies

Any Noor, Marceilla Suryana, Amalia Sholihati
The development of world tourism, especially in the tour and travel business is influenced by Information Communication Technology (ICT). The effective use of ICT added values to products and services that continue to develop business electronically (e-business). By doing e-business, companies tend to...
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Developing Strategy of Chinatown as a Halal Gastronomic Tourism Destination in Bandung

Ningsih Caria, R. Nuraeni
The purpose of this study is to determine the internal and external factors that makes Chinatown a halal gastronomic destination in Bandung city in order to get its development strategy. The study uses qualitative and quantitative methods (mix method research) as well as SWOT analysis. The data collections...
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Participation and Contribution Through Cultural Event to Develop The Independent Character of Young Citizens

Dadang Sundawa
The current problem in this modern era is that some young people is trapped in daily activities that give no contribution for their social environment. As educated and experienced human resources, young citizens should be able to engage themselves in any kind of social acitivities. Therefore, they can...
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Consumer Behaviours in Dropbox Resto and Café

Darmawan Damanik, F.X. Setiyo Wibowo, Hengky J. Firmansyah
This study aims to determine the characteristics of consumers who visit a restaurant namely Dropbox Resto & Cafe and to find out how consumer behavior patterns determine the decision to choose Dropbox Resto & Café. This study uses a descriptive qualitative method. Unit analysis in this study are guests...
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The Effect of Halal Destination Attributes on Visiting Decision

Della Maghfira Napu, Wildan Nurhidayat
Bandung is one of the cities developing halal destinations in West Java. With a variety of attractions and supported by various facilities, the accommodation sector in the form of sharia hotels and halal-certified restaurants experienced growth as a step to accommodate Muslim tourists who visit the city...
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A Study on E-Commerce: How Does It Have an Influence on Purchase Decision?

Hari Mulyadi, Dewi Pancawati Novalita, Novelita Damar
Travel India Professionals is currently facing a problem that has an impact on the declining consumer’s interest to purchase through E-Commerce in Viator. Efforts were made to improve purchasing decisions in Travel India Professionals by increasing E-Commerce which includes Transaction/cost, Interactive...
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A Study on Hotel Perceived Value: Is There an Impact Towards Customer Loyalty?

H.P. Diyah Setiyorini, Dewi Pancawati Novalita, Armellya Syafira
Hotel concordia is one of the local three stars hotel (that) located in Bandung which ( is) always strives to maintain and improve customers loyalty. The problems hotel Concordia encountered is what efforts that can be done to improve customers loyalty in Hotel Concordia by increasing customer perceived...
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How do You Believe Electronic Word of Mouth in Making Decision to Stay?

Yeni Yuniawati, Dewi Pancawati Novalita, Bekti Sabila Riyanto
Crowne Plaza Bandung is a 5 star class hotel in the city of Bandung which is an international chain under the auspices of the Intercontinental Hotels Group. Crowne Plaza Bandung currently has problems with marketing which has an impact on the decline in hotel room occupancy. Efforts are being made to...
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Angleng as Gastronomic Heritage and Destination Attraction in Kampong Nihmat, Cigugur Village, Parongpong District, West Bandung Regency

Rurry Tridayanti, Dewi Turgarini
Angleng is a traditional dessert from Sundanese ethnique and has become one of the gastronomic heritage in West Java. This sweet dessert is hard to find, that is why Angleng needs to be preserved. The reason is this dessert has become the main dessert in Sundanese traditional events, such as wedding...
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Tourists’ Perception on Gastronomic Heritage Restaurant as a Tourist Attraction in The Sukabumi, Indonesia

Andriani Mareth, Dewi Turgarini
This study was conducted to find out the perception of gastronomic heritage restaurant according to the viewpoint of tourists as consumers in the city of Sukabumi, Indonesia. The method for this study is mixed method with approach of research method using descriptive analysis. The authors distributed...
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The Reinforcement of Women's Role in Baluwarti as Part of Gastronomic Tourism and Cultural Heritage Preservation

Erna Sadiarti Budiningtyas, Dewi Turgarini
Surakarta has the potential of gastronomic heritage tourism. The diversity of cuisine becomes the power of Surakarta as a tourist attraction. Municipality of Surakarta stated that their Long Term Development Plan for 2005-2025 will develop cultural heritage tourism and traditional values, historical...
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Sustainable Tourism Development (The Perspective of the Tourism Stakeholders in Biak Numfor, Papua, Indonesia)

Diena Mutiara Lemy, Yustisia Kristiana, Theodosia C Nathalia
Indonesia has a variety of tourism destinations that are potential and meaningful. The historical value contained in it can be developed so that it also has commercial value. It can be seen significantly that the tourism sector has become an industry that contributes a lot in providing high foreign exchange...
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National Currency as A Media for Tourism Destination Promotion

Diena Mutiara Lemy, Elang Kusumo
This research aims to know the public awareness on Indonesia tourism promotion and culture image displayed in Indonesian currency, specifically on the 2016 Year Emission rupiah banknotes. The measurement of the awareness is according to one of the national currency's purpose, which is as a promotion...
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Tourism Components and The Perspective of Hospitality Industry in Supporting Sustainable Urban Tourism Development

Dina Mayasari Soeswoyo, Sekti Rahardjo, Putu Swasti Asparini
This research aims to explore the six tourism components of Bogor City, West Java-Indonesia and investigate the perspective of hotel and restaurant industry toward the development of sustainable urban tourism destination. This study used a qualitative-exploratory approach, based on four (4) aspects of...
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Effect of Tourism GDP to Human Development: Case Study of ASEAN Countries

Edi Wahyu Wibowo, Wahyu Widayat, Siswandi
The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is an initiative of ASEAN countries to realize ASEAN into a solid and calculated economic area in the international economic arena. Human Development Index (HDI) is a method used to measure the success or failure of a country or region in the field of human development....
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The Impact of Religious Tourism in the Formation of a Peaceful and Moderate Society

Endis Firdaus, Munawar Rahmat
Religious Tourism is one of the important pillars in building a community without ethnic, racial, religious and inter-group boundaries. Besakih Temple in Bali is an example of a Hindu sacred place of worship that also provides a place of worship for adherents of other religions, such as mosques and churches....
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Residents’ Perception Towards Tourism Impact and Community Participation

Mela Vhita Dewi, Fitri Rahmafitria, Reiza Miftah Wirakusuma
Tourism development in various regions has both positive and negative impacts on various aspects of life. Sustainable development with regard to community perceptions and participation is a step taken to avoid the negative impacts of tourism development. Based on a research, public perceptions influence...
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Tourism Component Evaluation: GIS Based Analysis Towards The Qualification of Destination Planning

Muhamad Rifki, Fitri Rahmafitria, Nanin Trianawati Sugito
The role of GIS in tourism development has been known as an effective tool. Its ability to group the spatial data based on certain criteria is very helpful for decision making in the tourism sector. In this study, GIS is used to analyze the readiness of the region in developing its tourism sector. Four...
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The Model of Tourism Village-Based Service Learning: A Strategy of Regional Tourism Potential Development

Leni Anggraeni, Fitri Rahmafitria
This study aims to find out the model of tourism village-based service learning as a strategy in developing tourism potential in the region. Qualitative approach was used in this study. The required data was collected through interview and observation methods. The locations of this research are Bandung...
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The Locals’ Readiness in Developing Tourism Village: Case Study of Jelekong Art & Culture Village, Bandung

Ghoitsa Rohmah Nurazizah, Darsiharjo
This study aims to explore the readiness of local communities towards the development of tourism villages in the Jelekong Art & Culture Village, Bandung. The subject in this study were the local communities of Jelekong Village. The data were obtained from the distribution of closed-end questionnaires...
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The Factor Analysis of Hotel Attributes between Business Travelers and Leisure Travelers in Choosing an Upscale Hotel in Bandung City

Vika Irvania, Ghoitsa Rohmah Nurazizah, Darsiharjo, A. H. Galih Kusumah
The factor of hotel choice attributes is a useful thing to understand what the hotel attribute considered to be important for the guest therefore it can influence the guest in choosing a hotel, especially for business travelers and leisure travelers. This study aims to analyze the factor of the hotel...
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The Influence of Hotel Attributes on Three Star Hotels Guest Satisfaction in Bandung City

Romi Nuryawan, Ghoitsa Rohmah Nurazizah, Darsiharjo, A. H. Galih Kusumah
Hotel attribute is the dimension found in the hotel that can affect guest satisfaction. The purpose of this study is to find the influence of hotel attributes on guest satisfaction staying at three-star hotels in Bandung City. Descriptive quantitative method was used. In this study, questionnaires were...
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The Influence of Co-creation Toward Customer Loyalty: Survey of Bumi Sangkuriang Members who Stay at Concordia Hotels

Rizal Aga Saputra, Gita Siswhara, Hari Mulyadi
In the tourism development, there are several major issues discussed as research topics, one of them is the issue of customer loyalty. Guest loyalty is very important the hotel management should pay attention to it. Hotel Concordia is one of the two-star hotels in Bandung that has a problem of the low...
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The Influence of Heritage Destination Attributes towards Customer Satisfaction at Palaces in Cirebon

Fahdila Betakemala, Gita Siswhara, Rini Andari
Customer Satisfaction becomes an issue that is being observed in tourism industry, where tourists’ satisfaction is influenced by attributes at tourism destination. The level of satisfaction can be measured by means of comparison between expectation and perceivetion. Present study aims to find out the...
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The Effect of Venue Quality on Customer Satisfaction in Jakarta Convention Centre

Cyndiana Bidasari, Gita Siswhara, Taufik Abdullah
Jakarta Convention Centre is one of the venue where many events are held. The problem faced by Jakarta Convention Centre is the fluctuating and declining of the number of events that are held. Based on the results of pre-research, they are caused by the dissatisfaction of the client in holding the event...
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Coffee Tourism Development Potential: Benefit and Consequences

H.P. Diyah Setiyorini, H. P. Diyah Setiyorini
This conceptual paper discuss the coffee tourism development potential and its impacts. Literatures are being used to explain the benefit and consequences to local communities. It also discussed the marketing opportunity for coffee tourism
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Analysis of Labor, Tourism, and GDP Growth: Case Study of ASEAN Countries

Helmi Adam, Andi Killang Pakkana, Sri Iswati
The ASEAN Economic Community was formed with the aim of achieving the perfection of economic integration in the ASEAN region which is believed to provide tangible benefits for all elements of society. On the other hand, the use of technology in the company will also affect how much work is needed. Technological...
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Analysis of Tourism Supply Chain Management after The Eruption of Mount Agung, Bali

I.G.P.B Sasrawan Mananda, W. Citra Dewi
Tourism industry depends on the information. The industry also has a high product complexity, demand uncertainty, and very dynamic. This research aims to analyze the complexity and dynamics of tourism supply chain management (TSCM) after natural disaster crisis in a tourism destination. The study was...
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The Stability and Instability Condition of Tourism and Hospitality (T&H) Curriculum Model

Indra Kusumawardhana
The trends and promising outlook of the global tour and travel (T&T) industry over the next decade offer opportunities for tourism and hospitality (T&H) educators to react and prepare a knowledgeable, highly-skilled workforce. As such, T&H educational setting done by curriculum should distinguish a specific...
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Visitor Activity Development at Satria Mandala Museum Through Experiential Marketing

Rezka Fedrina, Khrisnamurti, Heryanti Utami
This research used Experiential Marketing in order to develop visitor activity at Satria Mandala Museum. Activity is an attraction of a museum. As an attraction, a museum needs some development. The sample in this study were visitors of the museum. Collected data were analyzed by using partial correlation....
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Customer Satisfaction In Disruption Era at Universitas Negeri Jakarta Postgraduate Program

Khrisnamurti, Ubedilah Badrun, Bambang Prasetya Adhi
This research aims to measure customer needs and satisfaction in State University of Jakarta or Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) postgraduate program. The approach used in this research is quantitative and qualitative approach or often known as the Mix Method Approach. The methods used in this study...
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Restructuring Curriculum of Tourism Based on Culture: Efforts to the Preservation of Cultural Heritage Humanity

Leni Anggraeni, Woro Priatini
Indonesian tourism is one of the contributors to non-oil and gas foreign exchange. This field is very capable, supported by a wealth of local culture, beautiful nature, friendly people. Schools need curriculum tools that address the challenges of the tourism industry. Curriculum in every society or culture...
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Halal Rural Tourism from the Viewpoint of Marine Destination Strategy through SWOT Analysis at Iboih Village, Sabang-Indonesia

Lestari Ningrum, Savitri Hendradewi, Diana Marzwan
Halal tourism destination has been one of the programs of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia. One of the halal tourism destinations in Indonesia selected as the world’s best destination is Lombok Island. In addition, one of Indonesia’s 10 halal tourism destinations which has made tourists...
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The Development of Rural Tourism in Bogor Regency (Case Study of Ciseeng Village)

Liliana Dewi, Ika Suryono Djunaid
Ciseeng Village is one of the villages in Ciseeng sub-district, which is also the location of Minapolitan Region. Minapolitan development is focus on the fisheries sector. Along with the program, it is known that Ciseeng village has natural resources that are potential to be natural tourism. On the other...
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Edu-Tourism: An Alternative of Tourism Destination Based on Geography Literacy

Siti Hasanah, Mamat Ruhimat
Tourism activity producing new learning experience that combining education with tourism is called edu-tourism. Edu-tourism objects consist of ecotourism, cultural heritage, tourism of village/ farming, and student exchange among educational institutions. Geography literacy is knowledge of geography...
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Analysis of The Availability of Urban Green Open Space

Riyan Zainudin, Mamat Ruhimat
This research aims to discover the availability of Urban Green Open Space in Muara Enim, South Sumatera, Indonesia. The research focus on the needs of oxygen for short, middle, and long periods of time. Research method that is used is qualitative descriptive. Data sources of this research were taken...
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Potential and Analysis of Tourist Trend of Visiting Tourism Destination in West Java

Dyah Nawang Wulan, Mamat Ruhimat
Every region has its own excellence that can be special tourism destination of the region. The amount of visitors that come to the offered tourism destination is determined by the presence of attraction in that area. This research aims to analyze some factors that influence tourists's decision to visit...
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Active Research Directions for Studying Repeat Tourist Behaviour

Manisha Agarwal
Repeat tourism has drawn increased interest among researchers recently. Various aspects of repeat tourism have been studied addressing key issues such as definition, methodology and underlying mechanism. The current article aims to highlight the discrepancies found in the research via a review of existing...
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Game-Based Model on Environmental Insights to Improve the Behavior of Clean and Healthy Living

Marlinda Budiningsih, Abdul Sukur, Nofi Marlina Siregar
This study aims to create a game-based model on environmental insight to improve the behavior of clean and healthy life students of one of the Elementary Schools in Indonesia considering that clean and healthy behavior is something that is needed to support the daily activities of the students, this...
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Indonesian Online Travel Agencies: Profiling the services, employment, and users

M. Iqbal Rosyidi
It is known that the internet altered the business model of the travel industry. Due to the exponential growth of its' users, several companies established online booking services. For instance, and in airline ticket booking and the in hotel reservation. Online Travel...
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The Impact of Religious Tourism in the Formation of a Peaceful and Moderate Society

Munawar Rahmat, Raniri Munawar
Religious Tourism in the last two decades has been an important pillar in the development of a peaceful and moderate society. Funeral complex of Sunan Gunung Jati (Cirebon) and Pura Tanah Lot (Bali) are visited by various religious and ethnic tourists. Umrah worship is also enlivened by tours to Baitul...
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Do the Cikondang Traditional Village’s Values and Local Wisdom Inheritance Need to be Developed for Tourism?

Murdiyah Winarti, Iing Yulianti, Yasmin Nindya Chaerunissa
This article came from authors’ restlessness regarding the life of Cikondang traditional village which has not been empowered and optimized as a source of learning through tourism activities. There are several things highlighted in this article. First, in this era, young generations would rather go to...
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Openness, Labor, and Tourism; Case Study of ASEAN Countries

Muslim Kamil, Marshal Imar Pratama, M. Noor Arief
The ASEAN Economic Community was formed with the aim of achieving the perfection of economic integration in the ASEAN region which is believed to provide tangible benefits for all elements of society. The phenomenon of globalization can be seen from the growth of cross-border economic activities in various...
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Kampong Literacy as a Social Capital in Tourism to Realize Literated Cultural Communities

Neiny Ratmaningsih, Aim Abdulkarim, Kokom Siti Komariah, Diana Noor Anggraini, Nuri Novianti Afidah
The background of this research was the low level of quality of social capital, concerns about the state of education in Indonesia, and the very low level of interest in reading. From these problems, it is necessary to develop social capital through collaboration between the community and the government...
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Residents’ Attitudes on The Contribution of Cultural Tourism in Sasak Sade Village Lombok, Indonesia

Nindita Fajria Utami, Elly Malihah Setiadi, Siti Komariah
The purpose of this research is to get the responses from Sasak Sade people towards cultural tourism to increase the social welfare of the community whom involve in tourism activities that has been done in Sasak Sade. Based on the research that is conducted in Sade Village, Central Lombok, West Nusa...
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Volunteer Tourism Experience in Friends of The National Parks Foundation

Lili Adi Wibowo, Oce Ridwanudin, Aditya Rizki Rinaldi
The aim of this study is to identify the implementation of volunteer tourism experience on the volunteer program in Friends of The National Parks Foundation (FNPF). This research use the quantitative approach, with the number of samples are 88 respondents. The method used in this study is descriptive...
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Tour de Linggarjati: The Model of Effective International Tourism Promotion through Sport Tourism Events

Sandey Tantra Paramitha, Oman Sukirman
The marketing to tourism has expanded into numbers of methods, one of them is the use of videograph, which becomes one general strategy in the promotion, but on the other hand still could not increase the amount of visitors. This indicates the need for a new and different strategy to promote the site....
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Tourism Activities Development in Southern Coastal Province of West Java

Darsiharjo, Reiza Miftah Wirakusuma, Upi Supriatna
Development of ecotourism in southern coast of West Java did not receive enough government attention and should be well managed with variation of interesting tourist activities. This study aims to identify, analyze opportunities and constraints in the development of tourism activities on the southern...
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Tourism Carrying Capacity Analysis as a Basis for The Determination of The Spatial Tourism in Tidung Besar Island South Thousand Islands Subdistrct The Province of Jakarta

Reiza Miftah Wirakusuma, Kiki Ermawati
With an area of 50.13 ha, Tidung Besar Island still could not accommodate the high number of tourist. This shows that the carrying capacity of tourism on the island is still inadequate. This research aims to analyze island spatial planning, tourism carrying capacity, and how the layout according to...
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Enhancing Students’ Creative Thinking Skill through Tourism Community Engagement

Vidi Sukmayadi, Reiza Miftah Wirakusuma
Students are ‘engaged’ in the community when they play a significant part in the discussions, considerations, decision-making, and implementation of a program that is designed to be closely related to the concerns of both the students and the community. The study describes the implementation of creative...
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The influence of Memorable Experience to Revisit Intention in Baduy Traditional Village

Hafiz Rifaatulloh, Bagja Waluya, Rini Andari
Baduy Traditional Village, which is a cultural tourism, still faces the problem of the low revisit of tourist intentions. Therefore, Baduy Traditional Village seeks to improve revisit intention by creating a memorable experience consisting of memorable experiences which consist of perceived opportunities...
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The Implementation of Sharia Principles Concept of Hotels: Unisi Hotel, Yogyakarta

Indi Printianto, Dyah Wahyuning Tyas, Rosalina Nur Annisa
This study aims to analyze the implementation of six (6) sharia principles at Unisi Hotel in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and to find out the opportunities and challenges of sharia implementation at Unisi Hotel. Sharia principles in hotel not only in terms of halal consumption (food and beverage) but including...
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Internship Program: Does it Strengthen or Weaken Tourism Students’ motivation?

Rosita, Muhammad Zaky Umadi, A. H. Galih Kusumah
One of the students’ orientations in choosing a department in college is their future career. However, several previous studies confirmed that learning experiences can influence students' future interest in continuing their careers in line or even leave it. This study aims to investigate the influence...
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The Development of Creative Tourism Villages in Aceh, Indonesia

Rosmery, Arwina Sufika
Tourism is an important sector in increasing a nations foreign exchange income, especially for local government revenue, in regions with a tourism industry. Aceh’s provincial government is working continuously to optimize its nature tourism potential. Aceh Besar regency is a region with tremendous potential...
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Geotourism Reinterpretation towards Natural Tourist Attractions in Bandung Basin, West Java, Indonesia

Shandra Rama Panji Wulung, Budi Brahmantyo
Geoutourism is one form of alternative tourism for tourists visiting Bandung, to support the development of geotourism in the Bandung Basin, the first thing to do is to adjust the understanding of the scope of geotourism to nature-based tourist attraction through geotourism reinterpretation in policy...
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Geotourism Potential Analysis of North Kalimantan

Shandra Rama Panji Wulung, Ayu Krishna Yuliawati, Mohamad Sapari Dwi Hadian
The Province of North Kalimantan which was previously part of East Kalimantan Province is located in two main tertiary sedimentary basins which have a major influence on the process of forming mineral resources in this region. This makes North Kalimantan Province have a geological diversity which is...
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Local Wisdom as Educational Tourism: A Study from Kampong Dukuh West Java Indonesia

Siti Komariah, Fajar Nugraha Asyahidda
Community life with local wisdom is always interesting to discuss, especially local wisdom is really different from the lives of people in general. Indeed, the values of local wisdom contained in a particular area are sacred and must be maintained. However, often the values of local wisdom are only stored...
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Factors Affecting the Empowerment of Rosella Farmers to Realize Rural Agroecotourism

Sri Fatimah, K. Ganjar, D. Gunardi, L.M. Farida, Dika Supyandi, Rosalinda, Yuyun Hidayat
This paper aims to assess farmers’ responses to the tourism village program being introduced, the role of the apparatus (program implementers), as well as influential (driving and inhibiting) factors for the empowerment of rosella farmers as the main component of tourist villages in Cikondang. It is...
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Comparative Research of Bandung Residents’ Recreation Behaviors from Gendered Perspective

Risa Febrianti, Sri Marhanah, Rosita
This study aims to identify Bandung residents’ recreation behaviors which are categorized by gender and analyze its differences with statistical test. The research was conducted to one hundred and six selected samples consisting of men and women who currently resided in Bandung starting from the teenagers...
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The Relationship of Knowledge and Attitude of Visitors’ Interpretation Upon a Forest Park as a Conservation Area in Bandung, Indonesia

Lilis Suryani, Sri Marhanah, Fitri Rahmafitria
Good knowledge make visitors understand how to behave properly in conservation areas. This study aims to analyze the relationship between knowledge and attitudes of visitors as the basis for the development of interpretation media in Tahura Djuanda. This research uses quantitative descriptive method...
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Analysis of The Implementation of Radical Terrorism Counter Policies in Tasikmalaya Regency

Rahmat, Encep Syarief Nurdin, Prayoga Bestari, Sri Wahyuni Tanshzil
The results of the study showed that there was a high level of intolerance and potential for radicalism in West Java. The current field studies in six regencies and cities (Sukabumi Regency, Sukabumi City, Cianjur Regency, Kuningan Regency, Indramayu Regency and Cirebon City) in West Java showed that...
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Batik: Object and Tourist Attraction

Sugiyanto, Ihsan Budi Santoso
Batik is originally developed by women to be a craft that contains phisolophy, character and value of art, and becomes a part of Indonesia culture. It is expected that Batik is able to cope with modernization and maintain its tradition at the same time. Batik has been proven to develop rapidly in several...
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Does Food Image Affect Customer Intention to Buy Food?

H. P. Diyah Setiyorini, Taufik Abdullah, W. Ariandani
Culinary tourism is believed to bring both economic and cultural benefits to the community. Bandung which is in Indonesia is known for its innovative and various foods which make Bandung famous as a culinary tourism destination. This study was conducted to analyze the image built within the customer...
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Factors Influencing Generation Y Satisfaction in Sundanese Restaurant

Gita Siswhara, Taufik Abdullah, M. Sukmawati
The purpose of this study is to determine and analyze the factors that affect customer satisfaction among generation Y at Traditional Sundanese restaurant in Bandung. Three restaurants were selected as the objects of this study. All the three are the most widely recommended through the internet. The...
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The Effect of Costumer Ethnocentrism on Tourists’ Purchase Decision

Rini Andari, Taufik Abdullah, D. Aulia
The purpose of this Study was to investigate the effect of costumer ethnocentrism on purchase decision of a specific type of food. The concept of costumer ethnocentrism itself has been a phenomenon in developing countries as well as in Indonesia. It is necessary to conduct a study to find out the tendency...
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Characteristics and Behaviors of Tourists: Case of Middle East Tourists in Puncak Cianjur, Indonesia, from Tour Guides’ Perspective

Taufiq Hidayat, Janianton Damanik, Nopirin, John Soeprihanto
Government of Indonesia considered that Middle Eastern tourists are an important market share to develop. Thus, understanding the characteristics and behavior of tourists are needed for sustainable marketing activities since it can help in marketing and product planning and development which can increase...
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Cultural Heritage Tourism Preservation in Kota Tua Jakarta Indonesia and Old Town Central Hong Kong: A Comparative Study

Bet El Silisna Lagarense, Titing Kartika, Nararya Narottama, Nova Riana, Rahmi Setyawati
The purpose of this study is to compare the cultural heritage tourism preservation in two heritage sites between Kota Tua Jakarta in Indonesia and Old Town Central in Hong Kong. The study focused on preservation system and efforts such as funding, management, ownership, stakeholder’s involvement, spatial...
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Effects of Product Uniqueness on Re-purchase Intention Case Study at KINI Capsule Hotel Jakarta

Tiurida Lily Anita, Aditya Pratomo, Agung Gita Subakti
The interest of a traveler, especially the millennial generation has shifted in terms of accommodation. Accommodation is not just a temporary place to stay while they are traveling. The millennial generation, which is currently doing a large number of tourism activities, likes to look for new, spontaneous,...
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Learning Management System in Tourism Higher Education: Where can we go?

Tomy Andrianto
This research aims to examine the use of Learning Management system in tourism higher education by gaining perspectives from the lecturers as Generation Y and the Universities Students as generation Z. Analyzing views related to experiences and expectations of the learning system in the future. Focus...
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Linkage of Tourism Product Variable, Destination Image, and Word of Mouth to Visiting Decision at Rantih Tourism Village, West Sumatera

Verinita, Yanda Afrinon Putra
This study aims to analyze the influence of tourism products, destination image, and word of mouth on the decision to visit the Rantih Village. The type of this research is explorative research. The research method used is a questionnaire of 125 domestic tourists who visit the Rantih Village. The sampling...
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Potential Culture Patita Eating as the Power of Culinary Tours in Wayame Village, Ambon, Maluku

Wijayanti Dewi Prabandari, Vienna Artina Sembiring, Dian Octarina
Indonesia has a variety of cultures and traditions that are still maintained by the people to this day. Among the diversity of cultures and traditions that still exist until now is eating culture, one culture that continues to be maintained. One of the areas in Maluku province, is Wayame Village, Ambon....
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Islamic Tourism: A Form of Harmonization of Religion, Politics, Social, Culture and Economy

Wildan Insan Fauzi, Murdiyah Winarti, Ayi Budi Santosa
Most research concluded that the development of Islamic tourism was associated with business and economic factors, namely the matter of seeking benefits from the development of Muslim tourism behavior. Research on Islamic tourism only made the connection between religion and tourism behavior but it did...
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What is The Perception of Halal Food According to Food Vendors and Consumers?

Woro Priatini, Habibatun Rachmah, Nurul Fitria
Indonesia has 237.64 million population and 88.10% of the total population are Muslim, along with this, it is necessary to understand the concept of halal food and beverage for consumers and food vendors. The purpose of this study is to observe how the perception of halal according to the food vendors...
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How Tourism Education Faces The Industrial Revolution 4.0

Woro Priatini
The industrial revolution has gotten into our life. It is important to find out a solution of incompatibility labour with the world of work. The relevance of education and work needs to be adjusted to the development of the era and education science. The tourism department is known to absorb a fairly...
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The Influence of Airport Service Quality toward Passenger Satisfaction

Fadjri Noor Ardiansyah, Yeni Yuniawati, Oce Ridwanudin
Passenger satisfaction is an important goal of an airport to provide services in an airport. Passenger satisfaction arises when an airport can provide facilities provided more than passenger expectations. On this research, the independent variable (X) used is Airport Service Quality consisting of Servicescape,...
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Factor Analysis of Tourist Experience in Active Sport Tourism

Oce Ridwanudin, Yeni Yuniawati, Dewi Pancawati
Hiking is one of the active sport tourism types popular among tourists in Indonesia since many of mountains in Indonesia support this activity. Besides the desire to hike, tourists are also looking for an impressive experience, this perceived experience will then encourage the behavior of tourists in...
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The Impact of Nature Experience Towards Revisit Intention

Okta Hariansyah, Yeni Yuniawati, Oce Ridwanudin
This study is aimed to find out the impact of nature experience on revisit intention at Mount Ciremai National Park. The independent variable (X) of this study was nature experience, concerning about educational, escape and aesthetic dimensions. Whereas the dependent variable (Y) of this study was revisit...
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Stress Difference Analysis Based on Gender and Age at Surabaya Formal Restaurants

Aniela Alda Wiranuta, Endo Wijaya Kartika, Jennifer Wirayang, Yoel Wibowo
Stress in the workplace has became a major problem for employees and company. From the previous studies, several inconsistencies have been found. This study is an empirical verification aimed to analyze the stress differences on the gender and age of the employees in restaurant industry. This study utilizes...
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Implementation of Sustainable Tourism Model in Taman Wisata Alam Pantai Carita Pandeglang Banten, Indonesia

Yohanes Sulistyadi, Fauziah Eddyono, Derinta Entas
Abstract—The strategic location of Taman Wisata Alam Pantai Carita is not far from the capital city of Jakarta and easy to access by public transportation. It takes two hours from Jakarta. Strategic location is supported by its natural tourism potential to be an attraction for tourists. The high level...
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Mitigation Risk Based on ISO 31000:2009 on The Optimization Model for Developing Spiritual Tourism Destinations

Yuviani Kusumawardhani
The number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia from year to year is increasing. Spiritual tourism has recently become a new trend in the tourism industry. Spiritual tourism highly values local culture, loves nature and the environment, and tourists who come also are taught to get to know local culture....